Roger explains how accessible free energy would be

“Fission and fusion are two physical processes that produce massive amounts of energy from atoms. They yield millions of times more energy than other sources through nuclear reactions.” (Dept of Energy)…. Earth is Rapidly dying for many reasons but primarily energy related. There is only one solution…Fission and Fusion but not from Fossil Fuels like gas/oil/wood…we use LIGHT PARTICLES for Fission and Fusion as you will see My accelerator is Micro and now being considered by Physicists Worldwide at a snails pace….but way too late….this is what they say. “But there has been progress made towards miniaturizing particle accelerators, particularly when it comes to devices that accelerate charged particles or plasma. A team of international researchers used computer simulations to demonstrate how these compact plasma accelerators could produce bright light equivalent to that created by large particle accelerators.”…


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