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Greek Diaspora Community Leader Petros Galatoulas Passes Away

Petros Galatoulas, former President of the Federation of Hellenic Societies of Greater New York, passed away on Saturday at the age of 66. The prominent figure in the Greek diaspora community had been facing a series of health problems before his passing. Galatoulas was a significant member of the Greek-American and Greek immigrant community in […]

Greek-Australian Nick Andrianakos Strikes Mega Deal in Adelaide

Greek-Australian Nick Andrianakos has, for the first time, invested in a major shopping center, acquiring half stake worth over 135 million Australian dollars ($95.5 million) in Adelaide’s Colonnades Shopping Centre. The deal comes almost half a century after the Greek migrant bought his first petrol station in 1973 and later went on to create the […]

Leader of Greek Community of South Australia Bill Gonis Passes Away

Bill Gonis, the President of the Greek Orthodox Community of South Australia (GOCSA), has suddenly passed away, the community announced on Wednesday. He was 62. Gonis was one of the GOCSA’s longest-serving presidents and received the Order of Australia Medal in 2006. Bill Gonis took over the GOCSA reins in January 2015 after years of […]

Buddha ( Greek God Apollo )

Alexander the Great & the Buddha ALEXANDER THE GREAT & THE BUDDHA  By Jim McSweeney, Research team of Sunnataram Forest Monastery   British Museum Alexander the Great set out on his journey of conquest in 334 BCE. He conquered the area of north Pakistan and east Afghanistan then known as Gandhara and arrived on the […]

Achilles: The Greatest Hero of Greek Mythology?

“Sing Goddess, the rage of Achilles” is the very first line of The Iliad, Homer’s epic poem, as he introduces its main hero. The Greek hero Achilles was believed to have been the strongest, bravest, and even the most handsome in the army of Agamemnon. Read more Section:  News History Famous People Read Later 

Egyptian archaeologists unearthed the ruins of a temple for the ancient Greek god Zeus

An Egyptian archaeological mission working at the site of Tell Al-Farma in the North Sinai archaeological area uncovered the remains of a temple to the god Zeus Cassius Egyptian archaeologists unearthed the ruins of a temple for the ancient Greek god Zeus in the Sinai Peninsula, antiquities authorities declared on Monday. The Tourism and Antiquities […]

Ancient Greek Pottery Workshop Provides Stunning Examples of Craft!

The Supreme Council of Antiquities had made an exciting discovery at the Tabet Al-Motaweh site west of Alexandria. An extensive Greek pottery workshop and storage area from the Ptolemaic Read more Section:  News History & Archaeology Ancient Places Africa Read Later 

Curious and Unusual Spells from the Greek Magical Papyri

The Greek magical papyri, as it is commonly known, is an extensive collection of ancient Greco-Roman Egypt magical spells, rituals, remedies, hymns, and myth. Scholars have placed its origin between the second and fifth century BC during Roman occupation. The papyri, a great deal of which was first acquired by a diplomat who went by […]

Greek Buddhism, The Forgotten Chapter In A Philosophy That Began in India

A bygone era forgotten in Western circles but preserved in the histories of Buddhist traditions tells the story of the Greek contribution to Buddhism. Enshrined in the daily prayers of the Theravāda followers of Sri Lanka is a vivid throwback to this long-lost chapter of Greek Buddhism: “I bow my head to the footprints of […]

Of Kin and Kind: The Role of Myths in Ancient Greek Diplomacy

Myths in the ancient world were not confined to the world of movies and children’s books like they are today. They played a vital part in political life and ancient Greek diplomacy. For example, myths were Read more Section:  News Myths & Legends Europe History Ancient Traditions Read Later  Source

The Origins Of Ancient Greek Creation Mythology

Since the beginning of humankind, there has been the pressing need to understand the reasons why humans were created. What purpose do humans serve? Each ancient and modern culture hold their own stories, some of which build on top of older tales. The ancient Greeks were no exception. Layering on events and beliefs that originated […]

The Eleusinian Mysteries: An Unresolved Ancient Greek Puzzle

To this day the Eleusinian mysteries remains a subject enveloped by broken pieces of information, creating great controversy among historians who work under heavy assumptions while trying to piece together this ancient tradition. Complete details involving the rites and celebrations which took place during the mysteries were marked by a sworn oath of secrecy by […]

The Friend in the Foe: Trojans in Greek Media

Trojans are typically thought of as the archrivals of the Greeks. Their abduction of the beautiful Helen launched a thousand ships on Trojan shores, igniting a war that spanned ten years. Consequently, they often are thought of as the opposites of the Greeks. Where Greeks are stoic and civilized, the Trojans are depicted as indulgent […]

Olbia: Greek, Scythian, Roman Trade Center That Had Dolphin Money

Olbia (also spelled Olvia) began as an ancient Greek colony on the northern coast of the Black Sea, in the southern part of modern-day Ukraine. Olbia was famous as an emporium, and the importance of trade to the settlement is reflected in the coinage found at the site. The Olbians minted their own coins, the […]

Greek-American Cartoonist Stephan Pastis Explores Sublime, Ridiculous

Greek-American cartoonist Stephan Pastis now has his work syndicated in more than 650 newspapers worldwide. Credit: Facebook/Stephan Pastis First generation Greek American Stephan Pastis once was a high-powered lawyer in San Francisco — before he chucked it all to become an author and one of the US’ foremost comic strip artists. Now, with his “Pearls […]

Greek-American with MS Fights for Handicapped Access in Miami Springs

Greek-American Theodore Karantsalis, a retired librarian and journalist, is suing Miami Springs, Florida for its lack of curb access and handicapped parking spaces. Credit: A Greek-American man who has multiple sclerosis and who must use a wheelchair is fighting a war for handicapped access that most believe was decided long ago with the passage […]

Antipodes Greek Culture Festival in Melbourne Postponed

The Lonsdale Street Greek Music Festival has been postponed. Credit: Greek Centre For the second year in a row, the Antipodes Festival/Lonsdale St Greek Festival has been postponed due to the pandemic. The Festival was scheduled for 5 and 6 March. Traditionally taking place in the historic Lonsdale St Greek Precinct it is Melbourne’s largest […]

Bartolomé Mitre, the Greek President of Argentina

Bartolome Mitre, the first President of the Republic of Argentina, was of Greek descent. Credit: Public Domain Few people know today that the first president of the unified Republic of Argentina was of Greek descent. Bartolome Mitre Martinez was born on June 26, 1821 in Buenos Aires to a Greek family whose original last name […]

Foot of ancient Greek goddess makes its way to Athens museum from Palermo

It’s only the size of a shoebox, carved with the broken-off foot of an ancient Greek goddess. But Greece hopes the 2,500-year-old marble fragment, which arrived Monday on loan from an Italian museum, may help resolve one of the world’s thorniest cultural heritage disputes and lead to the reunification in Athens of all surviving Parthenon […]

Greek Orthodox Patriarch warns Christian presence in Jerusalem under threat by Zionist extremists

“Our churches are threatened by Israeli radical fringe groups,” wrote Patriarch Theophilos III in a column published in last Saturday’s British daily, The Times. “At the hands of these Zionist extremists,” Jerusalem’s Greek Orthodox Patriarch said, “the Christian community in Jerusalem is suffering greatly.”  Theophilos charged that a rising number of assaults against Christians and […]

The Passion of the Greek Diaspora for Greece

Credit: Mstyslav Chernov, CC BY-SA 3.0 From ancient times to the modern day, Greeks of the diaspora — those who have left their native land to make a home abroad — have enriched the international community. By Constantine Passaris Last year’s bicentennial celebrations of the Greek revolution of 1821 spotlighted the passion of the Greek […]

Greek Ancestry and Genealogy Conference Offered Online

Immigrants waiting to be examined at Ellis Island. Credit: Wikipedia/Public domain. Greek Ancestry and the Hellenic Genealogy Geek are sponsoring the second annual online conference on Greek genealogy later this month, viewable for free on YouTube. Taking place on January 29 to 30, 2022, the conference will offer invaluable insights and techniques for those who are […]

Greek-Australian Man Needs Help in Battling Multiple Sclerosis

Dimitri Garbas, a Greek-Australian, needs help in battling the scourge of multiple sclerosis. Credit: Facebook/Dimitri Garbas Greek-Australian man Dimitri Garbas, a father of two, has been battling multiple sclerosis since 2017. Fighting off crippling nerve pain and an array of other symptoms, he is now pinning his hopes on trying a new treatment that he […]

Malliotis Center Honors Greek-American Immigrant Philanthropist

The Maliotis Center at Holy Cross in Brookline, Massachusetts hosted Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew and Archbishop Elpidophoros in September of 2021. Credit: Facebook/Maliotis Center The Maliotis Cultural Center at the Hellenic College of the Holy Cross in Brookline, Massachusetts is a touchstone for the Greek-American community in New England. The cultural center at Holy Cross which […]

UK University Censors “Domestic Violence” in Ancient Greek Poem

English university chiefs censored an ancient Greek poem because it “seemed” like it “might” offend snowflake students – very sensitive students who are easily hurt or offended. Snowflakes that the professors are themselves molding and making. This story comes with a “trigger warning”, not for the sensitive snowflakes, but for traditionalists who like to conserve […]

Polar Bear Swim: Century-old Tradition Launched by Greek Immigrant

The Polar Bear Swim club in Vancouver. Peter Pantages is standing in the water at the far left of the photograph. Credit: Vancouver City Archives/ Public Domain The Polar Bear Swim — the title speaks for itself. Taking a plunge into icy waters in the middle of winter for a casual swim has become a […]

Best Greek Bicentennial Moments of 2021 All Around the World

The Sydney Opera House was the scene of a jaw-dropping display of the Greek flag on Thursday evening as the sails of the building were illuminated in the Blue and White for the Greek bicentennial. Credit: Nick Papas/@PapasFilmPhotography A list of all of the best Greek bicentennial moments around the world would really be too […]

Six Greek-Australians Among Country’s Top Young Entrepreneurs for 2021

Sydney, Australia. Credit: Benh Lieu Song/Wikimedia Commons/ CC BY-SA 4.0 A total of Six Greek-Australians ranked among Business News Australia‘s Top 100 Young Entrepreneurs list for the year of 2021. Although 2021 proved another difficult year for businesses across the world after dealing with lockdowns, restrictions, and variants, many young entrepreneurs took the challenges of the […]

Greek Divers Discover Italian World War Two Submarine Wreck

The wreckage of the Italian submarine Jantina that was sunk during World War II by the British submarine HMS Torbay, in the Aegean Sea, Greece, on Nov. 3, 2021. (Kostas Thoctarides/Handout via Reuters) ATHENS—Greek divers have discovered the wreckage of an Italian submarine 80 years after it was sunk by the Allied Forces in the […]

Flyte 70: The “Pro-Aging” Beauty Brand Co-Founded by a Greek-American

Flyte.70 founders Elena Frankel and Carolyn Barber. Credit: Flyte.70 “Pro-aging” American beauty brand Flyte.70 co-founded by Greek-American Elena Frankel in 2021 has been creating innovative products targeting women who are 40-plus. Frankel and Carolyn Barber were pioneers of the indie beauty boutique concept in Boston in the 1990s. Thirty years later, they feel proud that […]

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