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“It’s like every other two-minute clip I watch of this Fani Willis interview she admits to committing another felony.” — Senator JD Vance (R-OH)

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Ukrainian refugee killed in Germany by other refugees because of his Nationality

A tragic incident unfolded in the German city of Oberhausen on Saturday evening, resulting in the death of 17-year-old Ukrainian refugee Volodymyr Yermakov and the injury of his teammate, Artem K., in what is reported as a racially motivated attack. The two Ukrainian teenagers, aspiring basketball players, were taking the bus from the CentrO shopping […]

The 5 Global Powers That Vie To Crush Each Other And Their Subjects

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Biden Admin Classifies Martha’s Vineyard And Other Elite Enclaves ‘Low-Income’ To Push EV Charger Subsidies

Biden Admin Classifies Martha’s Vineyard And Other Elite Enclaves ‘Low-Income’ To Push EV Charger Subsidies Some of the wealthiest liberal enclaves in the country are being classified by the Biden administration as “low-income” in order to qualify for an electric vehicle (EV) charger subsidy program contained within the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), the Daily Caller […]

New Jersey Illegal Migrant Gang Charging Other Migrants $6,000 To Illegally Migrate

New Jersey Illegal Migrant Gang Charging Other Migrants $6,000 To Illegally Migrate A migrant gang based in New Jersey is helping a flood of future Democrats pour into the United States through the Canadian border for a princely sum of $6,000 per head, the Daily Mail reveals. An image released by Border Patrol agents shows […]

Interference with UK and other NATO countries air traffic from Russian jamming devices

Putin’s threat to civilian airlines: Top secret Russian electronic weapon ‘based in Kaliningrad’ is jamming GPS technology on flights and ships across eastern flank of NATO, Western intelligence fears A top secret Russian electronic weapon allegedly based in Kaliningrad has been jamming GPS technology on flights and ships across the eastern flank of NATO, Western intelligence […]

Massive Lost City Found Covered in Vegetation, Site Is ‘Older Than Any Other’ and Could Rewrite American History


Alabama prisoners’ bodies returned to families with hearts, other organs missing, lawsuit claims

January 11, 2024 The bodies of two men who died while incarcerated in Alabama’s prison system were missing their hearts or other organs when returned to their families, a federal lawsuit alleges. The family of Brandon Clay Dotson, who died in a state prison in November, filed a federal lawsuit last month against the Alabama […]

Pastor, Three Other Christians Kidnapped in Central Nigeria 

The Rev. Alia Hyacinth, governor of Benue state, called for the release of the Rev. Haanongon Gideon. (Facebook, Friendsoffraliahyacinth) ABUJA, Nigeria (Christian Daily International–Morning Star News) – Fulani herdsmen and other terrorists kidnapped a pastor and three other Christians on Saturday (Jan. 13) in central Nigeria, sources said. The Rev. Haanongon Gideon, a pastor and council […]

A Christmas Like No Other

Forwarded this email? Subscribe here for more A Christmas like no other 2023 the Genocide year. VANESSA BEELEY DEC 25 READ IN APP 2023 will be etched in our memories forever – the year a genocide was carried out with the express endorsement of Western regimes intent on cleansing Palestine of Palestinians, slaughtering thousands of […]

Germany: Baby Jesus beheaded along with other Nativity figures in latest attack on Christians

Unknown perpetrators beheaded baby Jesus and other figures in a Christmas nativity scene over the weekend in the city of Rüsselsheim. The attack featured the figures, primarily made out of Styrofoam, having their hands severed and their heads removed; some of them were also knocked over. The figures, which were displayed in the town’s market […]

Maher: “It’s Hard To Negotiate When The Other Side’s Position Is – You All Die And Disappear”

Comedian Bill Maher discussed the Israel-Hamas conflict on Friday, suggesting that Palestinians get used to the fact that Israel isn’t going anywhere, and there’s no way for Israel to negotiate with Palestine in good faith when the other side’s position is “you all die and disappear.” “Things change. Countries, boundaries, empires,” said Maher, citing various historical […]

New Study Confirms CDC and Other ‘Experts’ Hurt Children for Nothing

SHARE | PRINT | EMAIL There have clearly been many, MANY aspects of our Covid response that were and remain inexcusable. Vaccine passports and mandates, the nonsensical curfews and capacity limits, general mask mandates, and of course, closing beaches, should never been forgotten. But few, if any of our pointless, ineffective Covid-era restrictions were as […]

Henry Kissinger: The Declassified Obituary and Other Resources

Henry Kissinger’s death renews global attention to the paper trail of secret documents recording his policy deliberations. Famous for initiatives including détente with the USSR, the opening to China, and Middle East shuttle diplomacy, the historical record also documents the darker side of Kissinger’s controversial tenure in power. The National Security Archive has published a selection […]

Washington Post Reporters, Other Employees Launch 24-Hour Strike

In the biggest fallout between the outlet’s management and labor since the 1970s, reporters and other employees at the unjustifiably esteemed Washington Post have declared a 24-hour strike, following 18 months of negotiation that failed to placate them.  “Despite a year and a half of efforts, Post management has refused to bargain in good faith for […]


In this interview: The satanic new world order’s biggest lies are all being revealed, one by one. From NASA’s faked moon missions, to Pizzagate and deep state secret technologies – the darkness is being brought to light. Dustin Nemos joins me to discuss. Source: SGT Report In Case You Missed It: Albrecht vs. Nemos DEBATE: […]


On Saturday, November 11, Israeli military spokesman Daniel Hagari claimed in a press conference that Israel had killed a “terrorist” who had prevented 1,000 civilians from escaping the Shifa Hospital. The allegations made little sense. Even by the standards of Israeli propaganda, falsifying such a piece of information while providing no context and no evidence further contributes […]

Israeli forces face not only Hamas but other Palestinian factions

(NaturalNews) As the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) penetrate deeper into the hostile Gaza Strip, they encounter not only the Hamas movement, but also other… Source

How many other dead New Zealanders have been similarly fobbed off, not investigated, not compensated and ignored?

From The Detailed Case of Garrett Utting: New Zealanders Have No Protections, Are Being Lied To, and Our Systems are Not Fit For Purpose The following is the story of Garrett Utting. He was 30 years old when he died in December 2021.  He was young and healthy with only a history of galactosaemia […]

Barack Obama Backs Joe Biden as Other Democrats Sour

Former President Barack Obama came out swinging in favor of Joe Biden this weekend despite the fact that Democrats have begun to sour on his 2024 candidacy. Source

How Easily Can Cops Steal Your Stuff, and Other Hard Questions For the Supreme Court

Police departments use civil asset forfeiture to seize millions of dollars’ worth of property every year. In Culley v. Marshall, the justices will decide whether to help them get away with it. Source

Other news of late

Scalar Energy Weapons  Nowhere to HideScientific Study on Corona TechnologyChildren’s death stats in the UKOIA reveals in 12 mnths NZ Police attended 5,032 sudden deathsNanotechnology to be used to realize 13 out of 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030: the science was presented in 2007!The Anti Parasitic Drug That is Cheap, Safe & Kills […]

Israeli blockade in Gaza threatens to unleash cholera, other infectious disease OUTBREAKS

(NaturalNews) Now that there is no more water, fuel, electricity, food, or medicine flowing into Gaza – Israel cut them off after the October 7 Hamas attack –… Source

Documentary implicates Schwab, Gates, WHO, UN and other globalist entities in massive crime of ‘democide’

I reported last week on the arrest of a prominent international lawyer who has been investigating and exposing the criminal intent surrounding the unleashing of toxic Covid “vaccines” on the world population. Today, I discovered another influential man, along with a woman, who might want to watch their backs. Source

Staff at Walgreens, other major U.S. pharmacy chains could WALK OUT in coming weeks to PROTEST poor working conditions

(NaturalNews) There is more trouble in pharmakeia land as Walgreens and other major pharmacy chains in the United States face employee walkouts and protests in the… Source

Starbucks And Its Worker Union Are Suing Each Other In Legal Showdown

Starbucks and the union organizing the company’s baristas filed lawsuits against each other on Wednesday after the union rejected the company’s demand to stop using its name and logo. Starbucks is suing the union for trademark infringement, while the union is suing Starbucks for defamation. Starbucks sent a cease-and-desist letter to the union’s president on […]

Biden in Israel Suggests Gaza Hospital Bombing ‘Done By The Other Team’ But Adds ‘There’s A Lot Of People Out There Not Sure’

By Chris Menahan President Joe Biden on Wednesday addressed the Gaza Baptist hospital bombing, telling Prime Minister Benjamin Source


Some of you may be under the mistaken impression I hate Jews. You would be wrong. Most of them are victims of being indoctrinated with total evil bull shit by evil beings who use them as useful fools to make war against God and humanity. But once infected with this virus of evil bullshit, like […]


“The Wounded Knee Massacre: The Forgotten History of the Native American Gun Confiscation” Source

“Beheaded Israeli Babies”, “Raped Women” And Other Disinformation To Justify Gaza Massacre

Following Israel’s onslaught against Gaza, killing over a thousand civilians, rendering hundreds of thousands homeless and cutting off the water, food, international aid, electricity, and fuel to what Israel’s Defense Minister called “human animals” in Gaza, an immense focus has been placed upon the nature of the initial Hamas attack against Israel. By now you […]

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