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The U.S. Has Been Through a Vaccine Rollout Like This Before – Here’s What Went Wrong

In the mid-70’s, the US government launched a full-scale campaign to vaccinate mass numbers of Americans against what was supposed to be the deadliest flu pandemic that never actually occurred. As a result of the government push for widespread inoculation, many were harmed by the rushed vaccines. “This government-led campaign was widely viewed as a […]

NEVER FORGET: The So-Called Experts Were Completely Wrong on Their COVID Predictions and Its Mortality Rate and Still Are

by Jim Hoft On March 17, 2020, The Gateway Pundit first reported on the controversial Ethiopian politician and Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, and his irresponsible and completely inaccurate fear-mongering over the coronavirus. John Kerry shares a laugh with Tedros Adhanom (AP Photo/Jim Young, Pool) / Yahoo Tedros claimed […]

What’s wrong with us?

April 23, 2021 by Jeremy Rosen Read on for article Israel’s 73rd Independence Day was an annual reminder of as close to a miracle as it gets. Jeremy Rosen If for no other reason than it actually happened. So many Jews tried very hard to prevent it.  It is all the more amazing if we consider […]

Tucker Carlson is right about America’s borders, wrong about Israel’s

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What happens if something goes wrong after you receive a Covid vaccine? (From an MD)

The bottom line is that if you are injured by a vaccine or other “countermeasure” designated by the DHHS Secretary as intended for a pandemic or bioterrorism threat (Covid-19, Pandemic Flu, Anthrax, Smallpox) your options for receiving any financial benefit are very limited. First, everyone involved with getting the vaccine to you has had their […]

What has gone wrong in America?

What has gone wrong in America? Many throughout the world see a nation disjointed internally. A nation with radical extremists in control of large parts of its society. A nation with wide material inequality. A nation since the 9/11 blowing up of New York’s World Trade Center with none of its foreign interventions having achieved […]

DeSantis Defiant in ’60 Minutes’ Hit — ‘It’s Wrong, It’s a Fake Narrative’

Sunday, CBS’s “60 Minutes” aired a report saying that weeks before Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) announced a partnership with Publix grocery stores to distribute the COVID-19 vaccine in its pharmacies, Publix donated $100,000 to his PAC. CBS’s Sharyn Alfonsi asked DeSantis how that situation is “not pay to play,” especially considering the exclusivity of the […]

I Thought I Knew How to Succeed as an Asian in U.S. Politics. Boy, Was I Wrong.

Other communities of color, other historically marginalized groups have made meaningful gains and long-lasting progress after vocally challenging the status quo. Asian Americans must do the same. Georgia, the state where my family runs their chicken farm and calls home, has been ground zero for an AAPI awakening—one that started even before the Atlanta shootings, […]

Tom Cotton: DHS Sec Mayorkas Wrong — ‘The Border Is Wide Open’

During an appearance on this week’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday,” Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas declared the U.S.-Mexico border “secure” and “closed.” “The border is secure,” he said. “The border is closed. We’ve been unequivocal in that and we are operationalizing our processes, executing our plans, we are a nation of laws, […]

‘He’s dead wrong’: Fauci and Paul trade TV barbs after sparring on the Hill

Meanwhile, on “Fox & Friends,” Paul charged that Fauci “keeps moving the goalposts” with regard to mask-wearing and said the veteran immunologist’s decision to keep covering his face in public after being vaccinated was “one of his noble lies to convince everybody to wear masks.” Paul, an ophthalmologist with no expertise in epidemiology, also described […]

White Girl on TikTok Asks “What’s Wrong with White Pride?” and Gets Massive Response

This White girl essentially committed a hate crime by saying she does not hate being White, but for some reason the comments are mainly supportive, including from non-Whites. Right now the video has around 3/4 million views. @adrienneisjoy What’s wrong with white pride? ♬ original sound – user1383388584199 Share now! Source +10 Hits: 89

Menachem Kaiser thought he knew his family’s history, but he was wrong

(JTA) — When Menachem Kaiser set out to reclaim a building his grandfather’s family owned before the Holocaust in Sosnowiec, Poland, he thought it would take him 18 months at most. His grandfather, a Holocaust survivor, had already meticulously gathered paperwork and the documentation necessary. Instead, it’s been over six years since Kaiser began the […]

Don’t call them ‘ISIS brides’: Why the West’s take on radicalized Muslim women is so wrong

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Beijing calls on Britons to ‘distinguish right from wrong’, claiming media has distorted UK public’s view of China

China has called on the British people to “make independent judgements based on facts,” as a poll shows Brits are suspicious of China after London and Beijing engaged in a tit-for-tat ban on each other’s media organizations. Speaking on Friday, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying took aim at Britain’s media when questioned about a recent […]

Israel’s quarantine hotels gone wrong

In every article I have read on quarantine hotels, the guests are presented as irresponsible vacationers or entitled celebrities who won’t stop complaining about their free stay in a 4-star hotel. While this is a convenient narrative for the government, it does not accurately represent the everyday people being sent to these hotels, without exception. […]

ACH (1451) Paul English – The Limeys #5 – Fifty Thousand Dollars Can’t Be Wrong

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Mark Walker After Richard Burr Voted to Convict Trump: ‘Wrong Vote, Sen. Burr’

Former Republican Rep. Mark Walker (NC) chastised Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) after Burr voted to convict former President Donald Trump on Saturday in the Senate impeachment trial. “Wrong vote, Sen. Burr. I am running to replace Richard Burr because North Carolina needs a true conservative champion as their next senator,” Walker tweeted, along with a […]

Gina Carano Did Nothing Wrong

A professor of marketing appeared on MSNBC to share a demeaning take on the day traders responsible for the GameStop phenomenon – asserting that they’re mostly depressed incels who should focus on chasing women instead of stocks. Yes, really. Gamestop traders have rattled Wall Street over the last 2 weeks, costing hedge funds billions as […]

Police and bounty hunters sued after raiding wrong home

Recorded on video holding an innocent family at gunpoint and raiding their home without a search warrant, at least two Pennsylvania bounty hunters along with New York police officers have recently been sued by the family for violating their civil rights. Last month, Jake Reinhardt was asleep with his fiancée and their three-year-old daughter when an […]

Wrong number said to show key witness in Netanyahu case speaking to PM’s lawyer

Prosecutors are reportedly considering bringing forward the testimony of Israeli-American Hollywood mogul Arnon Milchan in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s corruption trial after it was discovered that Netanyahu’s legal team was in contact with him and might be illegally pressuring him. The contact came to light when Milchan apparently mistakenly called a senior police officer, thinking […]

“The World Will Be Deeply Different” If Biden Gets It Wrong With China Mike Pompeo Warns

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo urged President Biden and his administration to focus on getting policy with China correct. Pompeo made his comments in an interview with Maria Bartiromo, the host of “Mornings with Maria” and comes in the wake of Joe Biden’s silence in response to China announcing sanctions on 28 Americans. China […]

Israel’s chief of staff: Return to Iran deal is ‘wrong,’ military action ‘should be on the table’

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‘Catastrophically wrong’: German court declares regional lockdown UNCONSTITUTIONAL in ‘politically explosive’ decision

A German district court has declared a strict lockdown imposed by the government of the central state of Thuringia last spring unconstitutional, as it acquitted a person accused of violating it. A trivial case about a man violating strict German lockdown rules by celebrating a birthday with his friends has ended up in a decision […]

‘Are you QAnon?’: One Trump official’s brush with an internet cult gone horribly wrong

“It’s clear that the QAnon conspiracy was a core of what was going on at the Capitol and I want to do everything I can to delegitimize this conspiracy,” Cohen, 34, told POLITICO in an interview. “The country deserved better on Jan. 6 — what transpired was appalling and completely at odds with our democratic […]

Ireland Apologizes For ‘Profound Wrong’ Of Cruelty At Church-Run Homes For Unwed Mothers

LONDON (AP) — Ireland’s prime minster issued a formal state apology Wednesday to the thousands of unmarried women and their children who endured pain, shame and stigma at church-run institutions, saying his government was determined to start righting the country’s wrongs. Prime Minister Micheal Martin’s apology came a day after the final report of an […]

Photo of antisemitic shirt at Capitol siege goes viral. Why was it wrong?

Each got one thing wrong: The picture wasn’t from that day. Source 00 Hits: 14

Gantz: I Was Wrong To Shake Netanyahu’s Hand, Parties That Oppose Him Must Unite

Blue and White leader Benny Gantz on Monday night said that he “was wrong” to have shaken Benjamin Netanyahu’s hand and enter into his coalition earlier this year, and pleaded for an alliance of all who oppose the premier, in order to boot him from office. “Three times, we were close to ensuring that he’d […]

‘I was wrong to join Netanyahu’: Gantz calls for broad center-left coalition

Facing dire political prospects, Kahol Lavan chairman tells other party leaders: ‘Let’s unite and send Bibi home’ ■ Netanyahu calls off cabinet meeting set for Tuesday 00 Hits: 2

‘I Was Wrong’: Jeremiah Johnson Apologizes for False Prophecy Predicting Trump Second Term Win

CHARLOTTE, NC — Self-identified prophet Jeremiah Johnson, who, according to a recent statement, believed he had been “given an assignment to help the body of Christ prophetically discern the plans God had for Donald Trump,” has apologized for falsely prophesying that Trump would win a second term in the White House. “I would like to repent […]

Rand Paul Calls Capitol Storm “Wrong And Un-American”

Senator Rand Paul labelled the chaos that unfolded at the Capitol building Wednesday as “wrong and un-American” and explained he was not siding with other Republicans on opposing the election verdict because he “cannot vote to overturn the verdict of the states”. “I wrote a speech today. I was planning to say I fear the […]

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