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Forced retraction of Covid vaccine cancer-risk study, scientist alleges

Emails obtained under FOIA show external pressure to falsely discredit a study showing that Covid vaccines may increase cancer risk REBEKAH BARNETT JUN 02, 2024 Explosive new evidence uncovered in a two-years long investigation reveals that one of the authors of a retracted paper revealing the Covid vaccines’ potential to cause cancers never agreed to […]

Insane Bill Gates and Fauci-Funded Scientist Combines Bird Flu With Deadly Spanish Flu in Gain-of-Function Research

As mainstream media jarringly reverses its 3-year long contention and reportage that the COVID vaccines are “safe and effective,” now acknowledging a study which would almost certainly have previously been censored, a popular v-blogger unearthed, in 2022, a study which shows that a heavily Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci-funded scientist at UW-Madison, Prof. Yoshihiro Kawaoka. […]

Top Scientist Testifies: ‘COVID Jabs Are Weapons of Mass Destruction’

A renowned U.S. scientist has testified that COVID-19 jabs are “weapons of mass destruction” that were developed to depopulate billions of people. According to Dr. Francis Boyle, the Harvard educated law professor that drafted the […] The post Top Scientist Testifies: ‘COVID Jabs Are Weapons of Mass Destruction’ appeared first on The People's Voice. Source

Previously Unpublished Recording – Pfizer Scientist Confirming Risk & “Very Sneaky” Side Effects of mRNA COVID Jabs.

BY PATRICIA HARRITY ON MARCH 17, 2024 • ( 13 COMMENTS ) Justin Leslie, a former operative with Project Veritas and O’Keefe Media Group, and a scientist previously involved in vaccine formulation at Pfizer, has brought to light unreleased recordings that raise serious questions about the pharmaceutical giant’s development and promotion of its COVID-19 vaccines. These recordings captured internal discussions among Pfizer’s […]

Citizen scientist/discoverer of Bolus Theory explains why COVID-19 injections are harmful, deceptive and criminal

(NaturalNews) More than three years since the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines were granted emergency authorization and officially rolled out worldwide, many… Source

Whistleblower Scientist Claims WHO Attempted to Alter Conclusions of his Scientific Paper on Fluoride Toxicity and Lower IQ


COVID jabs saved ZERO lives while killing many, scientist warns

(NaturalNews) Premier scientist Denis Rancourt says that not a single life was saved by Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “vaccines” – but plenty were injured or… Source

Scientist Confirms “Fluoride Lobby” Has Infiltrated the WHO

Posted on February 3, 2024  Author Ryan Cristián Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed On February 2nd, 2024, TLAV lead investigator Derrick Broze interviewed Dr. Phillipe Grandjean regarding his work on mercury, the toxicity of fluoride, and the pressure he has faced for speaking out. Dr. Grandjean is one of the expert witnesses testifying on behalf of the […]

BIOWEAPONS SMOKING GUN: Chinese scientist who mapped SARS-CoV-2 two weeks before China told world about COVID received CASH from NIH

(NaturalNews) Documents unearthed last month by the U.S. House of Representatives Energy & Commerce Committee as part of an ongoing investigation into the… Source


For years now I have been writing and posting links to articles and studies which prove no one, any where in the world, no “health’ organization, no “government” has scientifically Identified, Isolated, Purified a Reproducible sample of the mythical “SARS-COV-02” “virus” and the whole damn thing was a scamdemic to cull the human herd with […]

2023’s record-breaking climate fury: Scientist reveals how global warming is supercharging storms, heatwaves, and wildfires

Unraveling the ties between global warming and catastrophic weather patterns. Source

German scientist: Researchers fiddling with temperature data

A German scientist is raising serious questions as to whether government data-keepers have been tampering with scientific data to conjure up warming trends where none exist. “It is important to understand whether CO2 truly causes climate change,” said Professor Dr. Friedrich-Karl Ewert (above), “We rely entirely on simulation models.  Reality looks very different from simulations.” […]

Mathis the scientist

“At the top of the list of earth-shattering things Mathis has done let’s start with his diagramming of all the nuclei of the elements. It would be impossible to overstate the important of this or the sheer genius of it. With one paper Mathis destroyed the entire subfield of physical chemistry and all those textbooks […]

UK’s Former Chief Scientist Says Future Lockdowns Must Be ‘Harder and Earlier’

The UK should have gone into lockdown at least a week before it happened, Sir Patrick Vallance has told the UK’s Covid Inquiry The Inquiry also heard that Vallance privately referred to his colleague Sir Chris Whitty as “a delayer” after a “palpable tension” between the two scientific advisers emerged about lockdown policy. BYPASS THE […]

A Revealing Dialogue with a Former CDC Scientist

Note: this piece was coauthored with Martin Neil and Jonathan Engler Dr Norman Pieniazek is a molecular biologist, geneticist, and epidemiologist with 147 publications in virology and parasitology. Before he retired, he spent 24 years working at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the USA. He has also spent time abroad including […]

Scientist Warns Omicron Synthetic, modRNA Food/Experiment & CDC Desperate To Jab Kids/Pregnant Women

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (9/28/23). As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Anyone telling you what the truth […]

Ian Wilmut, British Scientist Who Led Team That Cloned Dolly The Sheep, Dies At 79

Wilmut died Sunday after a long illness with Parkinson’s disease. Source

Top Climate Scientist Drops Bombshell: Wildfires Caused by WEF Arsonists, Not Global Warming

A top climate scientist has blown the whistle about how wildfires around the world are being deliberately orchestrated by the globalist elite to promote their ‘global warming’ narrative. Patrick T. Brown, a senior lecturer at […] The post Top Climate Scientist Drops Bombshell: Wildfires Caused by WEF Arsonists, Not Global Warming appeared first on The […]

mRNA Chemicals Have Triggered Worldwide VAIDS Epidemic, Scientist Warn

Scientists are raising the alarm after an official new study shows that Covid mRNA jabs are responsible for a worldwide epidemic of vaccine-acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (VAIDS). Just like AIDS, the disease attacks the body’s natural […] The post mRNA Chemicals Have Triggered Worldwide VAIDS Epidemic, Scientist Warn appeared first on The People's Voice. Source

Top Climate Scientist Admits He Wrote Fake News To Get Published in Science Journals

A leading climate scientist has admitted that researchers push “pre-approved” establishment climate narratives in their papers – regardless of whether they are true or not – in order to get published in leading journals and […] The post Top Climate Scientist Admits He Wrote Fake News To Get Published in Science Journals appeared first on […]

Report: Prominent Scientist Admits To Pushing “Preapproved” Climate Change Narrative To Get Papers Published

A climate scientist has admitted that he pushed a “preapproved” narrative on climate change in order to get papers published in leading journals. Patrick T. Brown told The Free Press “I knew not to try to quantify key aspects other than climate change in my research because it would dilute the story that prestigious journals like Nature and its […]

Scientist admits the ‘overwhelming consensus’ on the climate change crisis is ‘manufactured’

By  John Stossel August 9, 2023   Updated In regards to the Climategate scandal, it taught Curry that other climate researchers weren’t so open-minded. We are told climate change is a crisis, and that there is an “overwhelming scientific consensus.” “It’s a manufactured consensus,” climate scientist Judith Curry tells me. She says scientists have an […]

Another Climate Scientist with Impeccable Credentials Breaks Ranks

Another Climate Scientist with Impeccable Credentials Breaks Ranks: “Our Climate Models are Mickey-Mouse Mockeries of the Real World Posted on July 31, 2023 [Article originally published on the now censored] Unmasking the Truth: Is Climate Change a Hoax? Unveiling Scientific Evidence and Real-world Impacts Dr. Mototaka Nakamura received a Doctorate of Science from the Massachusetts Institute of […]

COVID Jabs Killed 13 Million People, Top Scientist Warns

Over 13 million people worldwide have died as a direct result of taking the mRNA Covid vaccine, a leading scientist has warned. Top physics expert Dr. Denis Rancourt, PhD says that the COVID-19 vaccines killed […] The post COVID Jabs Killed 13 Million People, Top Scientist Warns appeared first on The People's Voice. Source

Joe Rogan, Elon Musk Instigate Harassment Campaign Against Vaccine Scientist

In a series of events no more explicable if you happened to have a front-row seat to them, Joe Rogan and Elon Musk spent the holiday weekend fomenting a crusade against Dr. Peter Hotez, the pediatrician and vaccine expert. Hotez’s crime was tweeting approvingly about a story I wrote on Friday concerning Rogan’s recent, fawning […]

ACH (2175) Mischa Popoff – The Suspicious GEC Marconi Scientist Deaths Of The 1980’s

In today’s show originally broadcast on June 7 2023, Andy is joined by Mischa Popoff, for a show entitled, “The Suspicious GEC Marconi Scientist Deaths Of The 1980’s.” We discussed: the 2018 Unredacted article “The Marconi Murders” that Andy read in its entirety at the start of the show; how the 1980’s was a breakthrough […]

Newly Released Review of Fluoride’s Toxicity Highlights NTP Scientist’s Battle to Follow the Science

Newly released documents reveal how scientists at the U.S. National Toxicology Program fought to preserve their conclusion that fluoride can reduce IQ in children. On Wednesday the U.S. National Toxicology Program released a previously suppressed report which concluded that high exposure to fluoride can reduce IQ for children. The NTP’s drafts from May and September […]

Top Russian scientist who created Sputnik V Covid vaccine ‘is strangled to death with a belt in his Moscow apartment in a row with intruder’

Russia’s investigative committee has launched a murder investigation after a top scientist was found dead in his Moscow apartment yesterday. Andrey Botikov, known as one of the 18 scientists who worked on the Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine in 2020, was identified as the man who had been strangled to death with a belt in northwest Moscow. It […]

Scientist Who Created World’s First Covid Vaccine Found Dead In His Apartment

A top scientist responsible for developing the world’s first registered combination vector vaccine against Covid-19 in 2020 has been found strangled to death in his apartment. Andrey Botikov, a senior researcher at the National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology, was strangled to death with a belt in his apartment in northwest Moscow, according to […]

Japanese scientist warns: COVID vaccine harms are now a global problem

(Natural News) Prominent Japanese scientist Dr. Masanori Fukushima has warned that the harms caused by the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines, especially those of the mRNA variety, are now a worldwide problem. Fukushima is the chairman of the Translational Research Informatics Center and also serves as professor emeritus at Kyoto University. He has nearly three decades of experience […]

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