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Yuval Noah Harari: ‘When the Flood Comes’ Elite Will ‘Build an Ark’ and ‘Leave the Rest To Drown’

The global elite will escape the upcoming global mass-casualty event thanks to a “technological Noah’s Ark,” according to Yuval Noah Harari, lead adviser to Klaus Schwab and the WEF. Unfortunately for the rest of humanity, they will not be saved by the elite, according to Harari. Instead, they will be left to “drown.” BYPASS THE […]

Jew Gatekeeper Caterwauls Bad-Bad West-How the Western Media Helped Build the Case for Genocide in Gaza

“Liberal democracy is not what it seems.” “But how to keep the faith when the world’s leading liberal democracies – invariably referred to as “the West” – are complicit in the crime of crimes: genocide?” “Not just law-breaking or a misdemeanour, but the extermination of a people. And not just quickly, before the mind has […]

How the Western media helped build the case for genocide in Gaza

20 March 2024 Jonathan Cook From obscuring the West’s role in starving Gaza to sensationalised accounts of mass rape by Hamas, journalists are playing the role of propagandists, not reporters Declassified UK – 20 March 2024 The past five months have been clarifying. What was supposed to be hidden has been thrust into the light. […]

stone used to build the temples in the ancient Greek city Selinunte

Cave di Cusa was an ancient stone quarry in Sicily, that was the source of stone used to build the temples in the ancient Greek city Selinunte. This site was quarried beginning in the 6th century BC until it was abandoned in 409 BC when the city was captured by the Carthaginians. Look at the […]

Elites Partner together to Build Vast Network of Fake Meat Factories

Billionaire moguls Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos have joined forces in a bold initiative aimed at revolutionizing the agricultural landscape by promoting lab-grown meat over traditional farming methods. Backed by substantial financial resources, Bezos, in collaboration with Gates, is spearheading a campaign to accelerate the adoption of synthetic meat. Their vision entails flooding the market […]

US military ship heads to Gaza to build temporary port for humanitarian aid

A U.S. military ship is heading to Gaza to build a temporary seaport that will provide humanitarian assistance to the war-ravaged territory. U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) said in a statement that a U.S. Army vessel is “en route to the Eastern Mediterranean less than 36 hours after President Biden announced the U.S. would provide humanitarian… […]

We Build Anew in Australia

SHARE | PRINT | EMAIL In mid-November 2023, Australians for Science and Freedom held its inaugural conference under the banner ‘Progress through Science and Freedom’ on the campus of my employer, the University of New South Wales. ASF (not to be confused with the eponymously acronymed Academy for Science and Freedom at Hillsdale College) is […]

Government-Funded Entities Build Network to Flag “Misinformation” In Private Messages

And then use AI to analyze “emerging trends” about this so-called misinformation. Source

How NOT To Build Community – #ProblemsWatch

In this special live edition of #ProblemsWatch, I tackle everyone’s big question: How can I (a terminally online person) completely and utterly FAIL to bring people together in the real world? Source

As CBDCs Roll-Out, Elite-Backed Digital Payment Systems Vie to Build the “Global Payment Standard”

As Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) pilots proliferate, a myriad of elite-gilded and blockchain-powered digital payment networks are vying for their technologies and payment systems to be incorporated in the developing digital currency infrastructures of tomorrow. Their end game? A digital financial grid prime for abuse. Source

Destruction of GAZA is a BUILD BACK BETTER Project for Israel……..

…to Provide Ocean View for new Zionist Settlers Source

Pentagon Lays Out 4 Military Objectives For Middle East Amid Force Build-Up

Pentagon Lays Out 4 Military Objectives For Middle East Amid Force Build-Up Authored by Kyle Anzalone via The Libertarian Institute, A Department of Defense spokesman explained Washington’s current goals in the Middle East. Since Israel launched a massive military operation in Gaza, the US has deployed thousands of troops and a large host of naval […]

WTI Holds Gains After Small Crude Build, Cushing Just Off ‘Tank Bottoms’

WTI Holds Gains After Small Crude Build, Cushing Just Off ‘Tank Bottoms’ Oil prices surged overnight, recovering all of yesterday’s losses after EIA made substantial upward demand revisions in its monthly reports (again) to the highest in four years. This combined with renewed war premia amid continuing escalations in the middle east with further incursions by Israel […]

Report: Hamas Manual on How to Build Chemical Weapons Found

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said an eliminated Hamas terrorist was in possession of a manual containing instructions on how to construct what is being described as chemical weapons, according to the New York Post. Source

How ideology can help (or hurt) movements trying to build power

Political educator Harmony Goldberg discusses whether the ideological traditions of the left are helpful for practical organizing. Source

Announcing The Build Your Private Parallel Economy Through Crypto Course

25 sept 2023 The Conscious Resistance Network and Take Back Our Tech present: The Build Your Private Parallel Economy Through Cryptocurrency 1 Day Course Join us on Thursday September 28th, 2023, from 11 am – 4 pm U.S. Central Watch the Introduction Video & RSVP here for the FREE course: Build Your Private Parallel […]

Biden mocks Trump’s ‘infrastructure week’: ‘He didn’t build a damn thing’

President Biden took jabs Monday at former President Trump while fundraising in his predecessor’s former hometown, New York City. Biden hailed his own work on infrastructure investments through signing the bipartisan infrastructure law in 2021. And, he said “infrastructure week” became a “joke” during the last administration.  “He didn’t build a damn thing,” Biden said… […]


SEPTEMBER 5TH, 2023 Source Jessica Buxbaum Since 1967, non-Muslims have been allowed to visit Al-Aqsa but not pray at the holy site. Yet that status quo is rapidly eroding in recent years as Israeli Jewish settler groups work alongside the government to take control of the compound. Under Jewish law, the ashes of a red […]

We need to build on the Inflation Reduction Act, not reverse it

On the heels of the first anniversary of the Inflation Reduction Act, we hope leaders from all parts of the political spectrum join us to protect these investments as we usher in a new era of climate policy making — an era sure to secure the sustainability and prosperity of future generations. Source

Netanyahu pledges to build fence along Jordan border

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced on Sunday his plan for building a fence along the border with Jordan to prevent infiltration into the occupation state, local media have reported. “We erected a fence on our southern border [with Egypt] and prevented the infiltration from there into Israel,” said Netanyahu on the X social media […]

Lahaina Went From A Historic Resort Town To A War Zone In Just Days – To ‘Build Back Better,’

READ HERE: Lahaina Went From A Historic Resort Town To A War Zone In Just Days – To ‘Build Back Better,’ The Globalists First Had To ‘Destroy’ And Countless Innocent People Died In The Process   Source

Without insight into man, one can glue something, but not build it

Without insight into man, one can glue something, but not build it On August 4, 2023 By Ridzerd If, using the same method by which we educate today our theologians, our lawyers, doctors, philologists and so on and especially the philosophers, one were to manufacture bricks and build houses with these bricks, these houses would not […]

Israel seeks to build 450 settlement units in Jerusalem: Haaretz

The Israeli Justice Ministry is advancing illegal settlement plans including 450 settlement units for Jews in the heart of occupied Jerusalem, Haaretz revealed earlier this week. The settlement plan, the paper said, was submitted by a real estate company run by right-wing activists to build the 450 settlement units for Jews in the heart of a Palestinian […]

Kia to Invest $200 Million in US Plant, Build EV9 SUV in 2024

Kia said on Wednesday it will invest more than $200 million in its assembly plant in the U.S. state of Georgia to begin production of its electric EV9 SUV next year. The Korean automaker said the company will add about 200 jobs to build the three-row SUV alongside four other models at the West Point, […]

Carbon fiber used to build imploded OceanGate Titan submersible was well “past shelf life,” report reveals

(NaturalNews) In a past conversation over cigars with Travel Weekly editor-in-chief Arnie Weissmann, the late OceanGate Expeditions CEO Stockton Rush, who died… Source

Intel to build €30 billion chip plant in Germany

The German government is to provide a third of the cost. It is also the largest foreign direct investment in the modern history of the country. Source

‘Apartheid-Free Communities’ campaign seeks to build movement to end support for Israeli apartheid

“Inspired by the anti-Apartheid movement that toppled the Apartheid regime in South Africa, we are building an anti-apartheid movement in North America,” says the Apartheid-Free Communities campaign. Source

Build A Wall Along The Kalifornia Border

Build a wall along the Kalifornia border. The problem with Kalifornians are they are descendants of yankee carpetbagger communist. They have f##ked California up beyond repair. So they leave, invade non yankee communist countries, bring their yankee communist ways with them and start trying to f##k up these countries up beyond repair. Escape from California, […]

Netanyahu: Israel will not build new settlements in vacated West Bank sites

After condemnation from the US, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government backed down from a plan to return to four abandoned illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank, news agencies reported yesterday. Early this week, the Israeli Knesset passed the second and third readings of a bill to allow Israeli settlers to resettle in four illegal settlements […]

Using Ancient Techniques to Build Unground Bamboo Homes (Video)

Imagine living in a home that’s not just eco-friendly but also sustainable, sturdy, and aesthetically pleasing. A home that’s built using traditional techniques, passed down through generations and incorporating materials that are abundant, fast-growing, and naturally fire-resistant. This is precisely what an underground bamboo house offers. The concept of living below the surface might seem […]

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