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Dem Rep. Omar Calls for Expanding SCOTUS — ‘The Number of Justices Is Not Given to Us in the Constitution’

During a Friday interview with ABC News’ “GMA3,” Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) called for the expansion of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Taiwan combines vaccine passport with digital ID number

Taiwan’s digital COVID-19 certificate, used to verify testing and vaccination status, will now include the individual’s national ID number, reported the Taipei Times.

2000 Mules – Full Movie and Cliff Notes, True Number of “Mules” as Many as 54,000

Above image: NY Post report on “Zuckerbucks” campaign financing to 501c3 organizations 2020 election documentary “2000 Mules” trailer (watch at Rumble) Researchers identified over 2000 people (“mules”) with unique cellphone numbers in key Democrat-leaning areas of key swing states, who went to at least ten, and as many as 100, ballot drop boxes night after night, […]

Phone number spoofing

Don’t panic if you get a spam text from your own number If you have received a spam text message from your own number, you are not alone. As The Verge reported, at the moment, there is a scam campaign going on in which scammers are sending spoof messages to people. You should know that your […]

The Media is the Number One Cause of War Since 1898

The level of trust in the media is already laughably low. There was the obvious Hunter Biden laptop coverup, which most mainstream media refused to even mention during the US Presidential election in 2020. Then there were the outright lies in the Russia collusion hoax, for which the New York Times was even awarded the ‘esteemed’ Pulitzer […]

Number of Extremists and Neo-Nazis in Europe will Increase at Ukraine’s Expense

Fleeing from wars, armed conflicts and various militant activities, migrants from Africa and Asia continue to make risky attempts to enter the EU by various means, often using risky and perilous routes. However, streams of refugees in Europe have increased in recent days amid the events in Ukraine. So, after the outright genocide of the Russian-speaking […]

Growing Number of Countries Identify Cases of ‘Deltacron’ Variant

A growing number of cases of a hybrid COVID-19 variant dubbed “Deltacron” are being identified, including several cases in the United States. Researchers with Helix, a California-based genomic company, found two cases of COVID-19 infection caused by a hybrid of the Delta and Omicron variants, while researchers in France determined 18 people were infected by […]

Manchin on inflation: ‘It’s the number one enemy we have’

Manchin on inflation: ‘It’s the number one enemy we have’ lead image Source

Rising Number of Chinese Companies to Delist from US Exchanges Due to Poor Performance

A rising number of Chinese companies listed on Wall Street are under pressure to be cut off from U.S. capital markets due to poor performance and non-compliance with listing standards. Beijing-based MMTec, Inc. announced on Jan. 28 that it got notification from Nasdaq’s Listings Qualifications Department as its common stock had been trading below $1 […]

Smith Posts Record Low Number and Beats Big Name at Kapalua

KAPALUA, Hawaii—Cameron Smith has a place in the PGA Tour record book for finishing 34-under par, the lowest of anyone in history. Just as important as a number to the unassuming Australian is a name. Over the final two days at the Sentry Tournament of Champions, and particularly the final two hours Sunday at Kapalua, […]

#BareShelvesBiden Trends As Alarming Number Of People Report Empty Stores

The hashtag “BareShelvesBiden” has been trending on Twitter for the last 24 hours. The hashtag ranked on Twitter’s most trending list as of late Sunday evening. #BareShelvesBiden is Trending — Benny (@bennyjohnson) January 10, 2022 People from around the country tweeted pictures and videos of bare supermarket shelves as Biden’s Supply Chain Disruptions Task […]

Nuremberg 2.0 Is Here & It’s Got A Criminal Investigation With Reference Number

The Sons of Liberty’s health and wellness expert Kate Shemirani joins me with exciting news concerning a criminal investigation into the fraudulently called “vaccine” and it has a criminal reference number that people can use to shut down any and all places issuing the deadly COVID shot! She’ll also be exposing the propaganda behind Health […]

The number of vax-related deaths is soaring to genocidal proportions and not even a whole year has passed since the massive shot campaign started. And yet, there is no talk about halting these FDA unapproved shots.

UK double jabbed dying of all causes at 6X rate of unjabbed. Tap News / Tapestry Between 800,000 and 2 million so-called ‘COVID-19 deaths’ in the USA may in fact be COVID vaccine-induced deaths. Technocrats have apparently taken control of the death rate, exposing their agenda of population reduction. The number of vax-related deaths is […]

Number of People Smuggled Into UK in Small Boats Triples in 2021

Around 28,400 people have entered the UK in 2021 by the clandestine crossing of the English Channel, triple the number for 2020. Analysis of Home Office data by the PA news agency showed that at least 28,395 illegal immigrants had arrived in small boats in the past year, while the BBC’s analysis counted at least 28,431 crossings. […]

Warning! The Hammer is About To Fall | 666 That number again

Warning! The Hammer is About To Fall Tap News / Weaver SICK SICK SICK? Kevin Boyle – No One To Vote For Fri Dec 3, 2021 This post is an edited version of information posted with the 911KeepTalking group by our good friend and colleague, Mark Gobell. I added a bit of forward projection myself. […]

Nurses Blow Whistle on Staggering Number of Heart Problems and Strokes in The Fully Vaccinated

By captaindaretofly In South California, hospitals are seeing more cases of vaccine-induced illnesses, and this has not gone unnoticed. A handful of brave nurses have come forward to speak out about what they have witnessed. In Ventura County, which is located to the north of Los Angeles, cases of “unexplained” heart issues, strokes and blood […]

More hospital nurses blow whistle on “overwhelming” number of heart attacks, blood clots occurring in the fully vaccinated

More hospital nurses blow whistle on “overwhelming” number of heart attacks, blood clots occurring in the fully vaccinated / Ethan Huff (Natural News) There is a wave of vaccine-induced illnesses sweeping Southern California hospitals, and a few brave nurses have come forward to talk about it. In Ventura County, located to the north of […]

Israel To Double Number Of Jewish (ETHNIC KHAZARIAN NON SEMITIC END OF TIMES DEATH CULT MEMBERS) Invaders In Golan Heights, Citing Trump Decision

I re-post this piece to show the lies, evil and hypocrisy which the sheep except as truth. The Trickster Trumpster had to ask permission from the Rothschild’s stolen Palestine they call Israel to take a whiz in the Oval Office head just like every “president” has since the Rothschild’s had JFK’s brains blown out for […]

California is the world’s number one importer of Amazonian oil, report finds

Oil storage tank in Romania. Credit: Clean Air Task Force California is the biggest importer of oil from the Amazon rainforest, with Ecuador being the largest exporter, a report from Stand.Earth and Amazon Watch finds. The report comes months after Indigenous organizations filed a motion to protect 80 percent of the Amazon by 2025 and […]

DEAD DOCTORS DON’T LIE: A Shocking Number Of Physicians Who Strongly Advocated For COVID Vaccine Are Now Dropping Dead From ‘Adverse Reactions’

Dr. Elliott Gagnon of Wasilla, Ak., similarly “passed away unexpectedly at his home” on October 14. The plastic surgeon’s private practice just a few months prior was pushing on Facebook for patients to “mask up, everyone, and talk to your doctor if you or your children, ages 12 and up currently, are not vaccinated. Let’s […]

CDC Massively Inflated Number of ‘Vaccinated’ Americans

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky has been wildly inflating the number of “vaccinated” Americans by counting potentially tens of millions of “boosters” and second doses as first-time shots, according to a report from Bloomberg News. To give you an idea of the scale of the CDC’s overreporting, in just one state, Pennsylvania, the CDC overreported the […]

REVEALED: CDC Massively Inflated Number of ‘Vaccinated’ Americans

By Chris Menahan CDC Director Rochelle Walensky has been wildly inflating the number of “vaccinated” Americans by counting potentially tens of millions of “boosters” and second doses as first time shots, according to a report from Bloomberg News. To give you an idea of the scale of the CDC’s overreporting, in just one state, Pennsylvania, […]

UK Health Chief: “A Number of Years” Before COVID Restrictions Can Be Fully Lifted

The UK’s chief medical officer Chris Whitty said today that it could be “a number of years” before a ‘variant-busting’ vaccine is developed that would enable COVID restrictions to be lifted for good. “If I project forward, I would anticipate in a number of years, possibly 18 months, possibly slightly less… we will have polyvalent […]

China worst offender as number of jailed journalists hits new record, says NGO

The number of journalists jailed for their work around the world reached a new record high in 2021 with China and Belarus among the worst countries, the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) has warned. According to the New York-based NGO’s annual prison census released on Thursday, 293 journalists were jailed for their work over the […]

Number of Covid boosters given in US exceeds single shots in 8 African nations combined

Minister of Health and Wellness Edwin Dikoloti receives the Covid-19 vaccine in Gaborone, Botswana, on March 26, 2021. (Photo: Tshekiso Tebalo/Xinhua via Getty) An analysis released Monday shows that the number of Americans who have received a coronavirus booster shot to date exceeds the number of people who have gotten a single vaccine dose in eight […]

The Occult Significance Behind the Number 3

Throughout human history, the number three has always had a unique significance, but why? If we look back in history at ancient mankind, no matter which culture we observe the number three has always been present, and of extreme importance. What is it about the number three that makes it so important that it is […]

World Number 1 Novak Djokovic Likely to Face Australian Open Ban Over Vaccine Freedom Stance

Jordan Peterson says he spoke to a senior government adviser who told him Canada’s COVID restriction policies are completely driven by opinion polls and not science. “In relation to the COVID restrictions, I talked to a senior adviser to one of the provincial governments a couple of weeks ago,” said Peterson. “He told me flat […]

Yemeni Army Spox: “Large Number of Saudi Forces” Killed, Injured During Yemen Retaliation

Posted on November 12, 2021 by martyrashrakat Nov 12 2021 By Staff, Agencies Yemen’s Armed Forces carry out an “exceptional” counterstrike against the southwestern Saudi region of Asir, killing and injuring “a large number of Saudi Arabian officers and forces.” The Yemeni defense forces fired as many as three ballistic missiles during the Wednesday operation […]

Record daily number of migrants cross sea to reach UK

A record number of migrants have crossed the English Channel in a single day, say UK authorities. At least 1,185 people reached the UK aboard 33 small boats on Thursday, the Home Office confirmed, surpassing the previous daily high of 853 people. French authorities said they had also prevented 99 other people from reaching the […]

Michigan School System Closes After ‘Large Number’ of Teachers Become Ill from COVID Shot

Numerous schools in a Michigan township closed on Monday after numerous staff members fell ill suffering “negative reactions” from COVID-19 booster shots. As employees get fired or resign from their jobs for refusing to comply with the vaccine mandate, schools in the Saginaw school district and around the country are substantially understaffed. “A large number of our […]

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