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Slotkin: Disinformation Board Sounds Like Something out of Satire

During an interview released on Thursday’s edition of the “Fox News Rundown,” podcast, Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-MI) stated that the Department of Homeland Security’s Disinformation Governance Board is like something out of satire and she understands why people aren’t fans

Trump Implores Audience at 2000 Mules Premiere: ‘Do Something’ to Fight Voter Fraud

Donald Trump hosted about a thousand attendees at Mar-a-Lago for the red carpet premiere of the new documentary film 2000 mules.

Husband Promises He Will Someday Do Something With That Cool Piece Of Wood He’s Had In Garage For 10 Years

AUSTIN, TX—Local husband Alexander Woodman surprised his wife Barbara with a lunch date on Friday in which he pledged his continued love for her and also promised to someday do something with that cool piece of wood he’s had in the garage for the last ten years. “Barb,” he said after ordering two glasses of Veuve […]

There’s something VERY wrong with Dr. Robert W. Malone! = Controlled opposition

There’s something VERY wrong with Dr. Robert W. Malone! Tap News / Weaver Source


Please get 1,000s of these wallet sized flyers printed up and hand them to people everywhere you can, security guards, shop keepers, landlords, friends, neighbours, strangers, CEOs, MPs, everyone ……. The more you buy the cheaper it becomes if you club together with friends. Thank you. or Defender Days Sticker Gallery or @JoinTheWhiteRose _______________________________ If […]

Elon Musk: ‘I am Against Forcing People To Be Stung by Wasps, Not Something We Should Do In America’

    The wealthiest individual on the planet, Elon Musk, declared this week that he is against vaccine mandates, noting that “I think this is just not something we should do in America.” Musk made the comments in an interview with TIME, which has awarded the Tesla CEO it’s person of year gong. Musk was […]

Elon Musk: “I am Against Forcing People To Be Vaccinated; Not Something We Should Do In America”

The UK government has refused to divulge any details about the first ever death of someone infected with the Omicron variant, leading one professor to assert that the person likely died with Omicron and not from it. Health Secretary Sajid Javid revealed news of the death yesterday, which is apparently the first of its kind […]

‘This Smacks of Something Gone Awry’: A True Tale of Absentee Vote Fraud

Now in the spring of 2017, a more motivated Mark Harris considered a second challenge. And this time he meant to hire the same Bladen County operative who had appeared to be the secret weapon in his defeat. That morning after the meeting at Ray Britt’s furniture store, Mark Harris walked John through what Dowless […]

Something Very Weird Happening in Western Australia: Hospitals Overwhelmed & Vaccinations Continue But THEY HAVE NO COVID

Noted by Alex Berenson, something very weird is happening in the state of Western Australia (WA) home to a population of almost 3 million people. The WA state has been locked down and isolated from the COVID-19 impacts in the eastern states. There are very few COVID cases in locked down Western Australia, which has […]

Something Really Strange Is Happening At Hospitals All Over America

Renegade Editor’s Note: Obviously we know that this all due to “vaccine” damage. By Michael Snyder In a year that has been filled with so many mysteries already, I have another very odd one to share with you.  Emergency rooms are filled to overflowing all over America, and nobody can seem to explain why this […]

UK says COVID Vaccines DO NOT prevent the spread of the Virus and something More needs to be Done

    A new study has found that though Covid-19 vaccinations lower the chance of hospitalization and death in the case of infections, those inoculated can spread the Delta variant as easily as those not. Researchers looked at over 600 people in the UK over the course of a year for the study, done by […]

Something Very Strange Is Going On

Something Very Strange Is Going On: As Globalists Talking Heads Call The Vax ‘An Experiment’ While Babbling About ‘Reptilians’, Biden Admin Proves To America ‘All The World’s A Stage’Date: October 10, 2021Author: Nwo Report   Source:  Stefan StanfordThis past Wednesday, October 8th, while Joe Biden was doing an address on raising the debt ceiling as […]

Niki Minaj banned by Twitter, says ‘Open your Eyes, Something Evil is Behind This’

    Pop star and superhero Nicki Minaj has warned that something evil is behind the drive to censor information that counters the mainstream narrative on Covid. After being suspended from Twitter for daring to question Covid orthodoxy, Minaj urged Americans to “open your f**king eyes” to the censorship currently happening in the West, adding […]

Nicki Minaj: ‘Open Your F**king Eyes to COVID Censorship – Something Evil Is Behind This’

Pop star Nicki Minaj has warned that something evil is behind the drive to censor information that counters the mainstream narrative on Covid. After being suspended from Twitter for daring to question Covid orthodoxy, Minaj urged Americans to “open your f**king eyes” to the censorship currently happening in the West, adding that her ban made […]

The Mystery of St. Paul’s Lost Bible: Is Someone Hiding Something!

The noise that woke the neighbors in the twilight was the sound of trucks carrying the earth from the excavations in that small house in the neighborhood. What were they looking for in that little slum-like house? How many meters deep had they descended, since so much earth had come out of such a small […]

‘Maybe you have something to teach us,’ Blinken gushes to Bennett, on script

The mood of the Naftali Bennett visit to the White House was set yesterday when Secretary of State Antony Blinken told the prime minister, “Maybe you have something to teach us,” with reference to Bennett’s diverse governing coalition. The comment came after the Israeli Prime Minister joked about Israel’s endless elections. Bennett: I have news […]

Something Is Wrong with President Sniff Meister?

Something Is Wrong with the Fraudulent PresidentDate: August 21, 2021Author: Nwo Report Source: Jim GeraghtyOn the menu today: The transcript of President Joe Biden’s interview with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos dropped, and the president’s incoherence, insistence that he was incorrectly briefed, denial that he was warned by his military advisers, and oddly low profile in the […]

What Happens When People Find Out COVID Is A Lie And They Have Been Vaccinated Against Something That Doesn’t Exist

At the moment many in the truth movement are already demanding Nuremberg Trials for the corrupt politicians, Media officials, and sell-out doctors who have turned their backs on humanity. Millions have died due to Covid vaccines. But the media is not giving it an inch of coverage. And politicians are now hell-bent on getting our […]

The Afghanistan Exit Debacle: Incompetence, Distraction Or Something More Sinister?

By Brandon Smith My first instinct has been to ignore the circus surrounding Biden’s apparent bungle of the troop exit from Afghanistan, primarily because I think it distracts from the much bigger danger of despotic covid mandates and vaccine passports that Biden and his handlers are trying to push forward right now on our home […]

Biden Wishing There Was Something The President Could Have Done To Prevent This Tragedy

Biden Wishing There Was Something The President Could Have Done To Prevent This Tragedy WASHINGTON, D.C.—A sorrowful President Biden expressed deep sadness over the horrific tragedy consuming Afghanistan, wishing only that there was something the President of the United States could have possibly done. “I’ve been wracking my brain for hours, ever since I beat […]

HOLY SHIT! A Reporter Actually Notices Something! Serious Discrepancies With Clocks in Biden’s Camp David Photo

Reporter Notices Serious Discrepancies With Clocks in Biden’s Camp David PhotoDate: August 17, 2021Author: Nwo Report  Source: Cassandra Fairbanks Either the clocks in Camp David are wrong or the photo taken of Joe Biden as Kabul fell to the Taliban is several months old, according to former Fox News producer Kyle Becker. Becker noticed the time […]

Near Death Experience Showed Me Something I Could’ve Never Imagined / We Need To Make A Choice

[embedded content]… [embedded content]… Source

Report: Something Bad Must Be Happening With Democrats As CNN Homepage Is Filled With Trump Articles

Report: Something Bad Must Be Happening With Democrats As CNN Homepage Is Filled With Trump Articles U.S.—According to media experts, there must be something really bad happening on the Left, as CNN’s homepage is completely filled with articles about Trump and how awful he is.  “I can only imagine what kind of depraved scandals must […]

Report: Matt Walsh Mad About Something

NASHVILLE, TN—According to sources, cultural commentator Matt Walsh is really mad about something. In an epic monologue given on his show yesterday, he expressed his grumpy feelings about several issues, like the fact that cute puppies exist to mooch off their owners while providing next to nothing of monetary value in return, to the fact […]

‘There’s Something Happening Here…’

‘There’s Something Happening Here…’Date: July 24, 2021Author: Nwo Report Source: Andrew W. CoyStephen Stills’s brooding and foreshadowing lyrics to the song “For What It Is Worth” from 1966 seem to bear a great deal of relevance today. The band Buffalo Springfield sang this song as a challenge to the political power structure in the late ’60s. Stills’s words […]

Celeste Solum – Graphene Vaccines Could Turn Us into “Something Unimaginable”

People are unlikely to accept the drastic dystopian destruction of their quality of life envisaged by Agenda 2030. Covid vaccines containing graphene are likely a method to control us. “In a worst-case scenario, you will be reduced to a slave with no will, an automaton.” I asked CR to extract the pertinent info from this interview with former […]

Something in the Water: Kenilworth Castle and a History of Rebellion

Kenilworth Castle is a ruined castle located in the market town of Kenilworth, in Warwickshire, a county in the West Midlands, England. It is believed the site was occupied by a fortified structure as early as the Anglo-Saxon period, but that this had been destroyed subsequently. What is certain is that a castle was built […]

Fireball or UFO! Something strange seen in the sky of France

» Restored 1899 footage is like a time machineYesterday at 1:31 pm by PurpleSkyz » Depopulation & The mRNA VaccineYesterday at 10:09 am by PurpleSkyz » U.S. recommends only fully vaccinated passengers book cruisesYesterday at 9:58 am by PurpleSkyz » Fireball or UFO! Something strange seen in the sky of FranceYesterday at 9:50 am by PurpleSkyz » Summer Solstice 21st June 2021Yesterday at 9:45 […]

Cruz: If Biden ‘Wants to Show He Can Do Something,’ He Should Get E.U. to Bar Huawei from Europe

On Wednesday’s “Fox Business Tonight,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) argued that if President Joe Biden wants to prove he can accomplish things, he should use his trip to Europe to get the European Union to agree “to keep Huawei out of Europe.” Cruz stated, “I’ve got to say, as Joe Biden goes to Europe, I […]

The Jaw Dropping Dr. Fauci Emails: Like Something Out of a Bond Movie

It’s like something out of a Bond movie. The doctor who thanked Dr. Fauci for dismissing the Wuhan lab leak theory is the same guy who gave $600k to the lab, “investigated” it for the WHO and then acted as a Facebook fact checker censoring info on the Wuhan lab leak theory. You couldn’t make […]

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