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It’s time for Charles Koch to testify about his climate disinformation campaign

Image credit: This article was produced by Earth | Food | Life, a project of the Independent Media Institute. Elliott Negin is a senior writer at the Union of Concerned Scientists. The U.S. House Oversight and Reform Committee kicked off its investigation of the fossil fuel industry’s decades-long climate change disinformation campaign last fall […]

Jews Blow Gasket When Fox News Reporter Claims Rothschilds Hired Charles Darwin To Invent Theory of Evolution

(Jerusalem Post) During a recent conservative news podcast called And We Know, a Fox Nation presenter Lara Logan suggested that Charles Darwin was paid by the Rothschild banking dynasty to invent the theory of evolution: “Does anyone know who employed Darwin? Where does Darwinism come from?” Logan asked. “Look it up. The Rothschilds.” “I’m just […]

As BP, Shell, ExxonMobil Announce Cutting Ties to Russia, Oil Baron Charles Koch Remains Silent About His Sprawling Russian Operations

British Petroleum (BP), Shell, ExxonMobil and Norwegian oil and gas producer, Equinor, have all released statements indicating they are severing business ties with Russia in response to its invasion of Ukraine. But billionaire oil baron Charles Koch, who has sat at the helm of Koch Industries for more than half a century, has been unusually […]

David Barton Misrepresents Charles Finney to Claim Political Involvement Is Key to Bringing About National Spiritual Revival

Christian nationalist pseudo-historian David Barton delivered a presentation last week in which he misrepresented a lecture delivered by 19th century evangelist Charles Finney to argue that the only way to bring about spiritual revival in this nation is for conservative Christians to get more involved in politics. Speaking to the religious-right organization City Elders last […]


[embedded content]… Lord Rothschild Israel [embedded content]… [embedded content]… “Recently I was admitted to ICU in Milton Keynes hospital after developing (flu) symptoms…I took three lateral flow tests whilst there and was told at the time I was not positive…” He describes how he was visited by “a representative from Oxford University, funded by the […]


OLE CHARLIE DID NOT HAVE A BADGE! Now if he had just got him a badge before he started kidnaping, raping, robbing and mass murdering, he might have got a medal from the “government” and the “WE BACK THE BLUE” groupies would have cheered him and offered him free food/drinks and sex with their children. […]

‘Tis The Season For Jews To Complain Charles Dickens’ ‘Christmas Carol’ Is ‘Wildly Anti-Semitic’

(Riverfront Times) Since their own ersatz version of Christmas — “Hanukkah” — is long over, Jews have nothing better to do than scrutinize every Christmas tradition to see how they can put a nefarious “anti-semitic” spin on it — and they haven’t spared Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol because — well — because they can’t […]

Prince Charles Attended Event Where Ghislaine Maxwell Pimped out Girls to VIP Pedophiles

Prince Charles attended an event where VIP pedophile ring boss Ghislaine Maxwell attended with three underage girls for elites to rape later that night. The child trafficking pimp can be seen in a newly-emerged photo drinking alcohol with three young children, surrounded by rich and powerful politicians, Royal Family members and Hollywood celebrities. The image, […]

Charles Hurt: Happy Thanksgiving from Bidenland, Where the Highs Aren’t Possible Without the Lows

TIGHTSQUEEZE, Virginia — As the great philosopher-poet Bret Michaels taught us, every rose has its thorn. Every night has its dawn. Every Cowboy sings his sad, sad song. The highs in life are not possible without the lows. Love is not possible without the sting of pain. And joy is impossible without hardship. So, this […]


‘In The Mountbattens: Their Lives and Loves – Anthony Daly, a rent boy to the rich and famous during the 1970s – claims Dickie’s friend Tom Driberg, told him that “Mountbatten had something of a fetish for uniforms … beautiful boys in school uniform”. ‘Ron Perks, Mountbatten’s driver in Malta in 1948, also told author […]

Prince Charles ends first tour since start of pandemic

Britain’s Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla, on Friday concluded their first foreign tour since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, a four-day trip that took them to Jordan and Egypt and was meant to strengthen bilateral ties and discuss ways to combat climate change with leaders. Egypt is set to host the COP27 climate […]

Prince Charles Says Queen Elizabeth is Doing ‘All Right’ Following Health Issues

Prince Charles has assured the public that his mother, Queen Elizabeth, is doing “all right” following a series of health scares. “She’s all right, thank you very much,” the Prince of Wales told Sky News royal correspondent Rhiannon Mills on Wednesday, during a trip to Jordan. “Once you get to 95, it’s not quite as […]

The Names Ward… Charles Ward, Licensed to Shill

» Space Force detects mystery object in orbit alongside Chinese satelliteToday at 2:04 am by PurpleSkyz » Wormholes could serve as stable conduits through space after allToday at 2:01 am by PurpleSkyz » 19-yo Australian Equestrian Star Hospitalized with Blood Clots Days After Getting Vaxxed as Media GaslightsToday at 1:53 am by PurpleSkyz » Study: Coffee and Tea Consumption Lowers Stroke and […]

Charles Hurt: POTUS Tries to Buy Your Love, Gets Bidenflation Instead

The elections that followed put an exclamation point on those grim polls. The experts were somehow shocked again and insisted it was all some kind of racist, white conspiracy. Republicans swept all three statewide offices in the deep Democrat state of Virginia and nearly toppled a sitting governor in the even bluer state of New […]


[embedded content] Liverpool. LV (Liverpool Victoria) could become the latest victim of the pandemic plundering of British firms by foreign private equity giants. Sold for $35.9 million. A large number of ‘Van Goghs’ are fake. [embedded content]… China blasts. Epstein and Gates. ‘Epstein’s supreme arrogance is powerfully conveyed. Never for one moment does he think […]


[embedded content]… Epstein and Gates. ‘Epstein’s supreme arrogance is powerfully conveyed. Never for one moment does he think he’ll go down. Not with friends like these. ‘The walls are covered with photos of himself with Bill Clinton, Trump, Mick Jagger, Woody Allen, Castro, Bill Gates, the Dalai Lama, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia . […]

Ex-Prince Charles Aide Quits Charity In Cash-For-Honors Case

LONDON (AP) — A former top aide to Prince Charles has quit as chief executive of the heir to the throne’s charitable foundation after allegations he offered to help a wealthy Saudi businessman who made a large donation secure a knighthood and British citizenship. The Prince’s Foundation said late Thursday that Michael Fawcett had resigned. […]

Why Prince Charles Will Probably Wage War on Mankind if He Becomes King

Elite preparing to weaponize climate change as part of their Great Reset agenda to deindustrialize and depopulate the West. At the World Leaders Summit of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26), Prince Charles called for “a vast military-style campaign” against pollution and carbon emissions, waging a war against mankind to save any and all […]

Prince Charles Just Called For Military-Style Campaign For Global Transition & Biden’s On Board!

bs4ever Posts : 1399Join date : 2014-01-03Location : England This was found on before its news..not a source that is entirely accurate by any means yet the heir to the throne (aint that quaint) is known for such policies although military operations have been up to now unmentioned By Lisa Haven  Want to know the […]

Prince Charles claims a “vast military-style campaign” is required to marshal a “fundamental economic transition.”

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Prince Charles Calls for ‘Military-Style Campaign’ to Force ‘Fundamental Economic Transition’ & Combat Climate Change

The heir to the British throne warned the audience during his speech at the COP26 climate conference that world governments had no choice but to engage in a “military-style campaign” across an otherwise-doomed planet. Britain’s Prince Charles delivers a speech during the opening ceremony of the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow, Scotland, November […]

Bezos and Prince Charles Fly in Private Jets to Meet for a ‘Cup of Tea’ and Complain About You Emitting Too Much CO2

Take a look a these private jet flying billionaires sitting in a mansion complaining about you emitting too much carbon. by Steve Watson While they spend the next two weeks lecturing everyone else about doing more to tackle climate change, elitists including Jeff Bezos, Prince Charles and Bill Gates have been slammed for flying around […]

Prince Charles is an Idiot

Climate change activists from ‘Extinction Rebellion’ who are actually furthering the establishment narrative on climate change expressed shock that they weren’t in prison despite repeatedly blocking major roads and causing accidents. Gee, I wonder. 61 campaigners from Insulate Britain, an offshoot of Extinction Rebellion, blocked three major roads in London yet again today and again […]

Bezos Flies By Private Jet To Have ‘Cup Of Tea’ And Climate Change Chat With Prince Charles (Who Also Flew In By Private Jet)

While they spend the next two weeks lecturing everyone else about doing more to tackle climate change, elitists including Jeff Bezos, Prince Charles and Bill Gates have been slammed for flying around everyday on carbon spewing private jets. Bezos met with Prince Charles Sunday in a massive mansion near Glasgow for a ‘cup of tea’ […]

Prince Charles Says His Aston Martin Runs On Cheese And Wine

Prince Charles recently revealed to BBC that his Aston Martin is fueled by wine and cheese, prompting many online to say “same.” Specifically, the royal said that his luxury car runs on “surplus English white wine and whey from the cheese process,” during his interview, which falls just weeks before the prince attends the United […]

Charles Hurt: Meet the New American Taliban Government

Obviously, this “hesitancy” has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with vaccines in general or even this vaccine in particular. Rather, it has everything to do with the people who are peddling it most furiously. If the local crack dealer in your neighborhood comes by the house offering to sell you some homegrown oregano for your […]

Prince Charles Ex-Aide Quits Charity Role Amid Honor Claims

LONDON (AP) — A former close aide to Prince Charles stepped down temporarily from his role as chief executive of a royal charity amid reports that he helped secure an honor for a Saudi donor. The Sunday Times and Mail on Sunday newspapers reported that Michael Fawcett coordinated support for an honor for Saudi businessman […]

Charles Hurt — Chappelle’s Show Comes to Life: Media, Democrats Portray Larry Elder as a ‘Black White Supremacist’

President Joe Biden is turning the world into the movie set of Mad Max. Democrats are converting America into a Third World poverty camp. And Terry McAuliffe is running for governor of Virginia, promising to lure businesses to the state with more abortions. (He actually said that this week.) The innocent American citizen would be forgiven for […]

Charles Lindbergh: A Maligned American Hero and the End of America First Without Foreign Entanglements

By John Wear, from Wear’s War Lindbergh attracted huge crowds wherever he spoke. When Lindbergh spoke for the America First Committee in New York City on May 23, 1941, the rally required Madison Square Garden. Some 25,000 people filled the flag-festooned stadium, and almost as many stood on the streets… Lindbergh’s introduction set off a […]

Prince Charles Source Says Prince Andrew Won’t Return To Public Life: Report

A source close to Prince Charles told the British newspaper The Times that Prince Andrew will never return to public life now that the Duke of York is facing a civil lawsuit in New York.  “The prince loves his brother and has the ability to have sympathy for the slings and arrows that his brother endures, whatever […]

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