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COVID “Vaccines” Hit By New Bombshell

First, a court ruled that the COVID shots aren’t vaccines after all. Now, the architect 1989 Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act is calling them “weapons of mass destruction.” Dr. Francis Boyle says, “It is my expert opinion that ‘COVID-19 nanoparticle injections’ or ‘mRNA nanoparticle injections’ or ‘COVID-19 injections meet the criteria of biological weapons and weapons […]

De-Dollarization Bombshell

MAY 13, 2024 The Coming of BRICS+ Decentralized Monetary Ecosystem PEPE ESCOBAR Get ready for what may well be the geoeconomic bombshell of 2024: the coming of a decentralized monetary ecosystem. Welcome to The Unit – a concept that has already been discussed by the financial services and investments working group set up by the BRICS+ Business […]

Cancer Surgeon Drops Ivermectin Bombshell

You know that drug that everyone called “horse dewormer”? It now turns out that it has multiple anti-cancer effects. Cancer surgeon Dr. Kathleen Ruddy has seen several late-stage cancer patients make dramatic recoveries after taking ivermectin. One patient had a grim future, and then something remarkable happened. This man had stage four prostate cancer and […]

Dr. Greer DROPS Bombshell Information! Catastrophic Disclosure!

The Disclosure Project Intelligence Archive is available NOW for FREE. Support our Archive Crowdfunding Site to KEEP the archive FREE and available to ALL. The archive is still a work in progress. There is much work to be done in terms of refinement, categorization, labeling etc., but we felt it was important to get the […]

BOMBSHELL EVIDENCE! These are actual photographs of Israeli military explosive experts wiring the 91st floor of the World Trade Center for the 9/11 controlled demolition of the Twin Towers

Notice the “BB18” stamped on the boxes in the first two photos that follow.  Also, check out how these Israeli demolition experts are rigged up to accomplish a very serious job on the 91st floor of the World Trade Center. *BB18 is a three-phase busbar terminal power feed lug, which is intended for use with […]

US Senators Drop a Bombshell on the World Health Organization

In a shocking turn of events, all Republican senators (49), led by Senator Ron Johnson, have formally urged President Joe Biden to withdraw his support in expanding the World Health Organization’s (WHO) pandemic authority. The letter, sent ahead of the 77th World Health Assembly scheduled from May 27 to June 1, 2024, in Geneva, Switzerland, […]

BOMBSHELL: CIA, government insiders illegally kept intelligence information from President Trump

(NaturalNews) During his tenure in the White House, President Donald Trump was purposely kept in the dark about important matters that the intelligence community… Source

Thomas Renz drops bombshell on Brighteon TV about Trump campaign manager Susie Wiles who has dark ties to Big Pharma, deep state

(NaturalNews) You may be wondering why Donald Trump continues to endorse RINOs (Republicans in name only) who time and time again stab him in the back. Well, it… Source

Aaron Rodgers Drops Bombshell: ‘Fauci Created AIDS in 80’s as Part of Depopulation Experiment’

New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers has declared that Dr. Anthony Fauci created AIDS in a lab in the 1980’s as part of a sick depopulation experiment on humanity. According to Rodgers, AIDS was the blueprint for the elite’s to test various methods of depopulating the globe. BYPASS THE CENSORS Sign up to get unfiltered […]

Lawsuit Drops Bombshell on FDA’s Orwellian Lie About Ivermectin

In a massive win for truth and medical freedom, the FDA has to remove ALL social media content and consumer advisories on ivermectin usage. Dr. McCullough previously said that the FDA should be sued for misleading the public by spreading misinformation on Ivermectin’s ability to treat COVID-19 – causing unnecessary deaths. Now, it’s happening. The […]

CDC Hit By New Bombshell Warning from Robert Kennedy Jr.

Seventy-five years. That’s how long Pfizer and the FDA tried to hide the Pfizer documents from public view — long after just about everyone affected is dead. It wasn’t until renowned attorney Aaron Siri led a FOIA case against the FDA that a federal judge ordered the documents to be released in 108 days, the […]

Dr. Phil Drops Bombshell Discoveries from the Southern Border

In an eye-opening interview on the Joe Rogan Experience Tuesday, Dr. Phil told the world’s most popular podcast host that he was shocked by what he saw at the southern border. In a viral video earlier this month, Dr. Phil called the border crisis, “a humanitarian crisis unlike anything we’ve seen before.” He outlined why that is […]

CDC Bombshell: ‘Fatal Heart Attack Risk Skyrockets Post-COVID Vaccination’

Scientists at the CDC have published a bombshell report warning that the risk of a fatal heart attack or stroke skyrockets after receiving the mRNA COVID vaccination. According to the alarming report, the risk of […] The post CDC Bombshell: ‘Fatal Heart Attack Risk Skyrockets Post-COVID Vaccination’ appeared first on The People's Voice. Source

Dr. Pierre Kory Drops “Sudden Death” Bombshell

On the Jimmy Dore show, renowned critical care physician Dr. Pierre Kory revealed a disturbing statistic about “sudden” and “unexpected” deaths. Dr. Kory shared an account from a disabled veteran — who suspected he lost some friends due to the COVID-19 shots — conducted a comprehensive analysis of obituaries spanning the last seven years that […]

BOMBSHELL! Prince Andrew’s Ex Blows Whistle, Says Jeffrey Epstein Had ‘Prior Knowledge’ of 9/11

Baxter Dmitry THE PEOPLE’S VOICE Jeffrey Epstein and his VIP associates had “prior knowledge” of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center in the months before they happened, according to Prince Andrew’s ex-girlfriend Lady Victoria Hervey. Hervey took to social media to break her silence regarding what she knows about Andrew’s relationship with the […]

Bombshell: Israel KNEW of the Hamas attack over a year ago but did nothing to stop it

(NaturalNews) In a startling revelation, Israeli officials possessed detailed information about Hamas’ battle plan for the October 7 terrorist attack over a year… Source

WaPo Drops Bombshell On The Nord Stream Pipeline Sabotage Narrative: A Ukrainian Colonel, Covert Ops, & The CIA’s Shadow

Consider the source (and the timing)… No lesser deep-state mouthpiece than The Washington Post just dropped a bombshell with the revelation that Ukrainian Colonel Roman Chervinsky “was integral to the brazen sabotage operation” on the Nord Stream pipeline, “according to officials in Ukraine and elsewhere in Europe, as well as other people knowledgeable about the details of the […]

Bombshell Report: ‘Rep. Tlaib Took Bribes From Six Major Terror Groups’

Radical Democrat Rep. Rashida Tlaib is funded by at least “six major terror groups”, according to a bombshell new investigation. Canary Mission, an organization that monitors extremism across the United States, wrote in its October report that Rep. […] The post Bombshell Report: ‘Rep. Tlaib Took Bribes From Six Major Terror Groups’ appeared first on The People's Voice. […]

DHS/State Dept. Bombshell: How the Federal Government Partnered with Universities to Censor Americans’ Speech

The federal government ‘laundered’ requests to censor Americans through the Election Integrity Partnership, according to the House Judiciary Committee. Source

Rand Paul Reveals ‘Bombshell’ Fauci Evidence To ‘Lock Him Up For The Rest of His Life’

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) has the evidence to ensure Dr. Anthony Fauci spends the rest of his days behind bars after he concealed his role in funding the lab in Wuhan, China, and lied about […] The post Rand Paul Reveals ‘Bombshell’ Fauci Evidence To ‘Lock Him Up For The Rest of His Life’ appeared […]

Ben Armstrong: New bombshell documents prove Biden crime family SOLD OUT America to China for MONEY

(NaturalNews) Ben Armstrong of the New American magazine said the latest bombshell documents on the Biden crime family prove that they sold out the U.S. to China… Source

Bombshell Emails Prove Biden Regime Hid Deadly COVID Jab Risks From Public

Newly released emails from the CDC reveal that the Biden regime new the mRNA Covid jabs posed a deadly risk to millions of Americans, but chose to do nothing about it. According to investigative journalist […] The post Bombshell Emails Prove Biden Regime Hid Deadly COVID Jab Risks From Public appeared first on The People's […]

BOMBSHELL: New-Found Emails Prove Biden White House Hid COVID Vaccine Harms from the Public

Originally Published on Vigilant News The question of our time is, how could this happen? How could these catastrophic crimes against humanity perpetrated by these injections be allowed to occur? “It can’t happen unless the boss says it has to or that it can,” declared Dr. Naomi Wolf on Steve Bannon’s War Room. As a […]

BOMBSHELL REPORT: FBI performs audit just to “remember” how many paid “undercover informants” it deployed at J6 Capitol rally

(NaturalNews) The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) had to perform an audit to determine the exact number of confidential human sources (CHS) it deployed… Source

CDC Drops a Bombshell on Itself, Exposes Alarming Risk/Benefit Analysis

Originally Published on Vigilant News Recently (Sept 12), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued new recommendations, advising “updated” COVID-19 vaccines for everyone aged six months and older. This announcement raised alarm bells, as the CDC’s guidance starkly contrasts with other countries like the UK, where Autumn booster vaccinations are recommended for those […]

Top Climate Scientist Drops Bombshell: Wildfires Caused by WEF Arsonists, Not Global Warming

A top climate scientist has blown the whistle about how wildfires around the world are being deliberately orchestrated by the globalist elite to promote their ‘global warming’ narrative. Patrick T. Brown, a senior lecturer at […] The post Top Climate Scientist Drops Bombshell: Wildfires Caused by WEF Arsonists, Not Global Warming appeared first on The […]

BOMBSHELL NOT! Musk ordered shutdown of Starlink in Crimea – CNN

Ukrainian sea drones lost signal as they approached Crimea to attack the Russian fleet READ HERE: Elon Musk personally intervened to stop a Ukrainian attack on Crimea last year due to fears of a nuclear war, CNN reported on Thursday, quoting an excerpt from the upcoming biography of the SpaceX and Tesla founder. As Ukrainian […]

BOMBSHELL REVELATION: Devon Archer admits then-VP Joe Biden knew about Hunter Biden’s business meetings with foreign associates

(NaturalNews) Tucker Carlson sat down with Devon Archer just two days after the latter testified before Congress about the involvement of Hunter Biden with… Source

Robert Kennedy Jr.’s Bombshell: Who Was REALLY Pulling the Strings Behind JFK’s Assassination? (Video)


U.S. NEWSGrassley Releases Bombshell FBI Doc Discussing $10MM Biden Bribe; Burisma Boss Said Hunter ‘Dumber Than His Dog’

Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) has released a bombshell FBI document dated July 30,2020, in which a respected confidential human source (CHS) alleged that then-presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden received $10 million in bribes. Source

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