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Biden Disinformation Czar Demands Power to Edit Other People’s Tweets

During an appearance on CNN, FDA chief Dr. Robert Califf asserted that the leading cause of death in the United States is online “misinformation.” Yes, really.

America is Devolving From Killing Everyone Overseas to Killing Each Other as the Blood Spattered Empire Cannibalizes Itself

Killing for the Sake of It: The Grisly Reality of the Failing US Empire Mired in financial collapse, moral decay, and lack of leadership & direction, the last sole superpower is lashing out in every direction, spreading brutal destruction throughout the world for nothing more than its own depraved sake This article from our archives was […]

What Do Dogs and Other Mammals Have That Humans Don’t? A Penis Bone

In a place before time, life somehow emerged on Earth. It grew and flourished. It changed. It split, and some of it went its different ways. There was life in the water and life on the land. Read more Section:  News Human Origins Science Unexplained Phenomena Read Later 

Alyssa Milano Shames Other Hollywood Celebrities for Not Speaking Up for ‘Reproductive Justice’

Alyssa Milano is attempting to shame and guilt-trip her fellow celebrities who haven’t spoken out about “reproductive justice” — aka abortion — in the aftermath of the U.S. Supreme Court leak showing the high court is prepared to overturn Roe v. Wade.

ACH (1740) Mallificus Scott – The Limeys #64 – The O-BITCH-UARY Of Madeleine Albright And Other Stories…

In today’s show originally broadcast on March 28 2022, Andy presents “The Limeys” with his co-host Mallificus Scott for a show entitled, “The O-BITCH-UARY Of Madeleine Albright And Other Stories…” We discussed: the Frosty Wooldridge clip that we played during the show intro segment; Andy’s recent illnesses; lockdown television; WD-40; scam emails; how we are […]

Ukraine Obliterates Other Stories: Only the Villains Can Win

With events in Ukraine having obliterated other stories it is worth noting that truckers are still driving from California to DC, but other regular people have totally forgotten about the convoy, the virus, and the vaccine, etc. The war ended the pandemic overnight. Everyone is now proffering an opinion on who started it, who is […]

Putin: Russia Had No Other Option but to Launch Ukraine Invasion, West Deceived us about NATO Expansion

    Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered a lengthy speech on Thursday explaining his justification for invading Ukraine, claiming Russia was left with “no other option” to ensure its national security after decades of deception by the “US instrument” known as NATO. Regardless of one’s sentiments about Putin or his actions, this is history being […]

Other important headlines

Important message to Wellington protesters Science to order in NZ? The data says up to 100% of NZ’s CV Hospitalisations are among the Fully Jabbed Former NZ military sniper team commander speaks out about the tactics being used on protesters Those many sudden deaths Rhythm and crimes What the funeral industry is noticing Share this: […]

How to deal with powdery mildew and other diseases in your garden (Wally Richards)

This is the time of the year that the disease called Powdery Mildew will attack a number of plants in your garden. Powdery mildew is a common fungus that affects a wide variety of plants. It is easily identified and appears as light grey or white powdery spots usually found on infected leaves, but can […]

Michael Ratner Was A Revolutionary Lawyer Like No Other

Above Photo: Michael Ratner, President of the Center for Constitutional Rights, in front of the US Supreme Court in Washington DC, 11th January 2006. Jonathan McIntosh. The late human rights lawyer took on some of the most important cases of our time, including defending Guantanamo Bay detainees and representing WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. When Michael […]

Wife Encourages Husband To Buy Thing So She Can Justify Buying Other Thing

CEDAR CITY, UT—According to sources, local wife Sarah Quint has encouraged her husband to buy a new video game he’s been wanting, which will allow her to justify her impending purchase of an air fryer, new shoes, cute pens, and a “really cute” $300 umbrella.  “I have given my husband a pass to buy something silly,” said Sarah as she symbolically […]

Jan 23, 2022 is free speech day for doctors and other healthcare providers

Jan 23, 2022 is free speech day for doctors and other healthcare providers On January 23, 2022, over 10,000 healthcare providers will, for the first time, speak freely about the COVID vaccines. SIMULTANEOUSLY. Mass formation can continue only so long as the authorities can censor the truth tellers.What has allowed this nonsense to continue for […]

Humanoid Skull Like No Other: Mainstream Rejection of Starchild Skull

It was back in the 1930s when an American teenager discovered an abandoned mine tunnel in Mexico’s Copper Canyon region. Inside it she found a human skeleton and, clutching onto its arm, was the hand bone of another skeleton buried mostly under the earth. It was described as being small and misshapen. The teenager returned […]

Hong Kong Bans Flights From U.S., Imposes Other COVID-19 Restrictions

HONG KONG (AP) — Hong Kong authorities announced a two-week ban on flights from the United States and seven other countries and held 2,500 passengers on a cruise ship for coronavirus testing Wednesday as the city attempted to stem an emerging omicron outbreak. The two-week ban on passenger flights from Australia, Canada, France, India, Pakistan, […]


Iv’e always maintained something was not illegal until they caught you doing it! When I went into the military most folks knew me thought I would never make it cause I pretty much had always done what I wanted and told the truth no matter who it pissed off, no matter their station in life. […]

Texas Audit Finds Over 11,000 Potential Non Citizens Registered to Vote, Other Problems

Voting irregularities – including potentially thousands of votes cast by non-citizens and the dead – were reported during the first phase of the Texas Secretary of State’s forensic audit of the 2020 general election, but critics deemed it more of a risk-limiting audit at this point. The Texas Secretary of State’s office released its findings on Dec. 31, but […]

CDC Adds Sweden, Other European Destinations, to Its Highest Travel Risk Category

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Monday warned Americans against travel to several more European destinations, including Sweden, adding the countries to its highest-risk category for travel. In its weekly update of COVID-19 travel advisories, Malta, Moldova, and Sweden were added to the agency’s “Level 4: Covid-19 Very High” category, which indicates […]


[embedded content] [embedded content] I have not done a song for Hands all over little girls Biden because no one really cares about the senile looser one way or the other. The Ole Equal Opportunity Dog! Share this: Source

Christmas Before Christ: Yule & Other Northern European Traditions

A look at Slavic, Baltic, Celtic & Germanic Christmas-time traditions and their similarities and origins, with an especial focus on Yule, as well as the nature of Santa Claus. [embedded content] Share now! Source

Hope Hicks, other Trump alums join hedge-fund exec’s Senate camp

Sarah Huckabee Sanders makes an appearance on “Fox & Friends” in New York on Sept. 6, 2019. | Richard Drew/AP Photo The roster provides a hint at how McCormick would likely run his campaign: As a staunch Trump ally. The 56-year-old McCormick, who launched an exploratory committee this week, has deep ties to the Trump […]

McCarthy: ‘I Think There Are a Few Other Democrats’ Thinking About Changing Parties

Monday on FNC’s “Fox News Primetime,” host Brian Kilmeade asked House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) to speculate about the possibility of Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WN) swapping parties with the help of former President Donald Trump. McCarthy recollected working with Manchin in the past, but he referred to one member of his caucus, Rep. Jeff […]

Degenerate Pedophiles in Our Media & Other News

by Admin · Published December 18, 2021 · Updated December 18, 2021 Comment: LOL I’m not worried about Dying This Winter And Neither Should You be. Laughable! Source

During NBC’s “The Other Side” program, Dames stated that “The U.S. Government has an electronic device which could implant thoughts in people.”

During NBC’s “The Other Side” program, Dames stated that “The U.S. Government has an electronic device which could implant thoughts in people.” OCTOBER 13, 2020DIGIGOD EXCERPT: According to neuroscientist Dr Robert Duncan who is author of the well known neuroscience book which is called “Project Soul Catcher ” he writes on page 253 of […]

Elon Musk Claims ‘No Other CEO on the Planet’ Cares as Much About Safety as He Does

Elon Musk claimed on Wednesday that no other CEO on the planet cares as much about safety as he does, according to a Financial Times report. In an interview, Musk, who was named Time magazine’s 2021 Person of the Year on Monday, insisted that he had not misled Tesla’s customers about the company’s self-driving technology, including Autopilot and full self-driving (FSD), […]

Possible COVID Vaccine Deaths Now 10,000% Higher Than Other Vaccines, in CDC’s “Early Warning” System

Above image: Amanda Rich, 23 Years Old with Child, family believe death caused by COVID vaccine (Husband Died “Suddenly” Also, Months Later) Reported in Health Impact News. Father’s GoFundMe page. Amanda obituary. The latest CDC database which tracks deaths which are reported as possibly linked to the Pfizer and Moderna COVID injections shows that those the number of […]

Kim Jong Un Minds His Own Business & Doesn’t Interfere With Other Nation’s Lives So Why Is He A Target Of America’s Globalists?

by Admin · December 15, 2021 Ghazy Le Baron Jum3np1e oi12l, 20752507g  · He didn’t burn Syria.. He didn’t destroy Iraq.. He didn’t starve Africa.. He didn’t loot the wealth of weak countries.. He didn’t drop phosphorus bombs on Palestinian children.. didn’t nuke japan.. didn’t start a civil war in Rwanda.. didn’t destroy the mountains of Tora Bora.. didn’t […]

Scotland: Government Under Fire For Asking Kids If They Ever Had ‘Anal Sex’ & Other Intrusive Questions

Scotland’s privacy regulators are investigating a government census which asks children as young as 14 a series of explicit and intrusive questions about their sex lives, including whether they’ve ever had anal sex. The controversial “Health and Wellbeing Census”, dubbed the “Snooper charter”, has already been handed out to secondary school pupils in 11 of […]

On ‘Gassing the Arabs’ and Other Diseases: Is Israel a ‘Sick Society’?

December 09th, 2021 By Ramzy Baroud Source There are no indications that Israeli society, government and media – ‘liberal’ or right-wing – will, on their own, develop the necessary antibodies that will cure the disease of racism, military occupation and apartheid. For whatever reason, some mistakenly perceive the Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, as liberal, progressive and […]

The Other ‘CRT’- WaPo Accuses Math Curriculums of ‘Racism’

Racism in school curriculums isn’t limited to history…apparently it’s in math, too According to a recent Washington Post piece the current math curriculums “enshrines the names of White men” while “blurring” the contributions of others. In the op-ed, the author demands that the formulas with the allegedly “racist” origins be removed from math textbooks while […]

Judge Temporarily Halts Vaccine Mandate for NYPD Employees, Other City Workers

A New York Supreme Court justice on Tuesday put on hold the city government’s sweeping COVID-19 vaccine mandate for city workers, which includes all NYPD employees, pending a hearing next week. Judge Frank Nervo granted a hearing (pdf) that could lead to a restraining order against the mandate that was imposed by New York City […]

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