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“The Shadow of the Wind” comes to Iranian bookstores

“The Shadow of the Wind” comes to Iranian bookstores – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN – A Persian translation of Spanish writer Carlos Ruiz Zafón’s bestselling novel “Shadow of the Wind”, translated by Ali Sanavi, has arrived in Iranian bookstores. The book has been published by Nimaj, a publishing house based in Tehran. Sanavi has previously rendered works […]

First Ramadan prayers held at Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque in shadow of Israeli restrictions

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Leader of Myanmar shadow civilian gov’t vows resistance to junta rule

The acting leader of Myanmar‘s parallel civilian government, appointed by ousted lawmakers in the wake of a Feb. 1 military coup, addressed the public for the first time on Saturday from hiding and vowed to pursue a “revolution” to overturn the junta.Mahn Win Khaing Than, who is on the run along with most senior officials […]

Cassander: Ruthless Macedon King in the Shadow of Alexander the Great

Cassander was a King of Macedon who lived during the 4 th century BC. He was a son of Antipater, one of Alexander the Great’s generals. During Alexander’s campaign against the Achaemenids in the East, Cassander most likely remained in Europe, since his father was serving as regent in Macedon. Following his father’s death, Cassander […]

Meet Allen Dulles: The “Psychopath” Who Created America’s Modern Shadow Government

Comment: The CIA’s Baby Raping Programs started under Allen Dulles and his Brother Avery Dulles is the Baby Raping Satanic Cardinal who was actually murdered during a Satanic Ritual. Tyler Curdin by Tyler Durden on 10/14/2015 22:00 -0400 national security SPY Submitted by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog, Allen Dulles, the CIA director […]

Stan Lee’s legacy is complicated. This new book casts a shadow on it

Stan Lee, arguably the most famous American comic book creator, died at age 95 in 2018. Honoring his Jewish identity, many evoked the phrase “may his memory be a blessing” (coming from the Hebrew “zichrono l’bracha”) when reporting on his passing. Just what this memory looks like, however, and what it should look like, is […]

Your “Shadow Self.” How To Face It, Bring It To Light & Transcend It

We are having a New Moon in Aquarius on February 11th throughout most of the world and in the morning hours of the 12th in the countries further East. This is initiating a 29.5 day lunar cycle and new wave of energy for the coming month; however, the astrological configurations mentioned throughout this article will […]

Israel’s challenges in the run-up to the March election in the shadow of coronavirus

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The Great Berber Kingdom of Numidia in the Shadow of Rome

The ancient Romans placed a lot of the world under their heel and into their sphere of influence. Numerous cultures, nations, and civilizations fell in their wake. Centuries of blossoming was terminated and these cultures were ushered into a new era. One such civilization was ancient Numidia. An old and powerful kingdom, Numidia was well […]

Iran’s missile drill in the shadow of rising tension between Iran and U.S.

TEHRAN – Iran’s ballistic missile exercise in recent days caused quick and negative reactions by Israel. Israeli officials have expressed their worries over Iran’s military drills in Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean due to Iran’s capability to fire high tech and anti-ship missiles towards simulated targets. With regard to its determination to use long-range ballistic […]

Shadow Work 101: Just Claim it All

January 13th, 2021 By Sarah Elkhaldy Guest Writer for Wake Up World People will say you are too love and light if they are not comfortable with the light. People will say you are too negative if they can’t face the darkness in this reality. They will say you’re egotistical if they are not comfortable with […]

Written in the Shadow of the Gallows

Originally published in 2015 Alfred Ernst Rosenberg was born on January 12, 1893, in Reval, Estonia, in the Russian Empire. He was executed by the remorseless victors of World War II on the morning of October 16, 1946. During his imprisonment awaiting the “predictable results” of the Nuremberg revenge-trials, he was able to draft an […]

Sa’ar steps out of Netanyahu’s shadow, and will likely cost him the premiership

The first shipment of vaccines from Pfizer landed in Israel on Wednesday morning, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on hand at Ben Gurion Airport to welcome the flight and make sure he gets the full measure of credit for its arrival. It’s a moment that could have signaled the beginning of a turnaround for Netanyahu’s […]

Why Mossad’s Yossi Cohen, shadow warrior against Iran, is PM’s chosen successor

In August 2019, people close to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu heard him utter a startling sentence. “There are two people I consider fit to lead Israel — Yossi Cohen and Ron Dermer,” he was quoted by unnamed associates as saying, referring to the head of the Mossad and to Israel’s ambassador to Washington, respectively. It […]

Charon, Son of Night and Shadow, Ferrier of the Dead

In days of old, the dead were buried with a silver coin (the shiner the better) so that the souls of the faithful departed could pay the toll to the deathless demon ferryman of the underworld: Charon. Son of Darkness and Night, Charon grimly rows back and forth across the River of Woe bringing the […]

Past Tensions Between Biden, Erdoğan Cast Shadow Over Ankara-Washington Relations

The Media Line — The world is turning the page on the Trump Administration and getting ready for the Joe Biden presidency. While many world leaders are breathing a sigh of relief that Donald Trump will soon exit the White House, a few like Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan are bracing for a stormy four […]

Anti-Netanyahu protests resume in Jerusalem, across Israel, in shadow of right-wing violence

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So NZ’s socialist Adern gets to manage the shadow corporation (sorry government) for a further 3 years

So NZ’s Labour Party gets to keep managing the shadow corporation, for another 3 years (and yes it’s true, our country is listed on the SEC as a corporation see at the link). Surprised are we? Remember, Jacinda Adern’s a true blue socialist. (Should that be red?) Listen to her addressing her ‘comrades’ as president […]

Creativity blossoms in the shadow of the virus (with seed money from taxpayers who may not be aware of their generosity)

Point of Order We have acknowledged on previous occasions that the Point of Order Trough Monitor was not calibrated to pick up every example of dubiously spent public money. But when our monitor misses examples of eyebrow-raising grants, investments, loans and what-have-you, other monitors and watchdogs are on the job.  The Taxpayers’ Union for example. […]


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Shadow Gate Documentary This documentary is about the private national security state that rules us with false news and controlled explanations.  It relies on whistleblowers from within the organization.  It describes how it was used with Russiagate and Impeachgate against Trump. Reportedly, the journalist Millie Weaver was arrested at home in Ohio yesterday as she was about […]

White Shadow

By JOHN KAMINSKI July 12, 2020 As history is erased, the jungle darkens AS WE ARE SLOWLY CONSUMED BY PSYCHOPATHOLOGICAL PARASITES “Statues of yesterday’s heroes are being torn down.” — John Kaminski BLM terrorists cut down memorial to 9-11 firefighters in New York (PICTURE ABOVE) This isn’t about George Floyd anymore! Not sure when this […]

A Brilliant Animation Exposing The ‘Shadow Government’ That Controls Our Society (VIDEO)

The Facts: The Chakra system has been spoken about and used to help treat people from several ancient traditions all the way up to the present day. Reflect On: Have you explored your chakra system? There are chakra meditation you can explore to not only tap into your chakras but to examine the energy at […]

Making Intolerance Intolerable – It’s Time for America to Face Its Shadow Around Racism

4th June, 2018 By Gary Stamper, D.S.P.S. Guest writer for Wake Up World Yes, I know… The title of this article is a paradox. But since I am capable of holding multiple perspectives at the same time, I’m perfectly fine with it, especially for the purposes of this article. The Shadow In America: Reclaiming the Soul […]


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Living in the constant shadow of settler violence (Jewish terrorism)

Living in the constant shadow of settler violence A recent surge in hate crimes against Palestinians in the West Bank has drawn the attention of both local and international media. But the violence is just one part of the settlement system that is pushing Palestinians to abandon their land. Jafar, who works in Urif’s quarry, stands next […]

Going Underground – Ep. 592: Former Shadow Health Minister on Solving the NHS Crisis & Pentagon Official on Kabul Attack

Going Underground – Ep. 592: Former Shadow Health Minister on Solving the NHS Crisis & Pentagon Official on Kabul Attack Going Underground with Afshin In this episode, we speak to former Tory Shadow Health Minister Lord McColl about why he believes that charging for appointments may be the solution for the NHS crisis. Former […]

What Do Deep State, Shadow Government Critters And Illuminati Control Freaks Fear? Public Awakening!

March 23, 2018 By Catherine J. Frompovich For too many years, most humans went along with the idea human nature is kind and wouldn’t harm fellow human beings.  History, however, proves very differently.  As far back as recorded history, documents and traditional cultural stories point to how humans can be and […]

Poll Shows Americans Waking Up, Majority Now Suspects Unelected Shadow Govt in Charge

According to a Monmouth University Poll that was released this week, the majority of Americans believes that a group of unelected government and military officials secretly manipulate the United State government from behind the scenes. According to the poll, both democrats and republicans feel that there is a “deep state” faction that works in secrecy […]

Under the Shadow of Violence and Repression, Mexican Women March for a Change to the System

MEXICO CITY — One night in September of last year, 19-year-old Mara Fernanda Castilla Miranda, like so many people her age, went out for a night on the town in a suburb of the south-central Mexican state of Puebla.   And like so many other women across Mexico, she never made it home. When the […]

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