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America’s fourth leading cause of death is abortion at the hands of Planned Parenthood

(NaturalNews) What comes to mind when you think of the top causes of death in the U.S.? Many people’s thoughts immediately turn to killers like heart disease and… Source

Government and the WHO Quietly Shake Hands

SHARE | PRINT | EMAIL If you were expected to agree to an employment contract, would you not want to read it before signing? When you go to a restaurant, do you look at the menu before ordering your food or just eat whatever you happen to be given by the waiter? Or when buying […]

TIME To Panic: Hands Joe Biden’s Campaign “In Trouble” Despite Obama Warnings

Hands Biden thinks of the children, all the time, His whole life! USA-USA-USA-USA!!!!!!!!Home of pedo presidents and IsraHell’s Cannon Fodder Tax slaves!!!!! The Ole Dog! Share this: Source

Congress hands China another win 

It’s time for my colleagues to put up or shut up. If they are serious about the threat from China, then they need to get serious about investing in America.  Source

Clean Hands Doctrine

Clean hands, sometimes called the clean hands doctrine, unclean hands doctrine, or dirty hands doctrine, is an equitable defence in which the defendant argues that the plaintiff is not entitled to obtain an equitable remedy because the plaintiff is acting unethically or has acted in bad faith with respect to the subject of the complaint—that […]

Gaslighter Mayorkas “washes hands” and denies responsibility for the border crisis

(NaturalNews) Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has denied accountability of the currently burgeoning border crisis, claiming it… Source

Weapons sent to Ukraine are ending up in the hands of Mexican cartels, report reveals

(NaturalNews) The Russian news agency TASS reports that some of the weapons sent by Western nations to help Ukraine’s war efforts have ended up in the hands of… Source

Pedo Chicken Hawk Hands All Over Little Girls Biden Threatens “American Troops Fighting Russian Troops” If Bankrupt & Deep In Debt US Don’t Send Billions To Ukraine

First, if the US had not stolen 5 billion fiat dollars from the struggling American workers to fund overthrowing the duly elected government of Ukraine in 2014, install a puppet “government” which US set to mass murdering ethnic Russians, there would be no war between Ukraine and Russia. Second, as enthused as Hands Joe is […]

Billary Clinton Among Top Picks To Run For Head Puppet in 2024 If Hands Biden Doesn’t: Poll

A recent poll shows failed human, 2016 Democrat presidential candidate Billary Clinton is among the Demophiles top picks for the left wing primary of the carrion slurping vulture which is the US’s circus side show if 81-year-old Hands Biden decides not to run in 2024 due to age or other factors such as Criminal charges, […]

RFK Jr. Who Sucks Zionist Dick, launches petition demanding Hands Biden release JFK assassination documents Which Prove Israel Murdered JFK

RFK Jr. who sucks Jew dick, demands Hands all over little girls Biden release JFK assassination documents which will prove Israel murdered JFK. “Cognitive dissonance is the mental discomfort that results from holding two conflicting beliefs, values, or attitudes. People tend to seek consistency in their attitudes and perceptions, so this conflict causes unpleasant feelings […]

DOJ Launches ‘All Hands On Deck’ Initiative Cracking Down On San Francisco Open Drug Market

Authored by Lear Zhou via The Epoch Times, A comprehensive response to the open air drug market in San Francisco, coordinated with joint federal, state, and local law enforcement was launched last week, announced Ismail J. Ramsey, the U.S. Attorney of California Northern District of California in a press conference. “‘All Hands on Deck’ was […]

Hands All Over Little Girls Biden to remove Uganda from African trade program after passage of anti-sodomy bill


Why the anti-Semitism weaponisers have Gaza’s blood on their hands

Popular streamer Richard Medhurst got me onto his show to talk about the relevance of my book Weaponising Anti-Semitism to the genocide currently unfolding in the Gaza. As well as talking about how the book explains the historic links between Zionism and the Nazis, I explain why the anti-Semitism weaponisers have Gaza’s blood on their […]

Senile Hands All Over Little Girls Biden blames Semitic Palestinian Victims for IsraHell’s War Crime Gaza Hospital Holocaust

The US president vouched for IsraHell’s “innocence” in the deadly Holocaust strike, at a meeting with nation’s leadership US “President” Hands Biden who was in Occupied Palestine chewing Nitwityahoo’s rope has told IsraHeli Prime Minister Benjaming Nitwityahoo that he believed the Occupating psychopaths assurances that it was not responsible for the Holocaust of 500 or […]

Concerns for Hands All Over Little Girls Biden’s safety in IsraHell – Politico Hamas may target the US president, sources told the outlet

What better solution to the Hands Biden problem for the Rothschilds. Hands all over little girls Biden is known to be involved with pedophilia, influence peddling, groping various women, treason against America/Americans and so senile he can not speak a coherent sentence or remember which little girls in a crowd he has already felt up […]

Switzerland hands Foreign Ministry list of seized Libyan antiquities

The Swiss Ambassador to Libya, Joseph Ringli, has surrendered to the Libyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs a list of items, including antiquities belonging to the North African country, which were seized inside Switzerland, Libya Observer reports. According to the report, this was announced in a government statement quoting the Director of the Antiquities Department, Muhammad Faraj. The […]

“There is no justification for terrorism.” Unless IsraHell or the US Does It-Hands All Over Little Girls Biden

In Zionist Speak, one turns the truth 180 degrees to become the Big Lie. Thus when Non Semitic red Russian Turkmen Mongolian Khazarian Mongrel Jew Cult members who are in no way descended from Biblical Israelites or Judeans invaded Palestine, have raped, robbed, tortured and Holocausted the Indigenous Semitic Palestinian people for 75 years in […]

Video: Rand Paul Urges U.S. To Stay Hands Off Over Gaza Attack

Senator Rand Paul offered a voice of reason Monday cautioning that the U.S. should “see where the facts lie” before rushing into any military response to the Hamas attack in Gaza. While other Republicans, including Lindsey Graham, urged that Iran’s nuclear and energy facilities should be bombed, Paul noted that there has been a history […]

Gaetz’s GOP support could put McCarthy Speakership in Democrats’ hands

Fresh off averting a government shutdown, House members on both sides of the aisle are being thrust into the second historic Speakership battle in a year — forcing Democrats to confront a big political decision. Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) on Monday moved to force a vote on ousting Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), largely based on… […]

Trump in Michigan: ‘Only Time Biden Has Gotten His Hands Dirty Is When He’s Taking Cash from Foreign Countries’

Former President Donald Trump took a swipe at President Joe Biden while speaking to autoworkers in Macomb County, Michigan, painting the president as mired in corruption and family scandal. Source

Legs Straight Up In The Air Kamala Harris ‘Ready To Take Over’ As President If Hands All Over Little Girls Biden Can’t Do Job

Legs Straight Up In The Air Vice President Kamala Harris who f##ked her way to the top of the Political Cat House is ready to serve as POTUS, should Hands All Over Little Girls Joe Biden is unable to effectively govern. Damn!!! I Betcha cousin George and his Winter Soldiers are just SO PROUD of […]

Texas AG Ken Paxton’s impeachment trial is in the hands of Republicans who have been by his side

AUSTIN, Texas — Billionaires, burner phones, alleged bribes: The impeachment trial of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is going to test the will of Republicans senators to oust not only one of their own, but a firebrand who has helped drive the state’s hard turn to the right for years. The historic proceedings set to […]

F##k Hands Biden, F##k Putinister, F##k the Queer comedian Ukrainian Slinky, F##k Nitwityahoo, F##k Xi, F##k Macaroni, F##k Whatever Clown is Fronting For UK’s PEDO “king”, They Want War? Fine Pistols At 20 Paces.

These Rothschild’s bitches want war? FINE!!! Or blades if they prefer! Enough of them f##king little children and sending poor folks kids to kill and die for them in bullshit wars! I have a fine set of dueling pistols with match grade barrels if they do not have a set. I would love to serve […]

‘Hands Off Our Children’: Putin Bans Gender Reassignment Surgery In Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin has banned Russian surgeons from performing sex change surgery on Russian children, declaring the transgender “fad” to be a Western-backed ideology designed to corrupt the young and destroy society. The Russian […] The post ‘Hands Off Our Children’: Putin Bans Gender Reassignment Surgery In Russia appeared first on The People's Voice. […]

Interview 1819 – From My Cold, Dead Hands! (AM Radio Edition) – #NewWorldNextWeek

This week on the New World Next Week: the WHO admits aspartame causes cancer; the BRICS are set to expand as the New World Order takes shape according to plan; and AM radio in cars may be a thing of the past. The post Interview 1819 – From My Cold, Dead Hands! (AM Radio Edition) […]

Are weapons sent to Ukraine ending up in the hands of drug cartels?

A Mexican TV report alleged drug cartels and other criminal organisations were illegally buying rocket launchers sent to Ukraine by the West. But is it true? Source


Nibbling Biden and the terrified child! President pretends to gobble up little girl before SNIFFING her on the tarmac before leaving Finland – and Twitter has plenty to say about it! Joe Biden, 80, pretended to nibble the little girl at an airport in Finland yesterday Footage showed him lean in and sniff the child […]

Wagner hands over arms, claims Russian Defence Ministry

Russia’s Defence Ministry said the haul included tanks, rocket launchers, heavy artillery, 2,500 tonnes of ammunition and some 20,000 small arms. The Russian military announced on Wednesday that it has received military hardware from the Wagner mercenary group following its short-lived mutiny last month that challenged the Kremlin’s authority. The major haul includes tanks, 2,500 tonnes […]

Australia’s corrupt medical system has blood on its hands?

Quite simply put, the hospital, that being the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne, that has refused a life saving operation for a mother of two, Vicki Derderian, aged 47 should be sued. Not only that, but also the persons responsible for this decision should also be charged criminally, never to ‘practice’ medicine ever again. The reason […]

The Trickster Trumpster Reacts to Hands all over little girls Biden’s Re-Election Announcement


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