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Greek shipping still coming to terms with the sale of lender

Greek shipping is still coming to terms with the takeover of its largest lender. The swift buyout of troubled Credit Suisse by compatriot bank UBS on Sunday has left many questioning the future of the enlarged bank’s shipping interests. Credit Suisse has been the largest bank financier for Greek shipping since 2016, its Greek portfolio… […]

HAARP Superweapon Still Being Used For Geowarfare, Romanian General Claims

HAARP Superweapon Still Being Used For Geowarfare, Romanian General Claims Date: March 22, 2023Author: Nwo Report  HAARP possibly caused a killer quake in Turkey and Syria. Posted BY: | NwoReport (Natural News) A Romanian general claimed that the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) was never closed down but is continuously being improved and upgraded over the years. […]

Mass Holocausting Iraqi War Criminals Still On The Loose Twenty Years On-Wheres The Arrest Warrants ICC?

The arrest warrant from the International Criminal Court for Russian President Vladimir Putin came at an opportune moment. It was, if nothing else, a feeble distraction over the misdeeds and crimes of other leaders current and former. Russia, not being an ICC member country, does not acknowledge that court’s jurisdiction. Nor, for that matter, does […]

Sleep Week’s Almost Over, But You Can Still Save 15% on Buffy’s Bedding

You may be good in bed—but this stuff will make you (sleep) even better. Hey, insomniacs—how are you managing the havoc of daily life with all those sleepless nights? You need some shuteye (and maybe a white noise machine). After all, it’s Sleep Week, and it’s time to make a change. Step one: find good […]

Is the DPRK still a sponsor of terrorism? Well…

On February 27, 2023, the US State Department released a report in which the US left North Korea on the 2021 list of countries sponsoring terrorism. The other two were Iran and Syria. As noted in the report, North Korea has repeatedly supported acts of international terrorism. In particular, Pyongyang harbors four members of the […]

12 Most Mysterious Ancient Technologies Scientists Still Can’t Explain (Video)

The sheer scale and complexity of historical structures such as palaces, temples and monuments can leave us in awe of the engineering, architectural feats, and ancient technology of our ancestors.  Read more Section:  Artifacts Ancient Technology News Video Read Later  Source

33 Armenian PoW’s are still being held in Azerbaijan

There are 33 Armenian prisoners of war currently held in Azerbaijan that have been confirmed and identified, Hsmik Samvelyan, press secretary of Armenian Representative for International Legal Affairs, Yeghishe Kirakosyan, presented to the Zhokhovurd newspaper. The number presented by Samvelyan is also confirmed by the representative of Armenian prisoners of war at the European Court […]

The truth about Cyclone Gabrielle: 100s are still missing according to folk on the ground in affected communities (@ 10/3/23)

“…if you talk to the community in general the picture’s a lot different…. we’re speaking to communities that say there’s still hundreds missing” We’re visiting this subject again with a recently released video at YT by The Felon Show that takes you into the flood affected area of the Esk Valley showing you close up, […]

Insecure App Still Asking Users If They Love It

UNITED STATES — Local smartphone user Sallie Beth Stunkey was seen sighing in frustration as the app she had been using flashed another pop-up insecurely asking if she loved it. “If I’d have known how needy the app was, I wouldn’t have started this relationship in the first place,” said Stunkey as her finger hovered […]

Macron’s Problem Is That He’s Losing Africa but Still Wants to Be a Player

March 9, 2023 Martin Jay is an award-winning British journalist based in Morocco where he is a correspondent for The Daily Mail (UK) who previously reported on the Arab Spring there for CNN, as well as Euronews. From 2012 to 2019 he was based in Beirut where he worked for a number of international media […]

In case you still think your government would never harm you …

A video from Watchman’s Duty @ Rumble. It’s from the archives, the ’50s. Check out Fort Detrick also. “Operation Big City” U.S Army Tests Bio-Weapons on U.S. Citizens Watch at THIS LINK. Photo: By Clem Gaines, Wikipedia Source

Joe Biden Stokes Fear on ‘Voting Rights’ in Selma, Still No Visit to East Palestine

SELMA, Ala. (AP) — President Joe Biden used the searing memories of Selma’s “Bloody Sunday” to recommit to a cornerstone of democracy, lionizing a seminal moment from the civil rights movement at a time when he has been unable to push enhanced voting protections through Congress and a conservative Supreme Court has undermined a landmark […]

8-Year-Old Going To Bed Asks For A Glass Of Water And Also How God Is Still Good When Terrible Things Happen In The World

GOSHEN, IN — According to sources, 8-year-old Kylee Carmen is being tucked into bed by her exhausted mother, but needs a few things before she can go to sleep. The first is a glass of water in her favorite princess cup, and the second is a satisfactory explanation for why we can still call God […]

EPA still refusing to test for toxic dioxins in East Palestine, Ohio

(Natural News) For whatever reason, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is refusing to test for dioxins in East Palestine following the Norfolk Southern train derailment incident. Local media outlet WKBN reported that the EPA is not going to test for dioxins even though the “controlled explosion” more than likely released the world’s largest dioxin plume. (Related: […]

No, “COVID” Still Doesn’t Come From a Lab

The big Covid news the last couple of days has been that the US Department of Energy, via the Wall Street Journal, has claimed that a laboratory leak is the “most likely” origin of “Covid”. Citing “new evidence”, a DoE panel has amended their assessment from 2021, essentially switching “we don’t know” to “it probably […]

Ex-Islamic State fighters still pose a risk in Turkey, finds report

Numerous foreign nationals with links to ISIS have come to Turkey since the terror group was defeated in Syria and Spain. Source

EPA Still Hasn’t Studied How Pesticides Disrupt Human Hormones 27 Years After Congress Demanded It

EPA Still Hasn’t Studied How Pesticides Disrupt Human Hormones 27 Years After Congress Demanded It The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s failure to implement the Endocrine Disruptor Screening Program, testing of the affect of pesticides used in food production on human hormones, led to a lawsuit filed late last year by a group of nonprofits. By  […]

At least 62 dead and dozen still missing after boat carrying 200 migrants broke up off Italy

Rescue workers are still looking for dozens of missing people after a boat carrying some 200 migrants crashed into rocks off the Italian coast. Source

Charlie Kirk Is Still Spreading Historically and Biblically Baseless Claims to Justify His Christian Nationalism

Right-wing commentator and youth organizer Charlie Kirk joined Pastor Jack Hibbs at his Calvary Chapel Chino Hills church Wednesday evening, where Kirk continued his practice of using church platforms to spread historically baseless claims about the Constitution and the founding of this country. Kirk heads Turning Point USA, a $55 million right-wing youth turnout organization […]

With Billions Wasted NATO Still Doesn’t Have the Juice to Beat Russia

In every mainstream media outlet from Berlin to Los Angeles, Vladimir Putin and Russia are losing in the conflict with Ukraine. The NATO proxy warriors and western think tank experts are endlessly reassuring citizens of the U.S. and other allied countries that Russia is on the ropes and ready for the knockout punch from the […]

Government allows Real Estate fraud to STILL flourish: False Advertising

An advertised look of the house The government (deliberately) allows fraud to occur in the real estate industry, where in fact it actually supports it. Why would it not? After all it’s a huge cash cow for the government, so why would anyone want to take an action to shoot one in the foot? Quite […]

Crest Whitestrips Have Still Got It, Baby (They Work So Well I’m Shook)

I’ve always had a rocky relationship with my teeth. As a kid, I had buck teeth, braces once, underdeveloped incisors, my first set of wisdom teeth removed at 14 (they later grew back as a special surprise!), braces again, a dozen cavities over the years, and then, when I thought I could skip wearing my […]

An Ancient Rock Fortress Still Shrouded in Mystery: Sri Lanka’s Breathtaking Sigiriya

An ancient fortress built on top of a giant granite rock formation in Sri Lanka, looming 200 meters above the surrounding landscape, is said to have been built by a 5th-century king to bridge the gap between our world and the kingdom of the gods. The stunning structure is shrouded in mystery to this day. […]

Survivors Still Being Found As Turkey-Syria Quake Death Toll Tops 28,000

Turkish President Recep Tayypi Erdogan referred to the quake as the “disaster of the century.” Source

Couy Griffin: MSM is still portraying J6 as a “violent armed insurrection” even though citizens weren’t even armed

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) Couy Griffin, former commissioner of New Mexico’s Otero County, lamented how the mainstream media (MSM) is portraying the Jan. 6 rally at the Capitol as a “violent armed insurrection.”He recounted the events of that day during his appearance on the Feb. 5 edition of “The Mel K Show.” Griffin told the podcast […]

The Feds Have All The Evidence They Need To Go After Jeffrey Epstein’s Buddies. Here’s Why They Still Roam Free

The Feds Have All The Evidence They Need To Go After Jeffrey Epstein’s Buddies. Here’s Why They Still Roam Free Photo by Stephanie Keith/Getty Images The legal action against Epstein’s alleged associates has been confined to civil lawsuits by victims and attorneys general, despite the evidence available for criminal prosecutions, such as Epstein’s little black […]

Several Questions About China Spy Balloon Still Up In The Air

What we know — and don’t know — about the spy in the sky. Source

MHRA admits 74% of vaccine injuries are ‘serious’ – yet still insists jabs are safe

ByJenny Brown January 23, 2023 Jenny Brown, an independent healthcare professional with significant nursing experience, has examined and analysed each of the approximately 75 MHRA Yellow Card Covid vaccine reports (adverse events data) published since the beginning of the Covid ‘vaccine’ roll-out. It is her analyses which have informed TCW‘s MHRA Yellow Card reporting to date. We are grateful for […]

Biden Administration Still Pushing For Forced Masking

The Biden Administration recently reinforced their commitment to retaining authority to impose endless COVID mandates on the American people. Source

Pope Francis: Being Homosexual ‘Isn’t A Crime,’ But It’s Still A Sin

Francis’ comments are the first uttered by a pope about such laws, but are consistent with his overall approach to the LGBTQ community. Source

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