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Gov’t Shows True Attitude Towards Veterans: You Are Only Cannon Fodder For Elite Banksters

Open in app or online OCT 14 our Government Wants to Desecrate Veteran Graves in Arlington Cemetery | The Rob Maness Show EP 257 COL. ROB MANESS RET. The Confederate Reconciliation Memorial in Arlington Cemetery is in grave danger of destruction. This is only a part of the broad mission of the Naming Commission established in the […]

IGNORE AT YOUR PERIL! “Agreeable people are cannon fodder for a psychopath” (Video)


Zelensky Treats All Military Men As Cannon Fodder-Ukraine is a Huge Blood Bath

24 Jul, 2023 09:54 HomeRussia & FSU Zelensky’s ‘cannon fodder’: The strange lives and pointless deaths of foreign mercenaries fighting in Ukraine “My mates have died, and are dying. I’ve seen things out here that, from a military perspective, are beyond unacceptable,” says one Australian fighter ©  RT From the start of Russia’s military operation in […]

Globalists See Humanity as “Cannon Fodder” BTW Have You Been Vaxxed Yet?

HenryMakow “It would take too long and devour far too much of the funds – to educate the cannon fodder, unfortunately, that populates the earth.” (David Lang, a Montreal International Banker).  Mankind has a terminal disease, blood poisoning. “Money” is the blood supply of society. Our feckless ancestors gave control of money to Satanists who use it […]

BLM and Antifa Are the Unwitting Cannon Fodder of the 1%

The George Floyd Riots were/are orchestrated by the 1%, the very same 1% that BLM and Antifa think they are fighting against.  I am afraid that BLM and Antifa are nothing more than useful idiots.   It is much cheaper to inflame college students with the gospel of antifascism than to pay armies to do the […]

The female prison population in the US has grown 800 percent

     Holly Harris may wear cowboy boots to work, but the Kentucky mom and Executive Director for the US Justice Action Network (USJAN) is far from your average southerner. This past Saturday, June 25th, Harris talked about her work to a group of journalists and bloggers who traveled to Washington D.C. from different corners of […]

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