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Experts Warn Arms for Ukraine Could End Up in Wrong Hands

Western countries have been ramping up weapons and ammunition shipments to Ukraine as Kyiv fights off a Russian invasion, but arms trade experts warn some of the lethal assistance could end up falling into the wrong hands.

MAKE AMERICA AUSTRALIA-HANDS all over little girls Biden Reportedly Nominating Another Commie Gun-Grabber To Head ATF


Ukraine war: ‘He put his hands up, they shot him’ — Bucha locals allege Russian atrocities

Bodies with bound hands, close-range gunshot wounds and signs of torture lay scattered in a city on the outskirts of Kyiv after Russian soldiers withdrew from the area. Ukrainian authorities accused the departing forces on Sunday of committing war crimes and leaving behind a “scene from a horror movie.” Russia’s Defence Ministry has rejected the […]

Hands Biden Call’s Manshell Obama the Vice President

Well, “she” has the balls for it! [embedded content] Share this: Source

Now US Official Nuland “Quite Concerned” That Bio-Labs May Fall Into Russian Hands, Even Though Only ‘Defensive,’ US Scrubs Documents, Here They Are

Above image: Hillary Clinton and Victoria Nuland Twisting itself into pretzels to clean up the mess Biden official Victoria Nuland made when she admitted that there were US bio–weapons labs in Ukraine being targeted by Russia, the White House now claims, while denying for months that they existed at all, that they are only for […]

Zelensky Who Can Dance in High Heels & Play Piano With Dick & Balls tells Hands All Over Little Girls Biden to give Ukraine fighter jets and make a deal with Poland over the MIG-29s as Legs Kamala Who is Good at Spreading Her Legs for Political Gain heads to Warsaw

Hmmmmm!!!!Says presidential material to me! Hmmmmmmm!!!!Says presidential material to me! But perhaps the Secret Service should clear all the kids out of any crowd before they allow Hands loose on the crowd! Legs has the tools to cut political deals.And Knows how to use them! The Putinister is a Khazarian Jew Communist KGB agent who […]

Hands Biden Says We Were Just Blowing Sunshine Up Ukraines Keister Promising To Defend Them To Get Them To Murder Ethnic Russians In Ukraine “US Forces Are Not Going To Fight In Ukraine” While Unveiling ‘Devastating Sanctions’

If one is going to have dealings with Uncle Sugar, one best be damn good at translating zionist speak.The whores of DC are masters of the double speak.You think they promised you one thing when in their mind they said something completely different. I am sure the Ukrainians were convinced Uncle Sugar promised them he […]

Nation’s Fate Now In The Hands Of 8 Dummies And Clarence Thomas

WASHINGTON, D.C.—As the Supreme Court heard oral arguments on the legality of OSHA’s vaccine requirement, the nation collectively gasped at the realization that our fate is now in the hands of 8 dummies and Clarance Thomas. “Wow, I had no idea it was this bad. They’re all complete idiots,” said local HVAC repairman Joe Bob Smith who was […]

Trump: “You’re Playing Right Into Their Hands” When You Doubt the Vaccine

COVID cases in South Africa, the epicenter of the Omicron outbreak, have continued to fall rapidly, despite other governments pressing the panic button over the new variant. Having already imposed ‘Plan B’ restrictions, the UK government and others on the continent are considering even more draconian measures to stop a “tsunami” of Omicron cases. However, […]

A Japanese Fan Became a Deadly Weapon in the Right Hands

In ancient Japan, the Samurai utilized a wide range of weaponry other than swords, bows, and spears. These weapons were used in places where swords were not allowed to be carried, for self-defense purposes, or when the use of swords was not ideal. One of the most interesting items that gradually became a weapon is […]

Abbott tied their hands. But this Texas mayor is fighting back.

Houston, though, boosted funding for its police department using pandemic relief funding. Why do that? I marched in the largest protests, a march that we had after the murder of George Floyd. Quite frankly, I wasn’t hearing people say ‘defund police.’ I heard them say that we should not just place our funding in law […]

Energy Belongs In Public Hands

Above photo: Gas supply shortages are due to send domestic bills soaring up. zhaojiankang / Getty Images. Domestic energy bills are expected to rise 30% next year. This crisis is rooted in a system run for huge private profits – and can only be solved by taking energy into public hands. Already reeling from the […]

The Royal Touch: Could Medieval Monarchs Heal You With Their Hands?

For centuries, a commonality across the various monarchies of the world was a direct association between the ruler and a higher power. Kings and queens were seen either as God’s Chosen One or, in some cultures, they were seen as God themselves. In the Western world, kings were commonly described as having “divine” rights and […]

The Biden objectors who hold the 2022 election in their hands

Whether the president can bring back those who’ve shifted into the “somewhat disapprove” category — or motivate those who “somewhat approve” to stick with him — could determine whether Democrats’ narrow congressional majorities can withstand Biden’s first midterm elections, which typically deliver backlash against the president’s party. In a new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll, those who […]

Who Will Get Their Hands on Afghanistan’s Natural Resources?

Numerous studies of Afghanistan’s subsoil have shown that the country is rich in all kinds of natural resources. Still, despite a large number of mineral deposits, the population’s standard of living is low. Washington’s withdrawal from Afghanistan has altered the balance of power in the country. American companies have had their eye on Afghan resources […]

Hashtag ‘Untie_Our_Hands’: How Many More Palestinians Must Die for Israel’s ‘Security’?

A large Israeli army campaign is taking social media by storm. The unstated aim of what is known as the “#Untie_Our_Hands” initiative is the desire to kill, with no accountability, more Palestinian protesters at the Gaza fence. The campaign was motivated by the killing of an Israeli sniper, Barel Hadaria Shmueli, who was reportedly shot […]

The key to mending Tehran-Riyadh ties is in Saudi hands: former ambassador

The key to mending Tehran-Riyadh ties is in Saudi hands: former ambassador – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN – Iran’s former ambassador to Baghdad has said the key to resolve the disputes between Iran and Saudi Arabia is in the hands of Riyadh. If the Saudis, like Iran, have the will to mend ties, Tehran is ready “but […]

Deadly Wildfires Ripping Through Algeria: Criminal Hands behind Hundred-plus Fires Breaking Out at Same Time

August 13 2021 Source: Al Mayadeen Hana Saada Algeria did not rule out the possibility of a criminal act; “the rise in temperatures could not be the sole cause of these forest fires”. Algerian Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Aimene Benabderrahmane, declared that, following the investigations launched by the relevant departments, scientific evidence has […]

Minnesota Woman Loses Both Legs and Both Hands Following Second Pfizer COVID-19 Shot

Jummai Nache is a Minnesota-Wisconsin Baptist missionary and medical assistant in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Image source. by Brian ShilhavyEditor, Health Impact News Jummai Nache, and her husband, Philip Nache, were born in Nigeria and came to the U.S. to settle in Minneapolis a few years ago, working with the Southern Baptists to plant churches among the African communities […]

Hands Off Cuba!

It was not fire-breathing communists but Jawaharlal Nehru who took the initiative to recognize Cuba at a time when Western powers were bristling with frustrated rage against the tiny island-country only thirty and odd miles from the American coast.Because Nehru saw the Cuban revolution as part of the national liberation movement that roused people against […]

Hands off Cuba: Defend the Revolution!

by Carlos L. Garrido & Edward Liger Smith Yesterday, the Midwestern Marx co-founders got together to discuss the recent imperialist attacks on Cuba. In the podcast below, Carlos and Edward analyze the Cuban protests in their historical context; beginning from the development of colonial monocropping and the subsequent sugar and tobacco dependency created on the […]

Jamaica Demands UK Hands Over BILLIONS in Reparations Over Slavery

Jamaica plans to demand massive sums of money from the U.K. government for its involvement in the slave trade, a senior Jamaican government official declared at the weekend. A corresponding petition will be submitted to Queen Elizabeth II,  Jamaican Minister for Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport Olivia Grange said. “We are hoping for reparatory justice in […]

“What Am I Doing?” Asks a Confused Joe Biden While Shaking Hands with People

“What Am I Doing?” Asks a Confused Joe Biden While Shaking Hands with People (VIDEO)Date: July 4, 2021Author: Nwo Report   Source: Cristina LailaJoe Biden on Saturday traveled to Traverse City, Michigan to promote his gargantuan infrastructure bill that has nothing to do with infrastructure.Biden visited a cherry farm near Antrim County with Michigan governor Gretchen […]

Man Whose Ancestors Wrestled Woolly Mammoths With Their Bare Hands To Survive Gets Crippling Anxiety When He Has To Make Small Talk With A Hairdresser

Man Whose Ancestors Wrestled Woolly Mammoths With Their Bare Hands To Survive Gets Crippling Anxiety When He Has To Make Small Talk With A Hairdresser SAN DIEGO, CA—Local man Landon Netherton is descended from early man, who, approximately 6,000 years ago, had to wrestle woolly mammoths to get food and furs and tusks just in […]

jewish NYC Council Candidate Linked to ‘Dora The Explorer’ Hands the NY Post a BDSM Video of Him

These jewish politicians start early with their degenerate and deviant behaviors. Something tells me that this won’t even hurt Weiner’s career. Link Share now! Source

Power at any cost: how opportunistic Mansour Abbas joined hands with avowed ‘Arab killers’ 

We are led to believe that history is being made in Israel following the formation of an ideologically diverse government coalition which, for the first time, includes an Arab party, Ra’am, or the United Arab List. If we are to accept this logic, the leader of Ra’am, Mansour Abbas, is a mover and shaker of […]

‘Blood on your hands’: Turkey’s Erdogan attacks Biden over alleged Israeli arms deal amid ongoing Gaza strikes

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has launched a blistering attack on his US counterpart Joe Biden’s alleged support for ongoing Israeli attacks on Gaza amid reports of a large new arms deal between Washington and Tel Aviv. Erdogan’s criticism of Biden came after unconfirmed reports by the Washington Post on Monday that the US president’s […]

Biden has ‘bloody hands’ for backing Israel, Erdogan says

Broken clocks are right twice a day… ahval reports:  Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan on Monday condemned his U.S. counterpart Joe Biden for his approval of weapons sales to Israel while vowing Turkey’s continued support of Palestinians during the latest bout of conflict between the sides.  “Today we have witnessed Biden’s approval of weapons (sales) to […]

Frustration grows in D.C. over Biden’s hands-off approach on Israeli-Palestinian conflict

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Jeopardy Bans All Contestants From Having Hands

CULVER CITY, CA—If there's one thing Americans are concerned about, it’s secret racist hand signals. That’s why numerous dedicated people are always on the lookout for any time someone’s thumb touches their index finger  — the “OK” gesture — before this magic gesture launches race riots nationwide. The post Jeopardy Bans All Contestants From Having […]

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