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Enjoy Warmth While It Lasts. Meteorologist Warns Of Winter’s Return Next Week

Punxsutawney Phil – the famous groundhog weather oracle – called for early spring last Friday, having not seen his shadow. However, a new forecast by Arcfield Weather indicates that the above-normal temperatures across the Central US and East Coast could end as early as next week, ushering in another vicious round of winter.  “A pattern change to […]

Weather alerts issued across US as winter storm expected to hit East Coast

Weather alerts have been issued across the U.S. as a winter storm has been forecast to hit the East Coast. Winter storm warnings have been issued in states including New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Virginia, according to the National Weather Service (NWS). The NWS had warned Friday of heavy snow and severe ice from Maryland… […]

Hope in the Heart of Winter

SHARE | PRINT | EMAIL As winter approaches—unless you’re near the equator—the nights get longer and the sun’s glow loses its warmth. For much of the world, the surrounding environment becomes harsh and even deadly. Landscapes appear empty and lose their color. Few fruits and vegetables continue to produce food. Wind, cold, ice, and snow […]

The Best Stuff From SSENSE’s Massive Winter Sale (Up to 70% Off)

Sorry to burst your bubble, bucko, but we’re now in the ninth inning (some would even say the tenth inning) of holiday shopping. Yes, the deals are still bubbling, but we both know that you may need to upgrade some stuff in your warm-weather closet before 2023 wraps up. Thankfully, SSENSE, one of the most […]

Trying to Get Jacked This Winter? Check Out PWR LIFT’s Black Friday Sale

For many, the colder months mean rewatching The Sopranos and eating a ton of pasta and chili; for others, it’s a time to focus on new hobbies, like baking sourdough, knitting, and beating Baldur’s Gate 3. But for some of us, winter is a time of getting absolutely jacked, since we have to go to […]

Germany to provide “winter protection” to Ukraine despite reports that Kyiv bombed Nord Stream pipelines

Germany to provide “winter protection” to Ukraine despite reports that Kyiv bombed Nord Stream pipelines In a meeting with European Union foreign ministers in Brussels on Monday, Germany signified its plan to expand and increase its support for Ukraine, especially in the coming year, but did not fully disclose specifics on how to go about […]

PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING ALERT: New Warning Says Half Of US At Risk Of Grid Down This Winter

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The Best Men’s Down Coats for Tailgating, Commuting, and Surviving Winter

As someone who grew up in sunny southern California, I did not have the quintessential East Coast experience of having to wear a down coat over my Halloween costume or being shoved into a big puffy snowsuit like Randy. I wore a sweatshirt to school on even the chilliest days and my mental vision of […]

CDC Urge Public To Have Covid Boosters Warning Protection Is Decreasing & Winter Wave Is Looming

Even though the number of covid cases numbers are currently falling, Americans should not be lulled into thinking they do not need another booster jab according to Doctors ar the Centers for Disease Control and […] The post CDC Urge Public To Have Covid Boosters Warning Protection Is Decreasing & Winter Wave Is Looming appeared […]

Switzerland: Emergency Plans to Deal with Energy Shortages this Winter, Ban Use of Electric Cars for ‘Non-Essential’ Journeys


Electricity prices in Italy surge 30% IN A WEEK as another winter without cheap Russian gas approaches

(NaturalNews) Within just one week from Aug. 21 to 27, Italy experienced a nearly 30 percent increase in the cost of electricity, pushing prices up to 138 euros… Source

Fauci Declares That ALL Unvaccinated Citizens Must Be Locked Down This Winter

Anthony Fauci has reemerged from retirement and urged the Biden administration to implement a “strict lockdown” this winter for all unvaccinated Americans. The disgraced government bureaucrat appeared at a university virtual event recently titled, “Pandemic […] The post Fauci Declares That ALL Unvaccinated Citizens Must Be Locked Down This Winter appeared first on The People's […]

GOD!, George Washington and His Winter Soldiers Who Sacrificed So Much, Must Be Just SO PROUD!


Netherlands Allocates 100 Million Euros In Aid To Ukrainian Farmers & Winter Preparation

The Dutch government has announced that it is allocating 100 million euros in aid for Ukraine. Through the World Bank mechanism, the Netherlands is allocating 100 million euros for guarantees to finance agricultural businesses and […] The post Netherlands Allocates 100 Million Euros In Aid To Ukrainian Farmers & Winter Preparation appeared first on The […]


This week I noticed a distinct chill in the air, first thing in the morning, which could be described as a very light frost. Others must have noticed it in their localities as orders started coming in for Vaporgard, the spray on frost protection. Now if you think back to Marches in the past years, […]

Mechanic Sees Drivers Trapped on Icy Road in Brutal Winter Storm, Frees Them for 7 Hours Till 6 A.M

A brutal winter storm struck the western U.S. from Arizona to Wyoming last month, seeing many motorists stranded for long hours in cold weather and abandoned cars littering the highways. Twenty drivers trapped in a blizzard in Washington state on Feb. 22 have a pair of local heroes to thank for pulling them out. Uber […]

Californians Announce Discovery Of Strange New Season ‘Winter’

CALIFORNIA — In a groundbreaking announcement, Californians have declared the discovery of a strange new season they’re calling “winter.” Source

San Francisco Braces for First Snow Since 1976 as More Winter Storms Arrive

San Francisco could see light snowfall on higher elevations near the city — and even flurries within city limits — as another winter storm arrives for the latter half of this week, once again defying expectations of a dry winter. Source

Afghans in dire need of aid to survive freezing winter

  READ: Turkiye's 7th aid train reaches Afghanistan Source


December, January, February are the best months for planting vegetables and flowers for winter food and colour. The reason is you need to catch the longer day light hours to obtain reasonable growth. The day light hours are progressively diminishing but during these months there is ample time to get plants to a mature state […]

VIDEO: Determined Mom Beats Icy Winter Roads by Sledding Her Kids to School

When icy roads made her family’s normal drive to school a dangerous option, a mom of two from New York thought outside the box. She put her two kids onto a sled in their snow gear and buckled up for the most adventurous school ride yet. Charlotte Guernsey, 47, is a realtor, bridal shop, and wedding […]

The Best Humidifiers for Saving Your Sinuses This Winter

It’s “Dry January,” which can have many connotations. Sure, you’re probably thinking that that just means opting to be booze-free, but the onslaught of January’s hyper-cold temps means your cracked, bleeding nostrils are also having a dry January, indeed. While we can’t guarantee you’ll have zero hangovers this month (although we can offer some booze-free […]

Winter Storm Hits Meat Plants, Threatens Wheat and Cattle

CHICAGO—Tyson Foods Inc. said it suspended and reduced operations at some U.S. meat facilities on Thursday due to a massive winter storm, while farmers increased checks on livestock facing harsh winds and cold. The extreme weather presented a temporary challenge to food production after consumers grappled this year with soaring inflation, supply-chain shortages, and drought […]

Congress Braces for Long, Cold Winter Night to Pass Omnibus Spending Plan Before Christmas

Congress is bracing for a long, cold winter night in Washington, DC, as outgoing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is determined to pass the Democrats’ $1.7 trillion omnibus spending plan before lawmakers leave town for Christmas. Source

Millions of Americans in multiple states face elevated risk of winter power outages

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) Millions of people in multiple states are at an elevated risk of having power outages this winter.Texas, New England, the Great Lakes and the American Southeast are facing “unprecedented” and “widespread” reliability risks this winter, according to the 2023 Winter Assessment report of the North American Electric … [Read More…] Source

In Moscow’s crosshairs: Moldova looks east and west to stay warm this winter

Moscow is using energy as a weapon against Moldova. Residents there have taken to the streets in the capital Chisinau, to protest against the pro-European government. Source

Pre-Christian Winter Festivals

We find then many pagan practices concealed beneath a superficial Christianity—often under the mantle of some saint. Source

UK Civil Service Implements ‘Christmas’ and Alcohol Bans for Winter ‘Festive Celebrations’

Britain’s woke civil service has banned many of its members from hosting “Christmas” parties, insisting that only alcohol-free “festive celebrations” are permissible instead. The war on Christmas is alive and well in 2022, with parts of the UK’s ultra-woke civil service reportedly implementing a ban on the traditional end-of-year Christmas party, permitting its members to […]

Switzerland plans to temporarily limit electric vehicle use this winter due to energy shortage

(Natural News) Switzerland is planning to temporarily limit the use of electric vehicles this winter in case the country’s energy supply drops low enough that power blackouts become a possibility. Under the new plan, which takes inspiration from Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdowns, Switzerland could ban electric cars from making non-essential journeys during the winter to deal with potential […]

‘Worst winter of our lives’: Ukrainian capital prepares for cold and dark times ahead

More than 10 million Ukrainians were left without power by mid-week last week, according to President Zelenskyy. Source

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