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Giant puppet from Japan tsunami-hit region stages show ahead of Olympics

A ten-metre tall puppet which is part of Tokyo Olympics’ cultural programme arrives in the capital from tsunami-hit Tohoku region. Mocco, an imaginary creature born from the land of Japan’s northeastern region, set off on the journey in mid-May, and stages a show in a park in downtown Tokyo. But due to Covid-19 measures, no […]

Rothschild Puppet Macron: Those Without ‘COVID Vaccine Pass’ Will Be Banned From Normal Activities

French President Emmanuel Macron has declared that citizens who do not have a ‘COVID pass’ will be banned from participating in basic life activities such as shopping, eating at restaurants and using public transport. In a public address to the nation, Macron slammed those who refuse to take the vaccine, saying that only those who […]

Is The CIA Looking To Install A New Puppet Palestinian Leader?

Instead of addressing the innumerable Human Rights abuses committed by the Palestinian Authority’s corrupt regime, the CIA may well be preparing to intervene and install a new puppet in order to save Israel from having to confront the costs of maintaining an illegal military occupation in the West Bank. Palestinians across cities in the West […]

‘Puppet’ or president? Propped up by hardliners and the Revolutionary Guard, a new political power emerges in Iran

He was a relatively obscure judge who had been named by Iran’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei as head of an important religious foundation in the eastern city of Mashhad. But one day in May 2016, two of the regime’s top security officials paid him a visit. Few details emerged about what transpired in that meeting, […]

Johnstone: The US Isn’t An Israel Puppet, Israel Isn’t A US Puppet: It’s One Empire

Nearly 200,000 protesters attended a pro-Palestine demonstration in Central London on Saturday afternoon, another clear sign that support for Palestinian rights is becoming increasingly mainstream and the imperialists are losing control of the Israel narrative. The real consequence of this is that people will begin losing trust in the government and media institutions which support […]

Marine Le Pen: ‘Rothschild Puppet Macron Is Leading France Into a Civil War’

French populist leader Marine Le Pen has warned that Rothschild puppet Emmanuel Macron is marching France into a “civil war.” Le Pen made the comments following the publication of a recent letter written by active duty military personnel, which outlined how the soldiers had been “fighting Islamism” in dangerous countries abroad only for the President […]

I’ll Believe This When I See It: Political Puppet Biden CLAIMS We’re Leaving Afghanistan on 9/11/21

By infostormer -April 14, 20214 The senile puppet of Jews Joe Biden has said that American forces will be fully withdrawn from Afghanistan on 9/11/21. Pretty bizarre that he would use the anniversary date of such a horrific event for a new withdrawal deadline. But there is no reason to believe that forces will be totally withdrawn […]

Cabal Puppet, Biden, Does Cabal Policies: Open Borders, Drugs Pouring In, Migrants Pouring In. This is Rothschild ZIONIST Policy.

by Admin · April 24, 2021 Don’t Let Them Bamboozle and ConfuseThe mass media news headlines hitting you every day are, by design, inflammatory and kinetic, aimed at what they call in the information warfare game, “cognitive overload.” “Dems Move to Pack Supreme Court,” “Corporations Join Hands Against Ballot Security, Cancel Those Supporting It,” “City […]

Dutch daily apologizes for drawing Jewish pollster as a puppet master

A mainstream daily in the Netherlands has apologized for a caricature depicting a Jewish political pollster and entrepreneur as a puppet master.View the photo here.  Pieter Klok, editor in chief of De Volkskrant, issued a statement Monday saying the image and trope “recall too many memories of antisemitic caricatures of the Nazi period and therefore should never […]

Not An Illuminutti Puppet: Dave Chapelle

by Admin · Published April 15, 2021 · Updated April 15, 2021 [embedded content] Source 00

Right Wing Bonus Tracks: You’re the Puppet

ALL donations 3X-MATCHED by 12/31 to save our democracy! Every day, the reporters and researchers of Right Wing Watch expose the hateful words and deeds of right-wing leaders and the far-right players who fueled Trump’s rise to power and aim to keep him there. Our work is read daily and used by major media outlets, […]

The Puppet Masters: Is There Really a Deep State?

The danger posed by the Deep State is that it wields immense power but is unelected and unaccountable, Phil Giraldi writes. By Philip Giraldi Global Research, March 19, 2021 Strategic Culture Foundation 18 March 2021 All Global Research articles can be read in 27 languages by activating the “Translate Website” drop down menu on the top banner of our […]

Mobarak Puppet Theater Festival to go online 

TEHRAN – A lineup of 57 puppet shows are scheduled to be performed during the 18th Mobarak Puppet Theater Festival that will go online next week. “29 puppets shows from Tehran and 28 from other cities will be performed online from February 28 to March 7 available at tiwall, namayeshnet and Hashure, the Iranian platforms […]

Green puppet show warns about global garbage crisis

TEHRAN – Iranian playwright and director Nasrin Khanjari plans to stage a puppet show warning about the garbage crisis around the world. The play entitled “No Place for Garbage” is scheduled to be performed by her troupe during the 18th Mobarak Puppet Theater Festival, which will take place virtually in Tehran during March. “This puppet […]

15 Jew-Puppet Anti-Fascist Homo Tranny Vegan Soyboy Cuck Fags Attack & Get Stomped

15+ ANTIFA get brave withmiddle aged patriots – hilarious results “15 Antifa goons decide they can bully a smaller group of middle aged men – woops” 00

Jews: “Biden or Trump? It doesn’t matter! Both are Obedient Goy Puppet Cattle Slaves to Zion”

Now, when the majority of polls predict doom and gloom for the president, indicating that his days in office are numbered, many Israelis worry that the processes started by Trump will eventually be halted. No Reason for Panic But Elana Sztokman, vice chair of media and public relations of Democrats Abroad Israel, says the Jewish […]

ZOG Puppet Wins!

I am writing this before the election results are in, so if you are reading this after the fact, you can just replace “ZOG puppet” with the winner’s name. Many people were shocked when ZOG puppet pulled ahead and captured the presidency, while others seemingly knew this would be inevitable. The losing candidate for presidential […]

Sayyed Abdulmalik Al-Houthi: Macron Is Nothing But Puppet of Jewish Zionists

[embedded content] ٍSource 2020-10-29 21:32:15 The leader of the revolution, Sayyed Abdulmalik Al-Houthi, said that the Islamic nation today is fraught with problems and crises, and the occasion of the Prophet’s birthday should be a station to face these challenges. In his speech on the occasion of Prophet Mohammed birthday (PBUH), Sayyed Abdulmalik added that […]

AIDS-Infected Fag: “I Was Orally Raped By Disgusting Jew-Puppet Obama, Slave to Zion”

💥 💥 💥 THERE. IT. IS. This is EXPLOSIVE on so many levels … and the mainstream media never reported any of it. Meet Mr. Sinclair. TRUMP CARD by @DineshDSouza is out on Apple iTunes, Google, Amazon Prime, Dish and other platforms. Also on DVD. — 6% DONNA WARREN ⭐️🌟⭐️ Parler: @DonnaWarrenUSA (@DonnaWR8) […]

Tech Giants War Against Truth Media to Protect Zionist Puppet Biden

Tech giants declare war on the press, now blacklisting all sources exposing bombshell evidence on BidenIt’s unreal – the tech giants are now colluding to block and silence the NY Post and all sources covering the exploding bombshell news of Joe Biden’s international crime cartel, with “smoking gun” email evidence.US Senators are outraged and calling […]

IDF revives anti-Semetic trope, depicts Iranians as evil puppet masters

     Using “puppet master” and “Jew” in the same sentence will likely land you on an Anti-Defamation League blacklist, but it seems to be okay when the Israeli military rolls out the tired trope against others – that is, against Iran. The Israeli Defense Forces’ (IDF) official Twitter account pulled back the veil on the […]

Rothschild Puppet Macron Says US Must Oust Assad & Build ‘New Syria’

French President Emmanuel Macron has urged the US to overthrow Assad in order to build a “new Syria” more aligned with globalism.  Speaking with Fox News on Sunday, Macron said France, the US and its allies “would have to build a new Syria after war,” adding that the US role would be “very important” in […]

Putin is a Chabad Lubavitch Puppet

While RT and a lot of alternative news outlets portray Putin as some sort of savior, the reality is that he is just playing his role in the Jewish Babylonian messianic soap new world order. Instead of expelling jewish influence in his country after the fairly recent satanic mass slaughter of up to 80 million […]

The Piper Report: Hitler Was Not a Jewish Puppet

The late Michael Collins Piper discusses the claims by people such as Jim Condit, Jr and Anthony Sutton that Hitler was a Rothschild himself or at least a Rothschild agent. Source Article from 00

Web of Deceit: The Jewish Puppet Masters Behind World War II

By JASON COLLETT Edited by Lasha Darkmoon LD:  This is a revised and updated version of an article published over five years ago on other websites under a different title. I have added bits and pieces to the original text (and made some cuts) in an attempt to clarify and strengthen the author’s original arguments. […]

Puppet President: Trump to arm Ukraine with lethal weapons as push for major war increases

Editor’s note: You won’t see Infowars, Alex Jones or much of the other ‘alternative’ media report on the Trump administration arming countries like Ukraine and Saudi Arabia with billions of dollars of lethal weapons. So much for peace and America first. All rhetoric that the gullible sheep lap up. Russia has […]

Zionist Puppet’s Decision to Relocate US Embassy to Jerusalem Creates Mass Hysteria

“Thousands of protesters in Istanbul burned US and Israeli flags to protest [the Zionist Puppet’s] Wednesday declaration on Jerusalem being the capital of Israel. This declaration, which saw major protests breaking out on Friday, has expanded to yet more countries over the weekend…” “Now, protests are being seen from Morocco, in the Atlantic coast of Africa, […]

Meet the Zionist Puppet who takes Orders from his Jewish Son-in-Law

By MEHDI HASANTrump’s Transition Team Colluded With Israelvia Information Clearing House Trump has let his Jewish son-in-law Jared Kushner dictate his foreign policy to him in regard to the expansion of Jewish settlements. It seems Trump not only doesn’t mind more illegal settlements being built on Palestinian land, he actually approves of them. He is […]

Donald Trump, Israel’s Puppet

  By GARETH PORTER‘Trump Bows to Neocons, Netanyahu’(October 21, 2017) Rather than expand US exports to Iran–and create more American jobs–President Trump fell in line behind Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, decertifying the Iran-nuclear deal and risking more war, as Gareth Porter explains at The American Conservative. See How Netanyahu Pulls Trump’s Stringsor watch this 15-second video […]

UK COLUMN: Fracking Arrests, Kurdistan Blues, Yemen’s Puppet, More NATO Drills

This week: anti-fracking activist Ian R. Crane arrested for filming a demonstration at drilling test site in North Yorkshire, dangers on horizon after a Iraqi Kurdistan referendum, US and Saudi Yemeni puppet Hadi addresses UNGA, NATO continues it’s around the clock cycle of endless ‘drills’ in Europe, and Facebook moves in to censor criticism of […]

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