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If Jews Would Admit They Are Not Real Israelites, Would There Still Be Anti-Semitism?

Jews need military to protect them from “anti-Semites” (The Jewish Chronicle) In his new book, Rabbi and “theologian” Dan Cohn-Sherbok covers the same old tiresome ground by trying to lay the blame for “anti-Semitism” at the foot of the Cross — proposing that as long as Christians believe that Jews are “Christ killers,” they will […]

Britain’s fake media leftists are still getting it wrong on “anti-Semitism” smears – #38

The one bright spot in the otherwise depressing state of the British left today is in the realm of alternative media. There is a surprisingly large amount of great journalism out there, critical of existing structures and looking to help inform and create the kind of radical change that this country so badly needs. Outlets […]

“Israel’s” weapon of choice: Anti-Semitism

Jan 06 2022 Source: Al Mayadeen Net By Narjes El Zein Once and for all, let us settle the debate and put things into perspective… What is anti-Semitism? And how is it used to criminalize any act of solidarity with the Palestinians? Here is how any act of solidarity with Palestine is dubbed as anti-Semitic. […]

Jewish Leader Warns Anti-Semitism At ‘Scary’ Levels And Jews Should Know When ‘It’s Time To Go’ Before It’s ‘Too Late’

(The Jewish Chronicle) Dov Hikind — a former member the terror group, Jewish Defense League — and acolyte of Jewish supremacist and convicted terrorist Meir Kahane — is urging Jews to be “proud, strong and unapologetic” in the face of “scary” levels of antisemitism in the United States and Europe — but at the same […]

BBC and Jewish group ranked with Iran and Hamas on 2021 anti-Semitism top ten list

This year’s global anti-Semitism list published annually by the anti-Palestinian group, the Simon Wiesenthal Centre (SWC), has several surprising inclusions. The BBC, Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), social media giants Facebook and TikTok, have been ranked inside the top ten, alongside Iran and Hamas. The inclusion of Germany is also likely to be met with […]

Flashback 1966: Jews Create Even More Anti-Semitism By Demanding Post Office Not Issue A Christmas Stamp

(Jewish Telegraphic Agency) In 1966, a Jewish supremacist organization — the American Jewish Congress — attempted to use their inordinate power to stop the U.S. Postal Service from issuing a postage stamp that offended their Jewish sensibilities under the guise of so-called “separation of church and state“: The Office of the Postmaster General has rejected […]

‘Seriously flawed’ definition of anti-Semitism must be dropped, says Jewish coalition

A new coalition of Jewish academics has rejected the controversial International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of anti-Semitism, which members say stifles academic freedom. According to the Jewish Faculty Network (JFN), the definition has been used to “intimidate and silence the work of unions, student groups, academic departments and faculty associations that are committed to […]

U.K. Jews Create Even More Anti-Semitism After Helping Put Man In Prison For 4 Years On Anti-Semitic ‘Terror’ Charges

A U.K.-based Jewish supremacist group — — is actually boasting on its website that they were instrumental in gathering evidence against a Manchester man for the purposes of having him arrested and ultimately jailed for 4 years on “terror” charges merely because he said things online that Jews don’t like to hear about themselves: […]

Jews ‘Officially’ Remove Hyphen From ‘Anti-Semitism’ To Gaslight The World That They Are Not A ‘Race’

(Jewish Insider) Following the example of a number of publications that have made the switch in recent months, The New York Times has updated its style guide to replace “anti-Semitism” with “antisemitism,” Jewish Insider has learned, in an effort to gaslight the goyim into thinking that Jews do not see themselves as a race: The […]

IMPRESS should never have investigated “anti-Semitism” in the first place – #33

There was some good news this week. The press regulator IMPRESS absolved left-wing independent media outlets The Canary and The Skwawkbox of anti-Semitism, after a seven-month investigation. Both publications issued magnanimous statements in which they spoke highly of IMPRESS and welcomed their findings. But in my view it was an utter disgrace that IMPRESS ever […]

One of the Advanced Command Centers Tracking and Combating ‘Anti-Semitism’

This jewess on TikTok wanted to show off the advanced system “together beat hate” has to track and combat “anti-semitism”. Maybe jews would benefit from thinking about why so many people hate them. @togetherbeathate Peep the super-system behind all we do at [tbh] Together Beat Hate. #Research #SocialJustice #Antisemitism #Empowerment #UnderstoodTheAssignment ♬ original sound – […]

Letter To Australian Labor MPs Exposes Australian Crimes & IHRA Anti-Semitism

US lackey Australia is second only to Zionist-subverted America as a fervent supporter of Apartheid Israel. The Australian Coalition Government and Labor Opposition support the all-European,  genocide-complicit,  mendacious,  pro-Zionist and largely pro-nuclear terrorism International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) that through its malignant definition of anti-Semitism is itself egregiously anti-Arab anti-Semitic, anti- Jewish anti-Semitic, and holocaust […]

Governor Hochul Announces $25 Million More to Fight ‘Anti-Semitism’ & ‘Hate’ in Room Full of jews

To reduce the number of hate crimes in the United States, New York governor Kathy Hochul has allocated $25 million as additional funds to protect nonprofit organizations against hate crimes. Hochul announced the great news at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in Battery Park City on Tuesday, where the governor is one of the esteemed […]

Biden Picks Deborah Lipstadt for ‘Anti-Semitism’ Envoy

Joe Biden has decided that Deborah Lipstadt needs to be in charge of ridding the world of “anti-semitism” (aka jews being held to account for their criminal conspiracies). You might remember Debbie for her many lies regarding the biggest hoax of the 20th century. She famously beat David Irving in a rigged trial. She wrote […]

Israel’s Ambassador to the UN Demands “Anti-Semitism” Be Made Illegal Worldwide

Back in the jew-created Soviet Union anti-semitism was also made illegal and the penalty was death. People were murdered by the state for not liking jews. Download Share now! Source

French General Under Investigation for “Anti-Semitism” Because He Said a “Community” Controls the Media

Former French General Dominique Delawarde is now under investigation by the Paris prosecutor’s office for remarks he made on French television, which have been deemed racist and anti-semitic. Although the French general never said “jews,” he stated that there was a “community” that controls the mainstream media, so this was enough to get him booted […]

PA: Anti-Semitism claims encourage Israel to continue its aggression

The Palestinian Authority (PA) announced on Friday that anti-Semitism claims encourage Israel to continue its aggression and racism against Palestinians and encourages it to violate international law, Wafa news agency reported. In a statement issued by the Foreign Ministry, the PA expressed its concerns that some countries deal with the occupied Palestinians in the same […]

Defamation (השמצה‎‎) anti-Semitism

Posted on June 2, 2021 by martyrashrakat Posted May 30, 2021 Source Must Watch Documentary examines anti-Semitism, and its affect on Israeli and U.S. politics. [embedded content] Defamation (השמצה‎‎) is a 2009 documentary film by award-winning filmmaker Yoav Shamir. It examines antisemitism and, in particular, the way perceptions of antisemitism affect Israeli and U.S. politics. […]

The stats of US anti-Semitism: A new survey has some clear and dismal data

JTA — Is anti-Semitism more of a problem on the left or the right? Should Jews concentrate their energy on combating the far right? Or should they focus on fighting anti-Israel bias on campus? How do questions of race relations in the United States play into anti-Jewish bigotry? As anti-Semitism has risen in the United […]

Clubhouse Says It ‘Shut Down a Number of Rooms’ After Anti-Semitism Complaints

(JTA) — Clubhouse, the new audio-based social network, announced that it “shut down a number of rooms” in the wake of complaints about anti-Semitism. On Sunday, a Twitter user with the handle @EliKohn3 wrote about a chat on Clubhouse that discussed “Jewish Privilege,” where they said users were repeating and promoting anti-Semitic stereotypes. “Nearly 200 […]

In France, anti-Semitism is systemic

April 18, 2021 by Ben Cohen Read on for article In the series “Letters to a German Friend,” written clandestinely during the Nazi occupation of France, the celebrated French writer and resistance figure Albert Camus conducted a debate with an imaginary German correspondent who believed fervently that any act was justified if it contributed to […]

Report: Nearly a Dozen European Countries Failing to Meet Anti-Semitism Challenges

(JNS) Nearly a dozen European countries are “insufficient” in their efforts to meet the challenges of anti-Semitism, a report by the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom found. “Sadly, 2020 was another difficult year for global anti-Semitism” between COVID-19 unleashing an “avalanche” of anti-Semitic propaganda to physical attacks on Jews worldwide, said Gary Bauer, […]

Is the Fight Against Anti-Semitism the Answer To Global Well-Being?

With more than 60% of religious-based hate crimes in the United States targeting the Jewish community, fighting anti-Semitism has never been more important. And fighting anti-Semitism from the perspective of trauma— its symptoms and the possibility of healing — is key to successful interventions. That was why I was thrilled to participate in the recent Mayors […]

Combat Anti-Semitism: Global mayors summit today

 Global Mayors Summit Against Antisemitism to be held March 16 44 municipal leaders from 32 cities to participate (including mayors of Frankfurt am Main, Amsterdam, Brussels, Toronto, Pittsburgh and Buenos Aires On Tuesday, March 16, 2021, at 4 PM Israel time/10 AM EST, the Frankfurt am Main Municipality, in partnership with the Combat Anti-Semitism Movement […]

The ICC and Israel’s Charge of Anti-Semitism

MARCH 12, 2021 BY NEVE GORDON Photograph Source: Greger Ravik – CC BY 2.0 We are at a critical historical juncture in which it is becoming increasingly difficult to criticize Israel without being branded an anti-Semite. You are an anti-Semite if you support the International Criminal Court’s recent ruling that it has jurisdiction to open a war crimes investigation […]

Q&A with Rep. Ted Lieu on Combating Anti-Semitism

This month, Congressman Ted Lieu (D-CA) was named co-chair of the House Bipartisan Task Force for Combating Anti-Semitism, which, according to a statement, will work with the Biden administration, civil society partners, foreign leaders and other members of Congress to “root out anti-Semitism and memorialize the Holocaust.” The task force has eight co-chairs, including Lieu, […]

The Charge of Anti-Semitism versus Israeli Behavior

Lawrence Davidson is a retired professor of history from West Chester University in West Chester PA. His academic research focused on the history of American foreign relations with the Middle East. He taught courses in Middle East history, the history of science and modern European intellectual history. March 9, 2021   Posted by Lawrence DavidsonIsrael The Charge of […]

More Than 100 People Protest Anti-Semitism in Ethnic Studies

More than 100 people showed up to protest anti-Semitism in the Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum (ESMC) and in education more broadly on the afternoon of March 7. The “Teach Love Not Hate” protest, which was sponsored by End Jew Hatred, Yad Yamin, the Simon Wiesenthal Center and The Lawfare Project, among others, took place in […]

Reps. Grace Meng and Ted Lieu Join Anti-Semitism Task Force Leadership

WASHINGTON (JTA) — Two Taiwanese-American members of Congress have joined the leadership of its anti-Semitism task force. Reps. Grace Meng of New York and Ted Lieu of California, both Democrats, were listed among eight-co-chairs of the Bipartisan Task Force for Combating Antisemitism in a release Monday, the first for the new Congress. The task force […]

Kentucky Becomes First US state to Adopt IHRA Anti-Semitism Definition

(JTA) — For the first time, a U.S. state has officially adopted a definition of anti-Semitism that has ignited debates worldwide over the extent to which criticism of Israel should be considered anti-Semitic. Lawmakers in Kentucky voted to adopt the definition developed by the International Holocaust Remembrance Association, known as IHRA, on Wednesday as part […]

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