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Freemasons’ final preparations for WW3

The Ukraine war about to escalate with Russia about to start a new front towards Kharkiv, and with NATO deploying into Ukraine and Baltic Sea as Sweden finally  joins NATO transferring a critical island off Stockholm of primary strategic value to block Russia’s trade ghrough the Baltic and protect the Baltic States militarily.  Germany, France […]

Pentagon report warns of China’s cyber preparations for war following hacking of U.S. military bases

(NaturalNews) A strategy document from the Department of Defense (DoD) has warned that China considers cyberspace a crucial element to “prosecuting a war against… Source


This week I noticed a distinct chill in the air, first thing in the morning, which could be described as a very light frost. Others must have noticed it in their localities as orders started coming in for Vaporgard, the spray on frost protection. Now if you think back to Marches in the past years, […]

Vatican preparations underway for Benedict XVI’s funeral

Pope Francis will preside over the funeral of his predecessor Benedict XVI on Thursday. Source

Japan Making ‘Preparations’ for Possible Chinese Attack of Taiwan

Japan’s foreign ministry said on Tuesday it would consider its “options” and make necessary “preparations” toward supporting Taiwan if China continues to ramp up its military intimidation of the island. Asked by reporters how Tokyo views Beijing’s record-breaking flyovers through Taiwanese airspace in recent days, Japanese Foreign Minister Motegi Toshimitsu said he hoped “this matter […]

Palestinians Take Another Step in Preparations for First Election in 15 Years

Men speak with police officers as Palestinians begin registering party lists for May parliamentary election, at the Palestinian Central Elections Commission’s office in Gaza City March 20, 2021. Photo: REUTERS/Mohammed Salem Palestinians took another step in preparations for their first parliamentary election in 15 years on Saturday, opening registration offices to admit the political parties […]

Preparations for the Final Phase of Regime Change in Venezuela: Will the United States Resort to a Multilateral Military Invasion?

Written by Daniel Edgar exclusively for SouthFront A ‘top secret’ document entitled “Plan to Overthrow the Venezuelan Dictatorship ‘Masterstroke’” has recently received substantial coverage by the ‘alternative’ press in Latin America (needless to say, it has received little or no mention in the ‘mainstream’ press). The document is dated the 23rd of February 2018 and apparently was edited and […]

U.S. And Russia Making Preparations For World War III

The U.S. and Russia are making preparations for World War III, according to Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief aide to U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell. Col. Wilkerson says he has observed the same type of behavior England and Germany showed in the lead-up to World War 1 by Washington and Moscow. reports: However, […]

War Preparations Against Venezuela As Election Nears

War Preparations Against Venezuela As Election Nears Since we published “Regime Change Fails: Is a Military Coup or Invasion Next,” we received more information showing steps toward preparing for a potential military attack on Venezuela. Stopping this war needs to become a top priority for the peace movement. Black Alliance for Peace (BAP) published a […]

Stalin’s Preparations For An Offensive War In The Summer of 1941 To Make Europe A Soviet-Communist Continent

By John Wear Soviet Preparations for Offensive War In the years 1937-1941, the Soviet Army grew five-fold, from 1.1 million to 5.5 million.[1] An additional 5.3 million people joined the ranks of the Red Army within one week of the beginning of the war. A minimum of 34.5 million people were used by the Red Army […]

N. Korea threatens Australia with ‘disaster’ for engagement in US ‘war preparations’

“Should Australia continue to follow the US in imposing military, economic and diplomatic pressure upon the DPRK [Democratic People’s Republic of Korea] despite our repeated warnings, they will not be able to avoid a disaster,” KCNA warned on Saturday quoting a spokesman for the Foreign Ministry. N. Korea threatens Guam with ‘salvo of missiles’ as […]

Iranian official to visit Saudi Arabia for Hajj preparations

Speaking to Tasnim on Monday, Davood Mohammadi said the visit will take place next week. In his trip, Mohammadi is going to talk about the latest developments regarding the Hajj pilgrimage and the guarantees given by Riyadh that the dignity of the Iranian pilgrims will be preserved, the parliamentarian added. Hamid Mohammadi had announced earlier […]

Chronic fatigue syndrome: Could altered gut bacteria be a cause?

     What causes chronic fatigue syndrome? The answer to this question continues to baffle researchers, so much so that some have even questioned whether the condition exists. Now, a new study by researchers from Cornell University in Ithaca, NY, may have shed light on a biological cause, after finding that patients with chronic fatigue have […]

Thai AirAsia X begins direct flights to Tehran

An inaugural flight, serviced by an Airbus A330-300, was launched directly between Tehran and Bangkok on June 22, Nadda Buransiri, CEO of Thai AirAsia X, said, Newswit website reported. The flight was operated between Tehran’s Imam Khomeini International Airport and Bangkok’s Don Mueang International Airport. Thai AirAsia X now flies to Tehran 3 times a […]

5 Ridiculous Things About Dianetics

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Facebook Messenger App Is Killing The Phone Number

According to Facebook you no longer need to know someone’s phone number in order to make video and voice calls. Facebook Messenger renders the old phone number obsolete. It can send messages in all formats. Trusted Reviews reports: Facebook’s vice president of messaging products David Marcus claims users of the app no longer need to know […]


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How Eisenhower Dealt With America’s First Illegal Alien Crisis…

Subscribe is a website dedicated to truth and patriotism. Every single person writing on this site is a long time patriot. Don’t miss out on our breaking news! Subscribe by entering your email below. God bless America! Dean James III% AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS – This is not the first time the US has dealt with […]

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