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Trump’s alleged $1 billion campaign deal with Big Oil: $110 billion windfall revealed

An investigation into Donald Trump’s alleged quid pro quo offer to oil executives uncovers potential tax savings of $110 billion, raising serious ethical, legal, and environmental concerns. Source

“A Thousand Billion Robots” in a Vaccine—Pfizer’s Secret Tech EXPOSED w/ Maria Zeee

Australian podcaster Maria Zeee joins Seth Holehouse at Man in America. Contributed by Alexandra Bruce Contact The post “A Thousand Billion Robots” in a Vaccine—Pfizer’s Secret Tech EXPOSED w/ Maria Zeee first appeared on Forbidden Knowledge TV. Source

Controversial Ukraine-Israel aid bill provides $3.5 billion to support mass migration to America from the Middle East

(NaturalNews) Much of the criticism of the controversial $95 billion military aid package for Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan has rightfully been focused on the huge… Source

$3.5 Billion Slipped Into Ukraine-Israel Aid Bill To ‘Supercharge Mass Migration From The Middle East’

Tucked away in the $95 billion military aid package for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan is a $3.5 billion slush fund to open new processing centers for Muslim migrants, in what Sen. Eric Schmitt described as a bid to “supercharge mass migration from the Middle East.” Source

Senate passes $95 billion aid for Ukraine and Israel, the evening of April 23, 2024 This bill has passed the evening of April 23, 2024 in the US, but in the early hours of April 24, 2024 for both Ukraine and Israel, countries in the same timezone. April 24 is the 201st day of the war in Israel, which began October 7, 2023. Thus, this is the latest pairing […]

Senate on the verge of passing $95 billion foreign aid package, April 23, 2024 news

$95 billion is a reminder that the Jesuits were created to counter the 95 Theses, written by Martin Luther. And go figure Martin Luther King Jr., who was assassinated on the 95th day of the year, would have turned 95 this year on January 15, or 1/15. This also ties in with the Baltimore Key […]

House approves $17 billion in military aid for Israel under aid package

As the number of Palestinians killed in the Israeli assault on Gaza nears 35,000, the House of Representatives voted to send an additional $17 billion in unconditional military aid to Israel by a vote of 366-58. Source

Biden administration “forgives” another $7.4 billion in student debt for 277,000 borrowers, effectively transferring that debt to U.S. taxpayers

(NaturalNews) The administration of President Joe Biden has announced another significant debt relief plan that supposedly cancels $7.4 billion of debt for… Source

Pfizer To Pay $0 In Taxes Despite Raking In $58 Billion In Revenue Last Year

Big Pharma giant Pfizer are set to pay a grand total of $0 in taxes this year, despite raking in a mammoth $58 billion in revenue and net income during the financial year, and benefiting from enormous taxpayer funded subsidies. Those who have been paying attention understand that Pfizer have been getting away with murder […]

‘The 401(k) industry owns Congress’: How lawmakers quietly passed a $300 billion windfall to the wealthy

Five months before Congress faced a near-catastrophic standoff over the debt ceiling, with Republicans demanding restrictions to food and Medicaid programs to rein in spending, a bill that raised the cost of private retirement savings accounts to $282 billion per year was quietly signed into law. In this era of deeply divided politics, the 2022 […]

“Friendshoring” Ramps Up As Apple’s Made-In-India Iphones Tops $14 Billion

Global supply chains have fractured since former President Trump started the trade war with China. One of the largest beneficiaries is India, which has become the prime spot for “friend-shoring” US manufacturing supply chains out of the world’s second-largest economy as relations with the West deteriorate.  Bloomberg reports that Apple makes 14%, or about 1 […]

Catherine Austin Fitts – Trump Put $10 Billion into a Program to Depopulate the US

In this excerpt of an interview with Greg Hunter, Catherine Austin Fitts gives Donald Trump no excuses, with regard to Operation Warp Speed. She says: “You had the President roll out something that, in March 2020, I was sure was going to harm and kill millions of Americans and he either has two reasons for […]

Rebuilding Francis Scott Key Bridge could cost $1 billion and take 10 years

The cost of rebuilding the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, which collapsed in an accident last week, could be somewhere in the range of $400 million to $1 billion or more, according to reports and the timeline on the project may be a decade or longer. This is more than double the cost and time […]

WEF’s Net Zero Goals Could Kill 4+ Billion People

BY THE EXPOSÉ ON MARCH 29, 2024 • ( 25 COMMENTS ) The World Economic Forum (WEF) and its fellow unelected globalist leaders are pushing for governments around the world to phase out fossil fuels. Leading experts have spoken out against their plans and are warning the public that the WEF’s “Net Zero” goal to eliminate fossil fuels will result in the […]

WHO the HELL scams world for $41 billion

Joint letter to leaders of WHO member states calling for an urgent agreement on a pandemic accord 20 March, 2024 5 MIN READ To Leaders of WHO Member States, The overwhelming lesson we learned from COVID-19 is that no one is safe anywhere until everyone is safe —no, the lesson we learned is that all […]

Revolutionizing industry: Biden’s bold $6 billion plan to green steel, ice cream, and more

This substantial financial injection, sourced from the Inflation Reduction Act and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, is set to fund 33 innovative demonstration projects across more than 20 states. Source

REPORT: U.K. needs to spend additional $73 BILLION on power grid to meet net-zero targets for 2035

(NaturalNews) A newly released report reveals that the United Kingdom needs an additional 58 billion British pounds ($73 billion) of investment into the electric… Source

How $9 billion from taxpayers fueled plastics production – and illegal pollution

A new report estimates the public cost of underwriting U.S. plastics industry growth and the environmental violations that followed. Source

Pentagon reveals $10 billion arms ‘hole’ due to Ukraine ,The US Defense Department has delivered weapons to Kiev expecting future appropriations to cover replacements, a senior official has said

Well dumb f##k politicians in Uniform, why the hell did you piss off 10 billion in $$ stolen from the American worker to enrich your Jew master’s weapons companies? So you pissed off ten billion dollars of tax payer loot expecting to steal another ten billion from Americans?F##k you and the donkey you rode in […]

Hackers target Change Healthcare, which handles 15 BILLION health records annually

Hackers target Change Healthcare, which handles 15 BILLION health records annually The federal government is freaking out after hackers broke into a major corporate service that processes some 15 billion health-related transactions every single year. The incident occurred at Change Healthcare, a property of UnitedHealth Group, and resulted in United States health officials urging all […]

U.K. so broke its military is considering selling £3.5 billion aircraft carrier to India

U.K. so broke its military is considering selling £3.5 billion aircraft carrier to India Persistent funding problems could result in the British military having to sell off its second aircraft carrier to shore up more operational cash. Reports indicate that HMS Prince of Wales, which cost a whopping £3.5 billion (about $4.44 billion) to build, […]

US GDP “Grew” $334 Billion In Q4…. That Growth Cost $834 Billion In Debt

US GDP “Grew” $334 Billion In Q4…. That Growth Cost $834 Billion In Debt Moments ago, two things happened: Biden’s Bureau of Economic Analysis released the first revision of Q4 2023 GDP, a number which is completely irrelevant as it looks at the state of the US economy more than 2 months ago as the […]

Biden Defies Supreme Court Again, Cancels $1.2 Billion In Student Debt From 153,000 Borrowers

Demonstrating yet again that nobody is quite about the law – and the constitutions – like the Biden crime family… Joe Biden: “The Supreme Court of the United States blocked me, but they didn’t stop me!” — RNC Research (@RNCResearch) February 5, 2024 … months after the Supreme Court voted that BIden’s student loan […]

Biden is forgiving another $1.2 billion in student loan debt starting today

As loan servicers process their forgiveness, they will see their debts discharged from their accounts.   Source

13.5 billion doses of highly weaponized Covid ‘vaccines’ were administered causing mass death and injury worldwide.

BEWARE! The MSM report below completely whitewashes the actual findings of that study and numerous others which indicate a rapidly growing public health disaster the world over READ HERE: Largest Covid Vaccine Study Yet Finds Links to Health Conditions   Source

Cummins Fined $1.6 Billion Over Allegations It Outfitted Dodge Rams With Software To Cheat Emissions

Cummins Fined $1.6 Billion Over Allegations It Outfitted Dodge Rams With Software To Cheat Emissions Engine manufacturer Cummins is facing $1.6 billion in fines after allegations that “it outfitted hundreds of thousands of trucks with software to defeat pollution controls,” according to The Cooldown.  The DOJ took time off from prosecuting J6ers and President Trump […]

‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 130: U.S. Senate votes to send additional $14 billion to Israel as catastrophic ground invasion of Rafah appears imminent

As Palestinians prepare for a catastrophic ground invasion of Rafah, the U.S. Senate votes to send an additional $14 billion to Israel. Amnesty International warns Palestinians in southern Gaza are “facing the real and imminent risk of genocide.” Source

“67.8 million Americans will throw down an estimated $23.1 billion on the big game in 2024 — a new record.”

Cardinal I have to admit, I made my Super Bowl wager yesterday — Niners by 7 — and it felt much better than putting my name down in one of those stupid squares my dad’s friends used to make me fill in every year. Sports betting is huge right now, and it’s easy to […]

Globalists aiming to “peacefully” depopulate six billion people with mass euthanasia

(NaturalNews) The powers that be are anxious to finally achieve their long-envisioned new world order, which for them means a whole lot fewer people roaming the… Source

More Than $1 Billion In Weapons Missing In Ukraine

According to a Pentagon watchdog, over $1Billion in military aid for Ukraine was improperly tracked and is now unaccounted for. An internal audit released on Jan. 10 by the DOD Inspector General says that the Department of […] The post More Than $1 Billion In Weapons Missing In Ukraine appeared first on The People's Voice. Source

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