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Dewi88 Lottery

Selamat datang di Dewi88 Lottery. Sebagai penyedia platform judi online terkemuka, kami berkomitmen memberikan pengalaman bermain yang luar biasa bagi seluruh member kami. Dengan Kami, Anda akan merasakan bermain di dunia perjudian yang sesungguhnya, dimana keamanan, kenyamanan dan keseruan bermain selalu menjadi prioritas Bandar Situs Game Gacor Terpercaya Cuan Asia. Pada Kami, kami memahami bahwa […]

Iowa Lottery Mistakenly Posts Wrong Powerball Numbers For 7 Hours

In what can only be described as a nightmare scenario, Powerball losers in the state of Iowa mistakenly thought they were winners for about seven hours this week. The anomaly took place after a “human reporting error” caused the wrong numbers to be posted for last Monday’s drawing. The Iowa Lottery’s website posted the wrong […]

Michigan Healthcare Workers’ Lottery Club Wins $1 Million Powerball Prize

A Michigan lottery club of 78 healthcare employees won a $1 million prize in Powerball, which will be divided between them, the club announced on Thursday. The “Heroes to Zeroooos” lottery club from Traverse City, Mich., gathered at MiddleCoast Brewing Company in Traverse City to claim their prize, according to local media. Each of the […]

Winning number drawn in Spain’s El Gordo lottery

An unemployed Peruvian woman was among the grand prize winners in Spain’s bumper Christmas lottery known as “El Gordo” Source

Queen Elizabeth Ran a Lottery and One Prize Was a Get Out of Jail Free Card

As you wait with baited breath for your lottery numbers to be called out, spare a thought for the people who took part in England’s first state lottery in the 16th century. Read more Section:  News Weird Facts Read Later  Source

ACH (1950) Alfred Schaefer & Monika Schaefer – Alfred’s Prison Lottery Wins – Part 3

In today’s show originally broadcast on October 25 2022, Andy is joined by Alfred Schaefer and Monika Schaefer for a show entitled, “Alfred’s Prison Lottery Wins – Part 3.” We discussed: the CEO of Audi that Alfred met in prison; Alfred’s recollections of his trial; Alfred’s fellow prisoner who jailed for having the temerity to […]

ACH (1887) Alfred Schaefer & Monika Schaefer – Alfred’s Prison Lottery Wins – Part 2

In today’s show originally broadcast on August 23 2022, Andy is joined by Alfred Schaefer and Monika Schaefer for a show entitled, “Alfred’s Prison Lottery Wins – Part 2.” We discussed: why people are waking up in droves; the treasonous behavior being unleashed upon us; the interesting story of Paul the dog; Alfred’s predictions for […]

ACH (1858) Alfred Schaefer & Monika Schaefer – Alfred’s Prison Lottery Wins

In today’s show originally broadcast on July 25 2022, Andy is joined by Alfred Schaefer and Monika Schaefer for a show entitled, “Alfred’s Prison Lottery Wins.” We discussed: Alfred’s immediate thoughts after he was sentenced to a prison term; the Audi CEO who was in a cell opposite Alfred’s; the astonishing levels of noise in […]

$10 Million Lottery Winner Sentenced to Life in Prison for Murder

Michael Todd Hill, who $10 million with a scratch-off lottery ticket in 2017, will spend the rest of his life behind bars after being convicted of first-degree murder. 

Iowa Chef Attributes $1 Million Lottery Win to Clerk’s Ticket Printing Error

A prep-chef from Iowa believes his one million dollar lottery win was due to a clerk’s printing mistake when he bought his ticket. 

One of Europe`s biggest and oldest lottery draws kicks off in Madrid

Spain’s traditional Christmas lottery draw has kicked off. A live audience has been authorised once more to attend the draw at the Royal Opera House in Madrid, after a one-year impasse due to the strict anti-COVID measures last year. The traditional Spanish Christmas Lottery ‘El Gordo’ (The Fat One) will see a total of 2.38 […]

Greek Canadian Couple Wins Lottery and Shares Prize with Staff

Greek Canadians Emmanuel and Stavroula Savvaidis will also use part of the prize for a trip to Greece. Credit: British Columbia Lottery Corporation A Greek-Canadian couple that won $500,000 in a November lottery said they will use part of the prize to give a Christmas bonus to their staff at their restaurant. Emmanuel and Stavroula […]

Palestinians woo vaccine skeptics with a lottery

Palestinian health authorities are launching a vaccination drive for students aged 16-18 in the Gaza Strip as the territory contends with a third wave of coronavirus infections, on September, 1, 2021. (Photo: Ashraf Amra/APA Images) The Latest: 396,088 Palestinians tested positive for COVID-19; 359,973 recoveries; 4,053 deaths Of those who tested positive, 222,496 live in […]

Another State Introduces COVID Vaccine Lottery with $10 Million in Cash Prizes

Four states are currently holding controversial COVID “Vaccine Lotteries”; however, some legislators in Ohio are trying to get theirs cancelled immediately.  Nevertheless, today the State of New Mexico has announced they are offering one for their residents as well. From Newser: Biggest Cash Vaccination Prize Announced New Mexico announces $5M grand prize in its vaccine lottery (Newser) – New […]

Gov Newsom Offers $1.5 Million Lottery To Vaccinated Residents in California

California has become the latest US state to offer big prizes in an effort to ‘motivate’ people to receive a coronavirus vaccination. Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) announced on Thursday that the state will be offering $1.5 million cash prizes to “10 lucky Californians” who become vaccinated against virus. Getting more Californians vaccinated is how we […]

Woman says $26m winning lottery ticket was destroyed in the wash

A California woman says her winning $26m lottery ticket got destroyed in the wash. The prize will now be considered unclaimed as no one came forward with the winning SuperLotto Plus ticket within 180 days. The winning ticket for the draw, which took place last November, was sold at an Arco AM/PM convenience store in […]

Ohio Lottery to Give 5 People $1 Million Each to Encourage Vaccination

Ohio Lottery to Give 5 People $1 Million Each to Encourage VaccinationMay 13, 2021 by 1EarthUnited LMAO, the human depopulation agenda is strong in Ohio! What good is a million $ if ur dead?To bolster slumping demand for the vaccine, the state will use federal coronavirus relief funds to pay for a weekly lottery beginning May […]

How well you fared with Covid-19 might be down to a Neanderthal gene lottery, studies claim

Has Covid-19 floored you? Or did you only suffer mild symptoms? The answer to how your body responds to coronavirus could very well be influenced by the Neanderthal genes you carry, according to researchers in Germany. Svante Paabo and Hugo Zeberg of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany, have been looking […]

Muslim terrorists entered the USA via visa lottery: Trump Administration

nsnbc : At least five foreign nationals with suspected terrorism ties have settled in the United States through the same visa lottery program that […]

Woman Googles Husband, Finds He Won The Lottery But Never Told Her

On 2007, Donna Campbell became suspicious of her husband, Arnim Ramdass, when he started to keep the television turned off and disconnected the phone line. Her suspicions rose when she found a postcard about a new home purchase. But Campbell was unaware that her husband was hiding a $10.2 million secret from her until she […]

The Illinois lottery just imploded, declaring it can no longer pay large winnings

(Natural News) Not even the Illinois state lottery pool is safe from the financial collapse that is taking place in the Land of Lincoln. Illinois lottery winners are no longer guaranteed their winnings and will have to wait for lawmakers to pass a budget before there is the possibility that they can collect their cash. […]

Lottery Winners Go To Claim $288M Winnings, State Refuses To Pay. Gives Sickening Reason

When the news got out that Illinois failed to pay their winning lottery tickets, families and residents are outraged and demand justice. Many of the winners have sought legal help to fight back against the state that stole their dreams away from them. One attorney, Tom Zimmerman, has started representing some of the winners and […]

Israel strikes Gaza targets in response to single rocket which caused no damage

     In retaliation to a single rocket that struck an open area in southern Israel on Sunday, the IDF has carried out overnight strikes on Gaza, reportedly hitting at least two “terrorist targets.” According to Palestinian sources, the attacks targeted facilities near the cities of Khan Younis in the south and Deir al Balah in […]

US Gives Up Oversight Of Internet, Moves Towards Decentralization

The US government is to surrender its control of internet’s underlying technology this year, giving up the administration of Internet IPs & Domain Names and moving towards a more global governance. For the first time since American academics launched the network 47 years ago, the gate-keeping of online addresses will be decentralized to include foreign governments, businesses […]

Study Suggests Aged Garlic Extract Can Slow Plaque Build-Up In Arteries

A research study by the UCLA Medical Center (LA BioMed) suggests aged garlic extract taken as a supplement could reduce the accumulation of certain types of plaque in the arteries and help prevent heart disease. The new study is scheduled for publication in the Journal of Nutrition. Science Daily reports: The research, conducted at LA […]

Radical Simplicity – Making Space to Thrive

18th January 2016 By Jack Adam Weber Contributing Writer for Wake Up World Complexity and busyness characterize our times. Most of us don’t have enough time to do the things that matter most. If we don’t have a way to digest and simplify, we can easily feel overwhelmed and stressed out. Thus the great de-cluttering […]

French scientists have found where autism hides in the brain – and it could help diagnose 2yo kids

The abnormality manifests itself in a shallower-than-usual fold located in Broca’s area, the region of the brain responsible for language and communication that autism affects. The researchers are confident the new findings will go a long way to earlier diagnosis and management of autistic patients. Analyzing kids’ hair may help predict risk of mental illness […]

Critics call for Flint, Michigan governor’s resignation, arrest over contaminated water

     Emails show that high-ranking officials in Michigan were aware of elevated lead levels in Flint’s water six months before the state of emergency was declared. Calls are mounting for the governor to resign or face criminal charges. Internal emails, obtained by NBC News, were written by Governor Rick Snyder’s former chief of staff, Dennis […]

Exclusive new tool from the Health Ranger instantly blocks hackers trying to steal your identity via RFID hacking

(NaturalNews) The last thing you’re probably thinking about as you wrap up your holiday shopping is the possibility that identity thieves might be trying to steal your credit and debit cards, drivers license or other personal information right out of your wallet or purse – and no, I’m not talking about actual theft […]

Declassified: US secretly told Japan that USSR downed Korean Boeing in 1983 by mistake

Japan’s Foreign Ministry has declassified diplomatic documents over 30 years old regarding one of the most terrible air crashes in history, the downing of the Korean Air Lines’ Boeing 747-230B over Sakhalin Island, USSR, on September 1, 1983, reports TASS. Tokyo has revealed that two months after the catastrophe, a high-ranking official of the US […]

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