Canada facing ‘a very scary rise of anti-Semitism’

In Canada, as in US/DC and US/DC occupied States of America, Anti-Semitism is rampant at the highest levels of little children raping political war criminal whores.

The blackmailed with Mossad Jeffery Child Rape Honeytrap video pedophile politicians are screaming for the slaughter the Semitic Indigenous Biblical Judea Descendants, the Palestinians at the hands of the Non Semitic Not Descended from either the Biblical Israelites or Judeans red Russian Turkmen Mongolian Mongrel Khazarian Jew Cult Members.

Humans in Canada, America and Europe with a soul demonstrating against the war crimes of Rothschild’s Khazarian mafia

Holocausting of the Semitic Palestinians by the Non Semitic red Russians are met with government violence, arrests, water cannons, tear gas and any other form of oppression the evil child raping soul-less Zionist Zombie Virus Host politicians can dream up

The Ole Dog!


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