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Pentagon Grounds Entire ‘Widow-Maker’ Osprey Fleet After Fatal Japan Crash 

The entire fleet of Osprey V-22 helicopters used by the US military was temporarily grounded on Wednesday evening. This decision came in response to a tragic incident one week prior, where a tiltrotor aircraft crashed off Japan’s coast, resulting in the loss of eight lives. AP News reported that the Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps grounded hundreds […]

Pentagon Scientists Discuss Cybernetic ‘Super Soldiers’ That Feel Nothing While Killing In Dystopian Presentation

The Pentagon is looking toward a future where the U.S. deploys “super soldiers” directly inspired by Captain America and Iron Man, officials said at a recent conference. Militaries across the world are trying to give their soldiers an advantage and technology has long played an important role in that. On Wednesday, a group of military […]

Pentagon Chief makes surprise trip to Ukraine to assure Support Amid Rumors and Conspiracies

    Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin made an unannounced visit to Kyiv on Monday to reassure the ally that U.S. aid will keep throwing despite growing opposition in the Republican-controlled Congress and new challenges posed by Israel’s war on Hamas. President Joe Biden has requested $61 billion in emergency aid to the country, but it […]

In 2002, the Pentagon conducted $250 million Millennium Challenge war game to demonstrate “ease” of defeating Iran – and LOST

In 2002, the Pentagon conducted $250 million Millennium Challenge war game to demonstrate “ease” of defeating Iran – and LOST The largest and most expensive war game in the Pentagon’s history occurred in 2002. Known as the Millennium Challenge, the operation aimed to demonstrate the ease with which the United States can allegedly destroy Iran […]

Pentagon Is Starting To Restrict Flow Of Military Aid To Ukraine As Money Runs Out

Pentagon Is Starting To Restrict Flow Of Military Aid To Ukraine As Money Runs Out No more green for Zelenskyy. With war funding for both Ukraine and Israel now seemingly snarled up beyond repair in Congress, on Thursday the Pentagon said that funding delays have forced the US to begin restricting the flow of military […]

Pentagon Lays Out 4 Military Objectives For Middle East Amid Force Build-Up

Pentagon Lays Out 4 Military Objectives For Middle East Amid Force Build-Up Authored by Kyle Anzalone via The Libertarian Institute, A Department of Defense spokesman explained Washington’s current goals in the Middle East. Since Israel launched a massive military operation in Gaza, the US has deployed thousands of troops and a large host of naval […]

‘Aliens,’ or a foreign power? Pentagon UFO chief says someone is in our backyard

The mere suggestion by a top government official that “aliens” could explain some UFO activity is the latest example of the government’s striking shift in tone regarding this issue. Source

Pentagon has cited that 46 US service members have been injured over the past month of attacks inside Iraq & Syria.

When the local congressman offered me West Point when I graduated High school I passed. If you have already done something, why do it again? Went enlisted this time. But I can splain to them rope chewing take it up the ass politicians who wear the stars at the Murdergon how to stop getting Americans […]

Pentagon Admits To Flying US Spy Drones Over Gaza

The US military has admitted to carrying out “unarmed” drone flights over Gaza. The UAVs were deployed to help locate hostages taken by Hamas according to American officials who insisted that the aircraft were not supporting Israeli […] The post Pentagon Admits To Flying US Spy Drones Over Gaza appeared first on The People's Voice. Source

Pentagon halts travel to Israel, discourages congressional visits

The Pentagon will no longer allow its senior military leaders to travel to Israel and will discourage members of Congress from making trips amid the country’s ongoing war with Hamas in Gaza, according to a memo released Friday. The memo, confirmed to The Hill by a Defense Department official, was dated to go into effect… […]

The Pentagon is using Africans to conduct illegal biological research under the pretense of ‘public health’

READ HERE: The US is exploiting Africa as a testing ground and is relocating “unfinished” biological weapons projects from Ukraine to the continent under the guise of public health programs, the Russian Defense Ministry has claimed. Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, head of the Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological Protection Troops of the Russian Armed Forces, alleged on […]

Pentagon ‘Strongly’ Urges Military Members to Report UFO Sightings With New Website

On Halloween, the head of the Pentagon’s UFO investigation program held an off-camera press conference and took questions from the media. Over the course of 30 minutes, Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick, the head of the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) talked about UAPs, balloons, how government employees can report a sighting, and alleged UFO whistleblower David […]

Pentagon warns China now has over 500 operational nuclear warheads as it seeks nuclear parity with the U.S.

(NaturalNews) A new report from the Department of Defense strongly suggests that China now has over 500 operational nuclear warheads, which is likely to double… Source

Maligned Pentagon AI program ‘GAMECHANGER’ might inspire Congress to change its own game

A recent article in the Intercept portrayed the Pentagon’s GAMECHANGER program as an embarrassing admission of bureaucratic ineptitude. That kind of clickbait headline exacerbates the very problem it criticizes. There’s little need for debate about the crushing burden of policy cruft the Department of Defense (DoD) operates under — even the DoD itself has long since ceased being defensive… […]

Former Pentagon official warns via NATO website: West should prepare for NUCLEAR WAR

(NaturalNews) A retired United States Department of Defense official alerted the Western bloc and urged it to start preparing the use of nuclear weapons not just… Source

Pentagon Official Charged With Facilitating Dog Fighting Ring For More Than 20 Years

The feds on Monday announced they’re charging senior Department of Defense official Frederick Douglass Moorefield Jr for allegedly facilitating a brutal dog fighting ring with roided-up pit bulls for over 20 years. Source

House GOP passes Pentagon funding bill after failed tries

House Republicans late Thursday night approved legislation to fund the Department of Defense for fiscal year 2024, a success for GOP leaders after they decided to strip Ukraine funding from the legislation following two failed procedural votes. The chamber cleared the measure in a 218-210 vote. Approving the measure will not help Congress avert a… […]

18 Republicans Help Democrats Kill Amendment Defunding Pentagon-Sponsored Pride Month Celebrations

Eighteen House Republicans joined Democrats on Wednesday in killing an amendment to the 2024 Department of Defense Appropriations Act that would have barred taxpayer dollars from funding Pentagon-sponsored “Pride Month” celebrations. Source

EXCLUSIVE–Coach Tommy Tuberville Fights Pentagon Wokeness, Mainstream Media ‘Marketing Arm’

Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) spoke with Breitbart News about his fight against woke policies in the government amid a barrage of attacks from the Democrats’ mainstream media allies. Source

EXCLUSIVE: Coach Tommy Tuberville Scores a Win Against Pentagon-Funded Abortion

Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) explained to Breitbart News his fight against the Biden administration’s taxpayer-funded abortion policy at the Department of Defense. Source

Pentagon report warns of China’s cyber preparations for war following hacking of U.S. military bases

(NaturalNews) A strategy document from the Department of Defense (DoD) has warned that China considers cyberspace a crucial element to “prosecuting a war against… Source

HACKED? F-35 mystery deepens after Pentagon refuses to answer questions | Redacted

Editors Note :- GPS tracker AD posted in order to assist rather than mock The Parasitical Pentagon LOL Hint – Once you have these new fangled GPS tracker gadgets you should never lose a $100,000,000  F35 again. Vassal state Taxpayers around the world would love to know why this basic feature is seemingly an optional […]

Democrats question Pentagon on Musk disabling internet for Ukraine military

A trio of Democratic senators sent a letter to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on Friday over concerns that tech billionaire Elon Musk may have personally impacted the war in Ukraine and by extension, U.S. foreign policy. Musk confirmed earlier this month that he refused access to his Starlink satellite internet service to the Ukrainian military… […]

The Pentagon is the elephant in the climate activist room

We can’t keep ignoring its enormous “bootprint.” Source

Pentagon warns Tuberville blockade could bring Senate to ‘complete shutdown’

A spokesperson for the Pentagon challenged Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Ala.) over his continued blockade on senior military promotions, saying that a solution around his protests would stop all work in the Senate. Tuberville has prevented more than 300 senior military promotions from being approved by the Senate for nearly six months due to a protest… […]

Palmer Luckey Says ChatGPT Sold the Pentagon on AI Weapons He’s Now Peddling

Anduril, the Lord of the Rings-inspired defense company from Oculus-CEO-turned-weapons-tech-manufacturer Palmer Luckey, announced its newest product on Thursday: the Fury, a drone meant to fly alongside F-35 fighter jets and B-21 stealth bombers designed by a company that Anduril just acquired.  The plan is for Anduril to marry Fury to its proprietary AI software. According […]

As The Pentagon Unveils A Website With ‘Declassified’ Info And Photos On UFO’s & UAP’s, We’re Being Set Up For The Final Great Deception – False Gods, Secret Space Programs And ‘Alien Civilizations’

READ HERE:   Source

Pentagon’s passive reaction to observation of carrier in Hormuz Strait 

In a note, Kayhan discussed the observation of the American helicopter carrier by the IRGG Navy in the Strait of Hormuz. Source

What Republicans, Democrats, and the Pentagon don’t want to hear about the NDAA

This week, the action in the Senate was all about the annual defense authorization — the NDAA. Usually, the argument about what goes into this enormous bill that governs everything the military can and can’t do is a word soup cooked-up by defense nerds. You may recall things like SDI, the GWOT, and closing GITMO. […]

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