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Breaking: FBI Clears Roger Stone, Alex Jones Of Capitol Storming Involvement

Appearing on Hannity Wednesday, Donald Trump Jr. blasted Joe Biden for causing what he described as “the largest hostage situation perhaps in the history of the world.” “I’m surprised they didn’t do the press conference from an ice cream shop, Sean, because that’s all he’s been capable of doing,” Trump Jr. said. He added, “It’s […]

Roger Waters: ‘They’re Trying To Kill Assange for Exposing the TRUTH’

Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters has warned that Deep State operatives desperately want to kill WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Assange’s father John Shipton and brother Gabriel are touring the US this month to press the Biden administration to drop its charges against Assange, and highlight the threat to worldwide press freedom his prosecution poses. Joining […]

Roger Waters just tweeted a video of an Irish MP speaking the truth to an Israeli ambassador

Posted on May 13, 2021 by uprootedpalestinians May 12, 2021 One of many reasons I love Ireland and its people. LoveR. PS I bet the Israeli Ambassador’s answer was a hoot. So I do. — Roger Waters (@rogerwaters) May 12, 2021 Share this: Like this: Like Loading… Related Filed under: Israeli Crimes, Nazi Israel, […]

Roger Daltrey: The ‘Woke’ Generation is Creating a Miserable World

The Who legend Roger Daltrey says the ‘woke’ generation is creating a miserable world that serves to stifle the kind of creative freedom he enjoyed in the 60s. The iconic frontman made the comments during a recent appearance on Zane Lowe’s Apple Music 1 podcast. “I don’t know, we might get somewhere because it’s becoming […]

Dr. Roger Hodkinson summarizes the case against the CoViD nonsense.

Powerful and universal speech. I agree with every word. “The fight of our generation.” 14 minutes. YouTube is essentially banning truth. Get onto odysee: lbry://@TruthPills#5/Roger-Hodkinson-Alberta#2 Share this: Like this: Like Loading… Source

Justice Department Sues Roger Stone, Alleging He Owes Nearly $2 Million in Unpaid Taxes

Plaintiff, the United States of America, brings this civil action to reduce to judgment and collect unpaid federal income tax liabilities owed by Defendants Roger J. Stone and Nydia B. Stone (collectively “Roger and Nydia Stone” or “the Stones”) for the years 2007 through 2011 and 2018. Drake Ventures LLC (“Drake Ventures”) is liable for […]

Roger Waters calls on Stevie Wonder not to accept Israel’s Wolf Prize

Well known anti-Israeli and pro-BDS Roger Waters, co-founder and former bassist of the iconic British progressive rock band Pink Floyd, called on music star Stevie Wonder to refuse the Wolf Prize award because it comes from Israel, the Jewish Journal reported on Tuesday.  Last month, President Reuven Rivlin announced that both Wonder and Australian composer Olga […]

Roger Waters Calls on Stevie Wonder Not to Accept Israeli Award

Former Pink Floyd bassist Roger Waters released a video on March 9 calling on musician Stevie Wonder to refuse an award from Israel. The award, known as the Wolf Prize, is given to those who have made outstanding contributions to the arts and sciences. Israeli President Reuven Rivlin announced on February 9 that Wonder and […]

Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters Urges Stevie Wonder to Turn Down Israel’s Wolf Prize

Roger Waters. Photo: Jethro via Wikimedia Commons. Former Pink Floyd bassist Roger Waters asked legendary singer-songwriter Stevie Wonder on Monday night to reject Israel’s prestigious Wolf Prize, which he was awarded last month. In a video posted on Facebook, a rambling Waters — who has long been criticized by Jewish groups for his anti-Israel activism […]

Roger Stone dances to pro-Trump rap outside CPAC

Roger Stone was seen dancing outside of the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) in Orlando, Florida, as a hip-hop singer rapped about “Trump 2021” and the “patriots who knocked on the Capitol”. Video shared to Twitter showed Mr Stone and the singer performing for a small crowd outside the Hyatt Regency, where the four fay […]

Dr. Roger Hodkinson, Covid-19 is the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspected public | Masks don’t protect, social distancing does nothing, tests are also useless

Wednesday, November 18, 2020 Dr. Roger Hodkinson, Chairman of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons committee in Ottawa, CEO of a large private medical laboratory in Edmonton, Alberta and Chairman of a Medical Biotechnology company SELLING THE COVID-19 TEST: “There is utterly unfounded public hysteria driven by the media and politicians. This is the […]

The Ultimate Pirate Branding Symbol – The Origin of the Jolly Roger

Pirate lore is a popular topic among many today, with romanticized tales involving adventure on the high seas, camaraderie, and treasure hunting. However, centuries ago, pirates were very real criminals, one of the first examples of organized crime. Traveling by sea, pirates would attack and plunder, killing with disregard. There are many objects of piracy […]

Roger Stone Exclusive: Senate Intelligence Report on Russia a Criminal Fraud

With its publication this week of a tedious, picayune 966-page “report” rehashing the long-since-collapsed ‘Russian collusion’ false narrative, the Senate “Intelligence” Committee joins its discredited House counterpart as another powerful public body co-opted by cynical partisan manipulators as an illegitimate tool to inflict political damage, if not personal destruction, on their most effective adversaries. The […]

Roger Stone Calls Negro Radio Host a “Negro,” Negro is Now a “Racial Slur”

I thought “negro” was “an antiquated term for a person of African descent.” I didn’t know it was a “racial slur.” It just means “black” in like, most languages. I could understand if he’d called him a “jogger,” but this doesn’t demonstrate racism, just age. New York Times: During a live radio […]

Roger Stone: Former CIA director John Brennan will "die in a federal penitentiary" after being convicted of treason

(Natural News) According to President Trump’s longtime confidant and veteran political strategist Roger Stone, former CIA Director John Brennan will “die in a federal penitentiary” for his role in the perpetuation of the phony Trump-Russia collusion scandal. Stone’s comments came during an exclusive interview with SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily on Tuesday morning. […]

Roger Stone says Trump may not run in 2020, pledges to line up challenger to Pence-Haley ticket

Roger Stone says Trump may not run in 2020, pledges to line up challenger to Pence-Haley ticket Washington Examiner May 20, 2018 Longtime Trump confidant Roger Stone pledged to have someone lined up to challenge Vice President Mike Pence should he run for president in 2020. During an interview Friday with Big League Politics, a […]

Roger Cohen scares his readers: ‘the destruction of Israel as a Jewish state’

Yesterday’s New York Times column by liberal Zionist Roger Cohen (4/20/18 – “The Insanity at the Gaza Fence”) put me in mind of the piece by Ian Lustick we recently read for a discussion held by our Jewish Voice for Peace Western Massachusetts chapter, entitled “Making Sense of the Nakba: Ari Shavit, Baruch Marzel, and […]

Saudi Billionaire Tried to Recruit Roger Waters to Support White Helmets in 2016

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The White Helmets Tried To Recruit Roger Waters With Saudi Money

During a Barcelona concert on April 13, Roger Waters denounced the Syrian White Helmets as “a fake organization that exists only to create propaganda for jihadists and terrorists.” Warning that the groups’ unverified claims about chemical weapons attacks across insurgent-held territory were aimed at triggering Western military intervention, Waters cautioned his audience, “If we were to listen to the propaganda of the […]

Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters: Chemical Attack In Syria Was ‘False Flag’

Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters says he believes the chemical attack in Syria was a ‘false flag’ designed to justify an illegal invasion of the country, in front of stunned audience at a concert in Spain. During a solo performance this week in Barcelona, Waters told the crowd that he believes the White Helmets are […]

Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters Stops Live Concert To Explain ‘False Flag Chemical Attack In Syria’

Next Story “Not until we have done all the research necessary…” This is the reality of our current time, and the reason why so many in our world are so confused. We are taking the word of leaders, late night comedy show hosts and mainstream media as truth, when in reality they provide loose facts […]

"Propaganda seems to be more important than the reality of what is really going on" Roger Waters speaks out against White Helmets

     The Syrian Civil Defense, more commonly known as the White Helmets, has emerged as one of the most effective propaganda tools for Islamist militants in Syria, with the group staging numerous provocations to draw in foreign military intervention to aid the militants in their quest to establish Shariah law in the Arab state. English […]

Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters Takes on Syrian White Helmets, Thought-Control

BARCELONA, SPAIN – Roger Waters, former guitarist for Pink Floyd and solo performer, spoke out against the Syrian White Helmets during a recent concert in this city, calling the group “fake” and existing for the sole purpose of creating propaganda for a Western audience on behalf of Syrian opposition groups. Waters, who has long been outspoken […]

Video: Roger Waters reads Darwish poem to protest ‘supremacy’ of Trump’s Jerusalem move

Donald Trump’s decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem continues to resonate. One response is a new video of a Mahmoud Darwish poem as read by Roger Waters, with orchestration by Le Trio Joubran, a band of three Palestinian brothers, two of whom play oud. The piece is titled “Supremacy,” though it is an […]

Roger Bannister, First to Run Sub Four-Minute Mile, Dies at 88

Bannister clocked a time of 3 minutes, 59.4 seconds in Oxford, England Roger Bannister, who electrified the sports world and lifted postwar England’s spirits in 1954 when he became the first athlete to run a mile in under four minutes, has died at 88. Mr. Bannister died Saturday in Oxford, the city where he accomplished […]

Roger Cohen misses the Palestinian reality

Ramallah, Palestine Two weeks ago, Roger Cohen entered my life and that of several Palestinians I introduced him to in the West Bank by having us believe that he sincerely wanted to hear our stories and know our reality.  But The New York Times column that came out of it, “It’s Time for Mahmoud Abbas […]

After disturbing tour of Hebron, Roger Cohen takes a step away from Zionism

Yesterday in the New York Times, Roger Cohen published a column from Hebron titled “Holy City of Sterile Streets” that lots of people are talking about, and which I see as distancing the columnist from Zionism: 1, It states bluntly that the Israeli goal of sterilizing Hebron streets by emptying them of Palestinians is reminiscent […]

Privileged American Jews are safe thanks to ‘Israel’s might’– Roger Cohen

The Jews needed a homeland. History proves that. Assimilation never worked; the Holocaust was no more than a culmination. The United Nations, in 1947, backed such a homeland. And if I, as a Jew, have lived a privileged life in the diaspora, it is in part because of the pride and strength that the new […]

Roger Stone: Trump Cabinet Members Plotting To Overthrow The President

Roger Stone has warned that some members of President Trump’s Cabinet are plotting to remove him from the White House in a carefully planned coup d’etat.  The former presidential campaign adviser told C-SPAN that he overheard some members of the Trump administration planning to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove him from office. reports: “Do you […]

Zionism didn’t have to turn out so badly for Palestinians, says Roger Cohen

The theme of Roger Cohen’s recent memoir of his cosmopolitan family was that Jews are insecure in the west and therefore Jewish sovereignty is a just and necessary answer. He restates these ideas emphatically in a review of Simon Schama’s book, The Story of the Jews, which the New York Times Book Review aptly titles “Millenniums of […]

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