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WEF Wants Coffee Banned because its Warming the Globe with Tonnes of CO2

The World Economic Forum has declared war on coffee drinkers, declaring that they are causing “global boiling” and must be stopped at all costs. According to World Economic Forum Agenda Contributor Hubert Keller, “The coffee that we all drink emits between 15 and 20 tonnes of CO2 per tonne of coffee… Every time we drink […]

New Year’s Eve Sweeps Across The Globe, But Wars Cast A Shadow On 2024

New Year’s Eve revelers are counting down to midnight across the world to bid farewell to 2023 and usher in 2024. Source

Biden: Israel LOSING SUPPORT across the globe due to indiscriminate bombing of Gaza

(NaturalNews) U.S. President Joe Biden has issued a scathing rebuke against Israel, claiming that it is losing support across the globe due to its indiscriminate… Source

This is just one take on the religious wars raging around the globe in 2024.

Megalommatis’s Blog Shrewd commentators, who oppose present world’s negative developments and nature, find* that, within the context of divided Christianity, “healing the schism would be great”, and that there are “forces trying to bring the two churches together” (Catholic & Orthodox). However, they also observe that, on the other hand, other projects, like the notorious, […]

This Globe Features Mythology, Science, and Technology (Video)

Crafted in the 16th century by Gerhard Emmoser for Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II, the “Celestial Globe with Clockwork” stands as a remarkable fusion of art, science, and engineering. Read more Section:  Artifacts Other Artifacts News Videos Read Later  Source

Catholic Church’s Pope Francis Praises Gengis Khan for Depopulating 11% of Globe

The Catholic Church now praises mass murder, slavery and mass rape. Gengis Khan was a brutal emperor/dictator of Mongolia who mass murdered a lot of people, almost exterminated the Russians in their entirety, enslaved many people, especially white Europeans, abducted Asian women and European women and took them Mongolia for Gengis Khan to rape and […]

Pope Francis Praises Gengis Khan’s Mongol Empire For Depopulating 11% of Globe

Pope Francis has praised Gengis Khan’s Mongolian empire which wiped out 11% of the global population in the 13th century and unwittingly reduced global warming. According to the pope, the Mongol Empire model, which oversaw […] The post Pope Francis Praises Gengis Khan’s Mongol Empire For Depopulating 11% of Globe appeared first on The People's […]

Here’s how AI is being used to further destroy societies by stealth around the globe.


Shakespeare’s Globe faces backlash over claim Queen Elizabeth I was ‘non-binary’

(The Christian Institute) — An essay on the website of Shakespeare’s Globe arts venue suggesting Elizabeth I was “non-binary” has triggered a huge backlash. People took to social media in their droves to challenge the view, promoted by transgender activist Kit Heyam, that the monarch was “gender nonconforming.” The self-proclaimed “trans awareness… Source

Food Production Is Going To Be Substantially Lower Than Anticipated All Over The Globe In 2022

Never before in modern history have we seen global food production being hit by so many major problems all at once.  It truly is a “perfect storm”, and hundreds of millions of people are going to deeply suffer as a result. 

Rehabilitation of Kamjan wetland wins Energy Globe Award

Rehabilitation of Kamjan wetland wins Energy Globe Award – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN – Restoration and protection of the Kamjan International Wetland in Korbal district of Fars province, southern Iran, a Global Environment Facility Small Grants Programme (GEF SGP) UNDP grantee was started by a local group of revivalists. The main aim of the revivalists was not […]

ODMS: Oxygen Deprivation Mask Syndrome now sweeping across the globe

ODMS: Oxygen Deprivation Mask Syndrome now sweeping across the globe12/08/2021 / By S.D. Wells  Bypass censorship by sharing this link: Copy URL Research reveals that prolonged use of Covid masks, homemade or N95, can cause anywhere from five percent on up to 20 percent loss of oxygen, leading to hypercapnia (excessive carbon dioxide in the […]

Around the Globe, Millions Are RISING Up Against the ‘New World Order’ – Media Blackout

Millions of citizens around the globe are rising up against the ‘New World Order’ and rejecting the endless restrictions of governments that have used Covid as an excuse to seize more power and control for the elites. Aaron Ginn, a former political operative, shared video on Saturday from around the world of people rising up […]

Wildfires have erupted across the globe, scorching places that rarely burned before

Wildfires have erupted across the globe, scorching places that rarely burned before Posted on July 22, 2021 Ivana Kottasová, CNNPhoto editor Sarah Tilotta, CNNUpdated 6:16 AM ET, Thu July 22, 2021(CNN)Yakutsk in Russian Siberia is known as the world’s coldest city. In a place where even an exposed nose during the winter months can cause biting pain, people […]

1,800 drones above the National Stadium in Tokyo, Japan form a globe at the #Tokyo2020 Olympics opening ceremony.

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Coronavirus Restrictions Prove Massive Corruption Around the Globe (ZIONIST ROTHSCHILDS RULE THE WORLD)

BY VOLUBRJOTR Liz & Phil: In 1988, Britain’s Prince Philip expressed the wish that, should he be reincarnated, he would want to be a deadly virus that would reduce world population. Virus Consort Prince Philip Dies at 99 OVERVIEW COVID: United Health Professionals are composed of more than 1,500 members (including professors of medicine, intensive care […]

Israeli Actress Shira Haas Nominated For Golden Globe For ‘Unorthodox’ Role

Israeli actress Shira Haas has been nominated for a Golden Globe award for her role in Netflix’s series “Unorthodox.” Haas was nominated for best actress in a limited series, anthology series, or motion picture made for television, the Golden Globes announced on Wednesday. She is reportedly the first Israeli actress ever to be nominated for […]

Jews across the globe applaud statement by Palestinian and Arab academics, journalists, and intellectuals

We, Jewish groups and individuals from across the globe, applaud the recent powerful statement and set of principles signed by 122 Palestinian and Arab academics, journalists, and intellectuals regarding the definition of antisemitism by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) and the way this definition has been applied, interpreted and deployed. As the letter states […]

Vendée Globe: The feminine touch of sailing

The Vendée Globe is increasingly a women’s story: in the ninth edition of the solitary sailing tour around the world, six of the 32 “skippers” currently in competition are female. The six women represent three different nationalities. It’s an important presence for the British Sam Davies who, at the helm of the Initiatives-Coeur sailboat, is […]

Across the globe, Covid-19 puts animal shelters in crisis

While pet foster and adoption rates have soared in New York and many parts of the United States, globally, the situation is much direr. In the face of COVID-19, these shelters are continually facing critical challenges, including food shortages, spikes in pet abandonment with a plummeting and near-zero rate of adoptions, overcrowding, and fears of […]

Airbnb bans house parties in its listings across the globe in response to COVID-19

Airbnb has announced it is banning all parties at its listings around the world and capping occupancy at 16 people in response to the global health crisis and public nuisance complaints. The home-sharing platform warned that it would legally pursue any guests who violate the new policy. Airbnb has always prohibited unauthorised parties at its […]

Washington Post, Boston Globe BUSTED for quoting totally make-believe financial "expert" who doesn’t even exist

(Natural News) Fake news has become a cornerstone of the mainstream media in recent years — but the latest scam involving The Washington Post and the Boston Globe (among others) surely takes the cake. It turns out that an oft-quoted “expert” on student loans, supposedly named Drew Cloud, is actually a fake. Worse, the […]

Boston Globe reporter fabricated news coverage of the Boston Marathon Bombing… internal investigation launched

(Natural News) Were the official details as to what took place during the Boston Marathon bombings falsified? According to the findings of a recent investigation into the Boston Globe‘s version of events, the answer seems to be yes. Boston Globe columnist Kevin Cullen apparently made up all sorts of information about the […]

Why Did So Many Of Us Lose Our Minds About Oprah’s Golden Globe Speech?

Next Story Oprah’s Golden Globe speech after accepting the Cecil B de. Mille award on Sunday has inspired some and ruffled feathers of others. Understandably so, there were a number of important issues touched on in this speech that people feel many different things about. Singer/songwriter Seal came out stating Oprah is a hypocrite and […]

Oprah’s Golden Globe Speech & Why The Hashtag #MeToo Trend Is Coming To An End

Next Story The morning following televised award shows always proves to hold more weight in what actually was of influence than the lengthy event itself. Sure, it’s nice to know who won what, but most of the time it seems our real attention is on the performances or speeches given in between –  especially when […]

Wave of vaccine resistance building around the globe as call for civil disobedience goes viral among health care workers

(Natural News) An increasing number of U.S. hospitals now require their staff to take mandatory flu vaccines or be terminated from employment. This coercive policy is in violation of the American Medical Association’s code of ethics and precisely violates informed consent of the individual. While most nurses “go along to get along,” not all healthcare […]

Mysterious blasts are being reported across the globe… what’s going on?

(Natural News) Mysterious blasts are being heard all over the world and no one can seem to figure out what’s causing them. From Alabama to Michigan, Idaho to California, Russia to Denmark, experts and non-experts alike are trying to figure out whether these mysterious booms are coming from ground explosions, objects falling from the sky, […]

Divest The Globe, Invest In The Future

Above photo: By Lori Panico in Indianz. Google is blocking our site. Please use the social media sharing buttons (upper left) to share this on your social media and help us break through. We demand banks stop financing repression of Indigenous rights, human rights abuses, and desecration of the earth. On October 23rd, ninety-two of the world’s […]

Lord Rothschild Dumps U.S. Stock – Sending Shockwaves Around The Globe

Lord Rothschild has dumped a large quantity of U.S. stock owned by the Rothschild family, in a sure sign that a huge financial crash is about to occur in the United States. Lord Jacob Rothschild, chairman of RIT Capital Partners, dumped his exposure to what he described as the ‘risky and unstable’ U.S. capital market, […]

Brzezinski Wanted NATO to Become the “Hub of a Globe-Spanning Web” of Security Pacts

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