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Electric vehicles have 80% more problems than fuel-powered vehicles, a new report finds

According to a new report from Consumer Reports, electric vehicles (“EVs”) have nearly 80% more problems and are generally less reliable than cars propelled by conventional internal combustion engines.  The findings are based on a survey of Consumer Reports’ members about problems they’ve had with their vehicles in the prior year. The current report included […]

GOP lawmaker equates Speaker drama with ‘peeing on the electric fence’

Rep. Steve Womack (R-Ark.) likened the ongoing drama between House Republicans trying to choose a Speaker to “peeing on the electric fence” during a Friday CNN interview. Womack joined CNN’s Jake Tapper where he was asked why amid two major foreign policy crises and a pending government shutdown, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), who had three… […]

The Philips Sonicare 5100 Converted Me to an Electric Toothbrush Lover

I hope this doesn’t make me sound disgusting, but I don’t enjoy brushing my teeth. I tend to brush too hard, which results in sore gums. Toothpaste burns my mouth. Obviously, it’s still essential for oral health and to manage my addiction to matcha Kit Kats, but I wish it wasn’t such a hassle. “Hmm, […]

Switzerland: Emergency Plans to Deal with Energy Shortages this Winter, Ban Use of Electric Cars for ‘Non-Essential’ Journeys


Comedy: Panasonic Electric Vehicle Battery Factory Needs its Own COAL Power Plant

A coal-fired power plant in Kansas that was slated for closure will remain open after all to provide needed power for, wait for it: a new electric vehicle (EV) battery factory producing “clean” energy storage products. In accordance with the Biden regime’s ongoing efforts to force all Americans into an EV, Panasonic has built a […]

Trump claims Biden’s ‘ridiculous all-electric car hoax’ partially to blame for UAW strike

Former President Trump took aim at Biden administration electric vehicle (EV) policy, claiming the president’s “ridiculous all-electric car hoax” is responsible for the United Auto Workers strike against major automakers. “Crooked Joe sold them down the river with his ridiculous all Electric Car Hoax,” Trump said on Truth Social in the early morning Saturday. “Within… […]

An Unprincipled Practitioner Can Knock Someone Out With Drugs Then Lay Down Commands With Electric Shocks as Reinforcement

Walter Bowart, author of “Operation Mind-Control,” stated, “Estabrooks didn’t have a patent” on his methods. And with modern drugs, such means become even more deadly. An unprincipled practitioner, Bowart said, can knock someone out with drugs, then lay down commands with electric shocks as reinforcement. George Estabrooks, Sick Godfather of Hypnotic Mind Control June 23, 2022 Russ Winter Articles by […]

The electric vehicle (EV) house of cards is COLLAPSING: “honeymoon is over … don’t expect the marriage itself to last much longer either”

(NaturalNews) We were told they would be one of the key facets of a “clean, green” future, but electric vehicles (EVs) are rapidly losing their luster – and here… Source

3 Suspicious narratives behind the big push toward electric vehicles

(NaturalNews) If the average American household switched to electric vehicles (EVs), the additional electricity consumption per household would be equivalent… Source

Trump in Opposition to Biden’s Job-Killing Electric Vehicle Mandates

  Trump Vows to Save Auto Workers from Biden’s Job-Killing Electric Vehicle Mandates By Susan Kokinda September 03, 2023 Website Twitter Facebook Login to follow LaRouchePAC teams have been distributing “Donald Trump’s Message to Auto Workers” at Detroit area auto plants during shift change, and receiving an overwhelmingly positive response. LaRouchePAC photo. ShareFacebookTwitterPrintFriendly Donald Trump, in […]

Pete Buttigieg Struggles to Find Reliable Electric Vehicle Charger 

United States Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, an ardent proponent of electric vehicles (EVs), admitted he has trouble finding reliable electric vehicle charging stations while he is traveling on the road.  Source

Trump Slams Biden’s Electric Vehicle Agenda: ‘They Will All Be Made in China’

Former President Donald Trump slammed President Joe Biden’s electric vehicle mandate proposal as “preposterous” and said it would benefit China and destroy the American auto industry, according to prepared remarks circulated by his campaign ahead of his speech in Rapid City, South  Dakota.  Source

3 Reasons There’s Something Sinister With the Big Push for Electric Vehicles

By Nick Giambruno 25 refrigerators. That’s how much the additional electricity consumption per household would be if the average Source

Hawaiian Electric Soars After Statement: Power Lines “De-Energized” When Directed Energy Weapon “Smart” Fire Which Knew Not To Burn Billionaire’s Mansions Started

I am on the outside looking in at the bleating sheep. I am truly amazed at the gullibility, stupidity and spiritual blindness of the sheeple. After the FALSE FLAG terrorist attack on New York by Israel and the US They told you a handful of stone age Arabs who could not get a single engine […]

I Tried the Ooni Volt Electric Pizza Oven (and Now I Go By Chuck E. Cheese)

The annals of history will remember 2020 for many things, but as far as home cooking goes, it was the year of sourdough starters, learning how to make cocktails, and backyard pizza. And as I predicted shortly before the vaccines landed—when we were beginning to fantasize about re-entering social life—the post-COVID era would be even […]

The Best Electric Toothbrushes, ‘Cause Veneers Are Expensive

Not to sound corny, but a nice smile is the best (and cheapest!) accessory someone can have. Those Dollar Tree old-school manual toothbrushes can sure lure us in with their bargain price tags, but are they really getting the job done? Perhaps they’re better than nothing, but there’s no way those coarse-ass bristles are doing […]

Electric Bus Company Proterra Backed Heavily by Biden Administration Files for Bankruptcy  

Proterra, an electric bus company that received heavy backing from President Joe Biden’s administration, filed for bankruptcy on Monday. Source

The Electric Kool-Aid Trump Indictment

Special Counsel Jack Smith’s indictment is a case within a case, a prosecutorial enchilada filled with things for people of all political persuasions to hate. The outside is a shell of a conventional conspiracy prosecution, and these parts are genuinely damaging for Donald Trump. Inside, it’s a deranged authoritarian fantasy, at times reading more like […]

Green Cars, Red Ink: Ford Set to Lose $4.5 Billion on Electric Vehicles This Year

Ford Motor Company projects it will lose a staggering $4.5 billion on electric vehicles (EVs) in 2023, up from its previously predicted loss of $3 billion earlier this year. Source

‘Bloody Dangerous:’ Jeremy Clarkson Blasts Electric Cars over Safety Concerns

In a recent critique, television star and car enthusiast Jeremy Clarkson has voiced serious concerns about the safety of electric vehicles, calling them “bloody dangerous.” His concern goes beyond cars to other devices powered by batteries, like electric bikes. Clarkson writes, “People have died, and that’s not surprising when you learn that a fully charged e-bike […]

Ford loses billions on electric vehicles, reduces its EV production target

(NaturalNews) Ford has announced that it expects to lose $4.5 billion in its electric vehicles division, “Ford Model e,†this year. This marks a significant… Source

Nobody is buying electric cars, but automakers continue to manufacture them in accordance with “green” agenda

Nobody is buying electric cars, but automakers continue to manufacture them in accordance with “green” agenda The automobile industry in the United States is rapidly declining thanks to the government’s “green” energy and electric vehicle (EV) push. In 2023 alone, Ford is slated to lose $3 billion on electric cars, which very few people want […]

It Can Take 10 Years to Break Even on an Electric Car

Tesla announced that it delivered 466,140 electric vehicles in its second quarter — “more than 80 percent higher” than the year before.  This comes after Tesla CEO Elon Musk decided to lower prices in order to boost sales and rival competitive manufacturers, BBC reported. “We’re not ‘starting a price war’, we’re just lowering prices to […]

Ford’s globalist push for more electric vehicles (EVs) DESTROYING company with massive layoff of salaried engineers

(NaturalNews) People familiar with the matter say that upwards of 1,000 salaried employees and contract workers at Ford Motor Company in North America will soon be… Source

EV COLLAPSE: Electric vehicle manufacturer Lordstown Motors files for bankruptcy

(NaturalNews) Electric vehicle manufacturer Lordstown Motors filed for bankruptcy protections on Tuesday, June 27, after announcing that it would put itself up for… Source

California’s “impossible” electric truck mandate could put logistics companies completely out of business

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) With California’s deadline for zero-emissions vehicles looming, logistics companies are growing concerned that compliance will be impossible.Under the new mandate, which goes into effect on January 1, 2024, all new trucks that are bought for servicing distribution centers, ports and rail yards must be zero-emission … [Read More…] Source

3 gasoline engine car parts could revolutionize the electric car industry by eliminating the need to charge or recharge

92 years ago Nikola Tesla removed the gasoline engine from a 1931 Pierce Arrow and replaced it with a 80 horsepower AC electric motor and drove the electric motor powered car at speeds of up to 90 mph. Since then it has been a mystery as to how he was able to power the Pierce […]

Sales of Used Electric Vehicles Jump by a Third in First Quarter

Used EV sales rose by a third in the first quarter of this year, with average retail prices dropping and remaining well below the price of new electric vehicles, even as Americans remain hesitant to adopt electric cars. The sale of EVs through a licensed dealership rose 32 percent year-over-year in Q1 to 42,753 units, […]

100 year old technology can allow electric cars to travel long distances without having to stop to recharge

The technology exists to allow electric cars to travel long distances without having to stop to recharge. This technology isn’t new. It has been around since the advent of the Ford Model T gas combustion car.  This century old technology has allowed gas combustion engine vehicles to generate and continuously regenerate their own electrical energy […]

When an electric vehicle crashes, insurance companies junk the entire car because its battery has to be tossed

The corporate-controlled media is finally coming around to accepting the truth about the electric vehicle (EV) revolution, which is not even close to being as environmentally friendly as its supporters and promoters claim. Reuters published a piece this week revealing that even the smallest EV accidents, including minor fender-benders, almost always result in insurance companies […]

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