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‘We are the masters of the house’: Israeli channels air snuff videos featuring systematic torture of Palestinians

Israeli TV channels aired a number of reports showing the torture and humiliation of Palestinians in Israeli prisons. The videos are consumed by the Israeli public as entertainment, revealing the sadism of Israeli society. Source

Apple masters of deception, environmental vandals, makers of overpriced lacklustre products

Apple is a corporation that is against its consumers or ‘customers’. It lies about privacy, and its business model is questionable to say the least. The so called reviewers of Apple products are either (secretly) paid handsomely, ‘fan boys’ of Apple, or just cheap corporate whores. See explanation:  Apple’s iOS is NOTHING to write home […]

Just How Alienated Are Our Masters and Commanders?

One might suppose that the voices of mainstream media and elite culture in general would be more self-critical than they are. They seem to have developed an amazing shell around themselves to protect their own intellectual and psychological well-being from reality itself. It’s having to grow ever thicker, which only ends in an ever-graver alienation […]

Now you know his NWO globalist masters criminally installed him as POTUS imposter to mock US and demean the American people every day of his fraudulent term.

BIDEN (between coughs): "I've been eating everything that's put in front of me! I've eaten pasta, which I love. Eaten a lot of chicken, chicken parmesan…" JILL, ED.D.: "And ice cream!" — RNC Research (@RNCResearch) January 1, 2024 Source

The Sheep Refuse To See The Butcher Knife In The Hand of Their Masters

There are so many examples one could use of the intentional blindness of the sheeple, but let us use Chemtrails today as the example. They have been spraying that chemical cocktail on the sheep’s heads for years. One can see cowboy “western” movies with stories based in the late 1800s with chemtrails in the sky. […]

8 Espionage Hacks To Outsmart The Masters Of Miscommunication

Authored by Nicole James via The Epoch Times, In the era of pervasive surveillance reminiscent of Orwellian nightmares, old-school Cold War hacks have staged a comeback, offering a clandestine refuge for the exchange of information. As Big Brother looms large on every screen, the savvy practitioner must resurrect time-tested techniques to outsmart the puppeteers of […]


SOTN Editor’s Note: While the vast majority of terrorist attacks in and around the Zionist State if Israel are perpetrated by the MOSSAD-CIA-MI6 terror group, there are instances when the highly oppressed and abused Palestinians lash out in extreme desperation.  However, the recent Hamas ‘surprise attacks’ were obviously carried out under the direction the IDF […]

Arizona GOP braces for volatile Lake-Masters match-up

Arizona Republicans are bracing for the possibility of an extraordinarily volatile Senate primary in which Kari Lake and Blake Masters, two Trump-aligned candidates who both lost statewide bids last fall, could be among the competitors.  Lake has said she’s “seriously considering” getting in the race, and a senior adviser noted she could make a decision in the… […]

Sak Yant: Foreigners Drawn to Ancient Thai Tattoo Masters (Video)

The ancient art of ‘sak yant,’ traditional Thai tattoos, has long been cherished by locals for its spiritual significance. Read more Section:  News Ancient Places Asia Videos History Ancient Traditions Read Later  Source

Storms Bring Down Trees at Masters, Play Halted in 2nd Round

AUGUSTA, Ga.—Three towering pine trees fell near patrons as storms rolled through Augusta National on Friday, though nobody was hurt, and the second round of the Masters was suspended for the day amid heavy wind and rain. The course was cleared once for 21 minutes by an earlier band of storms. The air horns sounded […]

Phoenix Masters 1000 R1: Thanasi Kokkinakis (AUS) defeats Jiri Lehecka (CZE) 7-6, 6-4

Lehecka is one of the first victims of the draw in Phoenix, losing to the unseeded Kokkinakis 6-7 4-6 He served for the 1st at 5-4, but was surprised by Thanasi’s BH holding up well in the cross-court exchanges with his BH or the inside-out FH. Kokkinakis now 6-0 in CHs in 2023. No Newer […]

VOCI – How the Khazarian Jews Became Masters of Commerce

EURO FOLK RADIO VOCI – How the Khazarian Jews Became Masters of Commerce Play Episode Pause Episode Mute/Unmute Episode Rewind 10 Seconds 1x Fast Forward 30 seconds Subscribe Share The Forgotten Judeo-Muslim-Christian Alliance and China’s Silk Road — Strategic Culture ( Share this: Source

Judo Jerusalem Masters: Christmas comes early for many Judoka

It was the final day of the World Judo Masters, here in Jerusalem and it did not disappoint, as it continued the incredible momentum of the previous 2! Hundreds of excited Judo fans packed the Pais Arena to cheer on their heroes! Source

Arizona Poll: Republican Blake Masters Takes Razor-Thin Lead in Senate Race, Lake Ahead of Hobbs

Republican Blake Masters has taken a razor-thin lead over Sen. Mark Kelly (D-AZ) in Arizona’s U.S. Senate race, while GOP candidate Kari Lake maintains her lead in the governor’s race, according to a poll. Source

Blake masters acknowledges Biden as president in Arizona debate

Blake masters acknowledges Biden as president in Arizona debate lead image Source

Masters of Deceit: The Government’s Propaganda of Fear, Mind Control & Brain Warfare

“It is the function of mass agitation to exploit all the grievances, hopes, aspirations, prejudices, fears, and ideals of all the special groups that make up our society, social, religious, economic, racial, political. Stir them up. Set one against the other. Divide and conquer. That’s the way to soften up a democracy.”― J. Edgar Hoover, Masters of […]

Dr Jordan Peterson launches Greek focused Masters programme on the island of Samos

Dr Jordan Peterson, one of the most celebrated and inspiring teachers in the world has been appointed Chancellor at Ralston College and has launched the first term of their new Master’s programme in the Humanities on the beautiful Greek island of Samos. According to Ralston College: “The Greek language and the spirit of Hellenism are the threads […]

Blake Masters: ‘Hologram Candidate’ Mark Kelly Is Using ‘the Biden Hide-in-the-Basement 2020 Strategy’

Appearing Tuesday on the Fox News Channel’s Ingraham Angle, Blake Masters, the Republican U.S. Senate candidate in Arizona, mocked rival Sen. Mark Kelly (D) as a “hologram candidate” who takes a lax approach to campaigning. 

Khazarian Puppet Masters Exposed (Video)


Khazarian Puppet Masters Exposed (Video)


Gilboa Prison Break: The masters of their own jail

September 6, 2022 Source: Agencies By Rasha Reslan  Did you know that in Gilboa Prison, “Israel’s” maximum-security prison, six Palestinian heroes, driven by their thirst for freedom, outlined one of the most epic stories? The six Palestinian prisoners are incarcerated in deplorable conditions. On Monday morning of September 6, 2021, six Palestinian prisoners carried out a heroic operation […]

Blake Masters: Democrat Mark Kelly Should Attend Funerals of Teens Who Overdosed on Fentanyl

Blake Masters, the Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate in Arizona, declared that his opponent, Sen Mark Kelly (D-AZ), “should be forced to attend the funerals” of American teenagers who overdosed on fentanyl because “of his support for” the Biden administration’s open borders policies.

Democrat Mark Kelly Agrees to Debate Republican Blake Masters in AZ Senate Race

Sen. Mark Kelly (D-AZ) has agreed to a debate after receiving pressure from his general election opponent, Republican Blake Masters. 

Blake Masters: Mark Kelly Voted for the ‘Most Extreme Abortion Laws’

Arizona Republican Senate candidate Blake Masters charged that Sen. Mark Kelly (D-AZ) has voted for “the most extreme abortion laws” in the country.

‘We did it’: Trump-endorsed Blake Masters celebrates Arizona primary win

‘We did it’: Trump-endorsed Blake Masters celebrates Arizona primary win lead image Source

Poll: Trump-Backed Candidates Blake Masters, Kari Lake Hold Double-Digit Leads in Arizona Primary Races

Republican candidates for U.S. Senate and governor in Arizona – Blake Masters and Kari Lake – hold strong double-digit leads over the rest of their respective primary fields, according to a poll. Source

Kash Patel, Ric Grenell Endorse Arizona Republican Blake Masters for U.S. Senate

Former Trump officials Ric Grenell and Kash Patel announced they are endorsing U.S. Senate candidate in Arizona Blake Masters. Source

J.D. Vance, Blake Masters Poised to Expand America First Foreign Policy Caucus in the Senate

The election of Blake Masters in Arizona and J.D. Vance in Ohio would likely expand the emerging America First foreign policy caucus in the U.S. Senate.

‘The Lord is Leading Me’: Masters Winner Scottie Scheffler Thanks God for His Victory

After his historic Masters win on Sunday, pro golfer Scottie Scheffler offered sincere thanks to God for his win, saying, “God is in control, and the Lord is leading me.” In an interview on Sunday, Scheffler revealed how humble he is in the face of this momentous moment in his golfing career. During the interview, […]

Friends, not Masters: Can Zelensky Offer Sanctions Relief to Russia?

In the spirit of apparent “reconciliation and multilateralism” defining the Biden administration’s approach to conducting international diplomacy, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken handed over the “power of attorney” to the Ukrainian president to offer Russia relief from international sanctions in exchange for ending its military offensive in Ukraine. On Sunday, April 3, confirming in […]

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