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This High-Tech Quip Toothbrush (aka My Husband) Is On Sale for Black Friday

Good morning! Remember that aesthetic electric toothbrush that the VICE shopping team wanted to bone loved? Of course you do. It can automatically track your brushing and offers timed sonic vibrations to make sure you’re hitting the spot (teeth) with that wonder wand (toothbrush). But, just in case you needed a refresher, please take a […]

I Tried Oral-B’s Most Advanced Toothbrush (and Then I Fired My Dentist)

Our phones have completely taken over our lives, but that can be a tough pill to swallow. I didn’t want to believe I was completely reliant on my phone, but I recently took a look at the cold, hard facts. I use a digital scale and app to perfect my coffee brewing; at the request […]

The Philips Sonicare 5100 Converted Me to an Electric Toothbrush Lover

I hope this doesn’t make me sound disgusting, but I don’t enjoy brushing my teeth. I tend to brush too hard, which results in sore gums. Toothpaste burns my mouth. Obviously, it’s still essential for oral health and to manage my addiction to matcha Kit Kats, but I wish it wasn’t such a hassle. “Hmm, […]

Help! I’m Sexually Attracted to This Travel Toothbrush Kit

Fellow frequent flyers, let’s talk about the dark underbelly of constantly being on the move: the condition of your toiletries. If you’re one of those people who, like, decants all of their face creams and shampoo into perfect travel bottles before every trip and none of them ever leak and you never shed a single […]

That Mode Toothbrush That Makes Us Oddly Horny? It’s On Sale, Baby!

Anyone else hate brushing their teeth? For me it’s a daily ritual that I force myself into twice a day everyday (this is probably some ADHD-related thing that TikTok will diagnose for me later this week). Who even stands in front of the mirror brushing for an entire two minutes manually anyways? What even is […]

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