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Abdollahian says Tehran to aid African security measures

TEHRAN- During a meeting with Mauritanian President Mohamed Ould Ghazouani on Tuesday, Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian emphasized the Islamic Republic’s support for initiatives to safeguard peace and security in Africa. Source

Jenin raid: PA cuts Israel security ties

READ: Israeli occupation forces closes Jerusalem and offers security to march by far-right settlers Source

Why union workers are a first line of defense to protect Social Security

Is the Republican plan to move the goalposts on those already paying into Social Security going to force younger Americans to work themselves into the grave? Source

US and Israel ‘biggest threats to security’ across Arab world: Arab Opinion Index

An overwhelming majority of Arab citizens say they oppose normalization with Israel, believing instead that the Palestinian cause concerns the entire region January 20 2023 ByNews Desk-  The US and Israel have been named the “biggest threats” to the security of the Arab world by citizens from across West Asia and North Africa, according to […]

Advocates say ‘hell no’ as Manchin pitches Social Security deal with GOP

“Manchin is providing cover for Republican attacks on Social Security and Medicare.” Source

Comer: FBI Needs to Get Security Footage from Biden Like They Did with Trump

On Monday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “The Story,” House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer (R-KY) stated that the FBI should request security footage from the surveillance cameras at President Joe Biden’s home in Delaware to help determine Source

This simple fix could help save Social Security

This simple fix could help save Social Security By Brenton Smith Social Security Trust Funds have squandered billions of dollars on an antiquated investment policy.  That loss tells us a lot about the financial crisis coming to Social Security. In 2019, Social Security lost roughly $1 billion because the system invests the excess reserves on […]

Will Japan and India become permanent members of the UN Security Council?

On December 12, 2022 in London, during a meeting of the British Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, its head, James Cleverly, said that he was in favor of expanding the number of permanent members of the UN Security Council (UNSC) by including Japan, India, Brazil and Germany. The British diplomat believes that the current world […]

Kevin McCarthy Pledges to Release All Security Footage from January 6 Capitol Riots 

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) told reporters Thursday that he intends to release all the security footage from the January 6 Capitol riots.  Source

Turkey’s energy strategy as a means of boosting security and shifting the balance of power

In today’s world, the security of a country consists of various components, where energy plays a crucial role. The effectiveness of a country’s energy security is determined by its resource capabilities, its scientific and technological base, its geographic location and its access to strategic communications. Turkey does not possess all of these components in equal […]

First reaction to Japan’s new National Security Strategy

As previously reported in the NEO, a joint meeting of the leaders of the ruling parliamentary coalition (90% of which are members of the Liberal Democratic Party) on December 12 approved new draft versions of three documents concerning national security and military development in Japan. Of these, the basic document will be Japan’s second postwar […]

Airports Forced To Hire Extra Security To Guard Thousands Of Stranded Bags From Sam Brinton

LAS VEGAS, NV — The Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas, NV led the nation in increasing security presence where thousands of bags sat unguarded following mass cancellations for Southwest Airlines. Airport officials have already reported other airports following their lead, citing concerns that the luggage would be stolen by Biden energy official Sam […]

The Ukraine crisis is a classic ‘security dilemma’

Looking at the conflict and its underlying causes may help to suggest a path to a mutually-acceptable diplomatic solution. Source

Indiana sues TikTok citing safety and security concerns

Indiana sues TikTok, claiming it exposes children to harmful content. Indiana’s attorney general sued TikTok on Wednesday, claiming the Chinese-owned company exposes minors to inappropriate content and makes user data accessible to China, in one of the strongest moves against the social media giant taken by a state. Indiana’s lawsuit is the latest move to […]

Wireless keyboards a privacy and security risk

When it comes to security many people may mention internet connections, WiFi, passwords etc. But one of the important and overlooked aspect is the input devices or HID (Human Interface Device) as the computer likes to have it named, such as the mouse and keyboard and why not throw in a (electronic) pencil while you’re […]

The NZ Security Intelligence Service has been advertising for Surveillance Officers and Contact Tracers

For those of you who have your eye on the ball so to speak, these are job opportunities not commonly seen in our ‘freedom loving democracy’ of NZ. Any items concerning surveillance are generally described as necessary for the safety of citizens. Not too many years ago this site and others were being watched by […]

Greece hailed as exporter of energy security

Greece is an exporter of energy security to our neighbours and this is mainly due to our energy strategy and the strategy in the natural gas sector, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis underlined on Wednesday speaking at an international conference on Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) held in Athens. “The crisis is changing the energy map… […]

Afghanistan and regional security in Central Asia

Having an important geostrategic position and being an essential link in the development of cooperation between Central and South Asia as well as in regional security issues, Afghanistan has attracted a lot of attention from its regional neighbors. The Central Asian countries, objectively interested in multifaceted cooperation with all their neighbors, see Afghanistan not only […]

Autonomous Vehicles Join the List of US National Security Threats

AMID RISING CONCERNS about China’s growing international data collection apparatus, a newly divided US Congress is applying fresh scrutiny to the possibility that imported Chinese technology could be a Trojan horse. Source

Lobbyists call on the US government to develop digital ID infrastructure for “security” reasons

A group of 10 advocacy organizations, including the Identity Theft Resource Center and the Better Identity Coalition, have called on Congress to pass the Improving Digital Identity Act of 2022, mandating the government to develop federal digital ID infrastructure. Source

‘NYT’ covers up the rise of Jewish supremacist Ben-Gvir, as Netanyahu’s security minister

Once again the “New York Times” launders the dark forces gaining power in Israeli politics. Tensions in the occupied Palestinian West Bank are already at their highest level in years, and yet Israel’s security policy is now in the hands of a fascist who was considered so extreme that he wasn’t even allowed to serve […]

Israel designate-Premier appoints far-right Ben-Gvir as new Security Minister

Israeli designate Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud Party signed its first coalition deal with Itamar Ben-Gvir, appointing the Head of the far-right Otzma Yehudit Party as the "Minister of National Security", Likud announced in a statement this morning. "We took a big step tonight toward a full coalition agreement, toward forming a fully, fully right-wing […]

Across Africa, water conflict threatens security, health, and the environment

The scarcity-led conflict and crisis. Source

Africa to fortify the architecture of peace and security on the continent

In recent decades, the issue of ensuring the security of African states has become particularly acute. This is as a matter of fact, due to the numerous problems that have accumulated on the continent, including high levels of poverty, the dissatisfaction of the population of several countries with the policies of the authorities, territorial claims, […]

Rabbis call for security portfolio to be given to Smotrich to prevent Palestinian State

The Religious Zionism rabbis, headed by Rabbi Haim Druckman, head of the Religious Zionism party, demanded Bezalel Smotrich insist on taking over the security portfolio during the calls regarding forming the government headed by Benjamin Netanyahu. In a statement issued after their meeting with Smotrich yesterday evening, the rabbis called to "firmly insist, without compromise, […]

Department of Homeland Security CISA

The US Department of Homeland Security (HSA) is conducting medical censorship while hiding in plain sight.  The website for the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has resources to engage vigilante “disinformation” police to assist HSA in their mission of silencing opinions on COVID-19 and pandemic response.  Source

White House Says ‘Not True’ There Is National Security Review of Elon Musk

WASHINGTON—Reports that the United States was discussing launching a national security review of some of Elon Musk’s ventures were “not true,” said the White House on Monday. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre declined to comment on the Biden administration’s relationship with Musk or his business dealings with other countries. Asked about a Bloomberg News […]

“Israeli” Security Officials: Tamer Al-Kilani’s Assassination Won’t Deter ‘The Lions’ Den’

October 25, 2022  By Al-Ahed News ‘Israeli’ KAN broadcaster cited Zionist security officials as saying that the assassination of the leader in “The Lions’ Den” Tamer al-Kilani in Nablus will hinder the group’s progress of operations in the city. At the same time, the channel quoted the officials – through the intelligence talks they are […]

China Trashes Biden National Security Strategy as ‘Outdated’

China’s state-run Global Times did not think highly of the Biden administration’s latest National Security Strategy (NSS) document, hyperbolically claiming the entire world was immediately gripped by “a strong sense of unease and concern” because American national security will “come at the expense of the security of other countries.” The Global Times accused the document […]

Iraqi protesters clash with security forces during rally in Baghdad

Iraqi anti-government demonstrators hurl stones at security forces as they rally on the Jumhuriya (Republic) bridge, which leads to the capital Baghdad’s high-security Green Zone, as they mark three years since nationwide demonstrations erupted against endemic corruption. Source

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