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Will a false bird flu pandemic be the end of animal agriculture and usher in food rationing?

BY RHODA WILSON ON APRIL 17, 2024 • ( 29 COMMENTS ) RightsandFreedoms do not believe in viruses and germ theory. We invite you to do your research on the subject. Where to start? Dr. Sam Bailey, Dr. Andrew Kaufman, Dr. Tom Cowan, Dr. Kevin Corbett, Dr. Stefan Lanka, Bigelsen Academy, Dr. Ana Maria Oliva (spanish) and more. The overhyped threat of […]

Thirsty fields: How agriculture drains the Colorado River’s lifeline

The architect of the Grand Canyon and a pivotal waterway of the American West, the Colorado River, serves as the backbone for both urban and rural expanses across several states. However, a recent scientific investigation unveils a stark reality: agriculture consumes more than half of this vital river’s annual flow, posing serious questions about sustainability […]

Pennsylvania Dept. of Agriculture says ALL food is “illegal” unless produced in government-approved facility

(NaturalNews) There are new developments in the Pennsylvania government’s legal crusade against Amish farmer Amos Miller, who has been under attack for years… Source

ESG investing in “net zero” climate agenda “must be stopped,” say Republican agriculture commissioners, or food inflation and FAMINE will follow

(NaturalNews) Twelve Republican state agriculture commissioners have sent a letter to six of America’s largest mega-banks letting them know that the relatively new… Source

“It Must Be Stopped”: 12 Agriculture Officials Warn Largest U.S. Banks About Net Zero Agenda

A dozen Republican state agriculture commissioners have penned a letter to six U.S. megabanks, informing them that their push for ESG investing could wind up leading to price increases and may impact food availability. The letter was sent to executives at Bank of America, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley and Wells Fargo and took exception […]

Key Republican thinks it’s ‘futile’ to bring up agriculture spending bill again 

Rep. Andy Harris (R-Md.), the chair of the subcommittee that crafted the House GOP’s annual agriculture funding bill, is casting doubt on the legislation’s chances of passage this month amid divisions on abortion and spending.  House Republicans had hoped to pass their remaining annual government funding bills by a looming Nov. 17 deadline to prevent a shutdown, as… […]

Republican moderates stymie McCarthy on agriculture, FDA bill

House Republicans failed to pass legislation to fund Agriculture, Rural Development and the Food and Drug Administration late Thursday night after more than two dozen moderate Republicans came out against a provision that would limit access to an abortion pill. The chamber voted down the measure in a 191-237 vote, with 27 Republicans joining all… […]

Wetlands protection helps sustainable agriculture around Lake Urmia

TEHRAN – The plan to protect wetlands has reduced water consumption by up to 27 percent, helping sustainable agriculture around Lake Urmia. Source

13 Nations agree to engineer global FAMINE by destroying agriculture, saying that producing food is BAD for the planet

(NaturalNews) We are now being told that producing food is bad for the planet. To “save” the planet, globalists insist, farms must be shut down across the… Source

How Indigenous Land Management Practices Are a Blueprint for Climate-Resilient Agriculture

How Indigenous Land Management Practices Are a Blueprint for Climate-Resilient Agriculture in Counter Solutions — by Daniel Ross — 28/03/2023  As a rapidly warming world strains at the shortcomings in industrial farming, key lessons can be taken from Indigenous practices. Several Hollywood action films center around an impending apocalypse in the form of an asteroid […]

Agriculture sector welcomes knowledge-based companies

TEHRAN – The Ministry of Agriculture welcomes the assistance and expertise of knowledge-based companies in order to improve productivity, Agriculture Minister Javad Sadatinejad has said. Source

The Digitalization of Agriculture: Big Tech’s Plan to Take Over the Food Supply

The Digitalization of Agriculture: Big Tech’s Plan to Take Over the Food Supply Comments by Brian ShilhavyEditor, Health Impact News As I recently reported earlier this week, everything and anything related to digital computer technology these days is being labeled as “Artificial Intelligence” (AI), the new marketing buzzword for Big Tech to lure money from […]

Trump Vows To Nominate Corn Kid As Secretary Of Agriculture After He’s Reelected

MAR-A-LAGO — Former President Trump has announced “Corn Kid” will officially be his selection for Secretary of Agriculture upon re-election. Source

Satellite Image Reveals ‘Agriculture Wasteland’ Across California’s Rice Capital

New satellite imagery shows a large swath of California’s rice fields has been left barren without harvest as fears of a ‘mini dust bowl’ emerge due to diminishing water supplies.  Kurt Richter, a third-generation rice farmer in Colusa, the rice capital of California, told San Francisco Chronicle that fields upon fields of the grain have already transformed […]

Dutch Farmers: Agriculture Minister Resigns as Standoff over EU’s Green Agenda Continues

The Minister of Agriculture in the Netherlands resigned amid the ongoing dispute with the nation’s farmers over the EU-driven green agenda.

Raisi cherishes agriculture as vital to national economy

TEHRAN – President Ebrahim Raisi on Monday referred to agriculture as a vital and privileged subject. Raisi made the remarks at an event in Tehran marking the start of the agricultural year 1401–1402 and honoring successful persons in the agriculture industry.  The president highlighted that the Ministry of Agriculture is the main upholder of self-sufficiency […]

Dutch agriculture minister resigns after farmers kick up a stink over pollution regulations

The Dutch agriculture minister has resigned amid a tumultuous summer of protests by farmers over pollution regulations. Henk Staghouwer, who held the position for only nine months, announced his departure on Twitter. He later told reporters that he wasn’t the right person for the job and would be resigning. The country’s lucrative agriculture sector has been […]

Agritourism to contribute to economic growth of villages, agriculture minister says

TEHRAN–Iranian Agriculture Minister Javad Sadati Nejad has said that villages’ economies will be driven by agritourism in the future. “Future economic growth will be based on agritourism in rural areas,” IRNA quoted the minister as saying on Saturday. Several villages in Iran have been depopulated because drought occurs in some areas due to climate change, […]

Food sovereignty and the colonization of Palestinian agriculture

The Palestinian table is famous for its abundance, but Palestinian food sovereignty is under threat due to Israel’s system of settler-colonialism and apartheid. Source

Plastics in agriculture ‘disastrous’ new UN report says

Image Credit: Edwin Remsberg/VW Pics via Getty Images The UN has sounded the alarm on plastics in agriculture. A new report from the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization described microplastic pollution in the soil as a bigger threat than in the ocean, warning of “disastrous” impacts. From mulching films to plastic tree guards and controlled-release […]

Andean Agriculture: What Were The Inca Building At Moray?

In the South American nation of Peru can be found the ruins of the last Pre-Columbian civilization, the glorious Inca Empire. What was once a thriving, rich civilization is today’s tourist attraction. Nestled in Peruvian mountains and valleys, the Inca culture still stands to retell the history of a thousand years ago. While Peru has […]

Bill Gates Takes Over Agriculture But We Can Stop It!

by Admin · Published October 25, 2021 · Updated October 25, 2021 Comment: In my opinion he is the face for us to focus on for the CABAL who operate behind the scenes and give Gates ORDERS. Source

Challenge Capitalist Use of Agriculture as a Weapon of Domination

It is time to take action against corporate methods of agriculture which poison the food our families eat, threaten the survival of soil ecosystems, destroy the livelihood of farmers, crush farmworker organizing efforts and subjugate entire countries. Here are a few of the many ways that people are challenging capitalist agriculture, from the very theoretical […]

Iraq’s Agriculture Reaps the Despoiled Seeds of US Meddling

October 5, 2021 Source: Al Mayadeen By Farah Hage-Hassan The poisonous effects of American interference and failed policies are still affecting Iraq’s agricultural sector today. Here’s how. Decades of US interference have plagued Iraq’s agricultural sector “You lied!” Those were the screams of former US Army veteran Mike Prysner echoing in the lecture hall during […]

Farm to Fork: How the EU and the Davos Cabal Plan to Control Agriculture

Whenever we hear the word “sustainable” we would be well-advised to take a critical look behind the nice sounding words. In the case of the globalist Agenda 2030 with its 17 sustainable goals by 2030, the one for creating a “sustainable agriculture”, when looked at closely, will destroy a huge part of EU agriculture production […]

Mobilising Against the Corporate Hijack of Agriculture and the UN Food Systems Summit

The UN Food Systems Summit (UNFSS), including a ‘pre-summit’, will take place in September 2021 in New York. The Italian government is hosting the pre-summit in Rome from 26–28 July. The UNFSS claims it aims to deliver the latest evidence-based, scientific approaches from around the world, launch a set of fresh commitments through coalitions of […]

Paraquat: A dangerous chemical still used in the fields of agriculture

In the U.S., increased commercialized farming has simplified ecosystems and embraced monocropping. All of this at the price of getting dependent on herbicides and fertilizers. The result: the agriculture system benefits from higher profit margins and bigger output. Be that as it may, this chemical-dependent agriculture caused disastrous results, and we’re reaping the seeds sown. […]

AI and the War on Agriculture with Christian Westbrook

In this episode, Whitney and Unlimited Hangout contributor Johnny Vedmore discuss the situation in Chile during COVID lockdowns and its government’s efforts to declare a war on domestic terror targeting Chile’s indigenous community. Also discussed are the real reasons behind Chile’s much lauded COVID vaccination campaign, including the smart city connection. Source

Florida’s Agriculture commissioner outlines attack strategy against DeSantis ahead of likely challenge

She made her comments during a Tuesday news conference where she called on DeSantis to veto a lengthy list of bills, as well as amplify her forthcoming gubernatorial messaging on the same day Democratic Rep. Charlie Crist, a former Republican governor, announced his bid for governor. The availability came less than an hour after a […]

Senate Confirms Biden Nominee Tom Vilsack to Lead Agriculture Department

The U.S. Senate has confirmed Tom Vilsack to serve as the Secretary of Agriculture in Joe Biden’s administration, making him the ninth cabinet member to be confirmed. Vilsack, who previously served as Iowa’s governor and also as former President Barack Obama’s Agriculture Secretary, was met with a bipartisan vote of 92-7. “We’re going to be a […]

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