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Republican governors defend IVF after Alabama ruling

Republican governors defend IVF after Alabama ruling lead image Source

GOP governors rally behind Texas in Supreme Court border dispute

Texas Governor Greg Abbott, backed by 25 GOP governors, maintains razor wire barriers at Eagle Pass, igniting a national debate on border security and state sovereignty. Source

GOP Governors Issue Joint Statement Backing Texas In Its Border Fight With Feds

Republican governors from several states are supporting Texas in its constitutional battle with the Biden administration over the right to defend its borders. On Thursday, the Governors of 25 states issued a joint statement via […] The post GOP Governors Issue Joint Statement Backing Texas In Its Border Fight With Feds appeared first on The […]

Governors Of The Mind: “We Must Remake History”

Authored by Jeffrey Tucker via, The assault on enterprise of the last few years — meaning not the biggest politically connected businesses but smaller ones reflecting vibrant commercial life — has taken very strange forms. Ever since The New York Times said the way forward was to “go medieval,” the elites have been attempting just that. […]

25 GOP Governors Say Proposed Biden Admin Rule Would Prevent States from Protecting Women’s and Girls’ Sports

Half of the nation’s governors wrote to Cardona asking he withdraw a proposed Title IX regulation they say would “prevent states from enforcing our duly-enacted statutes protecting fairness in women’s and girls’ sports.” Source

Governors, Senators Push Pharmacies to Sell Abortion Pill

Governors and senators including California Gov. Gavin Newsom are pushing pharmacy retailers to continue providing customers with access to the abortion drug, mifepristone. In a March 14 letter to CVS, Rite-Aid, Walmart, Safeway, Kroger, Costco, and Health Mart, 14 Democrat governors questioned how the pharmacy giants plan to distribute the abortion medication and “safeguard access to reproductive health care.” […]

‘Sorry, Ron, you’re No. 2’: Sununu says he’s the top dog among conservative governors

Chris Sununu, the New Hampshire governor and potential 2024 candidate, has developed a profile as a center-right alternative to Donald Trump. On Thursday, he pushed back on that perception while taking a swipe at another prominent likely 2024 hopeful: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. Sununu, known for being outspoken against Trump, tried to shed the moderate […]

Governors to voters: The state of our nation is bleak, except under me

If you’d sat in the Wyoming statehouse as Gov. Mark Gordon issued his State of the State address last week, it may have seemed as if the end times were near. Not only had the “misguided” energy policies of the Biden administration “cost our nation dearly these past two years,” the Republican governor said, but […]

WOW!!! Democrat governors now sending hordes of illegal aliens to largest Democrat-run cities

READ HERE: Colorado plans to send more migrants to New York   Source

Democrats elected a big class of young governors. They might be the future of the party.

NEW ORLEANS — The future of the Democratic Party was formed over the weekend in a New Orleans hotel ballroom. At least that’s what the donors, operatives and state executives who attended the Democratic Governors Association’s annual winter confab here think. The party last month successfully defended all but one of its incumbents and flipped […]

Your cheat sheet on the nation’s 9 governors-in-waiting

Meet America’s new class of governors — a diverse group of political newcomers and seasoned politicians who flipped party control, broke centuries-old barriers and helped deliver a record 12 female state executives nationwide. They’re historic firsts in their states and in the nation. They flipped governor’s offices blue in Arizona, Maryland and Massachusetts. And in […]

Republican Governors tap Reynolds aide as next executive director

The Republican Governors Association has tapped Sara Craig Gongol as the party committee’s next executive director. Craig Gongol previously served as chief of staff to Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds, who recently won reelection and is currently the vice-chair of the RGA. “Sara is a talented operative who’s keenly aware of what’s necessary for an organization […]

Governors That Opposed COVID Lockdowns See Margins of Victory Rise in 2022

In the 2022 midterm elections, governors who opposed prolonged pandemic lockdowns and quickly allowed their states to reopen had an easier time winning reelection than they had in the 2018 elections. In Tuesday’s midterm elections, governors Brian Kemp of Georgia, Ron DeSantis of Florida, Kristi Noem of South Dakota, Kim Reynolds of Iowa, Jared Polis […]

Republican Governors Vow Not To Mandate Covid Vaccines For Children

Several Republican governors have responded to the CDC’s latest attempt to force the covid vaccines on children by vowing not to institute mandates in their states. On Thursday, the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) voted 15-0 to approve adding Pfizer and Moderna covid jabs to the list of recommended childhood vaccines for children […]

GOP Governors Promise Not To Mandate Covid-19 Vaccine For Children

Update: As expected, the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices voted 15-0 on Thursday to add Covid-19 shots to the children’s recommended vaccine schedule. As the Post Millennial notes, Speaking earlier in the morning, Dr. Patricia Wodi said that the Covid-19 vaccine has been placed as a recommendation from 6 months of age and older. During a question period, one […]

Right Wing Round-Up: Can Governors Declare War?

Ken Meyer @ Mediaite: Michael Flynn Predicts State Governors Will Soon ‘Declare War’ in Shocking Arizona Campaign Speech. Josephine Harvey @ HuffPost: Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Husband Files For Divorce. Jack Jenkins @ Religion News Service: Interfaith group hosts Hill briefing on Christian nationalism. Andrew Buncombe @ The Independent: The January 6 hearings revealed stunning details […]

White House says Republican governors shipping migrants to other states is ‘reckless,’ ‘shameful’

“We have had a process in place, there is a legal way of doing this, and for managing migrants,” Jean-Pierre said during a White House press briefing. “Republican governors interfering in that process and using migrants as political pawns is shameful.” Migrants from Central and South America wait near the residence of Vice President Kamala […]

Meh. White House-curious governors unfazed by D.C. gridlock.

PORTLAND, Maine — Congress is making the presidency a grind and the Supreme Court is kicking policymaking to the states. Being a governor, then, should be one of America’s hottest jobs. Yet so many governors are still angling to be president. Last month’s string of Supreme Court decisions — rolling back five decades of abortion […]

State Legislatures Battle Governors Over Lockdown Powers, NH Gov. Sununu “Drunk on His Own Power”

Image above: Couple jumps out window during total lockdown in China The liberal Portsmouth Herald just can’t help itself, adding “Angering Some on the Right” as if only a few righties are sick of these lockdowns. “Sununu vetoes bill limiting governor’s emergency powers, angering some on right”: “Gov. Chris Sununu vetoed a bill [House Bill […]

Exclusive: 19 Republican Governors Demand Biden Take ‘More Aggressive Action’ as Baby Formula Crisis Continues

Republican governors presented President Joe Biden with a list of demands on Thursday aimed at easing the nationwide baby formula shortage.

Governors who criminalized BDS in their states demand boycott of Russia

A number of U.S. lawmakers have called for a boycott targeting Russia following the invasion of Ukraine, but some of the same politicians are responsible for their states’ anti-BDS laws. “Today I sent a letter to the Liquor Control Board urging them to remove Russian-sourced products from stores and cease selling them ASAP,” tweeted Pennsylvania […]

Here’s what 5 governors have to say on Covid, climate change and campaign plans

Though effective vaccines have been widely available throughout the country for most of last year, the virus continues to disrupt society — particularly with the emergence of the Omicron variant in recent months. The five governors — three Democrats and two Republicans — have each taken different approaches, and each acknowledged the evolving balance of […]

GOP governors play down Omicron ‘hysteria’ while also asking for help

DeSantis this week asked the federal government for more antibody treatments and hammered the White House for not providing promised at-home testing kits. He said on Tuesday that this week Florida is only going to get one-third of the antibody treatments it wants. “Bogarting these treatments like that and not putting them out is wrong,” […]

Italian Governors Call For Unvaccinated to be Put Under Lockdown

Five Italian Governors have called for lockdown measures to be imposed on the unvaccinated, following the example of Austria, while Czech Republic and Slovakia are also moving to enforce similar measures. As we previously highlighted, after Austria placed the unjabbed under lockdown, preventing them from leaving their homes for anything other than “essential reasons,” police […]

North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee: Republican Governors Can Check Biden Administration

John Lee, the North Las Vegas, Nevada, mayor and Republican gubernatorial candidate, said on Breitbart News Saturday that governors can serve as a check to the President Joe Biden administration. Lee hopes to unseat Gov. Steve Sisolak (D) during the 2022 midterm elections. The North Las Vegas mayor, a former Democrat, said that the modern day Democrat […]

There are just 9 female governors. Both parties want change.

Governor Kathy Hochul speaks with the media after visiting the 9/11 Memorial in New York on Sept. 8. | Ted Shaffrey/AP Photo Now there’s growing urgency among leaders in both major parties around bolstering the chances of women running in the 2022 gubernatorial elections, when voters in 36 states will pick their next state executive. […]

Massachusetts State Police Union Suing Over Governors Covid Vaccine Mandate

The Massachusetts State Police union has filed a lawsuit against Gov. Charlie Baker seeking to delay a vaccine mandate that requires state workers, including troopers, to be fully vaccinated by Oct. 17 or risk being fired. The 14-page lawsuit filed on Friday in Suffolk Superior Court asks for the vaccine mandate on hold. The troopers’ […]

More GOP Governors Back Biden’s Plan to Resettle 95K Afghans in Their States

More Republican governors across the United States are publicly supporting President Joe Biden’s massive refugee resettlement operation out of Afghanistan which is set to bring at least 95,000 Afghans to the U.S. over the next year. Last week, the Biden administration announced that the first group of roughly 36,000 Afghans brought to the U.S. at […]

IT’S WAR: GOP Governors Vow to Fight Biden ‘To the Gates of Hell’ over Unconstitutional Vaccine Mandate

A large numbers of Republican governors have vowed to fight Joe Biden’s ‘unconstitutional’ vaccine mandate ‘to the gates of hell.’ The pushback from governors comes after the Biden-Harris regime said on Thursday that The Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) will force employers with 100 or more employees “to ensure their workforce is fully […]

Biden’s Education Department to Target Governors for ‘Civil Rights’ Violations for Banning School Mask Mandates

Department of Education Secretary Miguel Cardona will continue targeting governors who have fought back against school mask mandates, warning Wednesday he plans to conduct “civil rights investigations” and take possible legal action against states with bans or limitations on the mandates. Cardona said he finds it “astonishing” that some states — such as Florida and […]

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