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Happy Birthday, Medicare

You Showed That Public, Universal Health Insurance Is Superior. We Must Immediately End Our Moral Crime Of Having The Greatest Health System In The World, But Only For Those Who Can Afford It. Fifty-six years ago Congress enacted Medicare to provide health insurance for people ages 65 and older and the disabled regardless of income […]

Medicare For All Rallies In 50 Cities

Above Photo: Members of National Nurses United union members wave “Medicare for All” signs during a rally in front of the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America in Washington, D.C, calling for “Medicare for All” on April 29, 2019. Bill Clark / CQ Roll Call). The United States is one of the richest countries in […]

Medicare-For-All Is Good For Our Towns

Above photo: Rally at Vermont State House. NESRI. NOTE: It is the position of Popular Resistance that Congress must pass national improved Medicare for all now as part of its actions to address the COVID-19 pandemic and recession.  – MF Town Meeting is coming up, and Putney residents will have a chance to join the […]

Medicare For All Reaches The Crossroads

Above photo: A 2018 rally at the Baltimore Convention Center demanding Medicare for All. Elvert Barnes/CC BY-SA 2.0. In 2021 the U.S. healthcare crisis has, again, reached a boiling point. It was already simmering in 2019 when the number of uninsured grew to 33 million. Covid then triggered a job crisis that added anywhere from […]

Tennessee Capital: Group Demands Racial Equality And Medicare For All

By Kathleen Serie, FOX17. January 14, 2021 Above photo: From Twitter. NOTE: It is critical that we fight this year for a People’s Agenda to bring economic security to everyone and end state violence against the people. Nashville, TN – A social justice group out of Knoxville, Tennessee made the trek to the State Capitol building […]

Trump just pardoned Jewish ‘King Of Medicare Fraud’ and Nobody Even Noticed

    President Trump on Wednesday pardoned a host of fraudsters who donated to the Aleph Institute — an organization that was started by the Orthodox Jewish Chabad-Lubavitch movement which counts the president’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, as a member. Though Trump has yet to find the time to pardon Julian Assange who is slowly dying […]

This Is The Time To Push For National Improved Medicare For All

By Margaret Flowers, Clearing the FOG. January 4, 2021 This past weekend, new members of Congress voted for the speaker of the House. Given the slim majority of Democrats, progressives urged members of Congress who ran on a platform of Medicare for All to negotiate a floor vote for the Medicare for All bill in […]

Biden Could Enact Medicare For All By Executive Action

Above photo: President-elect Joe Biden delivers a remarks on the economic recovery in Wilmington, Delaware on Monday, November 16, 2020. Salwan Georges/The Washington Post via Getty Images. With Pandemic as National Emergency. “I do not expect Joe Biden to use this power on Inauguration Day to instantly turn the United States into a single-payer country. […]

The Imperative To Achieve National Improved Medicare For All

NOTE: The Kevin Zeese Emerging Activists Fund is accepting applicants for an unrestricted grant of $20,000 until December 13, 2020. Learn more at And join us for a webinar with Venezuelan social movements on November 18 to hear about their upcoming elections and how we can support their struggle against US intervention. Details at […]

Supreme Court Challenge To ACA Highlights Why We Need Medicare For All

Above photo: Demonstration at the Us Supreme Court in June, 2012 during first case against the ACA. Once again, the fate of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the health law passed under the Obama administration in 2010, will be in the hands of the Supreme Court. The court heard oral arguments in the case, California v. […]

Joe Biden Ditches Bernie Bros at Debate: Denounces Medicare for All, Defund the Police, Green New Deal

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden broke with Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) coalition of progressives during the first presidential debate on Tuesday night. On multiple policy issues, Biden broke with the Sanders-wing of the Democrat Party. Despite calling the Green New Deal a “crucial framework” in his global warming plan, Biden announced that he no longer […]

Medicare For All Is A Beginning, Not The End Point

As a coup de grâce to the Bernie Sanders campaign Joe Biden declared that he would veto Medicare-for-All. This could drive a dedicated health care advocate to relentlessly pursue Med-4-All as a final goal. However, it is not the final goal. It should be the first step in a complete transformation of medicine which includes […]

Medicare For All Is A Beginning, Not The End Point

As a coup de grâce to the Bernie Sanders campaign Joe Biden declared that he would veto Medicare-for-All. This could drive a dedicated health care advocate to relentlessly pursue Med-4-All as a final goal. However, it is not the final goal. It should be the first step in a complete transformation of medicine which includes […]

On Medicare And Medicaid’s 55th Birthday, Let’s Expand Benefits

Above photo: Rally to demand a universal, single-payer, improved, and expanded Medicare healthcare system and an end to for-profit healthcare. Erik McGregor/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images. In the 55 years since the legislation was signed into law, both programs have proven their worth. On July 30, 1965, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed Medicare and Medicaid into law. […]

Supreme Court Just Made The Case For Medicare For All

Above photo: Shutterstock. The Court says employers can refuse to cover birth control. This is why care shouldn’t be tied to employment. People of the menstruating persuasion: how dare you. The highest court in the land demands to know. This July, the Supreme Court of the United States decided that President Trump, who does not […]

Government Report: Medicare and Social Security Insolvency Looming on Horizon

Reprinted with permission from Written by  Raven Clabough On Tuesday, a government report from program trustees announced that Medicare will run out of money sooner than originally projected, with Social Security following suit just a few short years later. Unfortunately, the report is predicated on the false premise that there exist “trust […]

Let’s Not Negotiate Against Ourselves: Demand Medicare For All

Let’s Not Negotiate Against Ourselves: Demand Medicare For All Above Photo: Private health Care/Flickr On April 18, Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR) and Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) introduced the Choose Medicare Act into the U.S. Senate. The bill closely tracks the recommendations made in a January Article by Jacob Hacker and a February proposal by the Center for American Progress (CAP). Both […]

Debate Over Strategy For National Improved Medicare For All Continues

Debate Over Strategy For National Improved Medicare For All Continues Above Photo: From On February 1, Margaret Flowers posted “Which Path to National Improved Medicare for All?”, which argued that states cannot enact single payer health systems and that a state-by-state approach will not lead to National Improved Medicare for All (NIMA). The article was […]

Which Path To National Improved Medicare For All?

Which Path To National Improved Medicare For All? Above Photo: State-level reforms for universal health care are laudable; they are not single payer. Two states with a long history of state-based healthcare reform efforts, California and New York, are hard at work organizing for state bills labeled as single payer healthcare plans. Other states […]

The Surprising Provision Buried In Sanders’ Medicare For All Bill

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) released his Medicare For All bill this week with an impressive 16 co-sponsors, and it contained one very interesting section that has been mostly overlooked. Roughly one-fifth of the bill is dedicated to the creation of a very detailed “Medicare Transitional Plan.” Under Sanders’ bill, Americans would be phased-in to a new Medicare […]

As Sanders Prepared Medicare Bill, Health Care Lobbyists Bankrolled Senate Democrats

Above Photo: Illustration by Cathryn Virginia Sen. Chris Van Hollen, the DSCC’s chairman, was a proponent of the law that requires lobbyists to disclose the contributions they bundle together from donors. With Sanders and a majority of House Democrats supporting single-payer — and with polls showing rising support for a Medicare-for-all system — lobbyists for major health care industry clients were among […]

Response To The Nation: Improved Medicare For All Is The Solution

On August 2, 2017, The Nation published an article by Joshua Holland, “Medicare for All isn’t the Solution for Universal Health Care,” chastising Improved Medicare for All supporters because, in his view, the single payer movement has “failed to grapple with the difficulties of transitioning to a single-payer system.” The article, which doesn’t quote anyone […]

Medicare’s Anniversary Reminds Us The Impossible Is Possible

Above Photo: Medicare-for-All may be closer than many persons think. (Photo: Molly Adams) Before the establishment of Medicare, many persons more than 65 years of age who weren’t wealthy dealt with a harrowing reality. When they became seriously ill or required a costly procedure, they possibly faced bankruptcy due to lack of health insurance or high deductibles […]

Let’s Talk Seriously About Medicare For All

Hundreds of people slept overnight in cars, or camped for days in a field. They told stories of yanking out their own teeth with pliers, of reusing insulin syringes until they broke in their arm, of chronic pain so debilitating they could hardly care for their own children. At daybreak, they lined up for several more hours […]

Civil Resistance Helped Kill Trumpcare – On To Medicare For All

Above Photo: A protester holds up a sign during a rally against the GOP health care plan, on Capitol Hill, July 26, 2017, in Washington, DC. (Photo: Drew Angerer / Getty Images) “Our problem is civil obedience.” — Howard Zinn, 1972 The latest incarnation of Trumpcare, the GOP’s regressive plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act […]

Celebrate Medicare’s Anniversary: Join Call For Single Payer

Medicare’s 52nd anniversary takes place on July 30, at the beginning of the August Congressional Recess. The call to action is below, and here is a list of actions: Citrus Springs, FL – July 27, 4 to 6 pm. Movie: “Fix It: Healthcare at the Tipping Point“. Melbourne, FL – July 24, 5 to 7 pm. […]

Trumdcare Is Dead. “Single Payer Is The Only Real Answer,” Says Medicare Architect

Above Photo: AP.  President John F. Kennedy gestures during his speech before a rally on medical care for the aged at New York’s Madison Square Garden on May 20, 1962. THANKS TO A PAIR of defections from more GOP senators late yesterday, the Republican plan to repeal and replace or simply repeal the Affordable Care Act is dead — for […]

What If Jon Ossoff Campaigned On A Message For Medicare For All?

Democratic candidate for 6th congressional district Jon Ossoff adjusts his microphone as he concedes to Republican Karen Handel at his election night party in Atlanta, June 20, 2017. (AP/David Goldman) Published in partnership with Shadowproof. When Jon Ossoff launched his campaign for the Georgia congressional seat formerly held by Health and Human Services Secretary Tom […]

Medicare For Everyone With A Pre-Existing Condition

Above Photo: from FOX13 Salt Lake City Senator Joe Manchin (D-West Virginia) has no time for single payer. But Senator Lindsey Graham says yes to single payer for sick people. That’s what came out of a meeting with Senator Manchin with single payer activists earlier this month in Charleston, West Virginia. Also present during the meeting, […]

We Need A Senate Version Of Improved Medicare For All

The healthcare debate is expected to go on for a while as the American Health Care Act (AHCA) goes through the process in Congress and Democrats introduce attempts to patch up the failing Affordable Care Act (ACA). Both the AHCA and the ACA treat health care as a commodity rather than a public service. Health […]

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