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WTI Tumbles To 1-Month Lows As Gasoline Demand Plunges

WTI Tumbles To 1-Month Lows As Gasoline Demand Plunges Oil prices are plunging overnight as worsening sentiment across markets over the last few days, spurred by a higher-for-longer outlook for global interest rates, has trumped any physical tightness fears even as Saudi Arabia and Russia reaffirmed that they will continue output curbs until the end […]

Retail Sales Unexpectedly Soared In August, As Gasoline Costs Jumped

Retail Sales Unexpectedly Soared In August, As Gasoline Costs Jumped Following July’s buying spree, expectations are for a slowdown in retail sales in August as BofA omnipotent analysts forecast a decline of 0.1% MoM (worse than the consensus +0.1% MoM) with gas prices rising the only saving grace (ex-autos and gas expected to be down […]

3 gasoline engine car parts could revolutionize the electric car industry by eliminating the need to charge or recharge

92 years ago Nikola Tesla removed the gasoline engine from a 1931 Pierce Arrow and replaced it with a 80 horsepower AC electric motor and drove the electric motor powered car at speeds of up to 90 mph. Since then it has been a mystery as to how he was able to power the Pierce […]

BP Refinery In Ohio That Provides Gasoline For Midwest “Shut Down” After Fire

By Zero Hedge Update (Wednesday): A BP spokesperson told Reuters the BP-Husky Toledo refinery in Oregon, Ohio, has been “safely shut down” in response to Tuesday night’s fire. The fire’s cause is still unknown, but sources told Reuters, “leaking fumes from a crude unit may have caused the ignition in another unit at the facility.” The source […]

Breitbart Business Digest: Biden Pours Student Debt Gasoline on Inflation Fire

It’s hard to imagine a worse time for the U.S. government to decide to launch a massive student loan forgiveness program than right now. Source

Canola the new margarine is made with a gasoline constituent – throw it all out

Originally posted on Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch: (NaturalNews) Remember when margarine was the substitute for butter? Hey, I can’t believe it’s not butter! Wow. Margarine is a molecule away from being plastic, and we wonder why so many old folks in America have Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. The plastic fat is clogging their brain veins.… […]

Destruction Yet? And Where Will Gasoline Prices Go from Here?

There’s some demand destruction. But oil bounced again, gasoline might be next. My guess is a long-drawn-out zigzag higher.

Rappers Replace Flashy Gold Bling With Gasoline Cans

COMPTON, CA—As gas prices surge, rappers and other wealthy celebrities have started replacing their usual gold bling with gasoline cans to show off to the world they finally made it. “Fo’ sho’, it’s gas time, son!” said Snoop Dog, while high rollin’ off some exotic with lye and straight-up premium unleaded Chevron. Eminem was also spotted […]

Gasoline Prices Drift Down 9 Cents In Past Month, Still Up $1.16 Over Year

Gasoline prices continued their seasonal downward drift on Dec. 14, falling two and a half cents per gallon compared to a week earlier and down nine cents from a month ago, though they remain up $1.16 compared to a year ago as experts wonder if the falling trend can last amid oil price uncertainty. The […]

No Gasoline Without “COVID Papers”? It’s Already Happening in Some Parts of the World

By Jon Miltimore It’s hard to know what’s real and what’s fake on the internet these days. So when I stumbled on a Twitter post that claimed automobile drivers in Slovenia were forbidden from pumping gas without a COVID certificate, I was skeptical. All the tweets I found were screenshots of a single story published […]

Panic Hoarding Gasoline Begins As UK Plunges Towards “Winter Of Discontent”

Lines of cars and trucks are spilling over into the streets at service stations across the country. A BP spokesperson said Thursday that a truck driver shortage has resulted in its inability to transport fuel from refineries to its network of service stations. These words spooked the public, which could cause a more severe shortage […]

Ida’s sweltering aftermath: No power, no water, no gasoline

New Orleans officials announced seven places around the city people could get a meal and sit in air conditioning. Edwards said that state officials likewise were working to set up places to distribute food, water and ice, but that it wouldn’t start Tuesday. The governor’s office also said discussions were underway about establishing cooling stations […]

Cuba says its Paris embassy targeted by gasoline bombs

French authorities say they are investigating a gasoline bomb attack that caused minor damage to the Cuban Embassy in Paris. Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez reported the attack on Monday night on Twitter before the country’s Foreign Ministry International Press Centre later said the incident occurred around midnight. Officials said three Molotov cocktails were thrown, […]

Amid Gasoline Shortage, Antifa Switches To Molotov Mocktails

U.S.—As the gas shortages continue following the Colonial Pipeline hack, Antifa members have been forced to find alternatives to throwing Molotov cocktails. Now the well-known, mostly peaceful freedom fighters have resorted to throwing non-flammable liquids.  “Since gas is so hard to come by, we’ve had to adjust and start throwing Molotov mocktails instead at all […]

PGSR daily Euro-quality gasoline output reaches 47m liters

TEHRAN – Persian Gulf Star Refinery in Iran’s southern province of Hormozgan is producing 47 million liters of gasoline with a quality higher than Euro-5 standards, the refinery’s Managing Director Mohammad-Ali Dadvar announced. As IRNA reported, Dadvar underlined the refinery’s determination for producing high-quality fuels in order to help protecting the environment, saying:” Our main […]

Judge Asks Jurors To Disregard Maxine Waters As She Pours Gasoline On Their Heads

Judge Asks Jurors To Disregard Maxine Waters As She Pours Gasoline On Their Heads MINNEAPOLIS, MN—County Judge Peter Cahill has issued final instructions to the jury ahead of closing arguments in the Derek Chauvin trial. As part of his charge to the jury, he asked them to please disregard Maxine Waters as she walked among […]

Gasoline consumption drops 20% in a year

TEHRAN- Gasoline consumption in the country has decreased by 20 percent in the past Iranian calendar year (ended on March 20), as compared to its preceding year due to rationing this fuel and also the coronavirus pandemic. However, there is a concern that if there is no optimization and in case of consumption growth, Iran […]

Cheapest and easiest methods for gasoline and diesel automakers to reduce CO2 emissions

The EU, US, and Canadian governments are responsible for the increase in CO2 emissions since the 1990s. The EU, US and Canadian governments forced automakers to equip all vehicles with an ECM to keep the fuel efficiency of all vehicles low to guarantee a greater demand for fuel & therefore higher tax revenue for the […]

Would-Be Carjacker Doused with Gasoline, Scared Away with Handgun

A felon who allegedly attempted four carjackings on Friday was arrested after one of the drivers had doused him gasoline and another had pulled a handgun and sent the suspect fleeing. Fox News reports that 32-year-old Christopher Hendrix crashed his own vehicle on I-4, and allegedly began trying to take vehicles that belonged to other […]

Increase fuel mileage by vaporizing or atomizing liquid gasoline


Posted by Paul W Kincaid World news Monday, December 24th, 2018 Fuel Atomizing Solenoid ™ © design by Paul W Kincaid The secret to higher fuel mileage is to increase liquid gasoline vaporization or atomization resulting in a cleaner burn (reduces CO2) and a combustion that uses less fuel. It is a well known fact […]

All electric in 20 years? California lawmaker floats a bill to ban gasoline cars by 2040

(Natural News) Could gasoline cars be banned in the state of California? If one state lawmaker gets his way, this could become a reality by the year 2040. Phil Ting, a Democrat California Assembly Member who represents a large swath of San Francisco, has stated his intention to introduce a bill that would see the […]

‘Hardcore smackdown to gasoline rivals’ – Elon Musk has a new toy

Musk unveiled the new electric car at a launch of the Tesla Semi truck prototype at an airport hangar in Los Angeles Thursday. The Tesla Semi opened its trailer to reveal the sports car to surprised guests. “The point of doing this is to give a hardcore smackdown to gasoline cars,” Musk said during the […]

CATALONIA: Is the Media Throwing Gasoline on the Separatist Fire?

Catalan Raimon Castellvi wears a flag with an Estelada (Catalan separatist flag) as he protests outside the European Commission in Brussels after Sunday’s independence referendum in Catalonia, Belgium, Oct. 2, 2017. (Photo: Twitter) 21st Century Wire says… With the debate raging on the Iraqi Kurdish referendum and the more recent Catalonian bid for “freedom” from […]

Noah Riley from Indiana doused kitten in gasoline and set her on fire!

Noah Riley from Indiana doused kitten in gasoline and set her on fire! Anita VanderKooi Benton Harbor, MI A cat was discovered badly burned in a cornfield in the town of Crawfordsville, Indiana. The inhumane act was noticed by retired firefighter Steve Wright; he spotted the flames and quickly went to investigate. He initially thought he […]

Iran to produce 70 million liter gasoline per day

IRNA – Iran’s average gasoline production will increase to more than 70 million liters per day day, said Deputy Minister of Petroleum Abbas Kazemi on Monday. “The country’s average gasoline production is currently 62 million liters per day, which would hit 64 million liters after a 2 million liter MTB gasoline is added to it, […]

New refinery to make Iran exporter of gasoline: IRGC Chief

Tasnim – A new gas condensate refinery constructed in southern Iran by an entity affiliated with the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) will not only help meet the country’s domestic demands for gasoline, but also allow for the export of petroleum, the commander of the IRGC announced. After coming into operation, the ‘Persian Gulf Star’ […]

Facebook names Netanyahu’s former advisor ‘head of policy’

‘A longtime senior adviser to Israeli Prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu has been appointed as Facebook’s head of policy and communication in the latest cooperation between the social networking site and the Israeli government to tackle the BDS movement. Jordana Cutler, also chief of staff at the Israeli embassy in Washington, has joined Facebook’s Israel office […]

Police face questions over the influence of the Freemasons

From: South Yorkshire Police today face questions over whether powerful ‘secret society’ the Freemasons held sway over the force at the time of Hillsborough. Families of victims say that officers who were Masons were promoted into powerful positions despite being ill-equipped, including match commander David Duckenfield. Duckenfield told the […]

Pilgrim’s Pride Corp. Recalls Millions of Pounds of Poultry Products; “Class I Recall, Health Risk: High”

Pilgrim’s Pride Corp. Recalls Millions of Pounds of Poultry Products; “Class I Recall, Health Risk: High” April 27th, 2016 At the bottom of the article, it defines a Class 1 recall as follows: This is a health hazard situation where there is a reasonable […]

New Analytics Tool Can Predict Police Misconduct

City Council in Charlotte Vote to Pioneer New Predictive Analytics Misconduct Tool For Police American Intelligence Report A new predictive analytics tool may be able to prevent police misconduct by using meta data and historical records, FiveThirtyEight reports. The city council in Charlotte, North Carolina, voted to move forward and pioneer a new forecasting software, known as Early […]

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