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‘Bloody Dangerous:’ Jeremy Clarkson Blasts Electric Cars over Safety Concerns

In a recent critique, television star and car enthusiast Jeremy Clarkson has voiced serious concerns about the safety of electric vehicles, calling them “bloody dangerous.” His concern goes beyond cars to other devices powered by batteries, like electric bikes. Clarkson writes, “People have died, and that’s not surprising when you learn that a fully charged e-bike […]

The persecution of Jeremy Corbyn

Chris Hedges is a great American journalist. He once worked for New York Times, but his critical, and factual, reporting about Israeli crimes meant that he became a target of the Israel Lobby — and smeared with weaponised anti-Semitism. As such, Chris is very familiar with the machinations of the Israel lobby and how it […]

How Jeremy Corbyn was toppled by the Israel lobby

WEAPONIZING ANTISEMITISM How the Israel Lobby Brought Down Jeremy Corbynby Asa Winstanley310 pp. OR Books, NY/London $18 Asa Winstanley is a British investigative journalist and author who lives in London. He writes primarily about Palestine and the Israel lobby for The Electronic Intifada.  Winstanley has written a political thriller and real page-turner titled Weaponizing Antisemitism: […]

The Israel lobby is trying to do a Jeremy Corbyn on Roger Waters

Originally published by The Electronic Intifada, 2 June. Musician Roger Waters on tour in Germany last month. Angelika WarmuthDPA Last weekend, rock legend Roger Waters, journalist Katie Halper and yours truly were invited by our friend Danny Haiphong onto his popular YouTube livestream, The Left Lens. The topic was my new book Weaponising Anti-Semitism: How […]

How was Jeremy Corbyn purged from Labour?

Then Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn at a peace rally in 2016. (Garry Knight) I went on Sean Blackmon and Jacquie Luqman’s radio show By Any Means Necessary to discuss my new book, Weaponising Anti-Semitism: How the Israel Lobby Brought Down Jeremy Corbyn. Read the endorsements for my book here. Pre-order using the button below for […]

Jeremy Brown Sentenced to 7 Years and 3 Months in Prison for Refusing to Work as an Undercover Operative for FBI on January 6 and Then Later Releasing Audio of His Meeting with FBI

Jeremy Brown Sentenced to 7 Years and 3 Months in Prison for Refusing to Work as an Undercover Operative for FBI on January 6 and Then Later Releasing Audio of His Meeting with FBI Source

Died Suddenly’s – American Fashion Model Jeremy Ruehlemann Dead at 27 plus more

American Fashion Model Jeremy Ruehlemann Dead at 27 Date: January 24, 2023Author: Nwo Report   Posted BY: Jasmine | NwoReport The sudden death of a young American model has left the fashion industry in mourning. Jeremy Ruehlemann passed away on Sunday. The 6’2 model was born in  Mahwah, New Jersey. He was 27 years old. […]

Jeremy Renner Says He Broke over 30 Bones in Snow Plow Accident

Jeremy Renner shared a photo on Instagram Saturday showing him undergoing physical therapy in a hospital-style bed near a window. Source

Jeremy Farrar and the WHO with Johnny Vedmore

In this episode, Whitney talks to Johnny Vedmore about the imminent appointment of former Wellcome Trust head Jeremy Farrar to be the World Health Organization’s Chief Scientist and how it relates to the WHO’s attempts to obtain new powers through a secretive regulation amendment process. Originally published 01/17/23. Show notes Follow Johnny Read Johnny’s […]

ACH (1957) Jeremy From Kentucky – A New Weird Era

In today’s show originally broadcast on November 1 2022, Andy is joined by Jeremy From Kentucky for a show entitled, “A New Weird Era.” We discussed: the origins of “The Patrick And Jeremy Show” with Dr. Patrick Slattery, and Jeremy’s “In Plain Sight” show which goes out Monday to Friday on RBN; why are our […]

Who killed Jeremy Corbyn’s social justice project?

Tuesday, 25 October 2022 3:25 PM  [ Last Update: Tuesday, 25 October 2022 3:25 PM ] By David Miller The hidden truth about The Labour Files, the largest leak in Britain’s political history, is the opposite of the right-wing critics of the Labour Party.  They say that Jeremy Corbyn, the former leader of the UK’s Labour Party, interfered to […]

What Jeremy Corbyn should have done to fight the Labour anti-Semitism smears

I appeared live on George Galloway’s The Mother of all Talkshows on Sunday to discuss Al Jazeera’s new series The Labour Files and what it means. We also discussed the mistakes of the Corbyn era and what the former Labour leader should have done to combat the anti-Semitism smears. Share Palestine is Still the Issue […]

Renowned investor Jeremy Grantham warns: Stock market SUPERBUBBLE will eventually burst

(Natural News) Renowned investor Jeremy Grantham warned the public that the current “superbubble” in stocks and other assets will eventually burst, leading to an “epic” and “tragic” occurrence. The British stock market expert and co-founder of Boston-based asset management firm Grantham, Mayo & van Otterloo (GMO) issued his warning through a letter to his firm’s […]

‘Treat this heatwave like a storm,’ says Euronews’ Jeremy Wilks

Red temperature warnings have been issued in Spain and the United Kingdom. Source

Jeremy Corbyn: The ‘New World Order’ Has Hijacked British Democracy

Former Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has revealed that the ‘New World Order’ have hijacked British democracy and are hellbent on preventing popular leaders like him from ever becoming Prime Minister. “I had my first […] The post Jeremy Corbyn: The ‘New World Order’ Has Hijacked British Democracy appeared first on News Punch. Source

PRGuy17 – Jeremy Hewitt

Daniel Andrews’ lackie, neo nazi and social media troll is: The next question is are the Victorian taxpayers paying for this scum? Source

How the Israel lobby helped bring down Jeremy Corbyn

One year ago we released this short film over at The Electronic Intifada. It’s had more than 73,000 views on YouTube alone since then. “How they brought down Jeremy Corbyn” summarises more than six years of my reporting, exposing the manufactured “Labour anti-Semitism crisis” which caused so much damage to the Corbynist movement in the […]

The character assassination of Jeremy Corbyn

Click through to Sina’s website to listen to the podcast. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Sina Rahmani’s show The East is a Podcast is one of the best out there. Back in January, I returned to the show to have this hour-long discussion with Sina about the whole Corbynite movement. We […]

AmericanGulag Reporter Visits J6 Political Prisoner Jeremy Brown in Pinellas County Jail

AmericanGulag Reporter Visits J6 Political Prisoner Jeremy Brown in Pinellas County Jail The Gateway Pundit / Jim Hoft Article originally published at Article Written by Nick Mastrangelo Upon first eye contact through an enlarged video screen (one of many lined up around the walls of the Visitation Center at Pinellas County Jail), Jeremy Brown, […]

Africa, COVID-19 and Imperialism with Jeremy Loffredo

Originally published on 01/16/21 on In this episode, Whitney is joined by Catherine Austin Fitts to discuss the coming economic “great reset” and the plans to introduce a new and truly Orwellian economic system in its aftermath. The plans for that new system, especially the effort to merge identification, economic activity and vaccine records […]

Is NZ Labour more tolerant of antisemitism than Jeremy Corbyn’s UK Labour party?

Browse > Home / Featured Articles / Is NZ Labour more tolerant of antisemitism than Jeremy Corbyn’s UK Labour party? March 12, 2021 by David Cumin Read on for article In January The Israel Institute of New Zealand exposed NZ MPs as members of an online group that frequently posts vile antisemitism. Labour MP for […]

Brother of Former Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn Arrested for Distributing Leaflets Comparing COVID-19 Vaccines to Auschwitz

Piers Corbyn. Photo: YouTube screenshot. The brother of former UK Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn, who in polls was considered antisemitic by the majority of British Jews, has been arrested for distributing leaflets comparing the coronavirus vaccine to Auschwitz. The Guardian reported Thursday that Piers Corbyn, 73, was arrested along with another man in Southwark […]

‘Times are a Changing’: Launch of Jeremy Corbyn’s Peace & Justice Project

British politician Jeremy Corbyn. (Photo: File) By Ronnie Kasrils I salute Jeremy Corbyn’s Peace & Justice initiative which could not be more timely, and I am proud to be part of it. We live in troubled times: the raging pandemic, rise of neo-fascist forces; the rapacious neoliberal global system. For so many, survival against war, police […]

Ex-Labour head Jeremy Corbyn fights to overturn suspension

Ousted UK Labour head Jeremy Corbyn has begun his bid to be reinstated as a member of the party in the High Court, according to the Jewish Chronicle. Next week, the former Labour head’s lawyers will ask to be privileged to the disclosure of evidence in relation to the decision to suspend the former leader. […]

Jeremy Corbyn’s brother compares COVID-19 vaccines to Nazi atrocities

Piers Corbyn, the brother of former UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, has been circulating leaflets around London — including the highly Jewish-populated area of Barnet, comparing the UK government’s coronavirus vaccination campaign to the Nazi atrocities at Auschwitz during the Holocaust. On the front page of the leaflets appeared a picture of the infamous […]

Police Commissioner thanks AIJAC’s Jeremy Jones

Browse > Home / News / Police Commissioner thanks AIJAC’s Jeremy Jones December 9, 2020 by J-Wire Newsdesk Read on for article NSW Police Commissioner Michael Fuller thanked Jeremy Jones, Director of International and of Community Affairs for the Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council, at the end of Jones’ long service as an advisor to […]

December 7 2020 – In Plain Sight With Jeremy From Kentucky

December 7 2020 – In Plain Sight With Jeremy From KentuckyTHE ACH SHOW On December 7 2020, Andy from EFR appeared as a guest on In Plain Sight with Jeremy from Kentucky. We had a great show together in which we covered a variety of topics affecting all of us today. Click Here For The […]

Stop talking about Jeremy Corbyn

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UK ex-opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn told he cannot sit as Labour MP amid anti-Semitism row

Jeremy Corbyn, former leader of the UK’s main opposition, has been told he can’t represent the party as an MP after “undermining” its bid to tackle anti-Semitism. Current Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer said he made the decision over his predecessor’s reaction to a recent report on alleged anti-Semitism in the party. Corbyn was initially […]

“Sin Begets Sin:” The Fall of Jeremy Corbyn Will be Felt Around the World

By Miko Peled Source Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party have finally succumbed to pressure from Zionist organizations in the UK in a move with enormous international ramifications. There can be little doubt that the ousting of Jeremy Corbyn from the UK Labour Party was the result of a well-planned strategy by a coalition of […]

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