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Did Ancient Egyptians Have Electricity? And Was the Pyramid of Giza a Power Plant?

Curiosity and surprise have been present when trying to figure out how did the ancients in Egypt achieve their artistic and technical perfection in total darkness in the immense underground corridors that are found in countless monuments in different necropolis through Egypt. Just how did they manage these incredible feasts without a constant light source? […]

Huge Maya Pyramid In El Salvador Built In Response To Volcanic Eruption

Archaeologists performing excavations around a massive Maya pyramid located in El Salvador’s Zapotitán Valley near the ancient village of San Andrés, close to Lake Ilopango, discovered something remarkable. They already knew this gigantic monument had been built on a site heavily impacted by Central America’s largest volcanic eruption in the last 10,000 years. But what […]

The Aztec Map of Cuauhtinchan And The Hidden Pyramid of Teoton

Within the Mexican State of Puebla, atop the ruins of a Pre-Columbian pyramid, stands the Convent of Cuauhtinchan. In 1891 AD, an ancient Aztec map was found concealed in the monastery. This exquisite artifact dates back to the time of the conquistadors and depicts a far older memory of pilgrimages, rituals, deities, sacrifices, sacred mountains, […]

The Largest and Oldest Pyramid on the Planet: The Great Pyramid of China

The story behind the Great Pyramid of China is beyond fascinating. For years, the government has not allowed proper studies to be performed on the numerous pyramids near the city of Xi’an. Excursions that managed to sneak into the area where the pyramids are discovered numerous anomalies like a metallic material which could not be […]

The Great Pyramid Of Giza Enacting The Rite Of Rebirth

In Egypt, the pharaoh, who was the living incarnation of Horus, the son of Isis and Osiris, would undergo at death a transformation from being the living Horus to being the dead and resurrected Osiris. Pharaoh was, by inheritance, the anointed king-god of his people: in essence he was the equivalent of the Greek Christos, […]

Napoleon Bonaparte’s Mystical Experience Inside the Great Pyramid of Giza

Did you know that Napoleon Bonaparte had a mystical experience inside the Great Pyramid of Giza? When a few of his most trusted men asked Napoleon what had happened inside of the Pyramid, Napoleon replied: ‘Even If I told you, you would not believe me.’ It is said that one night of August in 1799 […]

Leaked: Videos & Pictures of ‘Pyramid Shaped UFOs’ Above U.S. Navy Destroyer Ship

A few years ago, the Pentagon released video footage of a military encounter of UFOs with Navy fighter pilots, the Navy has since confirmed the authenticity of the videos and the pilots involved in the encounter have gone on record speaking about their experience, as have hundreds of other military pilots from around the world […]

Mound to Mountain: The Evolutionary Path to Building the Great Pyramid

Read Part I Pyramids were built for over a millennium in ancient Egypt. During that time, we can discern a definite trend in their development, experimentation, ambition, and the peak precision in building the Great Pyramid of Khufu, followed by a long period of architectural decline. So far, we have traced the earliest mounds at […]

Parallel Twin Ziggurats: The Tower of Babel and Pyramid of Cholula

From the oasis sands of the biblical cradle of Mesopotamia all the way to the volcanic Valley of Mexico, parallel pyramids and mirroring myths have endured across the ages. Isolated from each other by vast oceans and deserts of time, disperse cultures have incorporated analogous stories into their mythology, building structures, such as the Tower […]

Mound to Mountain: The Long Road to the Great Pyramid

Who built the Great Pyramid? Was it built by simple Egyptian farmers with mud ramps, or aliens, or a lost society from the last Ice Age? Did the ancient Egyptians inherit this massive stone building from a lost time, and then build their own smaller, cruder versions in vain attempts at replicating its awe-inspiring precision? […]

Has the Function of the Great Pyramid of Giza Finally Come to Light?

About 150 years after the establishment of Egyptology as an academic field, there still appears to be no agreement between scholars on the function of the Great Pyramid of Giza. Yet several different hypotheses have been proposed. The tomb hypothesis appeared when research began on the pyramid, with a popular belief saying the primary function […]

2,000-Year-Old Limestone Pyramid Tomb Discovered in Lebanon

An ancient pyramid-shaped  megalithic burial has been discovered in North Lebanon dating back to 2,000 years before the pyramids of Egypt. What’s more, it is speculated that this, and other similar  pyramid tombs in Lebanon, might have inspired the rulers of  Egypt to construct their world famous pyramidal super-structures. A Blazing White Pyramid among the Blackness This very […]

The Fan Pyramid of Tenerife, A Guanche Stone Solstice Marker

A peculiar pyramid with a ‘fan structure’ stands as an ancient stone solstice marker in Icod de los Vinos, a municipality on the island of Tenerife, in the Canary Islands (Spain). The precolonial inhabitants of Tenerife came to be known as the Guanches, sharing common origins with the Berbers of the North African coastline, probably […]

Isaac Newton And His Alchemical Interest In The Lost Pyramid Code

Unpublished 17th-century AD alchemical documents reveal Sir Isaac Newton’s private Egyptian pyramid studies, in his quest to calculate a date for the End of Days. In July 1936 AD, a metal chest surfaced at Sotheby’s auction house in London filled with Isaac Newton’s unpublished, private, hand-written papers and lab books. After economist John Maynard Keynes […]

Asteroids the Size of Egypt’s Great Pyramid to Whiz Past Earth

The two bodies, the biggest to hurl past Earth in the upcoming two weeks, are comparable in size to the world-famous Egyptian landmark, which is almost 140 meters tall and dominates the whole Giza area just outside Cairo. Two massive asteroids will whiz past Earth in the next two weeks, with one estimated at up […]

Mysterious Pyramid Discovered In Antarctica Could Rewrite History

13K Shares There are a lot of famous wonders left by ancient civilizations which demonstrates how advanced they were during their time. We have Europe, Asia and Africa with their magnificent history and the fascinating monuments that were left behind. The Great Pyramid of Giza being one the most famous ancient wonders left by the […]

The Democratic Party’s pyramid of support for Israel is crumbling

At the top of the Democratic Party, everything still looks solid for the Israel lobby this year. With Biden’s selection yesterday of Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) as his running mate, the Israel lobby scored again. In Prof. Stephen Zunes’s analysis of her positions, he notes the Jewish Telegraph Agency dubbed her “more AIPAC than J […]

Enoch – The Builder of The Great Pyramid of Egypt?

Egyptian pyramids conceal a mystery that has not yet been distinguished. While some archaeologists believe that they are the creation of the ancient Egyptians, there are also voices who claim that somewhere there was also the hand of civilizations that are superior to humans in raising such miracles.   The Keops (Khufu) Pyramid is always […]

A Giant Face, Pyramid & An Aztec Head on Mars Have Experts Saying This Is Proof of Extraterrestrial Life

Next Story A lot of people reading the title of this article are probably rolling their eyes, and that’s a problem. Paradigm-changing discoveries are being made every day, and if these discoveries don’t make mainstream media headlines, people dismiss them as fake news, conspiracy theories, or pseudoscience. But the small group of people who control mainstream media also […]

Will robotic blimp give up secrets to Great Pyramid of Giza?

It marked the first discovery of its kind since the 19th century and the team is now focusing on the next phase of the project – sending a robotic explorer inside, with the intention of finally uncovering how the incredible structure was built. Research institutions Inria and the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) […]

Cosmic Rays Reveal Mysterious Chamber Inside the Great Pyramid

Archaeologists have discovered a huge, unidentified space deep inside the Great Pyramid of Giza, the massive ancient structure built on the outskirts of Cairo some 4,500 years ago. The international team of scientists has been using a sophisticated imaging technique based on cosmic radiation to peer inside the pyramid and map its internal structure. Now, […]

‘Breakthrough’ discovery inside Giza Pyramid baffles scientists

Its size suggests it plays an important role in the tomb’s structure. It’s the first discovery of its kind since the 19th century. “These results constitute a breakthrough for the understanding of Khufu’s Pyramid and its internal structure,” the scientists explained in a journal published in Nature. READ MORE: Pyramid scheme: Mysterious chambers found hidden in […]

Ex Nasa Physicist Shares Images of a Potential “Aztec Head,” & Pyramid “Doorway” Found On Mars

Next Story A lot of people reading the title of this article are probably rolling their eyes, and that’s a problem. Paradigm-changing discoveries are being made every day, and if these discoveries don’t make mainstream media headlines, people dismiss them as fake news, conspiracy theories, or pseudoscience. But the small group of people who control mainstream media also […]

Third Snowy Pyramid Recently Discovered in Antarctica Could Rewrite History

Though not everyone is willing to admit it, our planet is full of relics and monuments that prove Earth was once populated by extremely advanced civilizations. Point in case: the third ice-covered pyramid discovered in Antarctica! Ever since the service was released, Google Earth been a boon not just for conspiracy theorists but also for […]

EX Nasa Scientists Share Concealed Information About The Face & Pyramid Found On Mars

Next Story In 1976, the United States sent a pair of space probes, known as Viking 1 and Viking 2, to Mars. Viking 1 was launched on August 20th, 1975, and Viking 2 was launched in September of the same year. Both probes photographed the surface of Mars from orbit, and one studied the planet from the […]

The Sacred Meaning of the Pyramid

Walk into any crystal shop and you will most likely see pyramid shapes on the top of crystal clusters, orgone pyramids or even crystals fashioned into the shape of a pyramid. This is not just because pyramids are a pretty shape, there is a deep symbolism here that goes back centuries, all the way back […]

Mysterious Volcano-Shaped Pyramid in Peru Baffles Experts

A group of archaeologists has carried out a new investigation of a pyramidal structure known as “El Volcán” in the valley of Nepeña in Peru.  Ever since its discovery, archaeologists have been left perplexed by the structure and its mysterious shape, modeled in ancient times to mimic the form of a Volcano. It should be […]

The Promotion of Pyramid Scheme Inversion Art

By Russ Winter of The New Nationalist Anybody who even cursorily follows financial markets will see plenty of evidence and commentary from high profile participants who say prices are controlled, rigged and manipulated. A number of top “old school” fund managers have hung it up as a result. The New Nationalist (TNN) will take it a step further […]

Psychedelic Mushrooms Help Treat Smoking and Alcohol Addiction, Study Reveals

Recent study reveals that 12 out of 15 participants who received psychedelic mushrooms as part of a medical trial for smoking cessation remained smoke-free after a period of six months after the medical test had ended. by Ewao More and more scientific studies reveal the numerous benefits of psychedelics in therapeutical treatments. Like alcohol, tobacco […]

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