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TSA Visited Apple and Google To Discuss Collaboration for Digital ID

TSA’s push for biometric technology and digital IDs with Big Tech aims to streamline airport security, but raises concerns over passenger privacy and government surveillance. Source

Telegram Founder Says Apple & Google More Dangerous Than Governments

Pavel Durov, the co-founder of the popular messaging app Telegram has has slammed the tech giants for attempting to curtail freedom of speech and says that Apple and Google can “basically, censor whatever you can read, access on your smartphone,” In an interview with Tucker Carlson, Durov claimed that the pressure coming from the tech […]

“Friendshoring” Ramps Up As Apple’s Made-In-India Iphones Tops $14 Billion

Global supply chains have fractured since former President Trump started the trade war with China. One of the largest beneficiaries is India, which has become the prime spot for “friend-shoring” US manufacturing supply chains out of the world’s second-largest economy as relations with the West deteriorate.  Bloomberg reports that Apple makes 14%, or about 1 […]

New hardware vulnerability discovered in Apple’s M chips that allows attackers to steal encryption keys from Macs

New hardware vulnerability discovered in Apple’s M chips that allows attackers to steal encryption keys from Macs Apple computers have long distinguished themselves from PCs by being more difficult to hack, which is one reason some security-conscious computer and smartphone users are happy to fork over the high prices their products fetch. However, Apple has […]

US vs. Apple: DOJ’s antitrust case

The Department of Justice announced an antitrust case against Apple for alleged violations that illegally block competition on smartphone devices and monopolize the smartphone industry. The case, which was filed in New Jersey, is the third time in 14 years that the DOJ sued Apple for antitrust violations. The U.S. government said it is coming […]

Why the Department of Justice Wants to Take Down Apple

SHARE | PRINT | EMAIL On May 5, 2021, White House press secretary Jen Psaki issued a mob-like warning to social-media companies and information distributors generally. They need to get with the program and start censoring critics of Covid policy. They need to amplify government propaganda. After all, it would be a shame if something […]

Apple Airpod detecting brain activity

Apple Airpod detecting brain activity Few people realize Apple has quietly patented an AirPod capable of detecting electrical signals from brain activity and extracting features. Nothing to worry about since most of you don’t have a brain.

Apple bails out of EV market and shifts focus to AI

According to people in the know, Apple is finally canceling a decades-long effort to build an electric vehicle (EV). The internal announcement was made on Feb. 27, shocking the nearly 2,000 employees involved in the project. The people who shared the news requested not to be identified because the announcement wasn’t public. The decision was shared by […]

Release of Apple Vision Pro “mixed-reality” headset bringing society “one step closer to dystopia”

Release of Apple Vision Pro “mixed-reality” headset bringing society “one step closer to dystopia” It has been about a week since tech giant Apple unleashed its new Apple Vision Pro mixed-reality headset, and society is already witnessing the makings of a tech-driven dystopian nightmare in the streets. One Apple Vision Pro early adopter, seen in […]

White House Orders Apple To Censor ‘Non-Mainstream’ Messages in Users Texts

The Biden administration has ordered Apple and Android to begin monitoring and censoring users’ private text messages that contain ‘non-mainstream’ content. The White House is secretly pumping millions in tax dollars into “censorship mercenary firms,” […] The post White House Orders Apple To Censor ‘Non-Mainstream’ Messages in Users Texts appeared first on The People's Voice. […]

Apple masters of deception, environmental vandals, makers of overpriced lacklustre products

Apple is a corporation that is against its consumers or ‘customers’. It lies about privacy, and its business model is questionable to say the least. The so called reviewers of Apple products are either (secretly) paid handsomely, ‘fan boys’ of Apple, or just cheap corporate whores. See explanation:  Apple’s iOS is NOTHING to write home […]

Apple begins paying out after claims it ‘deliberately slowed down iPhones’

Apple is a dishonest corporation, where it acts against the consumer/ their customers, and this is just one example: Apple doesn’t admit wrongdoing in the $500 million lawsuit. Apple has started making payments in a class action lawsuit over claims it deliberately slowed down certain iPhones in the US. X users have posted about the […]

U.S. plans to file antitrust case against Apple for unfairly rigging iPhone’s market dominance

The Department of Justice is now in the final stages of an investigation into tech giant Apple, with plans to file a far-reaching antitrust case against it to stop the company from unfairly protecting iPhone’s dominance. The lawsuit, which could be filed anytime during the first half of 2024, focuses on how Apple is using […]

Apple Is America’s Worst Major Company For Employee Retention

Employees consider various factors when committing to a company long term, including a positive work environment, fair compensation, job security, opportunities for professional growth, and resilience against disruptive changes in the economy or technology. So, which companies have the worst employee retention? Visual Capitalist’s Bruno Venditti remarks that to create this graphic, analyzed LinkedIn data to […]

Apple – Anti Consumer, Anti Competitive, Anti Right to Repair

Apple is technically against the consumer. The product is stifled, the consumer is not obtaining the benefit of current technology. Apple is also against you with regards to your lawful right to repair the product, where it goes out of its way to deliberately engineer components that when replaced will not work in your legally […]

iPhone Privacy ‘Lies’ Exposed Again: Apple Analytics not Anonymous

Apple has been caught lying in a privacy policy. So say the now-notorious security researchers at Mysk. Apple promised that the “device analytics” sent to its servers were anonymous. But it turns out that’s not true, according to the researchers. Everything you do in Apple apps, such as the Store, transmits an analytics row, containing a […]

Apple’s LIES: iPhones have been exposing your unique MAC despite Apple’s promises otherwise

“From the get-go, this feature was useless,” researcher says of feature put into iOS 14. Three years ago, Apple introduced a privacy-enhancing feature that hid the Wi-Fi address of iPhones and iPads when they joined a network. On Wednesday, the world learned that the feature has never worked as advertised. Despite promises that this never-changing […]

NYC Mayor Adams: MIGRANTS from Venezuela feeding Big Apple’s new RED-LIGHT DISTRICT

(NaturalNews) A new and larger red-light district has emerged in New York City (NYC), thanks to female Venezuelan migrants working in the sex trade.Roosevelt… Source

Jon Stewart show nixed by Apple TV+ over subject matter concerns

Comedian Jon Stewart’s show on Apple’s streaming service has been canceled due to creative differences and subject matter concerns, several people with knowledge of the decision said. The former “Daily Show” host and Apple TV executives decided to part ways, according to The New York Times, who first reported the cancelation. Taping for the third… […]

Apple Tells Support Staff to Remain Silent On iPhone Radiation Concern

Corporations not to be trusted! EWNZ For posts on other topics, check out our sister site Photo: Source

First France, now Korea: Apple’s iPhone 12 generates too much RADIATION, tests reveal

(NaturalNews) Just days after France ordered all Apple iPhone 12 sales to cease immediately due to radiation concerns, South Korea launched its own investigation… Source

Apple announces new climate change initiative to PERMANENTLY remove all carbon from Earth’s atmosphere through planetary terraforming and GENOCIDE

(NaturalNews) In the span of just a few decades, environmentalism has changed from being all about protecting the environment to now wanting to destroy it…. Source

Apple Employees Told To Remain Silent On iPhone Radiation Concerns

Apple plans to issue an update for iPhone 12 users in France after regulators ordered a halt to sales after finding that the device was emitting too much radiation.  In a statement Apple told Reuters “We will […] The post Apple Employees Told To Remain Silent On iPhone Radiation Concerns appeared first on The People's Voice. Source

Apple CEO Tim Cook Releases Ad Calling for Complete Extermination of Life on Earth (Video)


French regulators halt all sales of Apple iPhone 12 due to “above-threshold radiation levels”

(NaturalNews) A popular smartphone from Apple is now banned in France after regulators there determined that it emits “above-threshold radiation levels.”The… Source

Apple Touts Commitment to ‘Mother Nature’ in Cringe Climate Change Ad

Apple CEO Tim Cook released a cringeworthy ad on Tuesday featuring Apple execs touting their commitment to Mother Nature — as represented by a sassy black woman — and pledging to make all Apple products “have a net zero climate impact by 2030.” “Our aim is to permanently remove carbon from the atmosphere,” one Apple […]

Apple Bows Down to Sassy Black “Mother Nature” in New Ad

As you are likely well aware, I feel strongly that preserving our environment is very important, but these Source

What we know about the new Apple iPhone 15

Apple is widely expected to unveil the iPhone 15 at its event on Tuesday, and rumors about the new smartphone line’s features are only increasing as the date approaches.  There is significant variation in what’s expected on Tuesday, but some details are more certain. USB-C port One of the biggest changes is expected in the… […]

Apple issues critical security update after NSO Pegasus spyware breach

September 8, 2023 Source: The Verge + news websites By Al Mayadeen English Apple cautions that iPhones and iPads could be vulnerable to actors associated with the Israeli firm NSO. Apple has released a crucial security update for iPhones, addressing a zero-day vulnerability uncovered in iOS 16. This security flaw was initially detected by Citizen […]

Update Your Apple iPhone and iPad Immediately to Avoid ‘Zero-Click’ Spyware Attack

Apple has urgently rolled out software updates to counter a newly discovered “zero-click” vulnerability that allows spyware to infiltrate its devices. Owners of iPhones, iPads, and Macs, and even Apple Watches should immediately update their device by following the instructions at the bottom of this article. Source

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