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Greek unemployment was unchanged at 11.6% in December

Greece’s jobless rate stood at 11.6% in December, unchanged from an upwardly revised 11.6% in November, data from statistics service ELSTAT showed on Wednesday. Seasonally adjusted data showed 545,372 people were officially unemployed, with those under the age of 24 the hardest hit. The reading was the lowest recorded since January 2010 – at the… […]

Greek unemployment rate fell in December, inflation fell in January

The Greek unemployment and inflation rates fell in December and January respectively. Unemployment in Greece fell to 11.6% of the workforce in December 2022 from 12.9% in December 2021. This figure remained unchanged from November 2022, the Hellenic Statistical Authority said on Wednesday. More specifically, the number of unemployed people totaled 545,372, down 9.5% from… […]

Greek government survives vote of no-confidence in run-up to the elections

Of parliament’s 300 members, 143 voted in favor of the no-confidence motion while 156 voted against. Source

Greek Zucchini Fritters with Feta recipe

Greek Zucchini Fritters with Feta recipe Kolokithokeftedes are Greek Zucchini Fritters with Feta, which is by far one of the most popular meze dishes in Greece! This delicious vegetarian appetizer is perfect all year round and can be served as a side dish, or for lunch/dinner with some salad and tzatziki!  Ingredients  -1 kg zucchinis,… […]

Greek government survives vote over wiretap scandal

Greece’s government on Friday easily survived a no-confidence vote called by the opposition over a long-running wiretap scandal in which top officials were targeted by state intelligence for months. The censure motion was defeated by 156 votes to 143 in the 300-seat chamber, parliament vice chairman Haralambos Athanassiou said after the official count. Prime Minister… […]

Magnificent Greek Orthodox Monasteries of Meteora, Suspended Between Heaven and Earth

Towering over the Thessalian Plain in Central Greece, is a majestic rock formation, called Meteora, meaning ‘elevated’ or ‘hanging from heaven’, where Eastern Orthodox monasteries literally cling to the cliff tops, suspended between heaven and earth.   Read more Section:  News Premium Preview Read Later  Source

Patsavouropita- Greek Rag Pie Recipe on National Pie Day

Patsavouropita (Πατσαβουρόπιτα) is a traditional Greek phyllo pie, which is very easy to make and, even better- tastes fantastic. Let’s Make this treat today on National Pie Day, the 23rd of January Patsavouropita- Greek Rag Pie Recipe It is the combination of two words: “Patsavoura”, which translates to rag “Pita” which means pie Together, it […]

The northern Greek city of Kastoria presents a new all-seasons tourism promotion logo

The new logo for the promotion of Kastoria as an all-season tourist destination was presented on Friday, ANA reports. It was unveiled in two versions, Greek and English, at a special event organized by the vice-mayorship for culture and tourism of the rural municipality in Western Macedonia. “For the first time, the municipality of Kastoria […]

Greek cargo ship held after three tonnes of cocaine found off Tenerife

Spanish authorities have found three tonnes of cocaine on a Greek-managed cargo vessel off the Canary Islands.The 4,300-dwt Blume (built 2005) was intercepted on Tuesday, 193 nautical miles (360 km) from the port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the Eldia es Tenerife website reported. Spanish authorities have found three tonnes of cocaine on a Greek-managed… […]

The Greek Summer Festival is back with free entertainment and live entertainment in Sydney

“Yiasou!” The Greek Summer Festival returns to Carss Bush Park on Sunday, 12th February 2023, bringing authentic Greek flavours, music and entertainment. The annual festival is an exciting cultural experience for the whole family. Source

Mitsotakis and Tsipras clash over scandalous allegations against Greek Army Chief General Floros

Greek opposition party SYRIZA is demanding answers from Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis over rumours and accusations first aired by media outlet Documento citing EYP, the Greek Intelligence Agency,  that the head of the country’s armed forces, General Konstantinos Floros had made questionable property purchases using ‘black money’. It was alleged that Floros bought a property… […]

Ukraine crowns most searched word in Greek Wikipedia for 2022

Ukraine was the most searched entry in Greek Wikipedia last year, exceeding 700,000 views, which is a record, according to data published by the local Wikimedia Community User Group on its website on Monday. This was followed in second place by the entry about Greece, which has a consistently high readership, while in third place… […]

King Charles and Prince William missed former Greek King’s funeral

Princess Anne was the only senior royal to travel to Greece for the funeral. King Charles and Prince William have been criticised after they missed the funeral of Greece’s last king Constantine II on Monday. Princess Anne was the only senior royal to attend the ceremony in Athens, where monarchs from around the world gathered for the event.… […]

Israel occupation forces bulldoze Greek Orthodox land in occupied Jerusalem

The Israeli occupation authorities yesterday started to bulldoze a 5,000 square metre plot of land owned by the Greek Orthodox Church in occupied Jerusalem's Silwan neighbourhood, the Wadi Hilweh Information Centre has reported. The operators of the bulldozers were protected by a large number of Israeli occupation security forces and police. According to the centre, […]

Unrelenting Turkish-Greek tensions

Centuries change, epochs succeed one another … It seemed that antagonistic contradictions between peoples and states should be a thing of the past, that a historical decision should lead to the formation of civilized relations between former adversaries and enemies. However, not only does time have no power over collective memory, but sometimes we observe […]

Greek court rejects charges against NGO workers

A Greek court dismissed espionage charges on Friday against a group of volunteers on trial in Greece and ordered a prosecutor to refile the case, citing flaws in the litigation process, a defense lawyer and local media said. The aid workers, some of them foreigners and including a Syrian refugee, were affiliated with Emergency Response… […]

Tom Carvel: The Greek American who invented soft serve ice cream

Greek American businessman, Tom Carvel (born Athanasios Karvelas), created America’s first ice cream franchise and is well-known as the inventor of soft serve ice cream. A flat tire on his truck led to his successful career as a early immigrant to the USA. Early Life: Tom Carvel was born on July 14, 1906 in Athens,… […]

Spyros Panopoulos unveils new parts of the Greek-made Chaos supercar

The Chaos supercar, built by Spyros Panopoulos in Greece, has not been released yet. The public is patiently waiting for its unveiling, especially as there has been a lot of hype behind this Greek-built supercar. The demands of such a project are very high, especially since the components are manufactured in Greece, as is the… […]

Greek man arrested over dog abuse

A case file has been formed against a man from the central Greek town of Larissa for allegedly tying his dog with a strap to the bumper of his truck and dragging it around. He was arrested on Sunday and charged with violating laws protecting pets. The incident occurred on a rural road in the… […]

Greek athletes Set Guinness World Record once again

Greek athletes George Kotsimpos and Apostolos have recently made history by breaking the Guinness World Record. On December 21, 2022, Kotsimpos and Dervas broke the record for “Most Consecutive Tandem Pushups” as a team (GWR site: This impressive feat comes after Kotsimpos recovered from a shoulder injury and underwent arthroscopic surgery a few months ago.… […]

The Greek destroyer of Turkish drones is ready!

The much-advertised and well-known Turkish drones are by no means invulnerable, and as it has been proven, they can be very easily blinded or misled by smart – and cheap – electronic countermeasures. The National Center for Research and Technological Development (EKETA/IPTHIL) is already in the final tests for the first Greek anti-drone platform. The… […]

Renewing Your Greek Passport In Greece

Greek passport holders, particularly those residing outside of Greece, were thrilled last year to learn that the validity of Greek passports increased. As of September 1st 2022, according to Law 4962/2022, Article 87 «Legislative Regulations for passport issuance», passports issued after 01.09.2022 to adults or minors exceeding the age of 14 years old, will have a ten-year validity period,… […]

Dozens of violations by Turkish fighter jets and drones on Monday in Greek airspace

The number of violations in the Athens Flight Information Region (FIR) by Turkish warplanes and drones increased on Monday. As reported by Greek military authorities, nine formations of Turkish F-16 fighter jets, one helicopter and one UAV carried out 64 violations. There were 26 aircraft (seven pairs, one four and one six), of which 18… […]

Recently discovered inscriptions from the Greek colonies of Central Asia

Physical evidence of the Greek colonies in Central Asia, particularly in parts of Afghanistan and Tajikistan, is not easy to come by. The ancient river names Oxus and Jaxartes and even the southern Afghan city of Kandahar (‘City of Iskander’ ie Alexander) provide intangible evidence of a kind. Ancient coins bearing the portraits Greek kings… […]

Adverse possession and Squatters’ Rights (“Hristiktisia”) on Greek Properties

Ownership on real estate property in Greece can be acquired not only through a conveyance Deed (purchase, gift, inheritance, etc), but also through adverse possession (“Hrisiktisia”). According to the Hrisiktisia provisions, any person that is exercising acts of possession on any property (even belonging to a third person), claiming it as his, for an uninterrupted… […]

La Collection signs three more Greek properties

La Collection signs three more Greek properties Trio of Marriott’s Luxury Collection hotels and resorts to be represented Down Under La Collection, the Sydney- and Melbourne-based representatives specialising in pure luxury hotels and resorts, has strengthened its partnership with members of Marriott Bonvoy’s The Luxury Collection in Greece, signing three new properties to its expanding… […]

A Greek Christmas in the Diaspora – the Challenges and the Blessings

Christmas in the Diaspora can be bittersweet for many of us who have loved ones in Greece.  However, it’s also a time of year we can embrace our unique identity, a combination of two cultures, and share it with others. One of the main challenges Greeks face in the lead up to Christmas is the… […]

Aegean Plans New Greek Maintenance, Training Hub

With an investment of € 140 million, AEGEAN creates the country’s first Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Facility and the first Simulation Facility for pilots and cabin crew members in one of Europe’s first “green”Hangar. AEGEAN is moving forward with a new investment of 140 million euro to establish the first Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Facility,… […]

Eva Kaili’s property on Paros was frozen by Greek authorities

A plot of land on Paros which is owned by MEP Eva Kaili and her companion Francesco Giorgi, who have both been arrested on corruption charges, was frozen on Thursday by order of the Greek authority against money laundering. Additionally, a joint bank account held by Kaili and Giorgi, through which they bought the plot… […]

Mitsotakis to Greek Minority in Heimarra: “It is Albania’s obligation to respect your rights”

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis is in Heimarra where he visited the Greek school Homeros. The prime minister received a warm welcome, with Greek flags and chants. Girls in traditional costumes gave him flowers and thanked him for visiting the Greek school. Afterwards, the prime minister had a meeting with members and representatives of the Greek… […]

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