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Analysis of new data supports animal origin of COVID-19 virus

International scientists, who have examined previously unavailable genetic data from China, say they have found clues that the COVID-19 pandemic originated from animals as opposed to a laboratory. The data came from samples collected at a market in the Chinese city of Wuhan close to where the first human cases of the virus were first […]

Ancient Animal Bone Ice Skates Found in China’s “Birthplace of Skiing”

During a recent archaeological press conference in Xinjiang, known as the birthplace of skiing, experts announced the discovery of ice skates made of animal bone that are believed to be 3,500 years old! The ice skates, made from cattle and horse bones, were found in a high-society tomb located in the Ili River Valley. The […]

FDA Takes Action on Xylazine, Animal Tranquilizer Abused as a Skin-Rotting Drug

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Tuesday said it has moved to restrict the illicit import of xylazine, a veterinary tranquilizer that is increasingly making its way across the nation as a street drug. Xylazine is the active ingredient in a potent animal drug widely used to sedate dogs, cats, as well as […]

Skin-rotting animal tranquilizer drug known as “tranq” spreads all over US

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) An animal tranquilizer drug is spreading across major cities in the United States and has sparked serious concerns as the illegal concoction is reportedly rotting the skin of users.Xylazine is an animal sedative commonly used for livestock like horses and cows. The drug is approved by the Food and Drug Administration for … […]

190-Year-Old Jonathan the Tortoise is the Oldest Living Land Animal in the World

It’s incredible to envision all the changes which have taken place over the last two hundred years. But imagine actually living through them. Read more Section:  News Weird Facts Read Later  Source

Neanderthals Filled This Spanish Cave with Animal Skulls. But Why?

As the data continues to accumulate, it becomes more and more clear that Neanderthals were highly intelligent hominins who built their own unique and remarkable culture. Read more Section:  Artifacts Other Artifacts News Evolution & Human Origins Read Later  Source

Bill Gates Launches Plan To Genetically Modify Every Farm Animal In The World

Not content with modifying the genes of billions of humans, Bill Gates is now targeting the global food supply. Last year it was revealed Gates has become America’s largest owner of farm land. Now he […] The post Bill Gates Launches Plan To Genetically Modify Every Farm Animal In The World appeared first on News […]

13 of the Coolest (and Creepiest!) Egyptian Animal Mummies

Ancient Egypt is well-known for its practice of mummification, but few realize the monumental scale in which they also mummified animals. A staggering 70 million mummified cats, dogs, birds, rodents, primates, sheep, fish, and even crocodiles, have been found in underground catacombs across Egypt. The astounding numbers of preserved animal remains – many carefully treated […]

Trump calls Pelosi ‘an animal’

Trump calls Pelosi ‘an animal’ lead image Source

Animal Rights Group Say Men Who Eat Meat Should Be Banned From Having Sex

@media (max-width: 1200px) { }.novashare-inline:not(.novashare-columns) .novashare-buttons-wrapper { justify-content: center; }body .novashare-inline:not(.novashare-columns) a.novashare-button, body .novashare-inline .novashare-total-share-count { margin: 0px 5px 10px 5px; }body .novashare-buttons.novashare-inline .novashare-button-icon { width: 100%; } All men who eat meat should be banned from having sex to help save the planet, according to an animal rights group. The German branch of Peta […]

Dutch city bans meat advertising, claiming animal foods cause climate change

(Natural News) Haarlem, a Dutch city located not far from Amsterdam towards the North Sea, is implementing new restrictions against meat advertising, claiming that animal foods contribute to global warming and climate change. The first city in the world to do such a thing, Haarlem has decided that residents should never be allowed to see […]

Anti-animal food TERRORISTS are vandalizing milk processing centers, disrupting food supply and worsening global famine

(Natural News) To fight the “cruel and destructive” practice of animal farming, a terrorist group called “Animal Rebellion” is reportedly vandalizing milk processing centers all throughout the United Kingdom in pursuit of a “plant-based future.” Circulating video footage – watch below – shows members of the Animal Rebellion terrorist organization, most of whom appear to […]

Worker gored to death by large antelope at Swedish animal park

A worker has been gored to death by a large antelope at an animal park in southwestern Sweden, the park’s owner confirmed. The incident occurred late on Sunday at the Oland Animal and Entertainment Park on the southwestern island of Oland. The park’s owner, Richard Berglund, said that he witnessed the victim being gored by an eland […]

How the USDA fails to enforce the Animal Welfare Act

USDA Fail: USDA inspectors documented extensive animal suffering at a USDA-licensed supplier of chinchillas for research, but for years the agency did nothing. (Photo credit: gehantao971031/Flickr) For years, U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) inspectors dutifully documented extensive animal suffering at Moulton Chinchilla Ranch (MCR), a chinchilla breeding facility in Minnesota. In 2021, MCR was the […]

Livestock producers now just DAYS away from running out of animal feed due to supply chain disruptions

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) Food and other consumer goods are no longer making their way from point A to point B in the United States, which faces crippling supply chain bottlenecks that threaten to cause mass starvation.The latest complaint comes from the livestock industry, which says it is just days away from an animal feed crisis […]

‘Checking Privilege in the Animal Kingdom’: Biologists Investigate Animal ‘Inequality’

Increasingly, scholars and the media link so-called animal privilege with economic and sociological terms such as inequality and intergenerational wealth. Source

Fauci: Lab Leak Unlikely, ‘Much More Likely’ COVID-19 from Animal Outbreak

Biden chief medical adviser Anthony Fauci said Tuesday on MSNBC’s “The Beat” that the theory COVID-19 pandemic started from a leak in a Chinese laboratory is not likely. Anchor Ari Melber said, “People do want to know where this thing came from. President Biden also talked about an intelligence process for that. There’s been some […]

Hyena Cave in Saudi Arabia Yields Huge Pile of Animal and Human Bones

A team of international scientists searching inside a Saudi Arabian cave made by ancient lava flow found one of the most substantial collections of human and animal bones ever assembled. Deep inside a lava tube known as Umm Jirsan in northwest Saudi Arabia, they discovered tens of thousands of dried bones piled up and spread […]

Animal Extinction Protesters Blockade McDonalds Factory

Above Photo: Animal Rebellion. The Meat And Dairy Industries Are Responsible For 80-90 Per Cent Of Amazon Deforestation, At Least 18 Per Cent Of Global Emissions, Patterson Said. Animal Rebellion protesters have barricaded a McDonald’s factory in Scunthorpe in a move to get the burger chain to switch to an entirely “plant-based food menu by […]

World’s Largest Rhino Species Ever Found in Chinese Animal Graveyard

China continues to be a land of mystique and wonder, with many facets of its culture and society yet to be fully understood. But it is also a country known for amazing dinosaur fossils and the latest find is extraordinary! At a prehistoric animal graveyard in Gansu, northwestern China, an enormous ancestor to the modern-day […]

Animal Rights In The Third Reich

This video has an obvious anti-NS bias, but it still covers some fascinating material about how animals were protected and promoted during the Third Reich. Link Share now! Source

New UK global trade deals will water down animal welfare standards warns RSPCA chief

The chief executive of the RSPCA has sounded the alarm over the prospect of post-Brexit free-trade deals with countries where farm animals are treated in ways that would be illegal in the UK. Animal welfare standards will be “watered down by the back door” and UK farmers will be undercut if the government signs agreements […]

Does Elba the ‘Shepherdess’ Reveal Early Animal Domestication?

A Mesolithic woman, now known as “Elba the Shepherdess, who lived 9,300 years ago has been brought back to life by facial reconstruction engineers. However, Elba the Shepherdess’s remains were discovered with three animals, likely wild cattle or aurochs. Was she really an early “shepherdess,” as some scientists are calling her? The ancient remains of […]

Tiny Animal Revived After 24,000 Years Entombed in Siberian Permafrost

A tiny animal called a rotifer has been revived after spending 24,000 years frozen in permafrost. It is the longest a rotifer has been observed to survive in such extreme cold. While simple organisms like bacteria can often survive millennia in permafrost, “this is an animal with a nervous system and brain and everything”, says Stas […]

Ancient Animal Envoys From Caves And Cosmos

“The animal envoys of the Unseen Power no longer serve, as in primeval times, to teach and guide mankind. Bears, lions, elephants, ibexes and gazelles are in cages in our zoos. Man is no longer the newcomer in a world of unexplored plains and forests, and our immediate neighbors are not the wild beasts but […]

EMA Pfizer Documents Reveal Risks to Pregnancy in Animal Studies

EMA Pfizer Documents on Experimental COVID-19 mRNA Shots Reveal Animal Studies were Conducted during Trials – Risks to Pregnancy being Concealed but Verified by VAERS Data   Vaccine Animal Trials Reveal Threat To Life In The Womb By Bud ShaverAbortion Free New MexicoAlbuquerque, New MexicoNewly obtained data from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), website […]

EMA Pfizer Documents on Experimental COVID-19 mRNA Shots Reveal Animal Studies were Conducted during Trials – Risks to Pregnancy being Concealed but Verified by VAERS Data

Vaccine Animal Trials Reveal Threat To Life In The Womb By Bud ShaverAbortion Free New Mexico Albuquerque, New Mexico Newly obtained data from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), the website shows that unborn children in the womb continue to be adversely affected by COVID 19 vaccines at an alarming rate. Abortion Free New Mexico […]

It’s time for YouTube to stop promoting animal abuse

A snake about to attack kittens in a staged animal “rescue.” Credit: Lady Freethinker/YouTube Screenshot The scene is shocking: a tiny puppy wriggling desperately against the coiled grip of a python’s deadly squeeze, as fellow puppies look on in terror. In a cinematic ending, a man arrives just in time to “save” the squealing puppy […]

Caribbean Animal Extinctions Began With The Conquistadors, Says Study

The beautiful, inhabited archipelago of islands in the south of the Caribbean, called Guadeloupe, was sighted by conquistador Christopher Columbus, in 1493, and the Caribbean became part of the “New World.” A recent study shows that Caribbean animal extinctions were non-existent until Europeans began “cultivating” their new territories. And by extension climate change also began […]

USDA now involved in Human/Domestic Animal Vaccine Genocide NEVADA

» USDA now involved in Human/Domestic Animal Vaccine Genocide NEVADAYesterday at 12:59 pm by Consciousness Of Economic » Lack of humility is due to nothing else than lack of knowledgeYesterday at 12:57 pm by Consciousness Of Economic » Nothing IS RealYesterday at 12:56 pm by Consciousness Of Economic » Spiritual Awakening: This Video Can Awaken You (And the WORLD)Yesterday at 12:55 pm […]

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