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Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Image-Bearers Of God

Time is ticking! Year-end is here, and with our generous 4X-match, your donation to fight back against Trump Republicans will go four times as far! Stand with us to uphold Norman’s legacy in defending democracy, protecting free speech, and safeguarding our rights from an increasingly hostile right-wing. Act now – let’s make 2024 a year […]

Image only.

A Big Thank You A big thank you to those of you who attended the AV13 Conference in Milton Keynes. It was fantastic to finally get back together and welcome old friends and newcomers to a very enjoyable and memorable event. We are already already working on the next AV events. If you didn’t make […]

Dec 1 – Israeli Hostage Belies Hamas Terrorist Image

Political scientist and international relations scholar John Mearsheimer has been monitoring the international response to the recent flare-up of violence between Israel and Hamas, and he’s noticed a trend. While support at rallies and other gatherings around the globe was initially running at 2-1 support for Palestine over Israel, of late that ratio has increased […]

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, Who Crafted a Responsible Image, Is Pleading Guilty to Breaking Anti-Money Laundering Laws

Founder and CEO of Binance Changpeng Zhao, commonly known as “CZ”, attends the “CZ meets Italy” at Palazzo Brancaccio on May 10, 2022 in Rome, Italy. (Photo by Antonio Masiello/Getty Images) Changpeng Zhao, the head of the world’s largest crypto exchange, has stepped down from his role as CEO of Binance and pled guilty to […]

Picture only, but there’s text on the image

It is difficult to see, but this is what it says WEF Orders Governments to prepare for BILLIONS of Social Credit prisoners. The CRIME of Wrong Think Black listed The World Economic Forum has been quietly granted backdoor access to billions of cellphones as part of a plot to compile “blacklists”, of users who hold […]

US Air Force Spark Backlash After Tweeting Image Of Solider Saluting LGBTQ+ Flag

The US Airforce have sparked an uproar after they tweeted an image showing a soldier saluting a LGBTQ+ flag to ‘Celebrate Pride Month‘ In the image a silhouetted individual, who is clearly uniformed service member, […] The post US Air Force Spark Backlash After Tweeting Image Of Solider Saluting LGBTQ+ Flag appeared first on The […]

Weaponizing E-Girls: How US Military Uses Youtube And TikTok To Improve Its Image

Subscribers of e-girls claim that the US military is utilizing YouTube and TikTok to enhance its image, in an effort to address the shortage of volunteers that has persisted for years. Source

Biden Says Transgender People Are Made In The Image Of God, Deserve Respect & Support

President Biden issued a statement to mark the International Transgender Day of Visibility. He told those celebrating Friday’s Transgender Day of Visibility, to know that they are seen. “We see you for who you are: […] The post Biden Says Transgender People Are Made In The Image Of God, Deserve Respect & Support appeared first […]

Trump to GOP firms: Stop using my image or your clients will suffer

The Trump campaign has sent a warning shot to the Republican Party’s House campaign arm and some of its most prominent digital consultants: Stop using the former president’s image and likeness in your fundraising pitches or you will pay. In a letter sent on Thursday afternoon to the National Republican Campaign Committee and ten GOP […]

Buckingham Palace Releases First Image of King Charles III at Work

LONDON (AP) – King Charles III has been pictured taking up his new state duties in Buckingham Palace for the first time. In the image, the monarch is seen looking into his official red box which contains documents from the British Government and the Commonwealth In a sign of royal continuity, the picture is taken […]

Satellite Image Reveals ‘Agriculture Wasteland’ Across California’s Rice Capital

New satellite imagery shows a large swath of California’s rice fields has been left barren without harvest as fears of a ‘mini dust bowl’ emerge due to diminishing water supplies.  Kurt Richter, a third-generation rice farmer in Colusa, the rice capital of California, told San Francisco Chronicle that fields upon fields of the grain have already transformed […]

‘It’s Tucker Carlson!’ Says Jennifer Lawrence At Every Image In Rorschach Test

BEVERLY HILLS, CA — According to sources, Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence is now meeting with a therapist 5 times per week to help her deal with the trauma of having conservative relatives and dreaming about Fox News hosts. “AAAAHHHHHHHHH! It’s Tucker Carlson! Take him away! Take him away!” said Lawrence as her therapist showed her […]

Sweden election: Why this viral image is not proof of ‘climate hysteria’

The post has been reshared online ahead of Sunday’s general election.

Extraordinary Phenomenon in Space Captured by Spellbinding New Image

Extraordinary Phenomenon in Space Captured by Spellbinding New Image Space30 August 2022 By Michelle Starr James Webb Space Telescope’s new image of the spectacular nebular around WR 140. (JWST/MIRI/Judy Schmidt) The Universe, truly, is full of wonders, and the James Webb Space Telescope has just given us our best views of one of them yet. […]

Satellite Image Reveals Atmospheric Aerosols Piled on Heavily Over Northland The Day Prior to Ex-Cyclone Fili Rain Event

Surprized? NORTHLAND NEW ZEALAND CHEMTRAILS WATCH The first image is from MetService and depicts ex-Cyclone Fili nearing Northland at 9.20am on April the 12th, indicating that the first band of heavy rain is likely to visit the East Coast in the next few hours. The second, a satellite image which shows an area of sea […]

PBS Promotes Neo-Nazi Ukraine Mayor; Blurs Image of ‘Hitler Accomplice’ behind Him

Far-left Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) has published and promoted an interview with a renowned Neo-Nazi Ukrainian mayor, while actively covering-up his allegiances to Adolf Hitler and Ukraine’s own Nazi sympathizer Stepan Bandera. The interview comes just days after PBS published an article “debunking” the links between Neo-Nazi politicians and Ukraine’s current political situation. BYPASS THE CENSORS Sign up to get […]

Image Comics Workers Have Officially Certified Their Groundbreaking Union

Above Photo: Comic Book Workers United The Vote Comes After Image Comics Has Gone Months Without Voluntarily Recognizing Comic Book Workers United. After formally announcing the formation of Comic Book Workers United late last year—the first specific union to support workers within comics publishing—workers at Image Comics have voted to officially certify their union in the […]

Trump’s ‘blue-collar’ image

Donald Trump still struts on the American political scene. It seems probable that he will stand again for president in 2024. Here I consider one important aspect of his popular appeal – his ‘blue-collar’ image.   In 2018 a book appeared entitled Trump, The Blue-Collar President. The author, financier Anthony Scaramucci, who served as the […]

Netanyahu was a ‘control freak’ over his public image, ex-spokesman says

Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s ex-spokesman and close adviser began testifying against him at his corruption trial yesterday. Speaking at the Jerusalem District Court with Netanyahu present, Nir Hefetz, one of a small group of ex-aides to turn state’s witness, said that Netanyahu was a “control freak” when it came to his public image, […]

Colin Powell, an image with a vial of lie, is dead

Powell holds up a vial he said could contain anthrax as he presents evidence of Iraq’s alleged weapons programs to the UN Security Council. Colin Powell, the first black secretary of state who saw his legacy tarnished when he made the case for war in Iraq in 2003, died on Monday from complications from COVID-19. […]

3500-year-old Babylonian Ghost Image Discovered in British Museum Vaults!

What is believed to be the world’s oldest depiction of a ghost has recently been found on a Babylonian tablet, neglected in the vaults of the British Museum in London since its acquisition in the 19th century. Babylonia, which was a magnificent state in ancient Mesopotamia (covering parts of present-day Iraq and Syria), had two […]

For the Sake of International Recognition, the Taliban is Trying to Change its Image

Although the Taliban (banned in Russia) is recognized as a terrorist organization in many countries, in the name of international recognition of its power in Afghanistan, it has recently been actively trying to show its departure from jihadist goals. Representatives of the Taliban even addressed the UN Secretary-General with a request to allow their Permanent […]

The Shudra Kings And Brahmins: A mirror image of history

Shahu Maharaj But for the accidental reading of Shahu Maharaj’s letter to the retired Governor of Bombay presidency, Lord Sydenham, written in 1918, I would not have thought of writing this essay. In my life time experience of writing about the Brahmin-Bania power in contemporary times at the expense of life threats and cases in […]

Press Violations Explode to 180 in May Alone as Israel Cracks Down to Buff Its Image

By Jessical Buxbaum Source “The more that Israel is exposed internationally for its human rights violations in Palestine, the more it becomes desperate in its attempt to crack down on journalists and the media in general.” — Dr. Ramzy Baroud OCCUPIED EAST JERUSALEM — Despite wearing a press vest and holding a government press card, Al Jazeera […]

International image of US plunges to new lows amid pandemic, according to poll

The image of the US overseas has suffered since the beginning of the Trump administration, but it fell to a new low this year with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, a poll shows. A 13-nation survey by Pew Research Centre shows the reputation of the US plummeting among key allies and partners. In several […]

Bing Censors Image Search for ‘Tank Man’ Even in US

Bing, the search engine owned by Microsoft, is not displaying image results for a search for “Tank man,” even when searching from the United States. The apparent censorship comes on the anniversary of China’s violent crackdown on protests in Tiananmen Square in 1989. “There are no results for tank man,” the Bing website reads after […]

NFT Image from 1947 Alien Autopsy Film For Sale for $1 Million

A most extraordinary online auction is currently in progress , at the digital art auction house Rarible. Up for sale is an NFT (non-fungible token) image taken from an alleged 68-year-old alien autopsy film. The purported subject of this procedure was an alien corpse recovered from an unidentified flying object that had crashed in the […]

Swedish Newspaper Publishes Image of Criminal Suspect That’s Just a Pixilated Blur

A man who was radicalized by inaccurate media propaganda concerning a supposed wave of hate crimes targeting Asians blamed on white supremacy tried to take revenge by sexually assaulting a woman at gunpoint because he presumed she was white. 37-year-old Michael Sangbong Rhee was arrested by police in Lake Forest, California after he allegedly attacked […]

The Image of Victory

MAY 21, 2021 BY GILAD ATZMON by Gilad Atzmon If winning a military battle is defined by the accomplishment of one’s military objectives, then Hamas won the current round of violence with its very first ballistic barrage on Jerusalem ten days ago. Israel, on the other hand, won’t win, can’t win and doesn’t even dream of winning. Like […]

Gates And Epstein Traded Advice On Bill’s ‘Toxic’ Marriage, Jeff’s Pedo Image Rehab During Secretive “Men’s Club” Gatherings

A former Jeffrey Epstein insider claims that Bill Gates was a regular at the notorious pedophile’s $77 million Manhattan townhouse, where Epstein held “men’s club” – type gatherings for his closest pals (documented by his home’s alleged network of spy cameras, we’re sure). For Gates, “Going to Jeffrey’s was a respite from his marriage. It was […]

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