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New hardware vulnerability discovered in Apple’s M chips that allows attackers to steal encryption keys from Macs

New hardware vulnerability discovered in Apple’s M chips that allows attackers to steal encryption keys from Macs Apple computers have long distinguished themselves from PCs by being more difficult to hack, which is one reason some security-conscious computer and smartphone users are happy to fork over the high prices their products fetch. However, Apple has […]

Attackers Seize Israel-Linked Tanker Off Coast Of Yemen

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Attackers seized a tanker linked to Israel off the coast of Yemen on Sunday, authorities said. While no group immediately claimed responsibility, it comes as at least two other maritime attacks in recent days have been linked to the Israel-Hamas war. The attackers seized the Liberian-flagged Central Park, managed […]

NYPD Lieutenant (Ret.): Force School Attackers to Face Armed Resistance

Former NYPD Lieutenant Darrin Porcher says school attackers will not be stopped until our approach to safety includes making sure every school has armed protection. 

Smollett: ‘The True Attackers Were Inside Me All Along’

CHICAGO, IL—In a stirring moment that left judge, jury, bailiff, and typewriter lady in tears, actor Jussie Smollett paused while reciting his well-rehearsed testimony, stood, and proclaimed, “Now I see, clear as day, that the true attackers were inside me all along.” “We knew he had it inside of him, and it was our job […]

In Trump’s Jan. 6 recast, attackers become martyrs, heroes

A cocktail of propaganda, conspiracy theory and disinformation — of the kind intoxicating to the masses in the darkest turns of history — is fueling straight-up delusion over the agonies of Jan. 6. Hate is “love.” Violence is “peace.” The pro-Donald Trump attackers are patriots. Months after the then-president’s supporters stormed the Capitol that winter […]

Haitian President Jovenel Moise Assassinated By Unknown Attackers

Haitian President Jovenel Moise has been assassinated at home, according to the country’s interim prime minister. Get more on this story: — Sky News (@SkyNews) July 7, 2021 The president of Haiti, Jovenel Moise, was assassinated around 0100 local time when “a group of unidentified individuals, some of whom spoke in Spanish,” attacked […]

Attackers kill at least 20 in attack in Ethiopia -official

NAIROBI – Gunmen killed at least 20 people last week in western Ethiopia, a regional government official said on Thursday, in what he and two residents described as an attack on civilians from the Amhara ethnic group.The incident occurred in the district of Limmu Kosa, in the Jimma zone of the Oromiya region.At least 20 […]

FBI ‘Actively Looking’ at Putting Capitol Attackers on ‘No-Fly-List’

FBI Washington Field Office Assistant Director in Charge Steven D’Antuono said at a press conference on Tuesday that, as part of its investigation into who attacked the U.S. Capitol on January 6, it is “actively looking at” the guilty parties being put on a “No-Fly-List” for domestic travel in the United States. “At least Sen. […]

Terrorist Attackers of Vienna Austria revealed as ISIS sympathizers

    A fourth victim of the terrorist attack in the Austrian capital Vienna has died. One of the assailants was a young man who was convicted for attempting to join Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) militants in Syria last year. Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has confirmed that one more person has died, bringing the […]

Sweden: Underage Schoolgirl Gang Raped, Police Don’t Want to Describe Attackers

Police in Sweden seeking three men who ambushed and raped an underage girl on her way home from school do not want to release their descriptions. The minor was assaulted in a cemetery at 3 o’clock in the afternoon in Östervåla, a locality with a population of just 1,600 in Heby Municipality, Uppsala, SVT reports. The public broadcaster’s […]

3 attackers killed, 4 neutralised in ‘terrorist’ attacks on Burkina Faso capital

A number of locations were targeted in the capital of the West African nation on Friday by suspected Islamic extremists, including the prime minister’s office, close to the French embassy. Masked gunmen with backpacks attacked guards at the entrance to an army headquarters, which followed an explosion, according to a Reuters eyewitness. It’s not yet […]

Egypt mosque attackers wore military uniforms and arrived in SUVs

Dozens of men wearing military combat uniforms and armed with automatic machine guns carried out the deadly assault on a Sufi mosque in northern Sinai, Egyptian authorities said. Twenty-five to 30 attackers arrived in five SUVs at the al Rawdah Sufi mosque in Bir al-Abed on Friday. Some wore masks and at […]

New poll shows 2/3 of Jewish Israelis want death penalty for Palestinian attackers

There’s a big noise in Israel these days – once again, the discussion of the death penalty for Palestinian ‘terrorists’ has come to the fore. One has to put that word, ‘terrorists’, in quotation marks, because the Israeli Peace Index survey published yesterday, asked the question not only concerning applying the death penalty for Palestinians […]

Interpol fears ISIS trained 170+ bomb attackers for Europe – media

Interpol issued a list of 173 terrorists linked to Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), who “may have manifested willingness to commit a suicidal attack or martyrdom to support Islam,” the Guardian reported on Friday, saying it obtained the names. The specially trained attackers “can travel internationally, to participate in terrorist activities,” but it is unclear […]

Appeal court hears Saudi embassy attackers’ final plea

IRNA – The Appeal Court on Monday heard the Saudi embassy attackers’ final plea and their lawyers’ appeals. Speaking to IRNA, Mostafa Sha’abani, the attorney at law of some defendants said the appeal court number 53 listened to appeals submitted by 10 of the Saudi embassy attackers who have protested the trial court verdict. “We […]

London Bridge Attackers Tried to Rent A BIG TRUCK

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer June 10, 2017 A BIG TRUCK. Turns out, the London Bridge attack could have been a lot more like this: However, they couldn’t rent A BIG TRUCK, because racist truck-renters wouldn’t rent a bunch of bearded Moslem guys a big truck because they hate the color of their skin. […]

Iran says Tehran attackers had been to IS bastions Mosul, Raqa

AFP- Iran said Thursday that the five Iranians who killed 17 people in twin attacks in Tehran were Islamic State group members who had been to its strongholds in Iraq and Syria. The attacks on Wednesday at Tehran’s parliament complex and the shrine of revolutionary leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini wounded more than 50 people and […]

CLOCKWORK: Two London Bridge Attackers Named – One Known to MI5, Another Attacker Found Dead with ID

21st Century Wire says… As suspected here at 21WIRE, it has emerged that yet another known wolf  terror incident is now tied to security services and MI5. This disturbing news comes after another accomplice’s ID was discovered at the crime scene. Already there have been a number of questions raised following the recent London Bridge attacks, […]

Hero Taxi Driver Tried To Knock Down Attackers On London Bridge

A hero taxi driver tried to stop London terror attackers as they brandished 12-inch knives at civilians on London Bridge tonight. As the Met Police confirm the incidents at both London Bridge and nearby Borough Market as terror-related, and reports of seven unconfirmed civilian casualties have been issued, eyewitness accounts of the bravery of Londoners […]

Minnesota Nationalists Confront Communist Attackers at the State Capitol

Eric StrikerDaily Stormer May 6, 2017 The rally in St Paul that Antifa announced it was going to bust was met with resistance. The Communists have home field advantage, seeing as Minnesota is a wealthy SWPL state with a high Swedish population (I’m half-joking), but Nationalist forces have gathered to protect free […]

Photos: Veep inaugurates ammonia, urea unit of Shiraz petchem facility

Why we should know Kiarostami? Tehran, July 18, IRNA – On July 10, several thousands of cinema lovers bid farewell to internationally acclaimed film director Abbas Kiarostami… Source Article from

‘Boycott’ Israel over J’lem prayer rules, but ‘work’ against occupation — Forward’s double standard

As you may have heard, American Jews have led a protest against orthodox restrictions on prayer at the western wall in Jerusalem. Orthodox rabbis control this holy space, so they segregate the sexes; but under pressure from American Jews, the Israeli government has come up with a compromise plan that would allow mixed-gender prayer in one […]

How to Recognize a Soul Mate

The idea of soul mates fascinates us all. But how do we define them? How do we find them? What if we have already met them and failed to recognize them? Is the person I am currently with, my soul mate? Here’s my quest of finding answers to all these questions. A soul mate is […]

Harvard Study Confirms Fluoride Lowers Children’s IQ

A Harvard University study funded by the National Institutes of Health (HIH) has revealed that children who drink water that contains fluoride have a “significantly lower” IQ than children who drink water with little or zero fluoride.  The 32-page report concludes that people living in areas with highly fluoridated water are at greater risk from mental […]

Lawyers say Assange needs urgent medical care

Attorneys Thomas Olsson and Per Samuelsson said Assange is suffering from shoulder pain and is in need of urgent dental care, Sweden’s TT news agency reported. UK & Sweden ‘undermining UN’ over Assange detention – letter The lawyers say the WikiLeaks founder cannot receive adequate medical attention at the embassy, where he has been living […]

U.S. charges consultant to Iran’s U.N. mission-hearing

U.S. prosecutors on Wednesday unveiled criminal charges at a Brooklyn, New York, court hearing against a consultant to the Iranian mission to the United Nations. Ahmad Sheikhzadeh, 60, is accused of charges related to sanctions violations, money laundering and tax matters, his lawyer, Steve Zissou, said at the hearing. Sheikhzadeh had pleaded not guilty at […]

Apoplectic Pope: Francis loses temper after crowd pushes him onto wheelchair user (VIDEO)

The pontiff was visiting a stadium in the western city of Morelia as part of his six-day trip to Mexico when people in the crowd tugged at the pope, pulling him closer and ultimately onto a man in a wheelchair. Even after the pope fell on the disabled man’s head the crowd persisted tugging, causing […]

Yet Another Person Guilty of Terrorism After Being Set Up by the FBI

By Derrick Broze In April 2015, 20-year-old John T. Booker Jr. was arrested after he attempted to build a bomb made with inert materials provided by the FBI. Booker, also known as Mohammed Abdullah Hassan, believed he was building a 1,000-pound car bomb to attack Fort Riley, Kansas. Booker was unaware that […]

Wrong time, wrong place: Dark-Sided Flycatcher from east Asia found wintering on Iceland

     “I had no idea what kind of bird we were looking at, it was so weird,” says ornithologist Brynjúlfur Brynjúlfsson at the South East Iceland Bird Watching Centre. He is the first person to have spotted a Dark-Sided Flycatcher (Muscicapa sibirica) in Western Europe. The species, according to Wikipedia, breeds in South-East Siberia west […]

Bill Gates Pours More Billions into Exploding African Population

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer January 25, 2016 I remember a few years back, Bill Gates was talking about population control. The nutjob Alex Jones went so far as to claim that Bill Gates was part of an evil conspiracy to to stop the African people from multiplying like rats and spreading out and conquering the planet. […]

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