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Greek coins from around the world

Greek coins from around the world

stone used to build the temples in the ancient Greek city Selinunte

Cave di Cusa was an ancient stone quarry in Sicily, that was the source of stone used to build the temples in the ancient Greek city Selinunte. This site was quarried beginning in the 6th century BC until it was abandoned in 409 BC when the city was captured by the Carthaginians. Look at the […]

The Ancient Name for Scotland has a Greek Connection

Caledonia: The Ancient Name for Scotland has a Greek Connection December 10, 2016 by History Disclosure Team in Knowledge   Caledon (ΚΑΛΥΔΩΝ in Greek) is the name of an ancient city-state in the region of Aetolia in Western Greece. The oldest reference to Caledon comes from Homer. Homer mentions Caledon as one of  the Aetolian cities that participated in […]

Ancient Greek Pyramid predates Egypt.

Ancient Greek Pyramid predates Egypt.

Greek connections of Norway

Greek connections of Norway Publisert: juni 26, 2011 i Minoan History and culture 3 For category index use this link: NEW!!! SEE UPDATE 2012 AT THE END! Did Crete have prehistoric connections with Norway in the Bronze Age?  A Minoan message on a granite slab in Norway.  Johan Jarnaes, a citizen of the small Norwegian town of Kongsberg, […]


THE IRISH CONNECTION TO THE GREEK TRIBE OF DAN by Moe | May 30, 2015 | History of the Brotherhood, Irish History | 4 comments “It is certainly no coincidence that the Irish Gaelic word Dun or Dunn means “Judge,” just as Dan does in Hebrew!” – Raymond McNair The ancient connections between the Irish Tuatha Dé Dannan and the Greek Tribe of Dan have […]


PYTHEAS – THE GREEK EXPLORER WHO DISCOVERED BRITAIN 23/01/2016 Adrian (釋大道) Human Interest One comment Pytheas of Massalia (350-285 BCE) was a renowned navigator and explorer who lived in Greek colony which is now known as ‘Marseille’ and forms part of Southern France.  The Greeks had many colonies outside of Greece and formed a presence all over the […]

Greek Cities in Turkey

Greek Cities in Turkey

Jews admit – It Was Greek Culture That Taught Us to Be Jews

It Was Greek Culture That Taught Us to Be Jews Greeks didn’t teach them to be “jews”. The Ashkenazi stole parts of the Greek Culture. Such as Hebrew, which is a Greek dialect, was never “jewish”. The Ashkenazi stole the menorah as well. “Jews” actually did not exist until 700AD.

Ancient Greek dialects in Italy

Ancient Greek dialects in Italy

Oldest coins were Greek

Oldest coins were Greek. Just like the oldest language was also Greek. Just like the oldest Bible scripts came from the Greeks. In ancient Greece, bees were used on some of the earliest coins made in Europe. A silver Greek obol coin minted in Macedon between 412 BCE and 350 BCE, now housed in the […]

The True Holocaust. Remembering the Armenian, Assyrian and Greek Genocides.

The True Holocaust. Remembering the Armenian, Assyrian and Greek Genocides by the Turks / Jews (Synagogue of Satan) On 7 February 2024 the NSW Legislative Council considered a motion on genocide prevention. Introduced by Liberal Party opposition Whip, the Hon Chris Rath, the motion called for the Upper House to acknowledge that 9 December 2023 marked the […]

Palestine is Greek not Arabic or Jewish

Originally, the name “Palestine” finds its roots in the historical context of the Philistines, an ancient people, possibly related to the Greeks, known as the “Sea Peoples.” The word Palestine derives from Philistia, the name given by Greek writers to the land of the Philistines, who in the 12th century BCE occupied a small pocket […]

RH – True Meaning of the Greek Word, ‘Ethnos’

The post RH – True Meaning of the Greek Word, ‘Ethnos’ appeared first on EURO·FOLK·RADIO. Source

Israel BOMBS historic Greek Orthodox Church of Saint Porphyrius in Gaza – world’s third oldest church

(NaturalNews) The world’s third oldest church was bombed by Israel this week as part of the regime’s scorched-earth assault on Gaza in response to the Hamas false… Source

Theia—Greek Goddess of Light, the Sun, the Moon, and Wisdom

By Caleb Strom The Olympian gods are well known to most people in the Western world. A lesser-known Source

Forging Forgotten Ancient Greek Armor (Video)

Dimitrios Katsikis, a self-taught master of the forgotten art of forging ancient Greek armor, is a time-keeper for the relics of yore. Read more Section:  Artifacts Ancient Technology News Videos Read Later  Source

Angry Greek locals launch sunbed war on British tourist hotspots in bid to stop holidaymakers from taking over beaches

Greek coastal crusaders have declared a sunbed war on British tourist hotspots, pledging to fight back against the ‘abusive occupation’ of beaches. The so-called ‘Towel Movement’ was set up in Paros by jaded residents, tired of not being able to find a free space on beaches due to aggressive sunbed firms. They argue that illegal […]

Greek wildfires force residents and holidaymakers to evacuate

Wildfires in Greece, following days of scorching temperatures, have forced thousand to evacuate their homes and holiday accommodation Source

Two Survivors Of A Deadly Shipwreck Describe Their Ordeal To Greek Authorities

A Greek news web site has published excerpts from the depositions of two survivors of Wednesday’s deadly shipwreck off southwestern Greece. Source

Ethnic Greek candidate Fredi Beleri wins elections in Himare

Ethnic Greek candidate Fredi Beleri won the mayoral elections for the municipality of Himare in southern Albania, held on Sunday. Additionally, the candidate fielded by the Greeks for the Future party in cooperation with the ruling socialist party, Romeo Tsakoulis, was the winner of the elections in the municipality of Finiq with 49 percentage points… […]

Greek Cup final to be held in Greece but without fans – Greek FA

The Greek Cup final between AEK Athens and PAOK will take place in the central Greek town of Volos on May 24 without fans, the Hellenic Football Federation (EPO) said on Friday. The AEK-PAOK fixture is considered high risk for crowd trouble and has become a major headache for the Greek FA, which was in… […]

Greek elections 2023: Schedule of archaeological sites, museums with different open hours on May 21

Some archaeological sites and museums in Greece will shut down early on election Sunday (May 21), the Culture & Sports Ministry said on Friday.  In a statement, the ministry said that all museums and sites will follow the official summer schedule on that day as listed on their site (see link below), with the following… […]

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3: Alexis Georgoulis Is Not In The Trailer – Is He In The Movie?

We remind you that Alexis Georgoulis and Nia Vardalos maintain friendly relations and co-starred in 2009 in the movie “My Life In Ruins”. Alexis Georgoulis would have an important role in the development of the third film. Besides, in his interviews in the summer of 2022, he had announced his participation in the film for… […]

Hoplite Armored Vehicle: NATO country ready to purchase the Greek product

About two years ago, a new military vehicle called the Hoplite made its first appearance. It is a multi-role vehicle that has the ability to change character in a few minutes and transform from a personnel transport vehicle to even a fire engine. This was developed and manufactured in Thessaloniki by the EODH company, which… […]

London FC club ‘open to hosting Greek Cup final’ despite fears of ultra fan clashes

Reports suggest that despite concerns about dangerous clashes between rival fans, the Greek Cup final may be held at Crystal Palace. The Greek Football Association (FA) is currently struggling to find a location for the match, which is scheduled for May 24, as there have been confrontations between the supporters of AEK Athens and PAOK,… […]

Introducing Mia Dalkos – The Next Greek Miss Universe

Currently in the running to be crowned Miss Universe South Australia, the next stop for Mia Dalkos is potentially Miss Universe Australia and from there, (we are hoping!) on to become the next Miss Universe. Read about Mia’s journey in our exclusive interview and find out how you can support her. Source

New York’s Greek Independence Parade is happening this weekend

The 2023 Greek Independence Parade Committee cordially invites you to the final  parallel events to celebrate the Greek Independence Anniversary in New York:  Last Ceremonial Open Community Parade Meeting  The Last Ceremonial Open Community Parade Meeting will take place on April 27 at  7:45 p.m. at Stathakion Cultural Center (22-51 29th Street New York, NY… […]

Greek Taxi Drivers Overturn And Smash Uber Cars For Offering Cheaper Rides

The incident occurred on the Greek island of Rhodes in response to Uber drivers allegedly charging less than the permitted fare for rides to the airport. Local media outlets Dimokratiki and Rodiak captured the shocking aftermath of the Greek taxi drivers’ rampage outside Uber Greece’s premises in Rhodes. The photos show a VW T-Roc and… […]

Greek police hold 2 suspects in killing of prominent crime reporter

Greek authorities say they have arrested two men on suspicion of involvement in the killing of a prominent crime reporter two years ago. Giorgos Karaivaz was gunned down near his home in southern Athens on April 29, 2021, reportedly shot multiple times by two men on a motorcycle. Greek police said Friday that two men,… […]

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