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Still no media mentions Henry Curteis or English Democrats as postal voting starts

There is still  no mention of English Democrats (Teds) candidate Henry Curteis in any main media across West Mercia, Shropshire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire. There is almost no media of any kind about the election. Despite that the election voting cards have gone out and people are already casting their postal votes. BBC is offering me […]

Do not take your eyes off Ukraine: It’s still the most likely to trigger WWIII


Baltimore bridge ship crash fatalities: 2 confirmed dead, 4 still missing

All crew members of the ill-fated cargo ship that collided with and caused the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore early Tuesday, March 26, have been located and found unharmed, ship management company Synergy Marine Group said in a statement. Unfortunately, a construction crew working on the bridge suffered casualties, with eight […]

Putin says NATO Troops are already in Ukraine But Russia is Still Winning

    Russian President Vladimir Putin recently stirred concern with his assertions regarding the involvement of NATO soldiers in the conflict in Ukraine, suggesting that they are facing significant casualties. Addressing supporters and the media after his re-election victory, Putin underscored Moscow’s awareness of foreign fighters on Ukrainian soil and issued a stark warning about […]

Vivek Ramaswamy Out as VP, Still In with Trump and Flynn

Donald Trump said a month ago that former presidential contender Ramaswamy was on his vice-presidential shortlist, but Trump has reportedly told the entrepreneur that he won’t be the running mate. Ramaswamy is instead being considered for a cabinet post, Bloomberg reported Monday. Ramaswamy is being honored by Trump pardonee and retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn […]

While Macron Warmongers, France Is Still a Chaos, as 50 People Attack Police Station in Olympic Venue Area of Paris (VIDEO)

While Macron Warmongers, France Is Still a Chaos, as 50 People Attack Police Station in Olympic Venue Area of Paris (VIDEO) Source

US Intelligence: World Still Vulnerable To Pathogens That Could Cause ‘Devastating Pandemic’

Countries around the world are susceptible to another “devastating pandemic” due to the failings of global health services and the inability to effectively surveil diseases, according to US intelligence agencies. Their warning comes just days […] The post US Intelligence: World Still Vulnerable To Pathogens That Could Cause ‘Devastating Pandemic’ appeared first on The People's […]

Mexico “Still Hasn’t Seen Science” From US Proving Genetically Modified Corn Is Safe

Mexico submitted an official reply to the United States in the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) trade dispute about importing genetically modified (GM) corn. Mexico argued that the herbicide glyphosate in the corn is unsafe for human consumption. Corn plays a vital role in the Mexican diet, particularly as the primary ingredient for tortilla flour. In a written submission […]

Patients across the U.S. still unable to access lifesaving medications nearly two weeks after CYBERATTACK on UnitedHealth’s Change Healthcare unit

(NaturalNews) Patients across the country are still unable to access lifesaving medications nearly two weeks after a cyberattack targeted UnitedHealth, the United… Source

Why Are We Still Reliant On China For Our Biosecurity?

Authored by Matthew Turpin via RealClear Wire, The reports out of China arrived just before Thanksgiving. A surge in respiratory infections among children in the northern part of the country triggered a sense of foreboding — and Deja-vu. Meetings between the World Health Organization and Chinese officials quickly followed. The WHO’s conclusions brought some relief. […]

Health Care Students Still Suffer Force

A tremendous injustice is taking place in health care education, and most people are entirely unaware of it. Today, almost four years since the Covid pandemic began, nearly all US medical students, nursing students, and students training in other healthcare fields are still being forced to choose between accepting continual booster doses of the Covid […]

Mike Stone – Jewish COVIDscam Still Hasn’t Registered on Dumb Goyim

(The agenda of Organized Jewry, i.e. the WEF) Now here we are four years later  and people are so fundamentally stupid  and asleep at the wheel  that they still don’t understand what really happened.  Americans are set to re-elect vaccine murderer Donald Trump. by Mike Stone ( We’re nearing the four year anniversary of the great […]

Russell Bentley – still a lot of work to do to protect Donetsk. Dead NATO soldiers found in Avdiivka

Pushing the UAF out of Avdiivka is a positive step towards protecting Donetsk. But the operation was hardly a cakewalk (it took several months) and as Russell Bentley noted, the UAF is still able to shell Donetsk from other positions. “[Taking Avdiivka] moves the front line away from the city limits; secondly, it opens up space […]

US Vetoes Gaza Ceasefire For 3rd Time & Red Cross Still Claims COVID Jab “Does Not Enter Bloodstream”

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (2/21/24). As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Anyone telling you what the truth […]

Still Looking at You, Kids: Congress Aims to Extend Warrantless Surveillance for the Foreseeable Future

These measures have no place in a free and democratic society. Source

Florida Still Stands Alone

At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic mass hysteria bulldozed any voice of calm and reason; there was simply no stopping it, though many tried. Feeling the sense of futility of convincing my friends, neighbors, and community to not let fear destroy the very things we were trying to protect, I decided instead to act […]

MAGA Movement Still Promoting Bogus Claims That ‘Fraud’ Cost Trump 2020 Election

Sidney Powell, the former Trump attorney who promoted wildly implausible conspiracy theories about the 2020 election being stolen through rigged voting machines and foreign governments, is still at it. The edition of her Defending the Republic newsletter distributed Monday was headlined, “Study finds that Trump almost certainly won in 2020.” Powell, who pleaded guilty last […]

Title IX was a game-changer, but women are still fighting for an equal playing field 

Sport is not a “nice-to-have,” but a “must-have” for all girls and women, and it is something that we as a society must fight to invest in. Source

World Health Organization Says ‘We’re Still In A Pandemic’ & Covid Is ‘Rampant’

Despite declaring the public health emergency over last year, the World Health Organization (WHO) has now claimed that Covid is “rampant” and that the world is “still in a pandemic” WHO is now saying that […] The post World Health Organization Says ‘We’re Still In A Pandemic’ & Covid Is ‘Rampant’ appeared first on The […]

Turkey Earthquake One Year On: Survivors Still Living In Tent & Container Cities Amid Gov’t Infighting

Via Middle East Eye When Turkish soldier Muslum Ozdemir died during a military operation in Iraq last month, a troubling back story emerged. He was from Kahramanmaras, the epicenter of the twin earthquakes that claimed the lives of more than 50,000 people in nearly 10 provinces on 6 February last year, and survived the disaster himself. Before long, media discovered that […]

East Palestine, Ohio Water Still Contaminated As Biden Prepares Victory Lap 

President Biden’s planned trip to East Palestine, Ohio, is pure politics as the election cycle begins. The White House plans to do a victory lap on its response to the train derailment that nuked the small town with toxic chemicals one year ago. Yet, a new report reveals the federal government’s response has been sub-par, with […]

Ghislaine Maxwell’s Memoir Will Expose VIP Pedophiles Who Are Still Running the World Today

Jeffrey Epstein’s child pimp Ghislaine Maxwell is writing a “tell-all” memoir that she says will expose super VIP pedophiles who are still running the world today. According to reports, Maxwell’s memoir will expose the truth […] The post Ghislaine Maxwell’s Memoir Will Expose VIP Pedophiles Who Are Still Running the World Today appeared first on […]

Healthcare Students Still Forced to Inject Vaccines

Almost four years after the start of the Covid pandemic, and healthcare students are still subject to some of the most oppressive and coercive vaccine mandates ever declared. Despite the fact that there has not been one documented Covid case on college campuses in the last four years that led to either an outbreak of […]

Gates Still Trying To Convince People To Take ‘Safe & Effective Vaccines.

Bill Gates is still on what appears to be his never-ending quest to inject the global human population with as many “vaccines” as possible. The Covid pandemic may be old news at the World Economic […] The post Gates Still Trying To Convince People To Take ‘Safe & Effective Vaccines. appeared first on The People's […]

If American Revolutionaries Volunteer Union Still Existed & Texas Were Still A State, US/DC Would Not Have Right To Tell Texicans Not To Defend Texas’s Borders

If the manic depressive rabidly racist against African Americans closet homosexual atheists Marxist yankee puritan Lincoln had not killed the American Revolutionaries Volunteer Union, which he did in 1861, and if the occupied Republic of Texas had not legally seceded in 1860 from that Volunteer Union which the Republic of Texas Voluntarily joined in 1847, […]

Rutgers SJP is reinstated and still defiant

Editor’s Note: The following statement was released by Students for Justice in Palestine at Rutgers – New Brunswick on January 17, 2023. Today, as a result of our collective efforts as students, we proudly announce that Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) has been reinstated at Rutgers University but is on probation until December 2024. […]

Zelensky still waiting for F-16s which are nowhere to be seen


Jews Still Angry About That Time When The ‘Nazis’ Burned Their Gay Porn Stash in 1933

(Forward) Ninety years have passed since the National Socialist took steps to protect German society by burning “troves” of pornographic Jewish “scientific literature” which attempted to normalize sexual deviancy — including books on “pioneering” gender mutilation surgeries — yet Jews today remain clueless about why these books were burned — and why they themselves are […]

An Advanced Species Trying To Figure Out Why American Sheep Still “VOTE” In Rothschil’d’s Corporations Illusion of Elections


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