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Is Archaeology Getting it Wrong? ‘Ancient Stone Tools’ Accidentally Made by Modern Monkeys

Archaeologists from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology have announced their discovery of stone fragments that closely resemble ancient stone tools made by prehistoric humans. What is notable is that these apparently worked stone objects were actually made unintentionally by old world monkeys living in the forests of Thailand. Does this have implications for […]

What experts get wrong about Nikki Haley’s run

Nikki Haley, former South Carolina governor and United Nations ambassador, takes the stage as she launches her 2024 presidential campaign. | Meg Kinnard/AP Photo Nikki Haley, the former governor of South Carolina, and President Donald Trump’s ambassador to the United Nations, is running for president. But not everyone on the right is impressed. In a […]

“It’s Time For The Scientific Community To Admit We Were Wrong About COVID & It Cost Lives”

“It’s Time For The Scientific Community To Admit We Were Wrong About COVID & It Cost Lives” by Tyler Durden Tuesday, Jan 31, 2023 Real “mea culpa”, ongoing and rapid revision of history, or further narrative management with regard ‘amnesty’ over what “the others” did to those who thought for themselves over the last few […]

MSM Halfheartedly Admits “Scientific Community” Wrong On COVID In Desperate Effort To Regain Control

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (1/31/23). As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Anyone telling you what the truth […]

He Did Nothing Wrong

The deranged reaction to Ivan Provorov’s refusal to bow to coercion to endorse LGBT due to his religious beliefs validates his decision entirely. Please share this video! SUBSCRIBE on YouTube: Follow on Twitter: Follow @PrisonPlanet ——————————————————————————————————————— Brand new merch now available! Get it at ALERT! In the age of mass Silicon Valley censorship […]

Truth movement always wrong about Putin and Trump


Alex Jones Told Jan. 6 Team He’s Too Stressed to Spell His Own Name, Spells Wrong Anyway

Notorious conspiracy theorist Alex Jones told investigators from the January 6 committee that he was “too stressed out” to spell his name for them, before eventually spelling his middle name incorrectly.  Jones, who was one of former President Donald Trump’s loudest mouthpieces in the days leading up the Jan. 6 insurrection attempt, used his Fifth […]

Got MilQ? Fake Milk to Replace Dairy and Breast Milk (what could go wrong?)

Remember these news items? Not difficult to figure what Bill & Co were up to is it?2016: Pediatrics Journal says to stop calling breastfeeding natural2017: We’re ‘Advancing’ from ‘Breastfeeding is Not Natural’ to CDC Reporting ‘Breast Milk Has Inhibitory Effect On Vaccine’2020: In 2016 Pediatrics Journal said breast feeding was not natural … 4 years […]

The Nakba Day triumph: How the UN is correcting a historical wrong

The next Nakba Day will be officially commemorated by the United Nations General Assembly on 15 May, 2023. The decision by the world's largest democratic institution is significant, if not a game changer. For nearly 75 years, the Palestinian Nakba, the 'Catastrophe' wrought by the ethnic cleansing of Palestine by Zionist militias in 1947-48, has […]

Wrong Anthem, Wrong Title Used at Hong Kong Rugby Team Games, Government Responds

Recently, various international rugby games misplayed and/or miswrote the national anthem of Hong Kong. During the matches, the organizers mixed up the correct anthem with the anti-extradition movement anthem “Glory to Hong Kong” as the national anthem of Hong Kong instead of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) anthem. The Hong Kong government and pro-CCP politicians […]

‘Mass Formation Psychosis’ Not Even Wrong. Millions of People Bought into the Establishment Corona Narrative

By Dr. Emanuel GarciaGlobal Research, October 13, 2022   All Global Research articles can be read in 51 languages by activating the Translate Website button below the author’s name.To receive Global Research’s Daily Newsletter (selected articles), click here.Follow us on Instagram and Twitter and subscribe to our Telegram Channel. Feel free to repost and share widely Global Research articles.***Wolfgang Pauli is reputed […]

When Champions of Covid Tyranny Admit They Were WRONG, What Should We Do?-Hang Them of course!!!

After a Fair Nuremberg Tribunal Common Law Trial of course. I mean when a mass murderer murders millions of humans, whether that mass murder was done with knifes, government assault weapons, poison, motor vehicles or a loaded syringe is of no consequences. If some homicidal maniac takes a US government M-16 and mass murders a […]

What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Scientists Create World’s ‘Deadliest Flu Virus’

Scientists have boasted that they have created the world’s ‘deadliest flu virus’ in a lab with the help of Dr. Anthony Fauci. Scientists in the U.S. and Canada, with the help of the National Institutes […] The post What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Scientists Create World’s ‘Deadliest Flu Virus’ appeared first on News Punch.

What is really wrong with Ukraine’s wheat that they are so desperate to ship it to only the richest nations in the world?

Is the Zionist-controlled regime in Kiev determined to get a highly CONTAMINATED wheat crop in the stomachs of westerners after it has been contaminated by Chernobyl’s radioactive fallout … or is it because it’s the most heavily GMOed wheat in the world … or perhaps it the voluminous amounts of glyphosate used throughout Ukraine’s agriculture […]

Bill Barr: Special Master Ruling ‘Wrong,’ Will Be Overturned if DOJ Appeals

Former Trump Attorney General Bill Barr said Tuesday on FNC’s “The Story” that a federal judge agreeing to a special master in the Trump Mar-a-Lago FBI raid saga was “wrong” and would be overturned if the Department of Justice appeals.

Conclusions About Ancient Populations May be Drastically Wrong Due to Dodgy Method

Hundreds of thousands of peer-reviewed papers in genetics employ a method called Principal Component Analysis. But new research shows this method is highly biased. This means that multitudes of major studies regarding ancient populations may be drastically wrong! The Irrisistable Draw of PCA It’s hard to make new friends, especially once you are past your […]

Ark Of The Covenant Unboxing Video Goes Horribly Wrong

JERUSALEM — A popular YouTuber died suddenly on Monday while filming an unboxing video of the famed Ark of the Covenant. The sacred Jewish artifact, which had recently been discovered by archeologists in a cave outside Jerusalem, had been turned over to the Israel Antiquities Authority who recruited a Gen Z influencer to document the […]

Hungary Weather Service Officials Fired After Wrong Forecast Postpones Fireworks

The two were fired after an inaccurate rain forecast prompted the postponement of a fireworks display on the country’s most important national holiday. Source

Poor Hunter Biden, Wrong Place, Wrong Time, Wrong Father!

What goes around comes around, which may explain the perils of Hunter, like the Perils of Pauline – as in spite of massive censorship, Hunter Biden is catching it all ways. So much so that I am beginning to “really” feel sorry for him. The laptop story, or lap dancing, or the self-portraits “high and […]

Police Force Admits it Was Wrong to Warn Feminist for Being ‘Untoward About Paedophiles’

A British police force has admitted fault after officers visited a feminist campaigner for being “untoward about paedophiles”. Source

Oh, really, NWO lackey Paul Krugman now says “I Was Wrong About Inflation”? These globalist are paid handsomely to lie through their teeth.

READ HERE: Establishment-favorite economist Paul Krugman has declared the obvious: “I was wrong about inflation.”    Source

Liz Cheney: Opposition to Same Sex Marriage ‘Wrong’

Representative Liz Cheney (R-WY) said Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union” that she believes opposition to same-sex marriage is wrong and that Congress should vote to protect it. Source

Officials Announce They Put The Decimal In The Wrong Place, Inflation Actually 91%

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Labor Secretary Martin J. Walsh spoke with reporters Friday to clarify previous remarks that the rate of inflation had hit 9.1% in June. He explained that his office had accidentally placed the decimal in the wrong place and inflation is actually 91%, the highest it has ever been. He apologized for the […]


SAW THIS HEADLINE WITH A VIDEO ATTACHED SHOWING HANDS ALL OVER LITTLE GIRLS MUTTERING AND STUTTERING TRYING TO MAKE A COHERENT SENTENCE, AGAIN AND AGAIN. “There’s something wrong with Biden.” Ok, the old pervert is now so senile he makes a complete fool of himself so often his handlers try not to allow anyone to […]

McClintock: Pence Right, but January 6 Committee ‘Show Trial’ Is Wrong

Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA) told C-SPAN Thursday morning that former Vice President Mike Pence was right to resist calls to reject the results of the 2020 election, but that the January 6 Committee was the wrong forum to explore the issue.

Poll: 74% Say Joe Biden’s America Is on Wrong Track

Seventy-four percent of voters believe President Joe Biden’s America is on the wrong track, while just 26 percent say the nation is on the right track, a Wednesday Politico/Morning Consult poll revealed.

GOP Rep. Reschenthaler: Biden’s Wrong that Gun Industry Has Unique Liability Protections, Tech Is Protected under Section 230

On Thursday’s broadcast of Newsmax TV’s “Stinchfield Report,” Rep. Guy Reschenthaler (R-PA) responded to President Joe Biden claiming that gun manufacturers have liability immunity that is unique to them by pointing out that tech platforms have strong liability protections under Section

Yellen: ‘I Was Wrong’ about Inflation, ‘Didn’t Fully Understand’ Supply Bottlenecks

During an interview aired on Tuesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Situation Room,” Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen admitted that she “was wrong” about inflation and that while “unanticipated and large shocks to the economy” are a part of the reason, she also “didn’t

Exclusive — Trump-Endorsed Adam Laxalt: Biden Took U.S. ‘In Dramatically Wrong Direction’ Within Weeks

Trump-endorsed Nevada U.S. Senate candidate Adam Laxalt (R) is hoping to snag Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto’s (D-NV) seat in November and have one less Democrat to “rubber stamp” President Joe Biden’s radical agenda.

“It Was The Wrong Decision” – Officers Waited To Engage Texas Shooter Because “They Could Have Been Shot”

In a very emotional and defensive press conference this morning, Texas DPS Director Steven McCraw admitted said the decision of officers to wait to enter the building was the “wrong” one.

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