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Now We Know Why Israel Tried To Sink The USS LIBERTY

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Zionists have tried to silence me through doxing and intimidation. They won’t succeed.

On January 31, 2024, a billboard truck, a box truck covered in LED screens that publicly advertise or display information, drove around downtown New York City defaming me as part of a Zionist rally. On February 14, a billboard truck harassed teachers and the overall school community at an elementary school in Brooklyn for their […]

Dr. Richard Urso Tried to Warn Us Two Years Ago

Lock up Fauci, Birx, Marks, Walensky, and the like. Dr. Richard Urso warned two years ago that if you mandate a vaccine for the COVID-recovered, “some of them are going to die.” He was right. A new study confirms Dr. Urso’s warning: “People who recovered from COVID-19 and received a COVID-19 shot were MORE LIKELY […]

Trump tried to ignore Haley. He barely lasted a day.

For a full 24 hours on Saturday, Donald Trump did not mention Nikki Haley by name, ignoring her both in a freewheeling address to the Conservative Political Action Conference and after he won the primary in South Carolina. His campaign said they were turning the page, focusing squarely on the general election. One aide, when […]

Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Tried And True Sodomy

Outraged that Meghan McCain rejected Kari Lake’s effort to make amends after insulting her father, Trump campaign troll Brenden Dilley, who is also close to Lake and her campaign, used his show and social media platforms to attack McCain and call her mother a “whore.” Michigan state Rep. Josh Schriver just keeps doubling down on […]

How The Puritans And Oliver Cromwell Tried And Failed To Banish Christmas

(History Collection) Every year at this time, we see headlines about an ongoing “War on Christmas” being waged by the Jews and their minions on “radical Left” — and while there is certainly truth to that contention, the first real “war” against the celebration of Christmas was waged in England by the Puritans and their […]

Wyoming woman says Newcastle Hospital tried to have her involuntarily committed as INSANE for whistleblowing about health group’s alleged ethics and legal violations

(NaturalNews) A former employee of Newcastle Hospital in Wyoming says she was maliciously targeted by officials at the medical facility after she reported alleged… Source

Obamacare is even more popular than the last time Trump tried to kill it

Donald Trump couldn’t repeal Obamacare in 2017, largely because it had become too popular. It’s even more popular now. Roughly three-in-five Americans like the 2010 health care law, even more than when Trump and Republicans in Congress came to the brink of wiping it out. And some of the Affordable Care Act’s better-known provisions — […]

The ‘Not-Naked’ Calendar of Images That Instagram Tried to Censor

The Not Naked calendar. Photo: courtesy of Slagland and Quence Queer collectives Slagland and Quench are selling a “not naked calendar” for 2024 to get back at Instagram’s slapdash, dodgy approach to censoring sexual content. Made in collaboration with sex workers, pole dancers and queer nightlife organisers, the point is to highlight the inequality of Meta’s […]

I Tried Oral-B’s Most Advanced Toothbrush (and Then I Fired My Dentist)

Our phones have completely taken over our lives, but that can be a tough pill to swallow. I didn’t want to believe I was completely reliant on my phone, but I recently took a look at the cold, hard facts. I use a digital scale and app to perfect my coffee brewing; at the request […]

Medical Murder Case Being Tried

Forwarded this email? Subscribe here for more Landmark Lawsuit Against Doctors and Nurses for Battery and Medical Murder is Going to Trial “After an unauthorized DNR was placed on record, Grace was injected with morphine, Ativan, and Precedex without her or her power of attorney’s knowledge or consent. These actions killed her.” KAREN KINGSTON NOV 2 READ […]

Satanyahu Has Caused Sadistic Suffering to ALL in GAZA; He Needs to Be TRIED FOR WAR CRIMES!

Comment:  The Synagogue of Satan (British Empire) Created Israel to be their Crime Capitol of the World. Sickening How Americans Don’t Think For Themselves Comment:  Almost All Jews supporting Israel here.  You will not make it in Hollywood Unless you are a Jew or MARRIED to a Jew. Israel’s Culture of Deceit Israel, which […]

Sam Bankman-Fried tried to recoup losses by opening fake accounts using IDs of Thai prostitutes

(NaturalNews) Former billionaire and cryptocurrency magnate Sam Bankman-Fried directed his former girlfriend Caroline Ellison to hide the billions of dollars in… Source

North Korea Deports US Soldier Who Tried To Defect Over ‘Racism’

(ZH) North Korea on Wednesday deported the American soldier who tried to defect by bolting across the demilitarized zone Source

I Tried OhMiBod’s Wearable ‘Foxy’ Panty Vibrator for On-the-Go Orgasms

These days, everything we could ever want [opens trench coat] is available at the touch of a button. Craving some Japanese ube cheesecake, but don’t want to leave your precious Togo sofa? Find it on UberEats. Want to make a deal with god, and monitor your heart rate while singing along to “Scatman in your […]

I Tried the ‘Wonder Oven’, and It Changed My Mind About Air Fryers

If you haven’t heard of Our Place by now—wow, what is your average weekly screen time and how can I get on your level? I admire your ability to stay off of social media (or the internet really), because at this point the cookware (and now full-on home goods) brand has become ubiquitous no matter […]

I Tried Laya III, Fun Factory’s New Vibrator for Humping and Grinding

As much as I love a three-headed vibrator, I usually find myself gravitating towards sex toys that forgo a dizzying amount of bells, whistles, and anal beads for something a little more minimalist in design. I still want high-tech engineering, of course, and an aesthetic worthy of MoMA PS1. I just don’t want a sex […]

I Tried a $250 Sous Vide Cooker and the Perfect Steak Is Worth Every Penny

Meat. Fish. Eggs. It sounds like a caveman’s diet, but I’m totally here for it. I don’t own an egg cooker for nothing. That being said, cooking meat isn’t my favorite thing to do in the kitchen. I hate touching it raw, and under my watch, it often ends up too dry, burnt, or I […]

RFK Jr. Demands Secret Service Protection After Armed Man Tried To Approach Him At Campaign Event

Robert F Kennedy Jr faced an assassination scare on Friday after a heavily armed man posing as security entered his campaign event. Kennedy’s campaign manager has written to Joe Biden demanding Secret Service protection after […] The post RFK Jr. Demands Secret Service Protection After Armed Man Tried To Approach Him At Campaign Event appeared […]

I Tried the Limba Flex, a Bendy Dildo That Feels Custom-Made for Your Cooch

When it comes to sex toys, I usually belong to the less-is-more camp. Dildos with dizzying amounts of bells and whistles can feel a lot like going to one of those restaurants where everything is doused in truffle oil, or like hanging out at your rich best friend’s house in the 90s and wondering if […]

CIA Tried to Pay Off Analysts to Bury Findings that COVID Lab Leak Was Likely

Just another day at the office… Source

I Tried Pheromone Perfume to See If It Could Make Me a Sex Magnet

It’s not every day that I get a compliment on my toes, my outfit, and my teeth. But it’s also not every day that I’m dripping in extra pheromones, which is what happened when I doused myself in Pure Instinct’s pheromone oil in the hopes of having a weekend filled with even more competitive flirting […]

Enrique Tarrio: Feds Tried to ‘Coerce Me’ into Implicating Donald Trump

Former Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio claimed federal prosecutors tried to “coerce” him into implicating former President Donald Trump in the January 6, 2021, Capitol riot. Last week, U.S. District Judge Timothy Kelly sentenced Tarrio to a record-high 22 years in prison despite not being in Washington, DC, on January 6. “I don’t know what instructions I […]

I Tried Vitamix’s Immersion Blender, and Now I’m the President of Soup

It’s 2023, and to paraphrase Tom Waits, every kitchen appliance you can think of is true. A toaster that steams your bread to keep it moist inside? Meet the Balmuda. An affordable pizza oven for your home that dishes out ‘za like you were in a New York slice shop? Ninja and Ooni have both […]

About the Russian Spy Who Tried to Unlock Hezbollah’s Office in Lebanon’s Dahiyeh

 August 29, 2023 Ibrahim Al-Amin Translated by Areej Fatima Al-Husseini The Israeli enemy seems to be under intense pressure, particularly in terms of strategic security, forcing it to conduct operations that do not represent the professionalism it once displayed. Their failure to achieve several goals in past years prompted them to begin point-scoring operations. The most recent confrontations […]

I Tried the Ooni Volt Electric Pizza Oven (and Now I Go By Chuck E. Cheese)

The annals of history will remember 2020 for many things, but as far as home cooking goes, it was the year of sourdough starters, learning how to make cocktails, and backyard pizza. And as I predicted shortly before the vaccines landed—when we were beginning to fantasize about re-entering social life—the post-COVID era would be even […]

I Tried the Tenga Spinner, a $25 Male Sex Toy That’s Gone Mainstream

Male sex toys—the ones you’re supposed to enter, not be entered by—seem to still be strangely taboo, even in today’s relatively sexually open-minded society. While it’s almost taken for granted that a woman might own a vibrator or dildo, owning a stroker or a more elaborate, involved toy as a man feels a little less […]

In America Evil is Good and Good is Persecuted; This Man Shouldn’t Even Be Tried!

US $2 Million Donated to Daniel Penny’s Legal Defense Fund By infostormer  – May 15, 2023 3 The hero Daniel Penny who defended New York City subway riders from an insane black nigger person who falsely believed he was Michael Jackson, has received over $2 million in donations for his legal defense.   Tim Pool […]

I Tried ‘the World’s Most Flexible Vibrator’ (and It Hit All the Spots)

2007 was a big year for me. Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone, Radiohead dropped In Rainbows, and I stuck an unripe banana up my vagina. I was a teenager at the time, and while I was getting better at masturbating I still had no idea what kind of sex toy would work for me, let […]

FBI tried to cultivate ‘sources’ inside Catholic and Christian churches under phony guise of fighting ‘domestic terrorism’

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) The House Judiciary Committee on Monday made public internal documents that showed the FBI had sought to cultivate sources within Christian churches and Catholic dioceses to fight domestic terrorism.The documents were obtained last month by members of the Weaponization Subcommittee, including House Judiciary Committee … [Read More…] Source

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