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Official UK Data for First Time Shows Vaccinated Dying at Much Higher Rates Than Unvaccinated

#ExcessDeaths Substantiating the findings of pathologists who say that the COVID mRNA genetic manipulator vaccines are unleashing death across the world, data published by the UK Office of National Statistics (ONS) shows for the first time, from a reliable data source, that vaccinated people of all ages are dying at markedly higher rates than unvaccinated, […]

BoE Holds Rates At 15 Year High, Warns “Still Some Way To Go” But…

The Bank of England – as was expected – held interest rates steady at 5.25% (in a 6-3 vote – also expected, with Greene, Haskell, and Mann all pushing for another 25bps hike). With rates at the highest level in 15 years, BoE governor Andrew Bailey warned there was “still some way to go” before […]

Dr. Andrew Wakefield: Fertility rates are dropping dramatically, we are on an extinction curve

BY RHODA WILSON ON NOVEMBER 20, 2023 • ( 15 COMMENTS ) Fertility rates in both men and women are dropping dramatically for many unknown reasons, Dr. Andrew Wakefield told Mike Adams, host of Health Ranger Report, last year shortly before the release of his latest film. “Sperm counts are plummeting, infertility in women in general is so much worse particularly, apparently, in […]

New Report: Young People Dying of Cancer at ‘Explosive’ Rates, UK Government Data Show

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These Are The Countries With The Highest Inflation Rates

Venezuela is the country with the highest inflation in the world, with an increase in consumer prices estimated at 360 percent in 2023, according to the latest figures from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), published in October. This is the tenth consecutive year that the inflation rate in Venezuela is one of the highest on the planet, although it […]

Answers about Salary and Pay Rates

Make sure to take note of the famous Seven Mile Bridge, along with the many other spots along the way that offer biking and walking trails. Originally built to hold a railroad, the entire length of the highway offers an unparalleled view of the surrounding wilderness and seashore, and there may not be a better […]

Another Hugo Chavez-Style Idea On Electricity Rates From California’s One-Party Regime

Another Hugo Chavez-Style Idea On Electricity Rates From California’s One-Party Regime Authored by Monica Showalter via, Cash-strapped California has proposed to set electricity rates based on one’s income, not one’s consumption. What could go wrong? According to San Diego’s right-leaning county supervisor, Jim Desmond: Earlier today, I had the opportunity to participate in the […]

Fed Holds Rates Steady, Expects Economic Growth, Hiring, and Inflation to Slow

Growth is up. Inflation is up. Job openings are up. The Fed’s interest rate target, however, is not. Source


This is a repost from 2018. A must read also is Fabian Socialist Influence on Council Developments in NZ – (Important info). An exposé by Dr Naomi Jacobs “I decided to write the book following my initial shock in reading the New Zealand Herald, November 3, 2012, article, ‘Kaipara rates rebellion grows,’ about the huge, extortionate […]

CNBC: Biden Missed Chance to Refill SPR at Lower Rates After Draining It for Political Reasons

On Friday’s broadcast of CNBC’s “Squawk Box,” co-hosts Becky Quick and Joe Kernen reacted to news that the Biden administration wants to try to refill the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) at a price of $79 a barrel or less by noting Source

If Sweden Won, Why are Swedish Birth Rates Plummeting?

It is chapter and verse nowadays among Covid-19 policy dissidents – or at least those who get amplified the most on X – that “Sweden won:” namely, by bucking the trend and refusing to lock down, taking the initial hit of higher excess mortality at the outset of the Covid-19 pandemic, but ultimately being rewarded […]

Abortion rates in North Carolina drop by over 30% following implementation of PRO-LIFE LAW

(NaturalNews) A recent analysis released by the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute has shown a drop of over 30 percent in abortion rates in North… Source

We’re on track to whip inflation, so the Fed should leave interest rates alone

All the data we have says inflation is falling and monetary policy is already tight enough. Source

Green Energy Stocks Rocked by High Interest Rates

Green energy stocks have dropped significantly in the last few months, underperforming compared to oil and gas companies, as high interest takes its toll. Source

Trouble Ahead: Container Shipping Rates Sinking Further Into The Red

Trouble Ahead: Container Shipping Rates Sinking Further Into The Red By Greg Miller of FreightWaves It’s not looking good for container shipping lines. Peak season is running out of whatever limited steam it previously had. Spot rates are sliding into loss-making territory. Rates “continue to lose ground, bending under the pressure of insufficient demand and […]

NEW STUDY: Transgender (mutilation) surgery rates have tripled across all age groups from 2016 to 2019

(NaturalNews) A new study conducted by doctors from Columbia University in New York and the University of Southern California in Los… Source

Top Doctor Explains Why “Turbo Cancer” Rates Are Likely to Get Even Worse

Originally Published on Vigilant News “We know that the COVID vaccines have done various degrees of damage to the immune system in a fraction of people who’ve taken them,” attested Dr. Harvey Risch in a recent interview with The Epoch Times. “And that damage could be anywhere from getting COVID more often, getting other infectious […]

COVID-19 Infection Rates in Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Inmates: A Retrospective Cohort Study

4 sept 2023 New Study Compares Bivalent Vaxxed vs. Entirely Unvaxxed COVID Infection Rates Among California Prison Inmates “We analyzed COVID-19 surveillance data from January to July 2023 across 33 California state prisons, primarily a male population of 96,201 individuals.” Infection Rates (all ages): Bivalent Vaxxed: 3.24% Unvaxxed: 2.72% Infection Rates (age 50+): Bivalent Vaxxed: […]

Scientists find direct link between polar bear cub survival rates and human-caused carbon emissions

The new study connects the number of Arctic ice-free days to specific quantities of emissions and determines how these ice-free days can impact polar bear cub survival rates. Source

Disturbing Trend: Maternal Death Rates Have Soared 50% Since Vaccine Rollout in America

Originally Published on Vigilant News A “terrible report” by the National Center for Health Statistics, published on the CDC website, came out in the spring of this year, reported world-renowned cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough. What that report shows is that maternal death rates are increasing in America — and fast. The WHO defines maternal death […]

Population Expert Says UK Needs to Raise Fertility Rates or Face a Stark Choice Between Decline and Immigration

Britain needs to raise its fertility rates or face a stark choice between economic decline or rising levels of immigrant labour, says one of the country’s most prominent population experts. Demographer and author Paul Morland said if British people did not start having more children the country faced a “demographic nightmare” like Japan, which has […]

Mortgage Rates Soar to Highest Level for the Year

U.S. home mortgage rates soared towards 7 percent this week, pushing away many potential home buyers as affordability pressures for some pushed home ownership further out of reach. The average rate on the popular 30-year fixed mortgage hit 7.22 percent on July 6, reaching its highest point since November, according data published by to Mortgage News […]

Fertility Rates In Australia Plummet To All-Time Low as Vaccination Rate Hits Record High

Fertility rates in Australia have plummeted to an all-time low, according to recent data, at the same time as the country announces record-breaking Covid-19 vaccination rates, with over 95% of the population fully vaccinated. The number of births recorded in public maternity facilities has experienced a significant decline over the past two years, prompting concerns […]

Hospital ‘Murder’: Attorney Unveils Shocking Survival Rates Among Mechanically Ventilated COVID Patients

Originally Published on DailyClout The U.S. Federal government incentivized “not people recovering from COVID but people dying from COVID,” testified attorney to the Pennsylvania State Senate. “You got a cash bonus when someone died from COVID. It was an incentive to kill people, and it worked incredibly well.” One of the most objectionable protocols for […]

Heart-Stopping Trend: Myocarditis Rates Are So High That Dr. McCullough Reports Seeing Two Cases PER DAY

“Before COVID-19, I saw two cases of myocarditis my entire career … Now I see two cases per day in the clinic. It’s that frequent,” he lamented. Cho and colleagues reported data from Korea and found 480 myocarditis cases and 21 deaths in one paper. “COVID-19 vaccine-induced myocarditis is fatal,” Dr. McCullough continued. “And people […]

Carney on ‘Kudlow’: The Fed Might Hike Rates in June Instead of Pausing

Even though Wall Street is betting on an interest rate cut, the Federal Reserve could hike rates at its next meeting in June, Breitbart Economics Editor John Carney explained. Source

Big Democrat-run cities just keep getting more dangerous as homcide rates rise another 10%

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) Why voters in Democrat-run cities continue to reelect them year after year despite the fact that their left-wing soft-on-crime policies lead to more killings and more criminal activity resulting in less safe voters is a mystery.But they do, and now some of America’s biggest blue cities are among our most … [Read More…] […]

French Bakeries Are Suddenly Shutting Down At Alarming Rates Due To Energy Prices

Energy costs in France have seen a 500 percent increase recently and this is forcing French bakeries to close up shop. France is considered the cultural home of bread baking. In fact, French bakeries are such a quintessential part of the nation’s history that French President Emmanuel Macron ensured the baguette was given UNESCO heritage status in 2022. Unfortunately, […]

Status of US Dollar as Global Reserve Currency and Exchange Rates: Slow Long-Term Decline on Track


Consumers Got Whacked by Inflation, High Interest Rates, Layoff News, Asset Prices Falling from Lofty Peaks… And They’re Still Not Slowing Down

Consumer spending, adjusted for inflation and adjusted for seasonal factors ticked down by 0.3% in February, after a huge spike in January that had followed drops in December and November, and a big jump in October, according to data by the Bureau of Economic Analysis today. Source

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