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A comet is heading towards Earth and could be as bright as Venus in the night sky!

A comet is heading towards Earth and could be as bright as Venus in the night sky! Date: March 8, 2023Author: Nwo Report  Posted BY: Jasmine | NwoReport Astronomers have spotted a newly-referenced comet that is heading towards Earth. The comet is likely to be so bright it could outshine our stars. The last time […]

UK’s ‘Prevent’ program legitimises racist attitudes towards Muslims

UK's anti-radicalisation strategy legitimises racist attitudes towards Muslims, while creating self-censorship in public, according to an expert, Anadolu News Agency reports. Speaking to Anadolu, Tarek Younis, a senior lecturer at the University of Middlesex in London, said the government's controversial anti-radicalisation program "Prevent" legitimises racist attitudes, especially towards Muslims. "Prevent" is the government's controversial anti-radicalisation […]

NATO membership: Finland takes step towards joining alliance without waiting for Sweden

The parliament in Helsinki is to debate and vote on joining the alliance without waiting for Sweden, or the approval of Turkey and Hungary. Source

Why Shinzo Abe Was Assassinated: Towards a ‘United States of Europe’ and a League of Nations

February 06, 2023 Source By Cynthia Chung As already discussed in my paper “Is Japan Willing to Cut its Own Throat in Sacrifice to the U.S. Pivot to Asia?”, to which this paper is a follow-up, Japan has become the ticking time bomb for the world economy. This is not an unexpected outcome for Japan but […]

The Arab world is shifting towards a policy of healthy aging

The world is currently experiencing an aging population, which will necessitate increased government spending in the coming decades to ensure an acceptable standard of living for older adults. As a result, officials and policymakers must adapt to shifting priorities by focusing on a comprehensive strategy for healthy aging. An in-depth examination of the Arab World Demographic […]

Student’s Kind Gesture Towards Special-Needs Stranger On Crowded Bus Goes Viral

Student’s Kind Gesture Towards Special-Needs Stranger On Crowded Bus Goes Viral A young man’s gesture of kindness towards a deaf man with cerebral palsy is touching hearts around the world. Canadian university student Godfrey Coutto was on the express bus heading home in Hamilton, Ontario, when a middle-aged man approached him on the packed bus […]

Is Syria Headed Towards Normalizing Ties With Turkey And What Will This Mean?

As Syria’s economic crisis continues to deepen, the nation’s leadership in Damascus is attempting to re-bridge ties with neighboring countries. Last week, the first high-level meeting between Turkish and Syrian representatives occurred, causing speculation about the possible requirements of each side for rapprochement and how quickly this could be followed through on. Last Thursday, under […]

Towards multipolarity: The geopolitics of non-US air-combat systems

The world is changing from a US-led unipolar world to a non-US-led multipolar world. Its sources are multiple and geographically diverse. The change is tied not just to the rise of Russia and China as two powers capable of challenging the US dominance, but also to the fact that many powerful states, otherwise traditionally tied […]

Dangerous Erdogan drags Turkey towards war with Greece for political survival

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is steering his country into a dangerous war path with Greece in a bid to win re-election in the lead up to the June 2023 elections which has seen him crackdown on political rivals like the popular Ekrem İmamoğlu, Mayor of Istanbul. Recent months have seen unprecedented  rhetoric from Turkey… […]

Ronaldo’s Super Deal is a Step Towards Sports Washing

READ HERE: Saudi Minister of Sports Abdulaziz bin Turki al-Faisal said, commenting on Al-Nasr club’s contract with Cristiano Ronaldo: We will support the rest of our clubs with good deals with international stars soon. The statement confirms the direct relationship of the Saudi government to this deal or similar ones in the future. The contract […]

The Itaewon tragedy, a possible step towards national unity or a “Sewol” for Yoon Suk-yeol?

On October 30, 2022, a deadly stampede in Seoul’s Itaewon district tragically killed more than 150 people and left 150 others with various degrees of injuries. The stampede was the worst tragedy in South Korea since the Sewol ferry crash in 2014, which killed 304 people. It should be noted right away that the Itaewon […]

Are North and South Korea rushing blindly towards the danger line?

The events we all can see unfolding on the Korean peninsula at the moment are a good example of the “security dilemma,” in which a country upgrades its military potential to protect itself from its neighbor, but that neighbor sees its actions as an act of aggression and upgrades its own military, thus triggering an […]

The US is pushing the situation towards a clash of major nuclear powers

With its actions in recent months, the United States is blatantly pushing the international situation towards a clash of major nuclear powers. This is true of Washington’s blatantly provocative moves against both Russia and China. US officials continue to inflame the situation, intimidating their own and the world public with “imaginary nuclear threats” from Russia […]

Japan makes big steps towards a cashless society

US tech giant PayPal has shut down multiple accounts associated with the Free Speech Union (FSU), a UK group that protects those who are at risk of being penalized for exercising their right to free speech, and its founder, Toby Young. Young said PayPal started “initiating closure” of his personal account, the account for his […]

Iraq Heads Towards Chaos As Sadr Supporters Revolt

Popular Shia cleric, Moqtada al-Sadr, declared on Monday that he had withdrawn from political life completely, closing down most of his party’s offices. Soon after Sadr supporters stormed Iraqi government buildings and fears have grown of a large-scale violent conflict erupting. The Joint Operations Command of the Iraqi security forces announced a 15:30 curfew in […]


By Jon Dobinson / July 24, 2022 BARONESS HALLETT opened the official Covid Inquiry this week as its Chair amidst criticism from all those who had hoped for a rigorous early investigation into the damage done by restrictions to our economy and society. She has chosen to structure the Inquiry as a series of modules and shockingly, the […]

Ghannouchi: ‘Tunisia heading towards dictatorship’

Rached Ghannouchi, head of the Ennahda Movement, asserted on Friday that Saied is taking advantage of the referendum on a new constitution to re-establish a dictatorship, warning that the scenario in Sri Lanka is not far from reaching Tunisia. Ghannouchi, who was the speaker of the parliament until President Saied overthrew it, described the atmosphere […]

Pete Buttigieg Boasts that High Gas Prices Are Forcing Americans Towards Electric Vehicles 

President Joe Biden’s Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg boasted about how high gas prices are forcing Americans towards electric vehicles during an interview on Thursday on REAL 92.3’s Big Boy TV.  Source

Ankara following a balanced policy towards the Ukrainian war: Turkish researcher

TEHRAN – Gloria Shkurti Ozdemir, a Turkish researcher at SETA Foundation, tells the Tehran Times that Ankara “is trying to follow a balanced policy towards the Ukrainian war.” Source

Iraq Could Be Heading Towards Another Explosion Of Violence

73 Iraqi members of parliament, for the majority Sadrist bloc, decided to hand in their resignations last week, creating fear of street protests rising and turning violent. The latest events Expose the disaster which is Iraq’s post-war sectarian system that has left the majority of Iraqi’s hopeless. After 8 months of corruption allegations and political […]

Elon Musk Says He Is Leaning Towards Ron DeSantis for 2024

Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted Wednesday that he was leaning towards supporting Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for president in 2024.

How Europe Was Pushed Towards Economic Suicide

America no longer has the monetary power and seemingly chronic trade and balance-of-payments surplus that enabled it to draw up the world’s trade and investment rules in 1944-45. The threat to U.S. dominance is that China, Russia and Mackinder’s Eurasian World Island heartland are offering better trade and investment opportunities than are available from the […]

“Media Isn’t Warning You” That US Careening Towards Food Crisis

March 14, 2022 “Media Isn’t Warning You” That US Careening Towards Food Crisis by ZeroHedge News Two weeks after the Russia-Ukraine crisis began, the world is quickly moving toward a food crisis that could affect millions of people. A spillover of the crisis could soon spark agricultural mayhem in the US. The curtailment of agricultural […]

Poll: Wider Spread of Voters Gravitating Towards GOP Due to Bidenflation

Inflation is driving Hispanic and black voters towards the Republican Party, a Wall Street Journal poll revealed Monday. Source

Step towards to the establishment of the One World Governance

20 feb 2022 Astrid Stuckelberger (MSc PhD PD) is an international health scientist, UN/WHO expert. She performed researches from clinical to epidemiological studies for the policy-makers (United Nations, European Commission, Governments and served on IHR WHO and ERC (Int. Research Ethics Committee) during the last 30 years. She taught at the Faculty of Medicine at […]

Latin America Is Moving Towards Plurinationalism

Above Photo: A Bolivian man holding the Indigenous flag, the Wiphala. Indian Country Today. Slowly But Definitely. In recent years, various progressive leaders across the region have presented proposals for a plurinational state to achieve true decolonization. The Latin American and the Caribbean region is advancing towards breaking free from colonial mentality and recognizing nationalities […]

Artemis 1: the first step towards humanity’s return to the Moon

Artemis 1: the first step towards humanity’s return to the MoonJanuary 13, 2022 The Orion spacecraft with its solar panels fully deployed. Image Credit: ESALater this year, NASA’s Artemis 1 mission will take us one small step towards a return to the lunar surface.On December 19 1972, astronauts Eugene Cernan, Harrison Schmitt and Ronald Evans […]

NASA: Bus-Sized Asteroid Hurtling Towards Earth in New Year

Humanity will be greeted by an enormous asteroid hurtling towards earth at the start of 2022, NASA scientists have warned. According to NASA, Asteroid 2014 YE15, first discovered in 2014, is headed towards Earth at a distance of approximately 7,400,000km on January 6. As NASA considers objects larger than 150 meters and which approach Earth […]

The US ‘Combating Islamophobia Act’ may signal a change towards hate crime 

The result of a vote in the US House of Representatives on 14 December may signal a change in Washington’s approach to the social-political evil that is Islamophobia. However, we should not jump to hasty conclusions. Amazingly, Congress was nearly split on the vote. While 219 representatives voted in favour of the proposed ‘Combating International […]

National Socialist Policy Towards Homosexuals: Enemies of the State

NATIONAL SOCIALIST POLICY TOWARDS HOMOSEXUALS (from “Das Schwarze Korps”, official newspaper of the SS, probably 1936) Translated by Carlos W. Porter “ENEMIES OF THE STATE” More than a year and a half have gone since the famous and once violently controversial provision of Article 175 of the Constitution in June 1935. This revision was necessary […]

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