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Wyoming Declared Oldest Mine in Americas: Red Ochre Mined there 13,000 Years Ago!

Excavations that concluded in 2020 have confirmed an ancient mine in eastern Wyoming that was allegedly used by humans to produce red ochre 13,000 years ago! It is now officially the oldest known mine of any sort in the Americas Read more Section:  News History & Archaeology Read Later 

7,500-year-old Juniper Stump Is Believed Oldest Goddess Asherah Idol

​Archaeologists excavating an ancient cemetery in Israel have uncovered an idol which they believe dates the worship of the goddess Asherah back an incredible 7,500 years. Read more Section:  Artifacts Other Artifacts News History & Archaeology Read Later 

World’s Oldest Fake Eye from 2800 BC Found in Iran’s ‘Burnt City’

Believe it or not, fake eyes have existed for thousands of years. Besides improving the physical appearance of the patient needing the artificial eye, fake eyes also prevent tissues in the eye socket from overgrowing and prevent foreign debris from entering the eye without a bandage or eyepatch.  Read more Section:  Artifacts Other Artifacts News […]

Punishment: 3000-year-old Chinese Foot Amputation May Be Oldest Ever!

Researchers in China believe a skeleton found in a tomb in the northwest of the country is the earliest known example of foot amputation as punishment for a crime Read more Section:  News History & Archaeology History Ancient Traditions Read Later 

Oldest Recorded Celestial Aurora Event Found in Ancient Chinese Text!

The oldest known evidence referring to a “celestial aurora event” from a section of the famous Bamboo Annals Chinese text dated to the 10th century BC has been researched by scientists from Nagoya University in Japan, Read more Section:  Artifacts Ancient Writings News History & Archaeology Read Later 

Oldest Instance of the Name of Yahweh at Mt Ebal (Deut. 27 Curses) on a Lead Tablet

This video explains the nature of the Mt. Ebal tablet memorializing the curses contained in Deut 27, as spoken by Israelites.  Tremendous archeological discovery, proving the antiquity of the Hebrew Bible. [embedded content] The name of YHWH is given around the 20 minute mark. These are the verses memorialized on the lead teblet: Deu 27:11  […]

Oldest Fossils of Egyptian Cobra Ancestors Found in Fayoum Depression

A team from Mansoura University Vertebrate Paleontology Center (MUVP) has found the oldest fossils of Egyptian cobra ancestors dating back 37 million years to the Eocene Epoch. The team, which included international researchers, also discovered a fossil of the largest legless lizard of the same vintage, reports Al-Monitor. The research was published in the Journal […]

Oldest Fossils of Egyptian Cobra Ancestors Found in Fayoum Depression

A team from Mansoura University Vertebrate Paleontology Center (MUVP) has found the oldest fossils of Egyptian cobra ancestors dating back 37 million years to the Eocene Epoch. The team, which included international researchers, also discovered a fossil of the largest legless lizard of the same vintage, reports Al-Monitor. The research was published in the Journal […]

World’s Oldest Trousers Used Methods Still Employed by Modern Fashion

Back in 2014, a pair of pants were discovered in the Tarim Basin in China. Believed to be the oldest pair of trousers in the world, they were made between 3,000 and 3,300 years ago. Dating back to some time between the 13th and 10th centuries BC, these ancient trousers overshot the date of previously […]

Lawrence Brooks: Oldest US WWII veteran dies aged 112

The United States’ oldest World War Two veteran, Lawrence N. Brooks, has died at the age of 112 on Wednesday. His death was announced by the National WWII Museum and confirmed by his daughter. He was the oldest living US participant in World War II, according to President Joe Biden. The former soldier was deployed […]

Discover Iran’s ‘oldest’ bas-relief carvings in Kermanshah

TEHRAN – Iran is somehow an open-air museum of ancient and prehistoric heritage, which testify to the colorful past of the nation yet many of them are nearly lost in time. Among those, Anubanini bas-reliefs are widely believed to be the oldest rock reliefs in the country. They are four reliefs that are associated with […]

‘World’s Oldest Family Tree’ Revealed in Neolithic Tomb in England

Genome sequencing of 35 individuals from the best-preserved Neolithic tomb in B Tomb in England ritain has revealed that 27 of the individuals were the children of 4 women – and just one man! This being so, five generations of a single family are represented, and so the researchers have been able to put together […]

One of Europe`s biggest and oldest lottery draws kicks off in Madrid

Spain’s traditional Christmas lottery draw has kicked off. A live audience has been authorised once more to attend the draw at the Royal Opera House in Madrid, after a one-year impasse due to the strict anti-COVID measures last year. The traditional Spanish Christmas Lottery ‘El Gordo’ (The Fat One) will see a total of 2.38 […]

1,000-Year-Old lnk Pen Found in Ringfort is Ireland’s Oldest

An archaeologist excavating at an 11th century ringfort in Ireland has unearthed the oldest ink pen ever discovered in Ireland. What’s unusual, is that this artifact was a secular work tool used for writing legal documents. It wasn’t used to create iconic medieval Christian works of art. Dating back 1,000 years, Ireland’s oldest known ink […]

New Denisovan Fossils From Siberian Cave Are The Oldest Ever Found

Researchers from the Max Planck Society and the Universities of Vienna and Tübingen have found new fossilized human-like remains mixed in an assortment of bone samples taken from Siberia’s famed Denisova Cave. This includes three fragments that belonged to actual Denisovans, the much-speculated-about species that gave the cave its name. These bones will be added […]

40,000-BC Ivory Pendant is the Oldest Eurasian Jewelry, Says Study

A skillfully decorated mammoth ivory pendant found in Stajnia Cave in southern Poland in 2010 has been radiocarbon dated to approximately 40,000 BC, as is detailed in a new study published in the journal Scientific Reports . The ornate ivory pendant, which was decorated with a curved series of carefully placed puncture marks, it is […]

Anatolian Neolithic Weavers At Çatalhöyük Used Trees to Make The Oldest Cloth

A new study published in the journal Antiquity has revealed some surprising information about the inhabitants of the ancient city of Çatalhöyük, an early Neolithic settlement located in southern Anatolia (modern-day Turkey). It seems these industrious people found a way to convert fibers from oak trees into textiles that were used to make clothes. Based […]

Silver Coin from Henry VII’s Reign is Oldest English Coin Found in Canada

Newfoundland is a large island off the east coast of Canada. Recently archaeologists discovered a silver coin there which was minted during the reign of the first monarch of the House of Tudor, Henry VII. This is likely to be the oldest English coin ever found in Canada, if not the entire continent of North […]

‘Oldest’ British Skull Revealed to be Decapitated Woman from Norman Conquest

Lost for years, the “oldest British skull” ever to be found was finally traced and shockingly exposed as a fraud! Radiocarbon dating of Greta, the skull unearthed by workers at what were then the Branston Gravel Pits near Burton in England in 1943, has found that far from being 10,000 years old, she probably dates […]

Oldest known drawing of a ghost discovered

Oldest known drawing of a ghost discoveredOctober 22, 2021  The tablet was created by the ancient Babylonians. Image Credit: US NavyA depiction of a ghost dating back 3,500 years has been found deep in the vaults of the British Museum.Stories of ghosts and spirits have been around for millennia – as evidenced by the recent […]

Oldest Evidence of Tobacco Use Found at Ice Age Camp in Utah

Excavations at an Ice Age hunter-gatherer camp in Utah’s Great Salt Lake Desert have revealed the oldest known evidence of tobacco use found so far. The discovery took place at the Wishbone site and was hidden only a few centimeters below the surface. During their excavations researchers discovered a campground used by the prehistoric hunter-gatherers […]

World’s Oldest Jewelry Excavated at a Moroccan Cave

Human beings have been wearing necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and other forms of jewelry for a long time. But the discovery of a cache of prehistoric Aterian sea snail shell beads at a cave in western Morocco has pushed the origin of this practice back farther than archaeologists and anthropologists ever expected. These seashell beads were […]

The world’s oldest mosaic unearthed in Turkey?

World’s oldest mosaic unearthed in Turkey September 19, 2021 at 10:20 am WATCH: Discover the Islamic Arts Museum, Malaysia Show Comments Related Source

Tibetan Hand and Footprints May Be Oldest Prehistoric Art

Scientists have discovered an exciting new example of prehistoric art high on the Tibetan Plateau: a set of ancient children’s hand and footprints. If the dating of between 169,000 and 226,000 years ago is correct, this find represents “the oldest example of parietal [prehistoric] art ever discovered,” claim the researchers. Ancient Art or Accident? Until […]

Photos Show the Oldest Known Lion in the Maasai Mara Wildlife Reserve in Kenya

Fourteen-year-old Morani recently took the title of oldest lion in the Maasai Mara—a national reserve home to lions, cheetahs, and zebras—after the passing of his brother and prior record holder, Scarface, earlier this year. The amazing pictures were captured this month by professional wildlife photographer Leighton Lum, 33, while on a photography workshop in Kenya […]

Fragments of Chinese Coins Are Evidence of World’s Oldest Minting Site

Archaeologists have long been preoccupied with understanding the origins of metal coinage and monetization. Now, a team working in the Henan Province of China has discovered an early minting site at Guanzhuang, complete with Chinese spade coins and their clay molds. Experts have dated the site to 2,600 years ago, making this the oldest known […]

Chankillo: The Oldest Solar Observatory in the Americas

Located in the Peruvian coastal desert at the Casma-Sechin Oasis stands the incredible monumental complex of Chankillo. The archaeological site consists of a fort located on a hilltop and thirteen solar observatory towers, as well as residential and gathering areas. It was built some 2,300 years ago for both practical and ceremonial purposes. Recognizing the […]

7,000-Year-Old Chinchorro Mummies are the World’s Oldest

The mummies of ancient Egypt are arguably the most famous mummies in the world. They are not, however, the oldest. The Chinchorros of South America began preserving their dead about 7,000 years ago and their mummies have become one of the wonders of Andean archaeology. UNESCO has just recently recognized the cultural value and importance […]

Man Quarantined To 4th-Floor Hotel Room Flees Using Oldest Trick In The Book

A man in Australia allegedly fashioned a makeshift rope out of bedsheets to flee the fourth-floor hotel room he was supposed to be quarantined inside. The 39-year-old made the dangerous escape from the hotel in the Perth suburb of Rivervale around 12.45 a.m. Tuesday. He remained at large for eight hours. Police located the man […]

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