Pentagon reveals $10 billion arms ‘hole’ due to Ukraine ,The US Defense Department has delivered weapons to Kiev expecting future appropriations to cover replacements, a senior official has said

Well dumb f##k politicians in Uniform, why the hell did you piss off 10 billion in $$ stolen from the American worker to enrich your Jew master’s weapons companies?

So you pissed off ten billion dollars of tax payer loot expecting to steal another ten billion from Americans?
F##k you and the donkey you rode in on!

A brother and I were both driving yesterday and carrying on a phone conversation.
He was hauling a load of garden dirt home from a mushroom farm and I was hauling a load of goat pellets home.

He hit several big assed pot holes while pulling a dump trailer and mentioned the politicians NEED TAXES, but they don’t want to spend the money doing things to help the American people they stole the loot from.

The cities are overrun with 3ed world illegal invaders the politicians and their masters have forced on Americans.

The food is toxic, forced voodoo vaccines, chemtrails being sprayed on top of Americans, their food, their water, their land.

I told him I had come to the conclusion all politicians should be hanged.

Don’t even wait for them to get into office.

When one announces they are running for a public teat sucking position, they have admitted openly they will steal, kill, lie, commit treason for $$ and are probably a pedophile or willing to be butties with baby rapers so they can suck the public teat.

They by announcing for office have borne witness against themselves they are guilty of offenses against humanity for which they should be hanged.

The very idea of stealing from Americans to give to everyone else while America becomes a communistic 3ed world shit hole is treason itself.
Treason is a hanging offense!

The Ole Dog!


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