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Air Quality Crisis: Climate change and policy failures endanger millions

This resource is part of a broader initiative to educate Americans about the multifaceted risks posed by climate change, from poor air quality to wildfires, flooding, and extreme heat. Source

The Rise and Fall of Quality Improvement in America

The past four years of the Covid response, by any metric, has been a total disaster, but it fits in with what I believe is the end game of the people who perpetrated this atrocity. My goal is to go from the process utilized to release the Covid mRNA vaccine; to the legal and governmental […]

Royal Society Ignores High-Quality Evidence and Embraces Politically Acceptable Conclusions

This week saw the publication of a suite of systematic reviews by the Royal Society (RS) on the effect of non-pharmaceutical interventions in the pandemic.  Politico headlined with ‘Top review says Covid lockdowns and masks worked, period.’ The Guardian led with ‘Lockdowns and face masks “unequivocally” cut the spread of Covid, report finds,’ and the i newspaper stated: ‘Masks and social distancing did […]

Bull S#it Lies They Told You-COVID-19 Linked To Long-Term Decline In Sperm Quality

“Months of exhaustion, persistent loss of taste and smell, blood clotting issues, and now low sperm count. The list of long-term side effects of COVID-19 continues to expand.” If you took a Killer Jab, they F##KED you up the ass.Probably killed you unless you were one of the lucky ones who got a placebo jab. […]

Oil and pipeline companies are backing a ‘water quality restoration’ project in North America’s biggest swamp

“The idea that this is an experimental project is absurd because we’ve done this numerous times.” Source

Electric Discharge From Plants May Be Changing Air Quality in Ways We Didn’t Expect

Electric Discharge From Plants May Be Changing Air Quality in Ways We Didn’t ExpectNature22 October 2022By Harry Baker, Live Science   Weak electrical discharges, called coronas, can form on tree leaves during thunderstorms. (Penn State)  When lightning flashes above, plants on the ground may respond in kind.Scientists have long been aware that plants and trees […]

Bad Air Day: Air Quality and Your Health

In many parts of the country, summer has the worst air quality of any season. When the forecast says it’s a code red day for air quality, what does it mean for your health? If you’ve planned a picnic, a bike ride or even a walk with a friend, should you change your plans? “The […]

Effective Role of RISECO Co.’s Products in Promoting Quality of Cars

Concurrent with the Government Week, the Mechanized Car Catalyst Production Lines was inaugurated at RISECO Strategic Development and Investment Company in Safadasht Industrial City of Malard, in the presence of First Vice President Dr. Mohammad Mokhber. Before the inaugural ceremony of this production line, the Chief Executive of SAIPA Automotive Group along with the senior […]

Roger Federer spends quality time with his family during their holiday in Greece

Roger Federer is on holiday with family in GreeceAs shown In a few pictures on Twitter. His wife Mirka and children accompany him as he he enjoys his time on Paros Island which is located in the Aegean sea. The 20-time Grand Slam champion Roger Federer, recently missed the Wimbledon Championships, as he was still… […]

Electric vehicles have more quality issues than combustion engine cars, new study finds

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) A new study by data analysis and advisory firm J.D. Power has found that battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) and plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs) have more problems than internal combustion engine (ICE) cars.According to a June 28 press release of the J.D. Power 2022 U.S. Initial Quality Study, ICE vehicles averaged 175 … [Read More…] Source

The ‘Race To The Bottom’ Trap: Why Companies Produce Low Quality Products

Ever wonder why companies keep producing low quality products that are not only bad for people but the planet as well? I do. In fact, I’ve thought about it since I was a kid. But it wasn’t until my early twenties when I began pondering how we could redesign society to make it better did […]

In steep decline: Body blows to America’s vaunted, quality higher education

Note: Clay Reynolds (retired professor of literature and writing, Univ. of Texas, Dallas, one-time dean, significant novelist, essayist, and book reviewer extraordinaire) is a four decade veteran/survivor of American higher education. What he summarized in an email, reacting to my praise of Professor Gayle Greene’s superb essay, Toxic Clichés,enhanced my outdated knowledge (as a one-time academic, now online […]

EPA to reconsider the National Ambient Air Quality Standards for ozone

The Environmental Protection Agency announced it will reconsider the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) for ozone. While almost every state experienced unhealthy levels of ozone this summer as stated in the Environmental Defense Fund’s report, the EPA will review the smog standard in an effort to protect public health and the environment. Under the […]

WHO updates Air Quality Guidelines

Image Credit: Deccan Herald Labeling it as one of the biggest environmental threats to human health, the World Health Organization recently announced updated Air Quality Guidelines to better protect the health of populations. The new global Air Quality Guidelines (AGQs) will reduce levels of key air pollutants, some of which also contribute to climate change. […]

Hazardous Air Quality Breaks Records as Caldor Fire Pushes Toward Lake Tahoe

By Lila SeidmanFrom Los Angeles Times Los Angeles—A spot fire that took hold on the eastern edge of the Caldor fire has pushed the growing blaze closer to South Lake Tahoe, belching smoke that has caused record-breaking air pollution and spurring anxiety the fire could reach resort communities. The spot fire had jumped to around […]

PGSR daily Euro-quality gasoline output reaches 47m liters

TEHRAN – Persian Gulf Star Refinery in Iran’s southern province of Hormozgan is producing 47 million liters of gasoline with a quality higher than Euro-5 standards, the refinery’s Managing Director Mohammad-Ali Dadvar announced. As IRNA reported, Dadvar underlined the refinery’s determination for producing high-quality fuels in order to help protecting the environment, saying:” Our main […]

New Study: School Streets Improve Air Quality

Above photo: The London borough of Merton is home to the highest proportion of schools on school streets. Wimbledon Guardian. New study finds that School Streets reduced nitrogen dioxide by up to 23 per cent during morning drop off. 81 per cent of parents and carers supported the measures at their children’s school and 18 […]

Upping the ante: High-tech companies say their perks aren’t enough to attract quality workers

News and Partnerships Life and Culture Columnists and Opinion Haaretz Heb and TheMarker, the online English edition of Haaretz Newspaper in Israel, gives you breaking news, analyses and opinions about Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World. © Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved Source

Understanding the concept of Quality of Life

 Written by Dr Swati Sapna and  Upasna Gaba WHO defines Quality of Life as “an individual’s perception of their position in life in the context of the culture and value systems in which they live and in relation to their goals, expectations, standards and concerns.”(1) Quality of life (QOL) is a broad multidimensional concept that […]

Fatah lauds Munich Olympics massacre as a ‘quality operation’

Browse > Home / News / Fatah lauds Munich Olympics massacre as a ‘quality operation’ January 29, 2021 by JNS Read on for article Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah faction posted a video last week praising Black September commander Ali Hassan Salameh, one of the architects of the 1972 Munich massacre. A memorial in […]

New EMA director Emer Cooke: ‘Safety and quality’ of COVID-19 vaccine is my top priority

With someone dying from COVID-19 every 17 seconds according to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are high expectations for the coronavirus vaccines currently under scrutiny and awaiting approval by the EU. The responsibility is a heavy one and it resides with Emer Cooke, the new Executive Director of the European Medicines Agency (EMA), and […]

ACH (1402) Myron Fagan – THE BEST AUDIO QUALITY EVER OF Myron Fagan’s ‘The Illuminati and the Council on Foreign Relations’

ACH (1402) Myron Fagan – THE BEST AUDIO QUALITY EVER OF Myron Fagan’s ‘The Illuminati and the Council on Foreign Relations’THE ACH SHOW In today’s show originally broadcast on December 8 2020, Andy broadcasts “THE BEST AUDIO QUALITY EVER OF Myron Fagan’s ‘The Illuminati and the Council on Foreign Relations’.” From Wikipedia: Myron Coureval Fagan […]

A REMINDER: a 2018 court case revealed there’s been no quality control over vaccines manufactured by Big Pharma over the past three decades

A reminder Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch A reminder also … the CDC is not an independent government agency, it is a private subsidiary of Big Pharma … go figure … EWR From Posted on Feb 08, 2019, 7 p.m. Del Bigtree and RFK Jr. have been credited for the 2018 landmark lawsuit victory in […]

Improving the Quality of Your Sleep

Why is it so darned hard to get good quality sleep these days? It’s easy to feel alone with this problem when you’re lying awake in the middle of the night watching the time tick by, and then more alone still as you toss and turn your way into the […]

Greener AND more nutritious: Tomatoes grown with half the water have the same quality plus higher concentration of carotenoids

(Natural News) Farmers are constantly trying to figure out how they can conserve water without sacrificing the quality of their crops, so a new discovery from University of Seville researchers will be welcome news. According to their findings, cherry tomatoes that are grown with half the amount of water that is normally […]

The Vibrational Quality of 108

February 4th, 2018 By Ethan Indigo Smith Contributing writer for Wake Up World 108 is considered the most valuable number in numerology, metaphysics and symbolism. But why is 108 so significant? Among Eastern theologies, there is said to be 108 emotions, 36 of the present, 36 of the past and 36 of the future. In Hinduism there are […]

Left, Undone: As Women March, Blacks Increasingly Question the Quality of their Allies

Forty years ago last fall, the late Richard Pryor took the stage at the Hollywood Bowl for a gay rights fundraiser and delivered what was perhaps the most incendiary monologue of a career that was both famously — and literally — combustible. What the audience of 17,000 mostly gay, white men anticipated was to be […]

Restricting Eating Times Boosts Quality of Life in Neurodegenerative Disease

     Neurodegenerative diseases affect millions of Americans, especially those who are elderly or approaching old age. These diseases can cause rapid decline and loss of both one’s well-being and one’s ability to care for oneself. Although there are several treatments that can improve or extend the lives of people living with neurodegenerative disease, there currently […]

Food quality found to impact risk of cancer regardless of weight: Choosing natural foods over processed foods keeps the nutrients-to-calories ratio properly balanced

(Natural News) If you know someone who eats whatever they want and never seems to gain any weight, it’s normal to feel a little envious. However, they could be doing their body just as much harm as they would by gaining weight. This is according to a new study that reveals the quality of your […]

How Tart Cherry Juice Increases the Quality of Your Sleep

November 30th, 2017 By April McCarthy Guest writer for Wake Up World Along with providing the fruit’s bright red color, the antioxidant compounds in tart cherries — called anthocyanins — have been specifically linked to high antioxidant capacity and reduced inflammation, at levels comparable to some well-known pain medications. Michigan researchers had previously shown that a cherry-enriched […]

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