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Chinese state-run media urges “de-dollarization,” says Federal Reserve engaging in “financial looting” of the world

(Natural News) An editorial published by the Global Times, a media outlet run by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), expresses worry about the Federal Reserve’s manipulation of the United States dollar. Calling it “financial looting,” the piece blasts the Fed for its continued interest rate hikes, which are strengthening the dollar while weakening other currencies. […]

Accelerating De=Dollarization as BRICs Challenges the West

Andy Schectman and Mike Adams discuss the acceleration of global de-dollarizationWatch this video   New International Economic Order Stop WWIII Petition: U.S. Must Join the BRICS! 20141121-BRICS-petition-final.pdf       Sign LaRouchePAC’s On-line Petition to End Geopolitics and Join the BRICS   In today’s nuclear age, the consequence of a geopolitical policy of confrontation with […]

De-Dollarization Continues: China, Iran To Eliminate Greenback From Bilateral Trade

The more Washington lashes out in anger at those who will not bow to the unipolar world order, the more the rest of the world fights back. As the launch of its Yuan/Gold-settled oil futures looms, China is escalating its de-dollarization scheme further by seeking a bilateral rial-yuan agreement with Iran. As […]

Gold Trade Between Russia and China – A Step Closer Towards De-Dollarization?

Economic Minister says major ‘de-dollarization’ trend seen in Russian economy

     Russian Minister of Economic Development Maxim Oreshkin said Wednesday that Russia’s national currency, the ruble, should be supported because a “big trend toward the de-dollarization” of the country’s economy is growing at a steady pace. “There is a big trend toward the de-dollarization of the Russian economy. The Central Bank made some very important […]

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