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Fed Balance Sheet Explodes By $300BN As Bank Bailouts Lead To Record Discount Window Surge


‘Iran’s annual export to Iraq anticipated to hit record high’

TEHRAN- Considering Iran’s vast export capacity and Iraq’s large market for Iranian goods, both sides want to expand the volume of bilateral economic exchanges. Source

Khanna: Spending During COVID Is a Factor in Record Inflation, But We ‘Needed’ Spending ‘in Part to Get out of the Recession’

On Thursday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “America Reports,” Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) stated that massive spending during the coronavirus pandemic under Presidents Donald Trump and Joe Biden is a cause of the highest inflation in forty years, but Source

Film Review: ‘Film, the Living Record of Our Memory’: The Medium Is the (Often Ailing) Star

NR | 1h 59min | Documentary, Film History | 5 March 2023 (Spain/Canada) Divided into four distinct chapters, “Film, the Living Record of Our Memory” (FTLROOM) delves into an overlooked and largely unknown area of movie history that, even many of those who consider themselves industry experts, will discover they are woefully uniformed. Wasting zero time, writer and director Ines Toharia […]

ACH (2076) Dave Gahary – Setting The Record Straight On The USS Liberty

In today’s show originally broadcast on February 28 2023, Andy is joined by Dave Gahary for a show entitled, “Setting The Record Straight On The USS Liberty.” We discussed: how it is nearly two years since the passing of the legendary broadcaster, Rick Adams; how and why Dave’s position on certain aspects of the attack […]

FBI whistleblower raises fresh concerns about bank record mining, undercover agents in J6 probe

Arecently retired FBI supervisory intelligence analyst told Congress in a whistleblower disclosure that agents in Boston were improperly pressured by Washington to open criminal cases on 140 people who had simply taken a bus ride to the Jan. 6 rally in Washington. The agents refused because there was no evidence the attendees engaged in any […]

‘Sorry, Ron. You’re No. 2’: Sununu jabs at DeSantis over conservative record

‘Sorry, Ron. You’re No. 2’: Sununu jabs at DeSantis over conservative record lead image Source

LeBron James Breaks NBA All-Time Flopping Record

U.S. — The NBA has confirmed that in addition to setting a new scoring record, LeBron James has broken the record for the largest number of flops in basketball history. “This is the stuff of legends,” said NBA Commissioner Adam Silver. “Mr. James has sailed past previous records set by Reggie Miller, Vlade Divac, and […]

Pfizer’s record-shattering $100 billion in revenue denounced as ‘sickening’

“A people-funded vaccine should be cheap and freely available.” Source

US Africa Leaders Summit promises more exploitation for Africa, record profits for US mining firms

Recent deals between US Secretary of State Tony Blinken and African heads of state promise eye-popping profits for US mining multinationals and fewer protections for African laborers “toiling in subhuman conditions” to drive the digital revolution. Source

Unemployment Among Talking Candies Hits Record High Under Biden Administration

U.S. — The Biden administration is facing pressure from labor activists following a report by the Labor Department that record-high unemployment has hit the talking candies sector. Many are saying this is due to Mars, Inc. firing their M&M’s spokescandies and hiring Maya Rudolph instead. Source

Israel and US aim to send message with record military drill-USA is Israel’s BITCH!

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Rolls-Royce Sales Hit Record As Rich Splurged On Luxury While Everyone Else Crushed By Inflation

2022 was a terrible year for billionaires, many of which lost nearly $2 trillion combined. Despite stock, crypto, and bond market turmoil, as well as soaring interest rates, elevated inflation, and increased risk of economic uncertainty, the ultra-wealthy were increasingly purchasing luxury vehicles. Rolls-Royce Motor Cars published a press release stating it recorded its “highest-ever annual sales” […]

Greek athletes Set Guinness World Record once again

Greek athletes George Kotsimpos and Apostolos have recently made history by breaking the Guinness World Record. On December 21, 2022, Kotsimpos and Dervas broke the record for “Most Consecutive Tandem Pushups” as a team (GWR site: This impressive feat comes after Kotsimpos recovered from a shoulder injury and underwent arthroscopic surgery a few months ago.… […]

Record food prices in 2022 due to Ukraine war and drought

Global food prices last year were more than 14% above the average for 2021 – which itself saw huge increases. Source

Global Food Prices Hit Record High In 2022 Amid Drought, War

Food prices last year were more than 14% above the 2021 average, which also saw significant increases. Source

The Netherlands Record More Deaths Than Births For The First Time Since Records Began

For the first time since records started back in in 1900, more people died in the Netherlands than were born in 2022. According to a report by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) of The Netherlands, […] The post The Netherlands Record More Deaths Than Births For The First Time Since Records Began appeared first on […]

Your expensive analog vinyl record reissue is actually…digital

An audiophile scandal leads to a lawsuit Do you know what’s really etched in the grooves of your vinyl record collection? As reported by Billboard (via Pitchfork), a class-action lawsuit has been filed against record reissue label Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab (Mofi) by a North Carolina resident who claims that the label misrepresented the process […]

Phoenix, America’s inflation capital, seeing record lines at food banks as desperate locals struggle to eat

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) The worst place in the country to live right now in terms of inflation is Phoenix, where reports indicate a record number of struggling locals are lining up at food banks just to eat.The latest figures show that Phoenix is still the hardest-hit city with a 12.1 percent inflation rate. As a […]

Record Snowfall in Japan Kills 17 and Injures More Than 90

Japan is emerging from a deadly white Christmas, as heavy snow blanketed its northern region killing 17 and injuring 93 people in the past 10 days, officials said on Monday. With record snowfall enveloping various parts of the country, three municipalities in Japan's northeastern region measured over a meter of snow within a 24-hour period […]

2022 was a record year for settler violence. Palestinians say next year will be even worse.

Israeli settler violence against Palestinians soared in 2022. Palestinians say the worrying trend will only worsen as right-wing extremists make their home in Israel’s new government. Source

Group of House Republicans call for impeaching DHS chief Mayorkas over record illegal immigration, drug smuggling

(Natural News) On Joe Biden’s first day in office, his deep state handlers had him sign a two-foot high stack of executive orders, many of which undid President Donald Trump’s immigration and border security policies and orders. The results were predictable: Within weeks, record numbers of people were flowing illegally across our southwestern border, and… […]

Record old DNA found in Greenland

For the first time, two million-year-old DNA has been identified, opening a completely new and previously unexplored chapter in the history of evolution. The researchers have found microscopic fragments of environmental DNA in sediments in northern Greenland. The research is now presented in the journal Nature. Using advanced techniques, the researchers discovered that the fragments […]

Australia’s Record Grain Harvest Leads to Strong Demand for Export Services: Report

Bulk grain exports in Australia during the past two years have reached a new record, with the industry exporting a reported total of 40.6 tonnes from 2021 to 2022—61 percent higher than the industry’s yearly average. This comes despite recent flooding events, labour shortages, and harvest delays. According to a report (pdf) by the Australian […]

Record-breaking Ronaldo scores in 5 consecutive World Cups

The Portuguese striker became the first male player to score at five World Cups with his 65th-minute penalty in a 3-2 win over Ghana on Thursday. Source

China Expands Lockdowns As COVID Cases Hit Daily Record

Residents of eight districts in Zhengzhou, home to 6.6 million people, were told to stay home for five days except to buy food or get medical treatment. Source

UN-VAXXED Novak Djokovic wins record-equaling ATP Finals title

READ HERE: Novak Djokovic joined Roger Federer as a record six-time winner of the ATP Finals after the Serb defeated world number four Casper Ruud in Sunday’s title match at the season finale in Turin.   Source

Illegal Immigrant Arrests At Border Soar In September, Set New Fiscal Year Record

President Joe Biden is facing fresh criticism after his administration released illegal immigrant apprehension numbers from September, showing the number of arrests soared to a record high. Source

Greece sees record 92.1% increase in travel receipts for 2022

Greece saw a record 92.1% increase in travel receipts from January to August 2022 according to provisional data released by the Bank of Greece on Monday. The balance of travel services in August 2022 showed a surplus of 3,828.3 million euros, up from a surplus of 3,018.6 million euros in August 2021. More specifically, travel… […]

401(k) Contribution Limit Leaps By Record Amount As Inflation Rages

BofA Chief Investment Strategist Michael Hartnett (whose latest weekly note we will dissect shortly) has a favorite saying for when critical phase (to avoid the most hated word in the world “paradigm”) shifts take place in the market, one which may be the only word a trader in this day and age needs (or rather […]

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