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The Depopulation Smoking Gun: Deagel’s Forecast (Close Ties With the CIA) EXPECTS 270 Million Americans To DIE by 2025!

The depopulation smoking gun: Alarming charts show the number Of Americans ‘vaxxed’ aligns ominously with Deagel’s forecast depopulation numbers for 2025 12/23/2021 / By News Editors While checking out all of the absolutely bizarre news the last several days, including the fact that a ‘fully-vaxxed‘ Buzzfeed holiday party in New York turned into a COVID super-spreader event, Radio City’s […]

The Crime Engine of the World is throwing rods and smoking

While I agree with most of what he has to say here, when it comes to his supposition minions of evil such as the pedoist Bill Gates and Anal Swab are out of control and pissing off the real power in the one world communist dictatorship club, it is my belief he is wrong. In […]

Smoking Weed Prevents COVID, Study Suggests

A new breakthrough in preventing Covid-19 hasn’t come from Big Pharma, but from the ancient cannabis plant. According to researchers in Oregon, two compounds founds in marijuana can stop the virus in its tracks. BYPASS THE CENSORS Sign up to get unfiltered news delivered straight to your inbox. You can unsubscribe any time. By subscribing […]

Smoking Gun Proof Stanford University Was Concerned Jews Were Already Taking Over In 1950s

Christian Chapel at Stanford University (Jewish Telegraph Agency) Up until the end of World War II, to protect the integrity of their institutions Ivy League schools placed quotas limiting the number of Jews they admitted, but the existence of a quota at Stanford University in Northern California was never more than a rumor — at […]

Top German Pathologist Reveals Smoking Gun Proof From Autopsies How COVID Vaccines Cause Organ Failure And Death

(Doctors For COVID Dr. Arne Burkhardt — one of Germany’s leading pathologists — performed autopsies on otherwise healthy people who died soon after receiving COVID “vaccines” and discovered smoking gun proof that the “vaccines” tricked their immune systems into attacking their own internal organs, causing myocarditis, organ failure, and other fatal auto-immune conditions. You […]

Fauci’s War on Science: The Smoking Gun

  Yes, there were some attempts to sabotage it too, with fake names and so on, which should have been a clue about what was coming. The fakes were deleted in days and new methods of confirming signatures were deployed.  The document, on the one hand, said nothing controversial. The right way to deal with […]

FDA’s Smoking Gun: Disinformation Campaign Targeting Ivermectin

SoniaElijah November 5, 2021 Note that views expressed in this opinion article are the writer’s personal views and not necessarily those of TrialSite. By Sonia Elijah It recently came to my attention that communication within the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) evidences the Gold Standard agency’s explicit involvement in the Ivermectin disinformation war. While […]

Pfizer recalling ALL stocks of its anti-smoking drug Chantix

Pfizer recalling ALL stocks of its anti-smoking drug ChantixPublished on September 22, 2021Written by The Daily Mail Pfizer has recalled its popular anti-smoking drug Chantix after it was found to contain high levels of cancer-causing agents called nitrosamines. According to a notice posted on the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) website Thursday, the drug maker is ‘voluntarily recalling […]

Smoking Gun Proof From NASA Software Engineers That Mars Rovers Are On Earth — Not On Mars

The “Mars” rover has been in the news this week — this time NASA is claiming that the rover is able to collect rock samples from the surface of Mars — and will eventually transfer those rock samples on to a module and return them to Earth for examination — allegedly sometime in the 2030s. […]

Smoking Gun Evidence That FDA Knows COVID Vaccines Will Cause Fatal Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome In Children

The FDA has released a video on YouTube of a public meeting of the “Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee” which took place on Oct. 22, 2020, to discuss the general matter of the development, authorization, and/or licensure of vaccines indicated to prevent COVID-19. During this 9 hour video, a slide briefly flashes on […]

Leaked Audio: Hunter Biden Confesses To Smoking Crack With Democrat Mayor Marion Barry

Joe Biden’s drug-addled son Hunter was caught bragging about smoking huge amounts of crack with disgraced Democratic DC Mayor Marion Barry in newly leaked audio. According to audio taken from his ‘laptop from hell‘, Hunter can be heard laughing about how he “smoked crack with Marion Barry.” [embedded content] reports: Talking with a friend who […]

Trump On Biden Scandal: “This Is A Big Smoking Gun”; He’s “Blatantly Lying”

Former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo has publicly called for people who disagree with him to be “lined up against the wall and shot.” But there’s no Big Tech bias, honest! “Me-first capitalists who think you can separate society from business are going to be the first people lined up against the wall and shot in […]

Donald Trump Campaigns on ‘Big Smoking Gun’ New York Post Story Exposing Joe Biden

President Donald Trump reacted to a new report from the New York Post showing evidence that former Vice President Joe Biden met with an adviser to Burisma while his son, Hunter Biden, was on the board. “Joe Biden has been blatantly lying about his involvement with his son’s corrupt business dealings,” Trump said. “This is a big […]

The “Smoking Guns” of a Manufactured Pandemic

Counter Information By Prof Michel Chossudovsky and Kristina BorjessonGlobal Research, October 10, 2020WBAI radio. The Whistle Blower Economics professorMichel Chossudovskydescribes the “smoking guns” indicating that the Covid-19 pandemic is a fraud and details the devastation that already has occurred as well as what is to come with the so-called “second wave,” which he says is also based on […]

Nunes: Shut Down Intel Agencies Until They Declassify ‘Smoking Gun’ Evidence Against Hillary Clinton

Kanye West declared this week that Planned Parenthood is engaged in deliberately killing black people, and that its founder Margaret Sanger was a white supremacist. “In 50 years, there’s been 22 million — over 22,500,000 — black people aborted strategically and on purpose. Planned Parenthood was set up and placed in minority communities to kill […]

A Spiritual Perspective On Smoking Cannabis: An Important Viewpoint To Consider

The Facts: Some fascinating research has been conducted over the past several years that make the discussion of life after death quite interesting. Reflect On: Ancient wisdom and teachings have been ‘proven’ right with regards to quantum physics, neuroscience and health in many different ways. Would the same apply to life after death? Can we […]

Smoking marijuana found to have the same weakening effect on the blood vessels as cigarettes

(Natural News) Cannabis’s health benefits have helped it gain approval for medicinal use in several states, but it’s important to keep in mind that this does not mean that it’s perfectly healthy when smoked. In fact, if you’re smoking it, you might want to hear what researchers from the University of California, […]

Bill banning smoking in cars fails in Tennessee Senate

     A bill that would have barred adults in Tennessee from smoking in a vehicle with children appears dead for the year after lawmakers voiced concerns that it gave the government too much power over citizen freedoms. The measure failed to clear the Senate Wednesday. The bill was sponsored by Knoxville Republican Sen. Richard Briggs. […]

Say what? Smoking found to increase risk of hearing loss, according to study

(Natural News) Still dying for a smoke? Besides, emphysema, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, blindness and of course cancer, here’s one more reason to stop smoking  — hearing loss. A recently-published study published by Oxford University Press showed that the more than 50,000 participants of the over eight year-study showed that “smoking is an […]

New Study: Cleaning Products Are As Damaging As Smoking 20 Cigarettes A Day

A surprising new study on the long-term health effects of cleaning products found that inhaling sprays and other chemical cleaners at home or work may be as damaging to lungs as a 20-year, pack-a-day smoking habit Scientists at the University of Bergen in Norway led an international team of researchers on a mission to explore […]

A Spiritual Perspective On Smoking Marijuana That’s Important For The World To Consider

Next Story I was having a conversation yesterday about something that has always been a reflection point for me. Since I was a kid, I was never drawn to substances, even alcohol. I always felt great, high even, when just being. As I got older and I finally tried cannabis for the first time, and […]

Blowing the Lid Off Christianity with Smoking-Gun Evidence

Is Jesus the supernatural son of God sent to save us hopeless sinners?! Is Jesus our heavenly father incarnated?! Well, we can conclusively prove or disprove the answer to that question by simply comparing and contrasting the god of the “Old Testament” to the god the “New Testament.” If Jesus is in fact the son […]

WATCH: Texas Police Officer Gave a Teenager 200 Push-Ups Instead Of Jail Time For Smoking Pot

A police officer in Arlington, Texas caught a teen smoking weed outside of a movie theatre and instead of arresting him he offered the young man some exercise – okay, a lot of exercises. The officer, Eric Ballwas, was off-duty at the time when he caught a whiff of something funky. What he discovered was […]

If "sitting is the new smoking," who is responsible for the health consequences of desk jobs?

(Natural News) A new study that is set to be published in the forthcoming Lewis and Clark Law Review shows that sitting for prolonged periods of time can often lead to a number of health issues, which include increased body fat and cholesterol, high blood sugar, and increased high blood pressure. According to Natalie Pedersen, […]

Is Eating Eggs Just As Bad For Your Health As Smoking Cigarettes? The Science Behind The Claim

Next Story *Re-Published Article Science, and in particular health science, has entered a new era. Since the emergence of powerful corporations who put profit before all else, science has, as the editor-in-chief of the Lancet stated a few years ago, “taken a turn towards darkness.” This has been the topic of discussion among many health professionals and […]

Two Key Findings that Show the CIA Redacted Potential Smoking Gun from JFK Files

By Rachel Blevins The U.S. government’s last-minute announcement that President Trump has chosen to only release some of the remaining classified documents on the assassination of former President John F. Kennedy, has raised the question of what the government is leaving out, and why. Two of the most notable indications can be found […]

Mysterious ‘Planet 9’: Is this the smoking gun?

Some researchers believe that ‘Planet 9’ exists because of the way certain space phenomena, known as Trans-Neptunian Objects (TNOs), behave. Conspiracy theorists, meanwhile, believe that NASA is keeping Planet 9’s existence a secret, because it’s on a collision course with Earth, which will result in our annihilation. But let’s just stick with the scientists for […]

Jesus Campos ‘Award Ceremony’ May Offer Smoking Gun Proof of Staged Deception

By Russ Winter The ludicrous stories involving security guard Jesus Campos and the Las Vegas mass shooting event are garnering the attention and disbelief of even the most steadfast “normies.” Oddly enough, after being shot in the leg and quickly released by doctors, Campos went underground. Mainstream media claims he missed five scheduled TV appearances and […]

WATCH: “What Are Your Thoughts On Smoking Marijuana?” ‘Guru’ Beautifully Answers

Next Story I was having a conversation yesterday about something that has always been a reflection point for me. Since I was a kid, I was never drawn to substances, even alcohol. I always felt great, high even, when just being. As I got older and I finally tried cannabis for the first time, and […]

War on Smoking: FDA vows to cut nicotine in cigarettes to ‘non-addictive levels’

     The US Food and Drug Administration has announced its plan to cut nicotine in conventional cigarettes to “nonaddictive levels,” pushing tobacco companies’ stocks into the red. The new regulations, which are yet to be finalized, are part of the government’s effort to push the tobacco industry toward developing alternatives that “may be less dangerous […]

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