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Hochul heads to the Vatican

With help from Shawn Ness New from New York Happening now: First the New York City mayor, and now Gov. Kathy Hochul is headed to Rome. A ‘Big’ Hall of Famer visited the state Capitol. The Adams administration was in Albany today to push for procurement changes. Rep. Nicole Malliotakis showed up outside the trial […]

Open letter to University heads: Listen to your courageous students and divest from Israel

As people of faith we believe in a better way. It is not too late for you to change course and rid yourself of deadly investments in companies profiting from the Israeli occupation. Join your courageous students and divest now.  Source

US military ship heads to Gaza to build temporary port for humanitarian aid

A U.S. military ship is heading to Gaza to build a temporary seaport that will provide humanitarian assistance to the war-ravaged territory. U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) said in a statement that a U.S. Army vessel is “en route to the Eastern Mediterranean less than 36 hours after President Biden announced the U.S. would provide humanitarian… […]

Biden: Nine heads of state have said I’ve ‘got to win’ in November

President Biden on Wednesday said that several foreign leaders have told him he has to beat former President Trump, the likely GOP nominee, in November. “As I walk out of meetings, a head of state will find an excuse to come up close…and say ‘you’ve got to win,’” Biden recalled at a fundraiser in San… […]

Behind Hunter Biden’s unexpected appearance: A surprising ally and a heads-up to his dad

Which is where Swalwell comes in. As a high-profile Democratic messenger during Donald Trump’s two impeachments, he’s no stranger to hard-hitting GOP attacks. He described his decision to help Hunter Biden in starkly personal as well as political terms. Describing the president’s son as “a recovering addict who has admitted his mistakes and has been […]

US Republicans Grill University Heads On Campus anti-Semitism -Some institutions Have Been Accused of Tolerating Truthful Demonstrations Against Rothschild’s IsraHell Holocaust of Semitic Palestinian Indigenous Descendants of Biblical Judians In Occupied Palestine

So IsraHELL Firsters blackmailed with Mossad Jeffery Child Rape Videos Are running interference for the Khazarian Mafiia’s War Crime Holocaust of tens of thousands of Innocent Semitic Palestinian children who are the real descendants of the Biblical Judians by Invasive Species Non Semitic red Russian Turkmen Mongolian Mongrel; Khazarian Pedophile’s Babylonian Talmud inspired End of […]

So Many Lies, So Many Zionist War Crimes, So Many MSM Talking Heads Sucking Ratschild Dick

A vile letter written by [ROTHSCHILD’S Mossad/CIA] the warlord behind the 9/11 atrocities has gone viral on TikTok with users saying that reading it has led to them ‘understanding’ as to why the horrific attacks were carried out in 2001. Osama bin Laden, ‘Bin Laden died from Marfan syndrome in 2001 [updated] by Steve […]

“Clear explanation of how hospitals are paid to kill patients. Dear Lord! Do we pay taxes to get killed? Heads need to roll over this scam!”

6 nov 2023 WOW WOW WOW “Clear explanation of how hospitals are paid to kill patients. Dear Lord! Do we pay taxes to get killed? Heads need to roll over this scam!” – SGT — Jack Straw (@JackStr42679640) November 6, 2023 _______________________________ The Time for Silence is Over If you are a doctor […]

Japan’s Hirota People Were Reshaping Infants’ Heads 1,500 Years Ago

A team of researchers from Japan and the United States have just published a study proving conclusively that Japan’s Hirota people were using cranial modification techniques to change the shapes of their children’s heads in the first millennium AD. Read more Section:  News History & Archaeology History Ancient Traditions Read Later  Source

‘I can’t get into people’s heads’: Kamala Harris tries to reshape her public image ahead of 2024

CHICAGO — Backstage, as she prepares for a not-so-intimate “fireside chat” about gun safety in front of hundreds of people, Kamala Harris is unscripted and seemingly at ease, no notes or teleprompter in sight. She’s comfortable offering condolences and counsel to those who’ve lost loved ones to gun violence — who stream in wearing red […]

More Than 50 Heads Of State Met In Paris For The “Summit For A New Global Financing Pact”

On June 22 and 23, President Emmanuel Macron welcomed 50 heads of state, representatives of NGOs and civil society organizations to Paris for the “Summit for a New Global Financing Pact“. Although the summit received little to no reporting from the American media, it was the latest effort to reset the international financial system as […]

Romans Cleverly Used Interchangeable Heads on Their Statues

Museums are filled with the captivating spectacle of bodiless heads and headless bodies dating back to Roman times. Read more Section:  News Weird Facts Read Later  Source

Heads Up: The Lyrid Meteor Shower Is About To Light Up The Night Skies

The Lyrid meteor shower is active from April 16 to April 29 2023. It is one of the oldest known meteor showers. The Lyrids have been observed for 2,700 years. The first recorded sighting of a Lyrid meteor shower goes back to 687 BC by the Chinese. The Lyrids are known for their fast and […]

Hunter Biden Heads Into Georgia Forest In Search Of Cocaine Bear

GEORGIA — After hearing that a black bear did epic amounts of cocaine somewhere in the forests of Georgia, Hunter Biden quickly gathered his camping gear and started driving south. Source

73-member Palestine team heads to Turkiye, Syria for quake relief

A 73-member Palestinian team departed for Turkiye and Syria on Thursday to help out in the ongoing quake relief efforts, Anadolu News Agency reports. The team, which includes rescuers, doctors and first-aid providers from the Palestine Red Crescent Society, will split into two groups, with one heading to Turkiye and the other to Syria. “Palestine […]

Czech Republic heads to the polls for two-day runoff presidential election

A retired army general and a populist billionaire are battling it out in a runoff election for president of the Czech Republic. Source

Video: Leftist Talking Heads Claim Letting Trump Back On Facebook Will “Destroy Democracy”

Reacting to the news that Facebook is to allow President Trump access to its platform after a two year ban, leftist ‘journalists’ on MSNBC claimed that it will “destroy democracy”. Trump derangement syndrome is well and truly back, with New York Times editor Mara Gay, Lincoln Project co-founder George Conway, and historian Jon Meacham crying […]

HEADS UP AUSTRALIA! Bill Gates of Hell Coming for You!

Bill Gates warns Australia to prepare for the next pandemic – which could be man-made and far more brutal than Covid Bill Gates warned Australia to prepare for pandemic Tech billionaire said next one could be man-made By Aidan Wondracz For Daily Mail Australia and Australian Associated Press Published:  18:23 EST, 23 January 2023  Tech […]

Israel: Kochavi warns of two heads for army

Chief of Staff of the Israeli army Aviv Kochavi has warned of having two heads of the Israeli military in light of having a junior minister in the defence minister's office, Israeli media has reported. Kochavi stressed that the Israeli army would not be answerable in any way to ministers Bezalel Smotrich and Itamar Ben-Gvir, […]

Major Hurricane Roslyn Heads For Hit On Mexico’s Coast

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Hurricane Roslyn grew to Category 4 force on Saturday as it headed for a collision with Mexico’s Pacific coast, likely north of the resort of Puerto Vallarta. The U.S. National Hurricane Center said Roslyn’s maximum sustained winds stood at 130 mph (215 kph) early Saturday evening. Advertisement The storm was centered […]

Iconic Easter Island Heads Suffer ‘Irreparable’ Damage After Massive Wildfire

Some of the sacred moai are “totally charred” after the blaze. Source


Earlier this month, activists and comic book fans alike were in uproar over Marvel Studios’ announcement that Israeli actress Shira Haas will play Zionist superhero Sabra in the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) film Captain America: New World Order. Many Palestine advocates accused Marvel’s decision to add Sabra to the MCU as exalting Israeli abuse […]

Speech by the President of Russia at an expanded meeting of the SCO Heads of State Councila Plus Press Conference (ENG Subtitles)

SEPTEMBER 17, 2022 President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Mr President, colleagues, fully share the statements made by my colleagues and their positive assessments of the work of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation and its growing prestige in international affairs. Indeed, the SCO has become the largest regional organisation in the world. As previous speakers have […]

Newly Discovered 1000 BC Pacopampa Priest’s Tomb in Peru Is Turning Heads

There are plans now to construct a site museum, which the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism has promised to finance.  Read more Section:  Artifacts Other Artifacts News History & Archaeology Read Later 

Iraq Heads Towards Chaos As Sadr Supporters Revolt

Popular Shia cleric, Moqtada al-Sadr, declared on Monday that he had withdrawn from political life completely, closing down most of his party’s offices. Soon after Sadr supporters stormed Iraqi government buildings and fears have grown of a large-scale violent conflict erupting. The Joint Operations Command of the Iraqi security forces announced a 15:30 curfew in […]

The nasty voices in our heads

The paranoid nature of American foreign and domestic policy. Source

Biden Heads To West Bank, With Little To Offer Palestinians

President Joe Biden is visiting Palestinian leaders in the West Bank at a time when there’s little chance of reviving peace talks with Israel. Source

‘An axe above our heads’ — Palestinian Six fight Israeli smear

The European Commission has restored funding to the Palestinian human rights groups Al-Haq despite an Israeli attack on it and five other Palestinian human rights and civil society organizations as having supposed terrorist links. “They can do anything they want. They can confiscate [our laptops and files]; they can close the office; they can arrest […]

Israeli Parliament Votes to Dissolve, Country Now Heads to 5th Election in 4 Years

The Israeli Parliament voted to dissolve itself on Thursday, triggering new elections to be held in November and marking the country’s fifth election in three-and-a-half years. The unlikely coalition, which saw eight parties from the left, center, and right united in their goal to keep then-Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu out of power, had in recent weeks been plagued […]

Exclusive — Ted Cruz Heads to Alabama to Campaign for Mo Brooks

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) will be making his way to Alabama to campaign on behalf of Rep. Mo Brooks’ (R-AL) U.S. Senate bid.

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