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Biden’s Deputies Open New Route for World’s Migrants

President Joe Biden’s border chief has opened a new route for the global migrants seeking jobs and housing in the United States. Source

Migrants crossing the Mediterranean rescued by an NGO

The German charity Sea-Watch conducted four operations in less than 24 hours, rescuing 428 migrants attempting to cross the Mediterranean Sea. Source

Texas Men Could Face Execution for Deaths of 53 Migrants in Trailer

Two men were indicted on Wednesday in the case of the 53 migrants who died inside a tractor-trailer last month while being smuggled through Texas.  A federal grand jury in San Antonio charged Homero Zamorano Jr. and Christian Martínez, both residents of Pasadena, Texas, on charges of transporting and conspiring to transport migrants illegally resulting […]

Drone footage captures Greek pushback of irregular migrants to Turkish territorial waters

Two life rafts carrying irregular migrants were pushed into Turkish territorial waters by the Greek coast guard in the Aegean Sea, drone footage by the Turkish National Defense Ministry showed on Sunday, Anadolu Agency reported. In a statement, the ministry said an unmanned aerial vehicle belonging to the Naval Forces Command recorded the pushback of […]

Two migrants including a child found dead off the coast of Spain’s Canary Islands

Spanish authorities say the bodies were found on board an inflatable boat near Lanzarote. Source

The GOP Could Stop Abortions for Child Migrants Who Are Victims of Rape

The Supreme Court’s recent decision to overturn Roe v. Wade could cause migrant children in U.S. government custody to lose abortion access, including in cases that involve domestic abuse, human trafficking, and rape. While the White House is expected to soon take measures to ensure “unaccompanied minors” will have abortion access for the remainder of […]

Exclusive: 1,700 Migrants Arrested in Texas Border Town in One Day

Del Rio Sector Border Patrol agents apprehended 1,772 migrants after they crossed the Rio Grande in a single day in Eagle Pass. The steady stream of migrants apprehended after crossing the river included one group numbering more than 500. On Thursday, the number of apprehensions exceeded any other single day total for the city according […]

EXCLUSIVE: 1100 Migrants Apprehended by West Texas Border Patrol Agents in 24 Hours

Del Rio Sector agents apprehended another large group of migrants late Wednesday morning. The group of more than 300 being apprehended as this article goes to press adds to the more than 400 apprehended earlier in the morning.

EXCLUSIVE: 700 Migrants Cross near West Texas Border Town over 16 Hours

Del Rio Sector Border Patrol agents revealed to Breitbart Texas that record-amount migrant groups are moving across the Rio Grande from Mexico to Texas. A group of more than 300 crossed Tuesday night followed by an even larger one exceeding 400 on Wednesday. Migrants say the group sizes will continue to swell into the week.

18 Migrants Rescued from Drowning in Texas Border River

Rio Grande Valley Sector Border Patrol agents saved the lives of 18 migrants who nearly drowned while crossing the Rio Grande. The rescues took place in two locations along the Texas border.

So Much for Brexit: European Court Blocks UK From Deporting Illegal Migrants to Rwanda

A European court intervened in the late hours of Tuesday evening to prevent a deportation flight to Rwanda from the UK.

EXCLUSIVE: 8 Migrants Drown in Two Days in One Texas Border Sector

Del Rio Sector Border Patrol agents recovered the bodies of at least eight migrants who drowned in the Texas border river on Saturday and part of Sunday. Riverine unit agents also carried out multiple rescues of migrants in danger of drowning.

1600 Migrants Crossed into West Texas and ‘Got Away’ over Weekend

Del Rio Sector Border Patrol officials report that more than 4,700 migrants illegally crossed into Texas over the past weekend and, of those, at least 1,600 “got away” without being apprehended.

EXCLUSIVE: Half-Million Migrants Cross Border in Ten Weeks

More than a half-million migrants illegally crossed the southwest border with Mexico during a 10-week period ending on May 15. The record-setting mass migration crisis is overwhelming Border Patrol and NGO resources as they deal with the chaotic level of border crossings.

Bodies of Three Migrants Found in West Texas Border Sector in One Day

Del Rio Sector Border Patrol agents recovered the bodies of three migrants in a single day this week who died after crossing the border.

WATCH: Steady Stream of Migrants Cross Texas Border River

Del Rio Sector Border Patrol agents continue to report the crossings of thousands of migrants from Mexico into Texas. Videos show multiple streams of migrants illegally crossing the Rio Grande, hundreds at a time.

Biden Admin: Borders ‘Are Not Open’ — 200K Migrants Show Otherwise

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials declared the borders of the United States “are not open” while releasing a report showing the apprehension of more than 200,000 migrants illegally crossing the border with Mexico.

Smuggler Hid Pregnant Minor in Trailer with 79 Migrants

A federal jury in Texas convicted a truck driver from North Carolina for his role in a human smuggling organization, including stuffing an underage pregnant female in a tractor-trailer with 79 other migrants.

1200 Migrants Apprehended in Single Day in West Texas near Border

El Paso Sector Border Patrol agents apprehended more than 1,200 migrants in a single day over the past weekend. The apprehended migrants included citizens of four nations — including Turkey.

Dem TX State Rep.: There Are ‘Over 100,000 Migrants’ Waiting for Title 42 to End

On Friday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Jose Diaz-Balart Reports,” Texas State Rep. Eddie Morales (D), whose district is on the southern border, called for Title 42 to remain in place and stated that there aren’t the resources “to be able to address the number of immigrants and migrants that are crossing.”

WATCH: Hundreds of Migrants Cross Border into Overwhelmed Texas Border Sector

Hundreds of migrants continue crossing the border into an overwhelmed Texas border sector near Eagle Pass, Texas. At one crossing, only two Border Patrol agents were on hand to process more than 100 migrants.

Cops Say Migrants Used Phone Repair Biz to Steal Lewd Pix, Blackmail Woman for Sex

Two Bangladeshis were arrested by Italian police after allegedly blackmailing a woman with sexual material they had stolen from her phone. 

Six Migrants All Claim To Be Father of Same Child To Obtain French Residency

Six migrant men from the Ivory Coast have all claimed to be the father of one child in the northern French department of Manche in order that they would each be able to claim residency in France. The court of

Exclusive: 6,000 Migrants in Tijuana Waiting to Rush U.S.-Mexico Border When Joe Biden Ends Title 42

President Joe Biden’s top Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officials are privately admitting that up to 6,000 foreign nationals are in Tijuana, Mexico waiting to rush the United States-Mexico border when the president ends the Title 42 public health authority on May 23. 

German Court: Deportations Valid Even If Migrants Face Hardship at Home

A German court has ruled that deportation orders are valid even if migrants are unable to secure a sustainable livelihood in the long term after returning to their county of origin.

First Texas bus drops off migrants blocks from U.S. Capitol in DC

A bus from Texas arrived in Washington, D.C. Wednesday morning, transporting dozens of illegal immigrants as part of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s new plan to counter federal immigration policies during an ongoing border crisis.

Smugglers Increase Use of Locked Railcars to Move Migrants into Texas

Border Patrol agents in Texas report an increase in the use of locked railcars to ship migrants into the U.S. interior. The practice is extremely dangerous as the migrants have no means of escape and temperatures can exceed well over 100 degrees.

DHS Mayorkas Rewards 40,000 Economic Migrants from Cameroon

President Joe Biden’s s pro-migration border chief is rewarding roughly 40,000 African economic migrants by granting them work permits and legal status. 

White House Welcomes ‘Free to Travel’ Migrants to Washington, DC

Jen Psaki reassured the public that “all migrants have been processed by CBP (U.S. Customs and Border Protection) and are free to travel” in the United States as they await their asylum claim court hearings.

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