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New Study Reveals mRNA Jabs Cause Irreversible Tinnitus

A new study has revealed that mRNA injections cause severe and irreversible tinnitus in recipients. The study authors from the U.S. analyzed results from a survey involving 398 cases of tinnitus related to the Covid […] The post New Study Reveals mRNA Jabs Cause Irreversible Tinnitus appeared first on The People's Voice. Source

Expert reveals trillions spent on stock buybacks post-Trump tax cuts

It resulted in significant corporate stock buybacks rather than investments in workers or innovation. Source

Interview 1885 – Whistleblower Reveals US Cover Up of Israeli War Crimes (NWNW 557)

This week on the New World Next Week: a State Dept official blows the whistle on a US government cover up of Israeli war crimes in Gaza; the NSA warns Americans that China is prepositioning for a cyber attack: and a NJ gym owner is cleared of all charges for defying the COVID shutdown. Source

Keith Harmon Snow Reveals the Truth About the Rwandan Genocide

Keith Harmon Snow joins us today to discuss how the true story of the Rwandan genocide (and who was really behind it) has been completely inverted in the official rendering of that narrative. Source

Analysis reveals trucking industry is BALKING at high cost of operating electric rigs

(NaturalNews) In line with the administration of President Joe Biden’s push for getting rid of greenhouse gases-emitting vehicles and going for electric cars, the… Source

Deleted WEF Memo Reveals Trump Is on ‘Hit List’ of Leaders to Be Assassinated

by Baxter Dmitry The plan to defeat Trump using lawfare is failing spectacularly, with the former president riding high in the polls while Biden flounders. Desperate to avoid a repeat of Trump’s first four year term, the global elite are now initiating Plan B, also known as the plot to remove President Donald Trump from […]

Aaron Rodgers Reveals Disturbing Details About Pat Tillman’s Death

Aaron Rodgers tells Tucker Carlson that the US government confiscated Pat Tillman’s journal and used his death to “prop up the war propaganda” in 2004. Tillman, who was a former NFL star, left his career to serve in Afghanistan. When he got there, he started to question the real motives behind the US military’s presence […]

Dr. Peter McCullough Reveals How Much Doctors Were BRIBED to Push COVID Shots

World-famous cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough recently revealed startling figures about the immense earnings doctors received for pushing the COVID-19 injections. On the Tommy T Podcast, Dr. McCullough claimed that a typical doctor could make an extra $250,000 if they injected a substantial portion of their patients. More specifically, if a doctor injected 75% of his […]

Global aviation emissions in 2019 far exceed official reports, reveals study

This discovery reveals a significant under-reporting issue that could have profound implications for international climate policy. Source

Landmark study reveals gas stove emissions boost childhood asthma rates, adult deaths

The study, published Friday in Science Advances, represents the first time researchers have quantified the link between gas stoves and asthma from NO2 exposures inside homes. Source

Systematic Review Reveals Many COVID-19 Vaccine Recipients Experienced New-Onset Psychosis

Systematic Review Reveals Many COVID-19 Vaccine Recipients Experienced New-Onset Psychosis Authored by Naveen Athrappully via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours), Individuals who took COVID-19 vaccines were found to have later suffered from psychosis, with Pfizer and AstraZeneca shots linked to most of the cases. A 1-year-old child receives a Pfizer COVID-19 vaccination in Seattle, Wash., […]

People Injured by Covid Jabs Are Being Ignored NYT Investigation Reveals

Despite years of reporting that covid vaccine injuries are “misinformation” and “conspiracy theory,” The New York Times is now reporting that “thousands” may have been injured by the jabs. This week, The New York Times […] The post People Injured by Covid Jabs Are Being Ignored NYT Investigation Reveals appeared first on The People's Voice. […]

Internal DHS data reveals the 45+ U.S. cities that hundreds of thousands of migrants have flown into via the Biden administration’s controversial “CHNV” mass parole program.


RFK Jr. Reveals What the NIH Isn’t Telling You About Mass Shootings

Independent presidential hopeful Robert Kennedy Jr. stirred up an eye-opening conversation on the Glenn Beck Podcast that will surely never make its rounds in the mainstream media. The topic: What’s really behind the catastrophic increase in mass shootings in the United States? According to Kennedy, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is “not allowed to […]

Meat Packer Pardon Reveals Trump’s True Character

(left, In 2017, Donald Trump pardoned a fellow Chabad gangster, kosher meat packer Rabbi Shalom Rabushkin.  Rabushkin had served only nine years of his 27-year sentence. He refused to pardon Julian Assange.) Liberal Jew Discovered Evil Underside of Judaism shows that assimilated Jews are ignorant of the true Satanic nature of Judaism.  In 1987, Journalism professor […]

‘Don’t Call Her No Jungle Bunny’: MAGA Pastor Shane Vaughn Reveals His Racism Once Again

Last month, MAGA cultist pastor Shane Vaughn delivered a shockingly racist rant against Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, who is Black, in which he repeatedly denigrated her as “Judge Jumanji Jungle Lips.” Last week, Vaughn delivered what initially appeared to be a genuine apology, only to undercut it by revealing that he was apologizing only for engaging […]

New study reveals microplastics’ alarming journey from everyday items to human organs

Every day, unseen particles from the very containers and bottles we trust for our food and water are migrating into human bodies. The culprits—microplastics—are not just settling in our stomachs but are making their way into organs such as the brain, liver, and kidneys, posing potential health risks that are only now beginning to be […]

A secret internal ‘NYTimes’ memo reveals the paper’s anti-Palestinian bias is even worse than we thought

Kudos to the anonymous New York Times staffers who leaked the paper’s offensive internal guide about the language it won’t permit in its reports on Israel/Palestine, and more kudos to The Intercept for publishing it. The shocking revelation should prompt an even broader examination of the biased language that has long been routine in the […]

Navy Reveals Major Shipbuilding Delays As Global War Risk Elevated 

The US Navy released a rare assessment of its “shipbuilding challenges,” indicating that the first Columbia-class submarine, classified as the future cornerstone of America’s strategic deterrence, is facing delays, as are other next-generation vessels.  “The purpose of the review is to provide an assessment of national and local causes of shipbuilding challenges, as well as […]

Study reveals a link between PFAS exposure and delayed puberty in girls

A recent University of Cincinnati (UC) study reveals a concerning link between exposure to per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and delayed puberty in girls. PFAS are common environmental pollutants dubbed “forever chemicals.” These harmful chemicals are used to make different environmental and consumer products like firefighting foams and nonstick products. PFAS has long been a cause for concern due to its […]

Drone Video Reveals Massive NYC Migrant Tent City, Kept Under Wraps By Democrats & Media

Drone Video Reveals Massive NYC Migrant Tent City, Kept Under Wraps By Democrats & Media Democrats in New York City and their allies in leftist corporate media are keeping a massive migrant shelter hidden from the public, located at a previously operational airfield in southern Brooklyn. This comes as the metro area has been flooded […]

Survey reveals New Yorkers’ discontent on different aspects of city life over the last six years

(NaturalNews) A recent Citizens Budget Commission survey reveals that New Yorkers’ satisfaction with various aspects of urban living has experienced a sharp… Source

Pentagon reveals $10 billion arms ‘hole’ due to Ukraine ,The US Defense Department has delivered weapons to Kiev expecting future appropriations to cover replacements, a senior official has said

Well dumb f##k politicians in Uniform, why the hell did you piss off 10 billion in $$ stolen from the American worker to enrich your Jew master’s weapons companies? So you pissed off ten billion dollars of tax payer loot expecting to steal another ten billion from Americans?F##k you and the donkey you rode in […]

Trump’s return threatens climate progress, study reveals

A recent Carbon Brief analysis has sent shockwaves through the environmental community, revealing that Donald Trump’s re-election could significantly exacerbate global warming. According to the study, a second Trump term might result in an additional 4 billion tons of CO2 emissions by 2030, equating to the combined annual emissions of the European Union and Japan. […]


February 28th, 2024 Dr. Sherri Tenpenny reveals the comprehensive list of VACCINE INJURY MECHANISMS that explain all the injuries and deaths Register free at to watch the full Dr. Tenpenny’s 20+ Mechanisms of Injury stream – COVID-19 vaccine dangers with Dr. Sherry Tenpenny. (0:00)– COVID-19 vaccine mechanisms of injury. (0:50)– COVID vaccine injuries and mechanisms […]

Survey reveals dissatisfaction among Californians for Biden and Congress ahead of 2024 elections

(NaturalNews) A recent nonpartisan Public Policy Institute of California poll has uncovered deep-seated dissatisfaction among residents as the state approaches… Source

Corporate giants pay minimal taxes, reveals ITEP study on Trump-GOP tax law’s impact

ITEP’s latest study exposes how the 2017 tax law has allowed major U.S. corporations to drastically reduce their tax bills, highlighting the need for urgent reform in corporate taxation. Source

Study Reveals Bill Gates’ Fake Meat Causes ‘Turbo Cancers’ in Humans

Fact checked February 23, 2023 Baxter Dmitry News, US 25 Bill Gates’ lab-grown meat causes cancer in humans who consume it, according to a disturbing new study. Synthetic meat has been heavily promoted by Bill Gates and the globalist elites at the WEF as the solution to so-called climate change. However, this fake food has now been shown to cause […]

Forensic Investigation Reveals Israel Lied To ICJ & The “Flour Massacre” Exposes Starvation Campaign

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (2/29/24). As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Anyone telling you what the truth […]

Michigan’s primary reveals stark opposition: Over 100,000 voters stand ‘uncommitted

This unprecedented move highlights the growing frustration within key segments of his base, potentially jeopardizing his reelection prospects. Source

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